Apr 30, 2006

A Very Happy Monday - Open Thread...

Ready...Steady... GO!

Reflecting On How It Was Lost...

in the first place might be a good start.
Bolten: White House Must Regain Its 'Mojo'
"It's time for the White House to go on offense and ' get our mojo back.' Josh Bolten said Sunday in his first interview since taking over as the president's chief of staff.

Bolten made no promises of pulling up President Bush's all-time low approval ratings, but he said he and Bush have decided they want to be more open with the media and the public.

'We've taken advice from a lot of folks that we ought to put the president out more in ways that the American people can see what he's really like,' Bolten said on "Fox News Sunday."

But he said that does not mean the president's policies are going to get an overhaul. 'I don't think we need to change, but we do need to refresh and re-energize,' Bolten said.

For example, he said the White House is ' thinking actively ' about immigration and putting the president out front on an issue that has split him off from some in his own party. Bolten added that it is vital that the White House communicate effectively about the importance of the fight against terrorism so Americans will support the mission."

I am 100% behind the fight against terrorism - let's go catch Osama Bin-Laden and "re-deploy" the troops in Iraq - then say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Justice Mattered in 2005...

And it will keep on "shaping" our world in 2006. Watch, listen and learn, Time - at the end of this week's scrum we'll see who comes out on top - Evils Doers or Team DOJ and the citizens of the U.S.A.

Photo Of The Week...

Who's The Man Now..!?

Kathleen said...
Dark blue pinstripe suit, Mr. Pat. It's time.

S-Q said...
LOL! I liked the purple tie, very nice. However, you will look nice in any tie. :)
Dark blue pin stripe suit, yes, but beet red face, no! :)

Anonymous said...
I suggest wearing a blue suit, light blue shirt, and a blue and red tie.

A big THANK YOU to all of my fashion consultants. I am actually considering a PSYOP maneuver in which I hold the press conference wearing this leisure suit (circa Watergate Hearings 1974). Smooth move, yes? ;)

The Last Word:

Jackie said...
Yes I know you like the movie Austin Powers but lets get real. I too thought the ideas of other bloggers were good but I've dressed you before and I'll dress you again. Anon 9:39 pm your right this isn't a fashion show. But I care about how Fitz looks now that he has the attention of the press. You might not care but I do. I want him to look his best just as if he was going to church. The stupid people are always talking about what he wears well since he has taken my advice I notice nothing is said anymore not even this blog has anything bad to say. In other words Patrick J Fitzgerald is viewed by the world and I want the world to see Fitz at his best. You might not care but I do.

Yes, maam. :D


I Am Speechless...

y tu? (graphic photos of American heroes you won't see in our press - Ms. Jackie this is NOT for you)

I received this link in email with a subject line "Additional Motivation. " I pondered whether or not to post it trying to be sensitive to certain readers with loved ones currently serving in the war, but in the end decided - I don't pull any punches with the truth...ever.

I Am Listless...

And Some Are Just Sorta Clueless...

NEWSWEEK - Back on the Stand
Rove's latest trip to the grand jury leaves his fate in the Plame leak case as mysterious as ever.
By Michael Isikoff and Evan Thomas

"Rove and his legal team hope they will be cleared soon. It is not clear whether Fitzgerald is just tying up loose ends or building a case. Some lawyers suspect that he may be playing a tactical game with Libby's defense team. By keeping a file open on Rove, he can resist requests from Libby's lawyers to "discover" documents relating to the ongoing investigation. Such gamesmanship, however, may be too clever by half for Fitzgerald, who is regarded as anything but sly or devious."

No Laughing Matter - Heartburn, Anyone..?

Colbert Lampoons Bush at White House Lapdogs Dinner-- President Does Not Seem Amused--Skips Dessert

"WASHINGTON - A blistering comedy “tribute” to President Bush by Comedy Central’s faux talk show host Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondent Dinner Saturday night left George and Laura Bush unsmiling at its close."

Also lampooning the press, Colbert complained that he was “surrounded by the liberal media who are destroying this country, except for Fox News. Fox believes in presenting both sides of the story — the president’s side and the vice president’s side.

"He also reflected on the alleged good old days, when the media was still swallowing the WMD story. Addressing the reporters, he said, 'Let's review the rules. Here's how it works. The president makes decisions, he’s the decider. The press secretary announces those decisions, and you people of the press type those decisions down. Make, announce, type. Put them through a spell check and go home. Get to know your family again. Make love to your wife. Write that novel you got kicking around in your head. You know, the one about the intrepid Washington reporter with the courage to stand up to the administration. You know--fiction.' "

"He noted former Ambassador Joseph Wilson in the crowd, as well as " Valerie Plame." Then, pretending to be worried that he had named her, he corrected himself, as Bush aides might do, "Uh, I mean... Joseph Wilson's wife." He asserted that it might be okay, as prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was probably not there. " [watch it]

Mr. Colbert, you were right. I was not there, but I salute your chutzbah for telling it like it is. Unfortunately, the reality of it all is not very funny.

Yo Taxi..!

Just say "No, Thank you!" to graft AND "limousines."

Park And Ride Hookers In Cunningham Case
Investigators Focus on Limo Company
"Federal authorities are investigating allegations that a California defense contractor arranged for a Washington area limousine company to provide prostitutes to convicted former congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.) and possibly other lawmakers, sources familiar with the probe said yesterday the Congressmen insist they were only trying to father a lasting majority."

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know...

about grand juries, but were afraid to ask.

Apr 29, 2006

How Are They Doing It..?

Effective immediately, I am sweeping both of my offices for electronic listening devices, barring entry to all unauthorized personnel (especially Krispy Creme "deliverymen"), monitoring all staff emails, phone calls/logs and blogs, administering random polygraph exams, and switching cabs between all my destinations. .
BREAKING NEWS: Fitzgerald to Frogmarch Rove

I am pulling the shades and going to bed, this reporter is really freaking me out.

AND Wear A Tasteful Hat...

with dark sunglasses while commuting!

"Yesterday when I was flying back from DC to Chicago, I was sitting in the waiting area at National Airport, reading Jane’s recap of Rove’s history with the GJ on my Blackberry. It was late afternoon, the usual intercity shuttle crowd was gathering, when I glanced up from Jane’s disquisition to see none other than the tall man in the rumpled suit himself walking in my direction. I had no doubt who this was, flying home after a hard day on the road. If you’ve seen his picture as often as any FDLer has, there is no mistaking Patrick Fitzgerald in person.
Fitz parked himself in front of the TV and watched VERY intently as CNN explained to him what he’d done with Karl that day. A rather surreally fractured moment, my reading Jane explaining Fitz to me while Fitz watched CNN explaining Fitz to Fitz. And in his attaché case were probably the documents that would set all of these stories straight — oh to have had X-ray eyes!
I wanted to but didn’t go over and tell him how much I appreciate the service he is doing for the country (I’m more than a bit shy). One man in the waiting room did recognize him and spoke and shook his hand. I just sat and beamed somewhat involuntarily in his direction. I’m kind of an old lady so I can indulge in that kind of dottiness.
The thing that struck me about Fitz was his seeming to be completely un-self-conscious. I fly in and out of DC fairly often and when I do I play “Count the Congressmen.” They are easy to pick out in the crowd – middle aged men in expensive suits who clearly have their who’s-watching-me-now radar turned way up high. Even just waiting for a plane these guys are completely on stage. There was none of that about Fitz.
He watched CNN, checked his messages, sat in what appeared to be contemplation of his day. It seemed that no more than two people in the crowd knew that this was the man who had just slow cooked the Rovester over a smoky fire for four hours on our behalf, and in doing so may very well have saved our system of lawful democracy." - Comment buried deep in the Firedoglake catacomb.
I sure hope I didn't adjust myself or keep my nose clean...

Apr 28, 2006

I Didn't Receive The Evite...

to this social "function" Wednesday night, but in all reality I just like to prosecute evil doers, not give them cardiac arrest...

Let's Party While We Can Bash
"There was a buzz when Dick Cheney walked into the "Fox News Sunday" 10th anniversary bash Wednesday night, but it was another guest -- arriving fashionably late -- who really got heads turning. Here?!!?" [more]

...Besides, I would have become the "story" instead of Hillary and I am not that eager to grace the pages of the Washington Post's Style section. Still, I keep chuckling to myself when I imagine the reactions of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Tom DeLay if they spied me strolling into Cafe Milano - priceless. ;)

Hey Hey, My My...

and streaming his new album online [here].

Back in Chicago for a pint, a kiss, a fews days and a few nights. National Airport (old timers and Democrats still refer to it as that, and so do I) is only a 10 minute cab ride from my Washington D.C. satellite office and a short flight to my home and main office in Chicago. Since being named special counsel in the CIA leak case I make this trip back and forth two, three and occasionally fours times a week. And yes, I am on a first name basis with most of the flight attendants. Some people commute in cars, I use planes. It's not bad, allowing me to catch up on my thoughts, sleep and recommended daily requirement of honey roasted cashews. Have a great weekend and enjoy Neil. I am.

Charges, Charges, Charges...

all I can say is that the filing looks alot like THESE 22 pages.
Typing "ROVE" to replace "LIBBY" in WordPerfect is a real time saver.

Leaky Staff Mole - So Busted...


Apr 27, 2006

Merry Fitzmas..!!!!!!!!!

I am making a recommendation to the sitting grand jury asking them to indict White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Christian Rove on charges of perjury and making false statements to federal investigators. At this hour, I am still mulling over charges of obstruction of justice based on yesterday's testimony.
If and when 12 of the 23 jurists concur with my assertions and vote to indict I will schedule a press conference. If they require more time for deliberation then the grand jury will convene again next Wednesday and I will then announce a press conference upon its conclusion.
Yours Truly,
Fighting for truth, justice and the American way.
PS: A note to the mainstream media, pundits and newsreaders: You guys should really stop letting the defense counsel and Administration play you like a fiddle. All, but a very select few of you, look very foolish spinning this way and that and playing fast and loose without checking your facts, doing your homework or asking the tough questions. More importantly, you need to once again earn back the trust of the American people. After the bad examples set by Judy Miller, FOX News, Chris Matthews, and the Bob's - Woodward and Novak et al, you are despised almost as much the very evil doers I am prosecuting. Please straighten up and fly right...your country needs you now more than ever.

Fasten Your Seatbelts...

The Indictment Countdown is ticking for Karl Christian Rove and it is almost Fitzmas Eve!

Pop Quiz..!

OK, let's see if anyone has been paying attention!

was getting "HOT!" almost exactly one month ago in the ole PJF crockpot?
ANSWER: [click here]

It is time to insert the countdown clock, do you agree?

I Got The Power..!

With all this talk of Karl let's not forget about Scooter.

Judge Won't Dismiss Case Against Leaky Libby

"A federal judge refused Thursday to dismiss charges against I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the former top White House aide who was indicted on perjury and obstruction charges last year in the CIA leak scandal.
In a 31-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton turned down a motion by lawyers for Vice President Dick Cheney's one-time top assistant, who challenged the authority of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to handle the case.
Libby's lawyers had argued that Fitzgerald was given too much power — more than the attorney general — and that the appointment should have been made by the president with the Senate's approval.
Walton said Thursday he did not need to "look far" in the law to reject the claim by Libby's defense team. The judge said there is no question the attorney general can delegate any of his functions.
"There was no wholesale abdication of the attorney general's duty to direct and supervise litigation," he wrote.
I am beginning to suspect that Scooter's legal team is easily confused by the law or supporting a few ex-wives and girlfriends. ;)

I Swear...

this photographer has an agenda!

Take a look at this slide show. Karl and Scooter look like they are posing for prom pictures while I look like I haven't slept in a week when it has only been a few days. ;)

Jason Leopold...

how DO you do it?

Sources Confirm Rove is a Target

Wed Apr 26th, 2006 at 03:54:10 PM EDT :: Fitzgerald Investigation

"On Monday, I had a conversation with several sources close to the CIA leak case who told me that Karl Rove would return to the grand jury Wednesday for the fifth time. Those sources told me that his appearance was the result of a target letter sent to his attorney Robert Luskin by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. The same sources said that Rove's status changed from being a "subject" of the probe to becoming a "target," meaning that Fitzgerald had enough evidence linking Rove to a crime and told that to Luskin. On Wednesday morning, when the news broke that Rove was going to testify for an unprecedented fifth time, I confirmed with sources close to the investigation that Rove did in fact receive a target letter. This was the case, they said. I then immediately called Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin, for a comment about the target letter. Luskin didn't respond.
But upon leaving court Wednesday, after Rove testified for four hours, Luskin issued a statement saying that Rove was not a target of the probe. My sources maintain that Rove is a target and that Luskin understood that. I called Luskin again to get his statement. But he did not return the call. Rove's spokesman at the White House also weighed in, specifically denying my report that Rove received a target letter. This is the same White House that has refused to discuss this case for more than two years but decided on Wednesday to break its silence and respond to my story and deny that it's true. That seems odd."
Come to think of it, Jason's picture does resemble the guy who delivers Krispy Creme doughnuts to our office every morning!


I Don't Belong...

to any politcal party.

Poll: Third Party Could Win In '08

April 27, 2006--"Democrats currently hold a 12-point advantage over Republicans on a generic 2008 Presidential ballot. However, a third-party candidate focusing on immigration enforcement issues could fundamentally alter those political dynamics.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national opinion survey finds that 44% of Americans say they would vote for a Democrat if the Presidential Election were held today. Just 32% would vote for a Republican. Those figures are likely a reflection of unhappiness with the Bush Administration rather than a commentary on prospective candidates from either party (see crosstabs).
The survey also asked respondents how they would vote if "a third party candidate ran in 2008 and promised to build a barrier along the Mexican border and make enforcement of immigration law his top priority.
With that option, support fell sharply for both major parties. The Democrats still come out on top with support from 31% of Americans. The third party candidate moved into a virtual tie at 30% while the GOP fell to 21%." [more]
Is anyone curious to know how I feel about illegal immigration enforcement?

Sen. Pat Roberts - Evil Deed Of The Day...

If I Only Had More Fingers And Toes...

I could charge Mr. Rove with more than 20 counts! (to paraphrase Jerry Clower - infamous Grand Ole Opry comedian I used to see on Hee Haw as a kid)

"Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is said to be mulling perjury or obstruction of justice charges according to Thursday's Los Angeles Times."

50 cents for that journalistic insight? No charge for the bad joke.

Round Up The Usual Suspects...

Prosecutors May Widen Congressional-Bribe Case
Cunningham Is Suspected Of Asking for Prostitutes; Were Others Involved?

WSJ - Federal prosecutors are investigating whether two contractors implicated in the bribery of former Rep. Randall "Duke" Cunningham supplied him with prostitutes and free use of a limousine and hotel suites, pursuing evidence that could broaden their long-running inquiry. Besides scrutinizing the prostitution scheme for evidence that might implicate contractor Brent Wilkes, investigators are focusing on whether any other members of Congress, or their staffs, may also have used the same free services, though it isn't clear whether investigators have turned up anything to implicate others.
In recent weeks, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have fanned out across Washington, interviewing women from escort services, potential witnesses and others who may have been involved in the arrangement. [continued]
I just made a phone call and directed the special agents to widen their probe to include male prostitutes (former GOP WH "reporter" Jeff "Bulldog" Gannon and Transexuals in particular) and to cross reference anti-gay Congressional voting records and statements to help narrow the list. Over the years, I have learned that if their panties are in a bunch over gay rights, they usually are...
And in case you are wondering, Duke is immune from further prosecution because technically any acts between him and another sex worker is categorized as professional courtesy.

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Comment Of The Week...

Apr 26, 2006

Have You Noticed...

that today's best and brightest young journalists and pundits are on the Internet?

The old school "MSM" can't keep up with the fast breaking events, accurate reporting and insightful commentary from people like: Jason Leopold at Truthout, Larisa at Raw Story, Christy and Jane at Firedoglake, John Aravosis at Americablog and Ariana and her posse at the Huffington Post.

I am not an expert on the topic, but have noticed that the large corporate news organizations like CNN, the Washington Post and of course, the New York Times, are not only lazy in their reporting and sloppy with the facts, but seemingly trip all over themselves trying to accomodate the endless spin of lies spewed by the lawyers representing the targets of my investigation.

I am almost certain that if the MSM had been doing its job during the events that led up to the invasion in Iraq that the world would be a much more peaceful and safer place today.

"In connection with this appearance, the Special Counsel has advised Mr. Rove that he is not a target of the investigation. Mr. Fitzgerald has affirmed that he has made no decision concerning charges.” - Karl Rove's attorney - Robert Luskin

That does not mean Rove did not receive a target letter about his previous testimonies. Anyone?

Rove and Fitzgerald: A Recap at Firedoglake

Where Can I Find..?

a Nathan's hot dog, french fries and malt vinegar in this town?


Signed, Sealed And Delivered...

Yes, once again, Jason Leopold has scooped everyone. Focus..!

My Target Letter Drives Rove Back to Grand Jury

"Karl Rove's appearance before a grand jury in the CIA leak case Wednesday comes on the heels of a "target letter" sent to his attorney recently by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, signaling that the Deputy White House Chief of Staff may face imminent indictment, sources that are knowledgeable about the probe said Wednesday.
It's unclear when Fitzgerald sent the target letter to Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin. Sources close to the two-year-old leak investigation said when Rove's attorney received the letter Rove volunteered to appear before the grand jury for an unprecedented fifth time to explain why he did not previously disclose conversations he had with the media about covert CIA operative Valerie Plame and her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who criticized the Bush administration's use of pre-war Iraq intelligence.
A federal grand jury target letter is sent to a person in a criminal investigation who is likely to be indicted. A "target" of a grand jury investigation is a person who a prosecutor has substantial evidence to link to a crime." [more from Jason Leopold]



Three-O-O - the exact moment President Bush's "September 9/11" battle cry lost its effectiveness.

No Comment...

except no comment, and that my lunch was great. I ate like a horse. Gotta run. Ciao for now.

WASHINGTON - "Top White House aide Karl Rove prepared to testify Wednesday for a fifth time before the federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA officer's identity, a person familiar with the case said.

"Prosecutor Loosens Up..."

was I wound too tight?

WASHINGTON — News flash: The prosecutor in the CIA leak case has given an exclusive interview.

Under a front-page headline that says "Alum Takes On The White House," The Owl of Regis High School in New York City profiled Patrick J. Fitzgerald, class of '78, in a 1,700-word story.

The prosecutor who obtained a grand jury indictment against Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff declared, "My job every day is to do the right thing."

Offering up more about himself than he has to anyone else in the media, Fitzgerald described himself as "a longtime Seinfeld fan." He advised the students at Regis: "As much as you take school seriously, you should not take yourself too seriously."

"Every day is new and every day is interesting," Fitzgerald told The Owl. "I love being a prosecutor; it is a great job, and it is very engaging."

As for the prosecution of I. Lewis Libby and the ongoing criminal investigation, Fitzgerald had nothing to say _ which is a good thing.

A federal judge is unhappy with some contacts with the press by people involved in the Libby case and is considering imposing a gag order on prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Fitzgerald granted the interview to his old high school newspaper on Feb. 13. The story appeared in The Owl on April 5.

Randall Samborn, a spokesman for the prosecutor, said Tuesday he does not know the circumstances that led to the interview.
Alum Takes on the White House: Exclusive with Patrick J. Fitzgerald (April 5) - Patrick Fitzgerald ‘78, a well-respected and diligent federal prosecutor, was appointed by George W. Bush as Special Counsel for the ongoing “CIA Leak Case” of October 30, ... continued
Joseph Santo, class of '06 welcome to the BIG Leagues, kiddo! ;)

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Apr 25, 2006

Read 'Em And Weep...

Take the AOL Poll

"Email Of The Month..."

Dear Sir,

Your kind words of support and encouragement give me and the over
125,000 public servants at the Department of Justice the strength and conviction to simply try and do the right thing every day in fighting for truth, justice and the American way. Thank YOU!

Inspiration for us equals perspiration for evil doers!


PS: I have had the honor to know a few people with silver wings on their chests and they are all tough as nails and there are no finer Americans.


The Board Of Education...

Nancy Pelosi style. [Video]

"If you want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and therefore improve our national security situation, you can't do it if you're a Republican because you are too wedded to the oil companies. We have two oilmen in the White House. The logical follow-up from that is $3 a gallon gasoline. There is no accident. It is a cause and effect. A cause and effect.

How dare the President of the United States make a speech today in April, many, many, many months after the American people have had to undergo the cost of home heating oil. A woman told me she almost fainted when she received her home heating bill over this winter. And when so many people making the minimum wage, which hasn't been raised in eight years, which has a very low purchasing power have to go out and buy gasoline at these prices? Where have you been, Mr. President?

The middle class squeeze is on, competition in our country is affected by the price of energy and of oil and all of a sudden you take a trip outside of Washington, see the fact that the public is outraged about this, come home and make a speech, let's see that matched in your budget, let's see that matched in your policy, let's see that matched in and you're separating yourselves yourself from your patron, big oil, cut yourself off from that anvil holding your party down and this country down, instead of coming to Washington and throwing your Republican colleagues under the wheels of the train, which they mightily deserve for being a rubber stamp for your obscene, corrupt policy of ripping off the American people."


Republicans and Dems alike blast high gas prices

Real American Idols...

Let's get it started. What's on your mind - gas prices, elections, American Idol?

Speaking of American Idol, as you know, the wheels of justice move slowly, but in my office Tuesday nights at 8PM they come to a grinding halt.

I cannot believe that Chris Daughtry was in the bottom two last week, it must be a conspiracy! I might ask all of my staff in both Chicago and D.C. to work late and call in votes from 9-11PM for Chris. I calculate that roughly 200 people + redial function (10 calls per minute) x 120 minutes = 240,000 votes. That could make a big difference.

Speaking of making a difference and real American idols, I attended a wonderful luncheon today. It was for a
VERY worthy cause and the keynote speaker made an impression on me.

Afterwards I told her, "Listen up, listen up. Yo. When you started out it was just aw-ight for me. A little pitchy in a few places, went sharp in the middle, but Dude, by the end you worked it out, baby. Dawgpound we got a hot one today!"

Hillary made the speech her own and received a standing ovation because when it comes to supporting military families - there should be no politics!


George Who..?

Once Boon, Ties to Bush May Be Bust a Move
"Republicans around the country are openly debating how to distance themselves from voters' dissatisfaction with Mr. Bush and the war, but without further tarnishing their party and its public face in the process."
"Standing too close to an unpopular president or stepping away too far each have political risks. In a recent memorandum written for the Republican Party's chairman, Ken Mehlman, the pollster Jan van Lohuizen argued to Republican incumbents that trying to "drive a wedge" between themselves and the president would backfire by hurting their own image as Republicans."
"The president is seen universally as the face of the Republican Party," Mr. van Lohuizen wrote, according to a copy reproduced by the Web site of National Journal. "We are now Brand W. Republicans." [full story]

Apr 24, 2006

Al-Jazeerah, Huh...?

in Dalton, Georgia?
"Patrick Fitzgerald, too, carries an awful burden, even though he considers himself little more than a good citizen just doing his job.

Untold millions of Americans are relying on this son of Irish immigrants to renew their faith that we remain a nation of laws. Too many of us have a well-earned cynicism; we see our country wandering desperately through a historical fog. We fear America has entered a permanent state of decline.

A little justice, though, might just begin a great renewal."
the rest of the story]

WARNING: Visiting Al-Jazeerah's website may lead to your name being placed on the no-fly list and having your phones and email monitored.

Late Night Fun & Open Thread...

I like to play practical jokes. It helps bring much needed levity to the serious nature of our business day in and day out.
Last year, when People magazine named me as one of their "sexiest men alive" a whole lot of people got even all at once with lots of good natured ribbing. Now, between you and me, I am secretly taking lessons so I can dance like THIS at our holiday party in December.
Wish me luck. ;)


A Deep Tale Of Two Cases...

"No, what grates against both reason and common sense is that the White House did not deny it. The effect of this was to provoke a storm on Capitol Hill, and a round of rejoicing over at the Libby Defense Trust, the ad hoc group set up to defend the War Party's indicted martyr. After railing against leaks and flatly declaring the president would fire leakers, one and all, a soon-to-be-replaced Scott McClellan haplessly declared:
'Declassifying information and providing it to the public when it is in the public interest is one thing. But leaking classified information that could compromise our national security is something that is very serious, and there's a distinction.'
To prosecutor Fitzgerald, and for those of us who don't live in the Bizarro World alternate universe inhabited by this administration, this is a distinction without a difference."
"While the AIPAC case revolves around a future war intelligence about Iran – and the Libby case is focused on intelligence leading up to our invasion of Iraq, they are both legal fronts in the same fight. If we look at these two cases as the efforts of the body politic to throw off the influence of an alien element – a viral intrusion that so disordered the policymaking apparatus that it became unhinged enough to invade Iraq and contemplate striking Iran – then we have some idea of the importance of the outcomes." [more]
Justin is a tad link happy, but always an intense and interesting read.

New Hampshiregate...

is what I call it.

White House Party-Line Hangover
(Bloomberg) -- To Republicans, the New Hampshire phone-jamming incident is an isolated case of political dirty tricks that took place more than three years ago.

To Democrats, it's a scandal with echoes of Watergate that may reach all the way to the White House.

Republican leaders are facing questions stemming from a criminal case involving efforts to suppress voter turnout in a U.S. Senate election in the state in 2002. Republican John Sununu won that race over Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, helping Republicans retake control of the Senate.

The facts, on the surface at least, are suspicious: dozens of phone calls to the White House by a man later convicted in the case; the national Republican Party agreeing to pay more than $2.5 million in legal bills; phones jammed on Election Day, not only of Democrats but of a firefighters' group, in the first U.S. congressional elections since the Sept. 11 attacks. Democrats say that disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff may even be involved.

"The calls to the White House and the relationship with White House staff are a real eye-opener and should be a cause for concern on all fronts,'' said Sheila Krumholz, acting executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington- based research group. "It calls into question who the person was on the end of that telephone line.''

"Ken and Karl, illegal campaign activity is holding on line two."

What goes around comes around. I plan on going through some boxes this weekend to try and find my old bell bottom jeans, powder blue leisure suit and puka shell necklace. I just hope wide ties never come back into fashion. Ack!

Not The Smartest Guy In The Room...

A very funny and likeable Ken Lay takes the stand - Day One

"He cast himself as a hard worker who enjoyed great financial success, only to find himself somewhere he never thought he would be — on trial in a federal courtroom. He was asked by lawyer George Secrest what it had been like to watch the trial unfold.

"It's been very interesting," Lay answered. "We've seen a lot of interesting testimony. We've seen a lot of interesting people, a lot of allegations, a lot of lies, a lot of misinformation and some truth."

Lay aimed to build on what Skilling spent the last two weeks telling jurors: Enron was no bed of fraud and the pair did nothing wrong."

Ken, you crack me up! Now will you tell us the really funny stories, especially the ones about the phony trading floor, Grandma Millie and the "HFV" accounting? That "Hypothetical Future Value" skit still makes me chuckle! ;)


A Spook Speaks Out...

and they can't fire him.

Summary: A former top CIA official, Tyler Drumheller — a 26-year veteran of the agency — decided to do something CIA officials at his level almost never do: Speak out.
Ignoring credible and accurate intelligence leading up to the war that stated "we can find no proof that Iraq has WMDs" - Bush and Cheney moved ahead with their campaign of disinformation to blatantly mislead Congress and manipulate public opinion to build support for the invasion, while conveying to the CIA - "Well, this isn't about intel anymore. This is about regime change."

Ultimately, when no WMD's were found - Bush shirked responsibility and perpetuated the deceptions by blaming it on "faulty intelligence."

Drumheller - "It just sticks in my craw every time I hear them say it’s an intelligence failure...It’s an intelligence failure. This was a policy failure." He added "I think over time, people will look back on this and see this is going to be one of the great, I think, policy mistakes of all time."
[full article and video]

Tyler, this already IS the mother of all policy failures and entering overtime. Thankfully, the well oiled campaign of disinformation and denials designed to keep the truth from the American people and Congress is beginning to show cracks in its armor. Speaking of Congress...
Unfortunately, 60 minutes did not dig deep enough with Drumheller. Josh Marshall at Talking Points spoke to him after tonight's airing and learned that his testimony before the Robb-Silverman Commission and Roberts Committee about what the Administration knew never managed to find its way into their reports. "I think, speaks volumes about the agenda that the writers of those reports were pursuing." adds Marshall.
"I was stunned," his colleagues, Drumheller said, were equally "in shock" that so little of what they related ended up in the reports either.
"What Drumheller has to say adds quite a lot to our knowledge of what happened in the lead up to war. But what it shows even more clearly is that none of this stuff has yet been investigated by anyone whose principal goal is not covering for the White House."

Apr 23, 2006

For What It's Worth...

Audio proof of Weapon's Of Mass Destruction.

Hope & Faith is not only TV comedy, but also a horrendous American tragedy.

Feel The Burn...

Once again, I find myself in the office on a Sunday, but I am not complaining. Sundays are often my most productive day to prepare for the upcoming week, although, it was raining during my early morning jog, and now the sun is out here in our nation's capital. That's OK because I often visit this website, during the long days at the office, to stretch and workout with President Bush. And in case you are wondering, I prefer music track "B."

I Like "Sticking It To The Man..."

and that Sprint "Fair & Flexible Plan" ad that continues something like this..."But sir, you ARE the Man. So you're sticking it to yourself?"

"Maybe" is his reply whereas mine is "No, I am a public servant letting the grand jury stick it to the Man!"

In case you were wondering about the grand jury:

"Will Fitzgerald issue indictments? Washington and cable news care about nothing else these days. The answer is: No, he won’t. The most Fitzgerald will do is ask his grand jury to issue indictments. It’s really all up to them. Which raises the question: who are they? A federal grand jury has 23 members."

"A typical Washington, D.C. grand jury is about 75% African American. Fitzgerald’s is slightly more than that. This is not the kind of group Karl Rove feels at home with. He has no professional experience trying to appeal to a group like this. He has been so unsuccessful at it that his boss’s job approval rating with African Americans is now 2%, which, factoring in the margin of error, could actually be zero. To make matters statistically and demographically much worse for Rove and Scooter Libby, only 12 of the 23 grand jurors have to agree to indict them."

Plan 9 From Outer Space - Part Deux..?

Unspeakable horrors infiltrate the Oval Office paralyzing the living and resurrecting the dead.
New (Non-Fiction) WH Plan
"Deploy guns and badges" -- to play to the conservative base on illegal immigration, using the cloak of Homeland Security.
2) Make Wall Street happy through tax cuts.
3) Brag more ("highlight the glimmer of success in Iraq").
4) Reclaim security by playing tough with Iran (On Iran, "Democrats will lose").
5) Court the press (offer Tony Snow of Fox News the job of White House press secretary)

Can we survive Josh Bolten's new "recovery plan?"

Small Pun Alert..

“I think this is all getting a little blown out of proportion,” said the now 35-year-old Jennifer Binder, who confirmed that she dated Skilling in the late 1990s.

“Smile, Jeffrey. That’s It. Gorgeous, Jeffrey, Just Gorgeous"
HOUSTON — It looks like Jennifer Binder, Jeffrey Skilling’s former lover and favorite photographer, has left Houston. Check out her impressive Web site at http://www.binderphotography.com/." [more]

I like how journalist Peter Lattman at the WSJ finds his facts fast and digs deep. My team is like that as well, but in order to be Government Prosecutors and on my Enron Task Force, you also have to be ambitious, driven and accustomed to winning - and that they are!
I already have the cohibas set aside for Sean, Kathryn, Cliff and John, but until the jury brings back the guilty verdicts we never count our chickens until they frown.
I wonder...if she is willing...do you think Jennifer will charge her hourly, half day or full day rates to preserve their integrity for me?


Apr 22, 2006

Pinch Me..!

AP - Swedish authorities Saturday are investigating how a man calling himself a "stateless American" ended up floating on a raft of oil barrels and wood planks in the waters between Denmark and Norway.

The man -- who carried no identification, spoke perfect English and said his name was George W. -- was found by a Norwegian oil tanker Friday morning, floating in the Skagerak sea on a raft of four oil barrels held together by a frame of wooden planks.

He told police he had been thrown from a ship several days earlier and now wanted to go to New York, but offered little further information.

UPDATE: "My name is President George W. Bush. Dick Cheney has kept me captive on an Exxon oil tanker since January 20th, 2001. I want to go home and get the S.O.B. who has been sleeping in my bed, ruining my good name, reputation and America!"
Whoa, duuude!!!!

Media Matters...

In today's world of 24/7 news, the media does not always get its facts straight. Very often it is manipulated by evil doers with their agenda to disinform both the media and the people, which is how this all started in the first place. Always remember - just because you see it on TV (e.g. FOX News, CBN) or read it in the papers (e.g. Judy Miller, the Bob's - Woodward and Novak) does not make it true.

I am reminding you of this because in the upcoming weeks we will be entering a new phase in this investigation, with more indictments and inevitably much more disinformation.
Click on my image to view TV clips from last November as a good example. There is footage of me speaking as well, before most of you ever heard my name. ;)

CIA -Ya Later...

And Mary, don't let the "classified" NIE's hit you in the...
Classic action - find leaky leaker - fire person. At Langley they do things a little differently than at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
WASHINGTON -- The CIA fired a top intelligence analyst who admitted leaking classified information that led to a Pulitzer Prize-winning story about a network of secret CIA prisons, government officials say.