Jul 17, 2006

Dan Quayle Exit - Top Ten...

Heard this one?

Walking tall, and out

Dan Quayle took time out from participating in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Stateline, Nev., on Friday to attend John Mellencamp's concert only to run into a political statement.

He then made a statement of his own by walking out during Mellencamp's rendition of ``Walk Tall.'' Before launching into the song, Mellencamp told the Harveys casino crowd, in effect, that it was dedicated to everyone hurt by policies of the current Bush administration.

Quayle, who served as vice president for President Bush's father in 1989-93 walked out of the venue before Mellencamp finished the song.

Quayle said through a publicist: "Well, I think Mellencamp's performance was not very good to begin with, and the comment put it over the top.''

Mellencamp couldn't be reached for comment.

My guess...

10. Brown acid is bad...Mellencamp looked like Mr. Potatoehead!
9. Can Score better dime bag at Caesar's...
8. Where is Clay Aiken?
7. I just got called up by the Indiana National Guard stop loss progam - need deferment...


Blogger Jackie said...

Like Bush Dan Quayle is just another rich kid being proped up as a leader while others do the job and take from the US Treasury as needed. Look Quayle can't spell and Senior Bush/Americans were afraid if he became President. George W. Bush drank all four years of college and was given a degree, he skipped out of service, couldn't fly because he was drunk, he is the educational example of child left behind yet he is President. The world can see that the US isn't that good at picking educated man as President. Quayle can still live the life of the rich kid who knows nothing does nothing and is nothing.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan Quayle rocks! He was no Kennedy, but he is no Bush!

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Dan the "Man" said...

I thought Harvey's was a don't ask, don't tell bar!

1:07 PM  
Blogger Night Owl said...

Quayle's daddy bought him into law school. He did not have the grades. Quayle did serve in the National Guard--daddy bought him a cushy role. According to David Letterman, Quayle's job was to: "Keep the hot things hot and the cold things cold." In other words, he was as useful as a Thermos.

Quayle did more than drink while he was in college.

Anon. at 2:03. You have a good memory!

BTW, so if this was a celebrity golf game, who besides J Cougar M was a celebrity?

1:08 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

And there is another idiot to discuss who crawled back into the spotlight. And Quayle was a joke as the V.P. He now only couldn't spell potato but we was the joke on the T.V. show, The Simpsons and on Murphy Brown in ghe '80's. I nearly laughed on the floor when he made a comment about unwed mothers and compared that to a fictional character on T.V. show: Murphy Brown! He didn't nothing in office but take up air. At least, he wasn't on Ambien like the current Baron in office!

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Al Pal said...

Let's see Al defend this tuber.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Fitz's evil brother Chuck said...

A nickel bet says that the troll will come use the same bullshit and wet noodle line:"no indictments, no target letters", and so on... It would be interesting for the idiot troll to comment about an idiot!

1:31 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

I'm With Stupid

1:35 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...


Is Al simply a loser or is he something more too?

Could he be a crazy murderer of innocent women!?!??

Damn, its hard to even think about!

Al Rogers is the biggest question mark in our lives today, who in the heck is he and what does he want?

As for Dan Quayle, well he's the same kind of loser as Al Rogers! These guys are all birds of a feather I tell yas.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Don't worry Dr. Evil will just say Bush will get born again and that will settle everything. Bush has got his legacy now he will be in the history books as the President who planned and created World War 3. Oh yes I hop he doesn't use that lam excuse of attacking Iran and Syria to free the people from a dictator that's old now. With the Bush Middle East wars Halliburton can become the new OPEC. Saudi Arabia is next along with Jordon to follow. World domination is what King George is looking for as others tried and fail so will King George.

1:37 PM  
Blogger just say no to fascism said...

Another Chickenhawk Runs!

The Dixie Chicks, Springsteen and now Mellencamp are speaking out about the cowardly chickenhawks and I hope that more in the Music Industry will join in.

Toby Keith sucks!!

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Ann Poultry Legs... said...

Al, a lil help, Bwackkk!

1:40 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Lloyd Bentsen puts down Dan Quayle

Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy

1:42 PM  
Blogger Former Fed said...

When I used to be waiting for a plane in the VIP Lounge at Andrews AFB I would talk to the staff.

They unanimously said that Quayle was the most arrogant, conceited, full of himself person they had to deal with.

And believe me, there were a lot of big egos that those people had to put up with during a normal day.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Well, whatever the troll Al is, a loser, a maniac, etc., his sole purpose is to disrupt this blog becuase of Fitz's case and the people involved in this case.. The topic of discussion shouldn't be is Al an idiot or what type of person he is. The topic should be is how to impeach and dismantle the incompetent Gerbil off the WH commode called Oval office and how to put the corrupted politicans out of business for good come November!

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Dan Quayle (Dumbya's clone gone wrong) said...

"I love California, I practically
grew up in Phoenix."

"People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history."

"For NASA, space is still a high priority."

"I stand by all the misstatements that I've made."

2:07 PM  
Blogger Former Fed said...



2:09 PM  
Anonymous Dan the "Man" said...

#6. I need to go see Marilyn and get my pants back!

2:11 PM  
Blogger Quzi Formerly CC said...


I got a brochure in the mail today -- our county is going to touch screen voting with ES&S voting machines...

I want my paper ballot...

2:12 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Is there anyway that your state can provide paper ballot or does your state are relying on just the touch screens? I am not knocking both but all state should have a bakcup plan so that we don't repeat the same problems in 2000 and 2004 elections.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous the gop is full of theives and liars said...

Reed Blames Tribes for Laundering Scheme
By Paul Kiel - July 17, 2006, 12:36 PM
The Indians made me do it.

On the eve of a tense primary election, that's Ralph Reed's defense against corruption accusations that threaten to capsize his candidacy for Georgia lieutenant governor.

Reed is suffering some punishing body blows from his opponent for his schemes to use money from Indian casinos to pay for Christian anti-gambling efforts -- by funneling the cash through shell companies to disguise its true source.

The charges have been around for months, of course -- accompanied by ample evidence that Reed played a key role in concocting the schemes and putting them into practice. To date he has dodged the allegations by first claiming ignorance of the clients, and then woodenly chiming that "Had I known then what I know now, I would not have undertaken the work."

But yesterday, he changed his tune -- and blamed the Indians. During a debate with his primary opponent Saturday, Reed claimed:

I would have been happy if they [Abramoff's tribal clients] paid me directly. They were the ones who made the decision that I would be paid through nonprofits.
Quick reality check: It has been long-established that Abramoff's casino-owning tribal clients hired Reed to whip up religious anti-gambling fervor and use it to squash any neighboring competition. In order to obscure the fact that Abramoff's casino money was funding Reed's anti-gambling campaigns, the money was funneled through various entities (shell companies and non-profits) before making its way to Reed. Read all the nitty-gritty here.

McCain's Senate investigation found that the funneling had been Reed's idea, because that is what the tribal representatives told investigators.

As Nell Rogers from the Mississippi Choctaw told the Committee: "Ralph Reed did not want to be paid directly by a tribe with gaming interests. It was our understanding that the structure was recommended by Jack Abramoff to accommodate Mr. Reed’s political concerns."

And Former Louisiana Coushatta Vice-Chairman William Worfel told investigators that Abramoff "asked whether the Tribe had any business through which payments to Reed could be made."

All other available evidence shows that Reed and Abramoff came up with the funneling idea to protect Reed's Christian bona fides -- which is, after all, the only narrative that makes any sense.

Let's think of what Reed is asking us to believe when he says that the tribes "were the ones who made the decision that I would be paid through nonprofits."

Remember that Reed worked for two different tribal clients of Abramoffs - the Louisianna Coushatta and the Mississippi Choctaw. In both cases, Reed's fees were laundered through nonprofits and shell companies.

Did both of those tribes come up with this scheme independently?

And what about another client of Abramoff's, eLottery, Inc.? In 2000, Abramoff hired Reed to kill anti-gambling legislation moving forward in the House. The eLottery, Inc. money was funneled through Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform, then to a sham organization called the Faith and Family Alliance, and then on to Reed's firm. Robin Vanderwall, the man who ran the Faith and Family Alliance, has since admitted that he was "operating as a shell" - the organization had no other purpose than to pass on payments to Reed's company.

Was that eLottery's idea? Abramoff's other Christian rabble-rouser on the gambling bill, Rev. Louis Sheldon, was paid directly by eLottery.

The primary is tomorrow. What other excuses will Reed come up with before then?

2:39 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...


Get together with a lawyer trust me on this one...start a lawsuit with your buddy against the county.

This is working all across the USA. ES*S will stick its foot in its mouth!!!!

The Seed kids like Sandra Mortham got their start in election fraud from early on, and now they work at ES&S and the other corrupt ones.

Because of this their reputation is totally in tatters. Any lawyer or judge will want a piece of them now, so take advantage of it ChimpCoulter.


You are very correct that all AL wants us to do is waste time on the troll. Wasting time on the troll, keeps us busy from doing the important work of impeaching and throwing out the Gerbil squad!

So all he wants to do is distract everybody! And just today, another graft episode was caught red handed on Represenative Jerry Lewis.

He should be able to afford a new armanni with all that graft! Now he can take one to jail with em, this is the stuff Im talking about.

The thing is though we know Al Rogers threatened a girl and possibly committed a crime, so I say that should be looked into. Anytime someone crosses the line we gotta hold them to it, especially the Gerbil!

2:45 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

"The Indians made me do it."

The primary is tomorrow. What other excuses will Reed come up with before then?
He will say, it was Geronimo's ghost who made him do it! Darn it, Dubya, give Geronimo's skull back to the tribe! LOL

2:47 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

The indian giver's exscuse is the last one in that book, that evil-doers use when the graft is caught red handed. We all know it!

Biloxi, I want to extend my hand of congratulations to you guys. Patrick Fitzgerald has done it again!!!!

All those hours of sleepless nights have paid off, and helped us in more ways than you can possibly know! Thanks again SPB!

Desk of Patrick Fitzgerald in possession of tapes, MOSSAD taped evidence proving George Tenet's conspiracy with Scooter Libby

Fitzgerald's Washington team has nailed M16 operative Mark Rich, for EXTORTION and embezzling a trillion dollars.

They have the tapes!!! THIS IS LIKE WATERGATE ALL OVER AGAIN, EVERYONE. Taped EVIDENCE, hard evidence is impossible to disprove. This will be one of the final nails in the neocon scam that's a guarantee.

Karl Rove won't even wiggle his way out pf the wetroom once this case nears completion, I am convinced now. Wayne Madsen was dead wrong. You guys have EVERY base covered, and you are so fearless!

One day I will grow up to be as fearless, I hope to do great things. Oh and Prosecutor Biloxi, do you know where one can send donations to the DOJ? I want to give you guys all the support I can find!

Great work.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Night Owl said...

Former Fed--The only time I have ever known the Secret Service folks to have any sense of humor out where others could hear was when Quayle was VP.

Somewhere, somehow, there is probably a videotape of a twenty-something sitting right behind Quayle with an audio feed into the Secret Service, trying, trying, trying hard not to bust out laughing and trying not to look at the expression on the faces of the others who could hear, too. There were at least 10 other guest speakers that day, and the chatter only started during Quayle's speech. They shut right up during Bush the I's speech.

7:39 PM  
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