Aug 15, 2006

Thank You For Playing..!


Blogger t said...

That is a shame...Stephanie was actually a good candidate in most other ways. I am certainly surprise someone would run with a DV conviction.

I am not buying everything the F-I-L is saying just yet-sounds like damage control on behalf of his son-males are the perps 85% of the time-thats the stats of most police depts

I want to see the records such incidents- will the paper bother to check?

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know many a women who hit first AND hard.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Roger Rantcourt said...

Exclusive**** Neocons and Mossad agents put crystal meth in the Studebaker morning coffee - standard op in the Gaza strip to incite violence.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Another political scandal and this one is domestic violence? Oh my!

This is only Tuesday and had been hitted in the media with so many problems with the GOP party.

In other news:

The Ambien gets lawyered up from the Wilsons' lawsuit:

Cheney Lawyers Up -- With Clinton Impeachment Counsel

Vice President Dick Cheney has hired a lawyer to defend him against the Valerie Plame/Joseph Wilson civil suit, court documents reveal

And notice that you haven't heard the strategies for Porkrind and the little soldier!


Plame, Wilson Replace Lawyers

Washington D.C. - Former CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson and her husband former Ambassador Joseph Wilson announced today that they have engaged the non-profit, public interest organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) as successor counsel and Joseph Cotchett and Frank Pitre with the law firm of Cotchett, Pitre, Simon & McCarthy as trial counsel in their case against Vice President Dick Cheney, his former Chief of Staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, top Presidential advisor Karl Rove and other unnamed current and former administration officials. Erwin Chemerinsky, Professor at Duke University School Of Law, will continue to serve in the case as co-counsel.

The non-profit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, headed by former Justice Department prosecutor Melanie Sloan, is now representing the couple, according to a news release from the group.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Her eyes do look somewhat wasted...she'd be better off getting help, cleaning up and breaking some cycles for herself and for her children and then do public service with her story. Women do get away with abuse more then you might think, to be fair. The picture of him looks like he is in emotional pain, that comes with living someone with alcohol problem and abuse.

It is unbelievable that families that exist in today's so-called government, media, financial (public service) pass this warped narcissist insanity to their children on purpose. Not these people but 41-43 warped view or the Cheney Cabal. Stop being a group of narcissists' supply sources, please!

2:05 PM  
Blogger GEEZERPOWER said...

It happens in the best of families. Politics make strange bedfellows.

Bill Clinton defines the difference between the philosophy of "We The People" and the ideology of "Corporate Government".

KPOJ radio 620 Portland Oregon

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that klonopin was given to a certain person in military in high doses, then when it is gone made him bold his job.

I have had that prescribed for severe leg cramps and sleep problems, and just a half tablet of the lowest dose knocked me loopy. That stuff is creepy.

2:19 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Breaking news--

Huge heroin ring just busted!! 138 arrested in 7 states!

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:54

I know many a women who hit first AND hard.

Maybe, but chances are that the guy deserved it.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Bubby said...

**** NEWSFLASH*****

I know it is quite a shocking headline so get the smelling salts.
To quote the gerbil: "America is "safer than it has been, but it's not yet safe. The enemy has an advantage when attacking our homeland."
He admits HE HAD NOT MADE US SAFE yet that's all he and his sycophants and lapdog press tells us is that the Dems will not keep us safe. He admitted he and the Repubs have failed. If he and his lousy party were doing the right thing the enemy would not have any advantage. He has finally told the truth for a change. Never thought I'd live to see the day.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"THE GERBIL TELLS THE TRUTH!!!" Yup, it is all because of the love of the Gerbil's life in which he yearns often: THE BOTTLE! All that liquor finally killed the part of his brain cells that help him to lie for 6 years!

3:35 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Scrotum is in big trouble:

Dems: Santorum Staffers Faked Signatures

Here are the fake signatures

3:42 PM  
Blogger Roisin Dubh said...

anon@2:54 re: your comment that the guy probably deserved it. No one ever deserves to be hit. Violence usually only leads to more violence.

Here's Jon Stewart defining propaganda for us. Short and well done!

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good God. Now I'm having flashbacks to Albuquerque and being thrown 8 feet across the room into a stereo console by a crack junky. Of course he was supposed to be clean and sober. Thrown down, beat down, hell yeah I fought back. Sometimes women aren't in a relationship, but they are taken hostage. Makes me just want to have loveless sex and stay on my own when I hear this crap. Try pinning down a male hopped up on crack so he won't make a false 911 call on you. Which he did in the end anyway, and I was handcuffed for ruining his suits which he never used because all he did was guilt the money out of my father. All the while cheating on me with a stripper. I escaped that "relationship" with the clothes on my back and that was all. In the Airforce it was made clear to the females that we were not going to ever be as strong as a male in hand to hand combat, so we had to go low, use our legs, and thumb their eyeballs out. I'm glad they were both put in jail, because playing the "get to bat with 911 first" game is a bunch of wimpy bull----. yeah, michael, if you ever see this you won't remember because they brainwashed it out of you in prison. Along with the feds harassing us. sarah

3:56 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

All that liquor finally killed the part of his brain cells that help him to lie for 6 years!
I guess he has been born again! I think he would be a good televangelist! Perhaps, he could join Pat Robertson! Dumb and Dumber!! LOL

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the article referenced by PJF in the Dayton Daily News and was going back to it to recheck something when I couldn't access it again without filling out Email address, name, zip code, birth date and gender! Strange!
- Btw, I suspect Stephanie is the troublemaker this time.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Well, it is shame that people like the Gerbil uses God's name to get him into something as well as out of something. It freaked me out when author Kitty Kelley gave excerpts of her book about the Bush family. The Gerbil's mother told the Gerbil that he would be the next messiah. To me, the Gerbil sounds no different from Jim Jones in the '70's. And look what happened in the '70's with that massacre of Jim Jones' followers and cult. But both Pat Robertson and the Gerbil left their real brains in the closet for good.

4:05 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

The airport delays have gone beyond ridiculous! One of my friends flew to Las Vegas Friday and when he was going to fly home on Sunday, he was told it would be a 4 hour wait! So, he rented a car and drove home! Who wants to wait for 4 hours in an airport?

4:08 PM  
Anonymous wally cox said...

Rantcourt that's right and plus if marry a butchy dyke she's gonna hit ya! Take it from me!

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The requirement of an ever-escalating level of social violence to meet the political and economic needs of the insatiable "anti-terrorist complex" is the essence of the new US militarism.

What is now openly billed as "permanent war" ultimately serves the geo-political ends of social control in the interests of US corporate domination, much as the anti-communist crusade of the now-exhausted Cold War did.

Back in 2002, following the trauma of 9-11, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld predicted there would be more terrorist attacks against the American people and civilization at large. How could he be so sure of that? Perhaps because these attacks would be instigated on the order of the Honorable Mr. Rumsfeld. According to Los Angeles Times military analyst William Arkin, writing Oct. 27, 2002, Rumsfeld set out to create a secret army, "a super-Intelligence Support Activity" network that would "bring together CIA and military covert action, information warfare, intelligence, and cover and deception," to stir the pot of spiraling global violence.

According to a classified document prepared for Rumsfeld by his Defense Science Board, the new organization--the "Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG)"--would actually carry out secret missions designed to provoke terrorist groups into committing violent acts. The P2OG, a 100-member, so-called "counter-terrorist" organization with a $100-million-a-year budget, would ostensibly target "terrorist leaders," but according to P2OG documents procured by Arkin, would in fact carry out missions designed to "stimulate reactions" among "terrorist groups"--which, according to the Defense Secretary's logic, would subsequently expose them to "counter-attack" by the good guys. In other words, the plan is to execute secret military operations (assassinations, sabotage, "deception") which would intentionally result in terrorist attacks on innocent people, including Americans--essentially, to "combat terrorism" by causing it!


Links from yesterday's

and this on rawstory:

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SPB, you are right it is a shame that these people use God to justify their own agendas. As to George W. Bush's mother saying he would be the next messiah, that should have red flagged every true Christian worldwide. For true Christians, there is only one messiah and that is Jesus Christ.

6:39 PM  
Blogger dream-soldier said...

The Role of the Christian Fundamentalists in American Politics

The so-called "Christian Right" consists of Protestant fundamentalists, where the so-called Pentecostals play a dominant role. This is a very fanatical and aggressively missionary denomination that believes in the return of a living Christ to earth and the subsequent elevation of its members to heavenly paradise.

In order for this appearance of Christ to occur, several factors must be in place according to the views of this denomination. In the first place, a number of Jews must convert to Christianity, and, in the second, there must be a rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. As the site of this temple is now occupied by a major Islamic mosque, it will be necessary to destroy this building.

Starting as an Episcopalian, Bush tried other Protestant denominations before joining the Pentecostals. Apart from US President Bush and his Attorney General John Ashcroft, other members of his administration are members of this denomination, too, which is the second largest Christian denomination after the Catholic Church. As a considerable part of the American public sentiment is strongly opposed to religious fanatics, these facts have been kept very quiet.

Bush and his entourage are very strong supporters of the State of Israel because of their belief, that the founding of this nation is viewed as another requirement for the return of Christ. For this reason, Bush unconditionally supports any program put forward by the Israeli government and is a devoted follower and supporter of Sharon, the Israeli right wing extremist Minister President.

Attorney General Ashcroft has stated in a public sermon (he is a lay preacher of the Pentecostal church) that Muslims are "agents of the Anti-Christ" and must be destroyed in the so-called "Battle of Armageddon". According to the beliefs of fundamentalist Christians, this battle will be fought over Israel's existence and will lead to the end of the world and the return of Christ.

6:49 PM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

dreamsoldier....please tell me how these guys are fundamentally different than Islamic extremists?
So far the murder thing isn't going
to cut it with me. If I lived on an independent planet without pre-conceived information, I would say that the BushcoReligiousWrong has murdered or been responsible for more deaths than the Islamic extremists. I am not condoning terror, I am merely pointing out that the more things are different,
the more they are the same.

7:09 PM  
Blogger dream-soldier said...

At this point you find that link, which devel Rothschild needs exact.

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

August 15, 2006

U.S. Flag Officers
Pentagon-British-Mossad Neo-Cons


7:46 PM  
Blogger dream-soldier said...

The DEVIL Rothschild orchestrated this scene...long ago!
He created:
1. French revolution
2. World-War I
3. World-War II
4. 911
5. ? I hope, no !!
because all evil and crimes will be cleared up!

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Don de Drain said...

Dear Patrick Fitzgerald--

I'm no expert on criminal laws dealing with elections, voting, etc., but it seems to me that there are a number of potential violations of federal and/or state laws to be investigated in connection with the effort to put the Green candidate on the ballot for Senator in Pennsylvania. Let's suppose, hypothetically, there is an investigation and some prosecutor puts the "squeeze" on one or more of the foot soldiers involved in that particular episode. The foot soldiers then plead guilty, and pursuant to the terms of the plea agreement, provide true testimony that there was a conspiracy involving others, including Rove. Who, hypothetically, gets to prosecute that one? PA attorney general's office? Some AUSA in Pennsylvania? Some Special Prosecutor somewhere, whose name I won't mention, but whose initials might be "PJF"? Wouldn't that be FUN?


A curious citizen

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Patrick j. witzharold said...

Don de Drain,

I'm trying to get Biloxi to prosecute that one but he won't get off his computer at home and come to work anymore.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

I vote for the rugby man to be appointed to slap Ricky Scrotum with an indictment and thrown his pinass self in the slammer! Scrotum is certainly behind this so-caled Green Party candidate. The man is desperate to get in office.

Here is some info that I had me dying laughing for those who watch Dancing with the Stars? Guess who will be a contestant on that show?

TUCKER CARLSON – MSNBC news anchor -- and often controversial -- conservative political TV pundit and columnist. He will be partnered with professional dancer Elena Grinenko, who makes her series debut this season.

That's right, The Bow tie man! A dime bet that the moron will be giving the golden boot in the first round on the show!

9:15 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

Mister Al Rogers,

You may be surprised to know this that you, Al Rogers are being watched by every intelligence agency.

You are like a criminal now, a termite gone wrong now that they have seen you sign the deal with the devil that is British Zionism.


Several intelligence agents, from around the world remark on Jeff Fisher, the Zionist-Jewish connection, and even one of my brother's role in all this:

"To Al Rogers,
This information is for your eyes only. Not the Internet.
Mr. Rogers, you know me by the name of Raymond. The stuff I posted on the bradblog was true.
The name on this email account is connected with Timothy McVeigh and the FBI. So in the future if you decide to write, call me Doug.
Remember what the real Doug has done to discredit Mr. Fisher. Doug is correct about the Jewish connection. He is an unpredictable individual who acts like a rogue agent out for revenge.
Mr. Eldritch has a history of working together with the FBI, NSA and CIA.
Now for some information on your friend, Jeff Fisher.
Mr. Fisher has sent four tapes with exact locations of the evidence. Two of them were sent to Federal Criminal attorneys. One is in Los Angeles and the other in Philadelphia.
This tape recording lists all names protected and the ones that need to be indicted.
The other two recordings were sent out of the country a week ago. Mr. Fisher confided with me last week in Sacramento that he felt he had broken too many eggs and that they would be applying extreme pressure on him instead of the Protected Twenty.
He figured out who I was, which I'm dumbfounded since I have been working undercover for more than forty years.
Jeff is heartbroken beyond grief about two members on the list. The mystery lover, no I won't reveal her name and his daughter. (Yes, you know her, "Debra", we have monitored his calls from Binghamton, New York to Philadelphia. Then I (our group didn't, but I didn't know until December) lost him until Tony Levy revealed his location on the Internet) You may have a difficult time comprehending that what he has uncovered dates back further than he even knows. This administration will bury him alive if he gets to close.
The recording consists of a list of thirty people from England and the United States.
Mr. Fisher's list dated back to 1996 and ends in October of 2004. See below about additional proof, from August of that year. This information has been in the hands of intelligence operative stationed in London since September 1 st, 2004.
- Hide quoted text -
We are intercepting his email. It's for his safety. Thank you for the information from Dr. Blass. I would recommend that you forward that e-mail out to your groups with the message below it. You should make a comment that says,
"What kind of person is Dr. Blass trying to be now? He befriends a man who worked diligently for his abducted son instead of paying attention to his own children or his campaign."
NOTE: Dr. Blass is running for the United States Senate in Florida as a write-in vote.

Now back to my message to you.
The recording implicated the actual involvement of ES&S, Sequoia, Diebold, several large banking institutions, a major IT manufacturer, politicians from Florida, Texas and England and of course the original people from Bay Point School. The fourth location is in Tijuana Mexico. That is just twenty miles south of San Diego. It is literally buried in the ring at El Toreo de Tijuana.
You have to admit, Mr. Fisher thinks outside of the box where most people would never expect to look.
Dr. Blass does have connections to the former KGB. The CIA just won't tell anyone. That information came directly from a former intelligence agent that was doing Black Opps for President Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.
Don't be fooled by his outlandish behavior. Don't think twice that Piotr would never betray Israel just because he is Jewish. He is well known for his code breaking skills. He is one of the brightest mathematicians in the past fifty years.
Jeff informed me back in August prior to the election that Piotr made a fatal mistake by providing him his access code to his computer and accounts. That is where Jeff found additional information that connected Tom Feeney, Katherine Harris, Theresa Lepore and Governor Jeb Bush on disenfranchising, absolute financial fraud and disregard for Florida's Election Laws for the 2000 election. Which they along with help from Joseph Klock and Piotr's programming skills would be decided in parts, to not draw attention from February to October of 2000. Each taking part in different avenues of manipulating the November election without any trail leading to one person. Theresa was to be the scapegoat for she was expendable yet she would be well compensated for the remainder of her life.
CC: Scotland Yard

Raymond, and his partner Peter Joyce have nothing but high reviews of Jeff Fisher- and severe disdain for his enemies.

Tom Heneghan, who is a active-out of duty FBI Agent has said nothing but praise about Jeff Fisher's patriotism

Bush-British Fraud Zionists prepare for Martial Law

What would cause the number one threat to mankind, the Zionist Neocons to fully speed up their plans for martial law?!?!??

Why, none other than Jeffrey J. Fisher getting worldwide attention.....

I suppose you missed the MEMO AL, since you're a fake patriot right?
no more fraud

More than one somebody is going to be indicted for election fraud, and the only way they can possibly ATTEMPT to retain a Zionist Neocon dictatorship--- IS THROUGH MARTIAL LAW!!!!!!

Are you proud Al Rogers you stooge fool!?!???!
My brother, Doug yes, who noticed FIRSTHAND the Zionist conspiracy has more patriotism in one finger than you have in your entire body!!!!!

Well that's it for me, I just wanted to say its time to stop these loons.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Patrick j. witzharold:

Hey! Be nice to Biloxi, will you! Or I may have to slap you with 5 indictments for pissing off SPB! Now, you want me to prosecute Ricky Scrotum? I am happy to do that. Also, he needs to be slapped with making false statements on that stupid Bill and Ted adventure talks about he knew where the WMD were! Where is the investigation on that?

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Don de Drain said...

SPB-- Tucker Carlson gives bow ties (to which I am partial) a bad reputation. I would love to debate him publicly in an effort to rehabilitate the reputation of bow ties, but I'm too darn busy right now. Some judge is expecting me to show up in court soon......

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evidence is buried in a bull fighting ring in Tijuana?

Wouldn't under the Great Pyramid or the giant face on Mars be safer?

9:34 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Don de Drain:

And when you do have the time to debate with the turd Carlson on his stupid bow ties, have a little chat with the nerd on that 70's, out of touch, Greg Brady, hairdo! Tell him to get with the program and do something with that hair!

Also, when you do debate, kindly use baseball examples since the bow tie man talked negative about the rugby man's press conference of the little soldier's indictment and his use of baseball analogies!

9:41 PM  
Blogger t said...

I know many a women who hit first AND hard. 2:54
Some advice: Stop hanging out with women who want to hit you first and hard

S-Q check this out...:-)

Laura B calls me and she's tellin' all about the thing hubbys got going with Shug...
I act like I'm hearin' all this for the first time, of course.

So she said What should I do? I said "besides kick him out?" She said yeah, that comes later.

So we agreed maybe she should do something really hip, really cool.

She's decided she's going to dance for BOTH of them and the press too...
she's got a DANCE routine all lined up...take a listen, here's a clip of the song (That was my suggestion-finally a suitable use for such a dumb song)*LOL*

PS From our email I suppose its possible it could have been one of them too, I have been sent some very funny emails from them-there's several who write there Constant's pations Their stuff has been very helpful at various times in my work

SBP- Yes indeedy on Tucker-looks stupid and then he opens his mouth and proves it;-)

9:42 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Check this out!

The Wilsons ar sticking it to the Ambien, the little soldier and Porkrind:

Plame lawyer plans to force Cheney, Rove testimony

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A lawyer plans to use a legal precedent that allowed President Bill Clinton to be sued while in office to force Vice President Dick Cheney and presidential adviser Karl Rove to testify in a lawsuit brought by former CIA operative Valerie Plame and her husband.
California attorney Joseph Cotchett said he will ask a federal court to order Cheney, his ex-chief of staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby and Rove to testify in depositions about their role in disclosing her classified status.

In 1997, the U.S. Supreme Court said in a unanimous ruling that neither Clinton "or any other official has an immunity that extends beyond the scope of any action taken in an official capacity."

Watch out for Michael Schiavo, GOP!

NYT: Michael Schiavo emerges as new 'political weapon' for Democrats

Still, Schiavo flew to Connecticut last month to help Ned Lamont defeat Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman in the Democratic primary. Schiavo reminded voters that Lieberman had supported an emergency bill asking a federal court to consider reinserting Schiavo's feeding tube days before she died in March 2005.

9:51 PM  
Anonymous patrick j. witzharold said...


Just kidding bubee, go get dem goyim!


9:52 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Don de Drain said...

SPB-- I really gotta get back to work, but, ahem, did you say STUPID bow tie when referring to Tucker Carlson? Carlson may be a flaming idiot, but his bow tie is, ahem, NOT stupid. There are some great people who wear or have worn bow ties: Justice John Paul Stevens, Dr. Seuss, etc........ I could go on and on but I REALLY have to get back to work.........

10:15 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

That is great news that Cheney, Libby and Rove will be forced to testify!! It's just getting better everyday! :)

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al loves greed more than he loves his country, don't cha Al?

What's your favorite you treasonist waste- your addiction to porn or trolling against the United States government-the real one

You got suckered and picked the wrong team again. your boys' grip has never been too firm and it's slipping, slipping right out of his hands-he knows it al, do you? You'll know when the trolling checks don't come anymore-that will be very soon.

Pathetic low life, go grovel elsewhere before some woman hits you first, fast and hard- I can see you have earned it

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah--I hope you are doing better. Abusive people can suck the life out of anyone.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger you have convinced me finally with tonights evidence. You are so right and I'm very ashamed of myself right now.

I'm going to dig a hole in the middle of the bull fight ring at Tijuana, line it with kosher tin foil and crawl into it before I get my nuts cooked with a Mossad blowtorch too.

But before that...I think I'll have one more romp with a Zionist Hooker Agent.

10:20 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

The neocons are really desperate, aren't they? Now they are claiming Lamont is a communist! those guys ever stop with their dirty tricks? What's next...Lamont is a hooker? LOLMAO

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certain gentlemen look very nice wearing bow ties...however, Tucker Carlson, LMAO! And dancing!, Rofl!

10:31 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Forgot the link.

Lamont Story

10:32 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Don de Drain:

Yes, I was referring to Tucker "Bow tie" Carlson as "stupid." Because that is what that bow tie looks on him:STUPID!

"There are some great people who wear or have worn bow ties:" Yeah you may know great people that wear that bow tie. But did you forget Urkel???? Carlson is on the scale of Urkel with the bow tie. We are in the 21th century, dude, and that college professor bow tie, his Greg Brady hairdo, and his pathetic, 1.5% on Nielsen rating, asswipe show needs to go! And I hope don the drain that you don't bother to buy one of Carlson's bow ties off of Ebay and wear it 'cause you two will look like Dr. Evil and mimi me versions! Good night! Signing off. Biloxi out!

P.S. and I wonder what cologne that Carlson wears. It probably smells like roach spray!

10:33 PM  
Anonymous tucker said...

I don't wear them anymore, get with it.

10:39 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

P.S. and I wonder what cologne that Carlson wears. It probably smells like roach spray!
LOL!! Not only is he stupid looking but he smells bad too! ROFL!!

Goodnight SPB! Manyana! :)

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well then maybe hiding under the giant martian Face is a safer place for me since I'm under suspicion by the Feds now...but then I'll have to contend with the Neo-Yiddish Masters of the trans-dimensional Hebe Continuum and their thralls the Republican Reptilians.

10:48 PM  
Blogger t said...

rr thanks and you know I will contact them, that will be good news to the folks that have been working hard on this case. they have their work cut out for them, hope they love a challenge

G'Night all

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is this "No Child Left Behind" thing include the recent tax-free 'gift' in the name of her son by a 'beautiful' mind? Would you want your child using a special system and software by them? MOO.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger, that whacked comment of yours got yanked quick didn't it?

Comment Deleted
This post has been removed by the blog administrator.

10:52 PM

10:55 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Goodnight T! I will answer your email. :)

10:59 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

Hey AL (which I bet isn't even your real name!!!) I am sure it got removed for a different reason than you're thinking!

And those comments are still up en-force, on THESE pages which you conveniently can't ignore....

Reap what you sow

Tired of the same old garbage....and tired of you, AL

For now on you should know that your off-the cuff threats, phone calls, ad infitum are all recorded.

There was vital evidence in that post I had up earlier which most likely should not be seen by any neocon eyes......that was that letter someone sent to you, aka Alfred Rodgers.

Don't hedge your bets.

11:02 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...


Okay thanks again for letting me know. If there's anything else you need, just let me know by email. Should be able to yes, I believe start a very good case in Ohio with what you have now or what you know.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Paul Simon used to wear a bow tie and I believe he was one of the good ones in D.C. and not corrupt. But, see, there are good bow ties and there are *bad* bow ties. Sen. Simon wore good bow ties, and Tucker Carlson wears bad ones that are too big and in colors that do not match.

Obviously there is a lot of overreaction on both sides of the Atlantic on the liquid bomber people. Whether or not the boys in Britian will turn out to be the real deal or another set of 'homeboy' wannabies, we probably need to wait and see. It is now looking like the story of the Toronto bad guys was overhyped.

Bush and Blair still taking their vacations while all this is going on does not prove the government invented the Brit liquid bombers. That just shows how personally selfish they are. They will not have to suffer on a flight or from standing in line for hours at checkpoints. I have a partial disablity--I would need a wheelchair by the time I got to the gate. I cannot stand up for hours at a time. The airlines never give anyone enough liquids on a flight and although no one should be in danger of serious dehydration, it will not be comfortable at all. So much for the 'friendly skies' now.

Everyone should go read some history books--there are enough people out there mad at the U.S. and Britian to come up with stuff all on their own, without everything having to be some government/Mossad conspiracy. Try looking at all the things the ISI sticks its nose into.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No conspiracy involved Roger in that're just scaring off people here writing like that.
Word dude!

I'm not Al but I'm outta here...

L'Chaim! :D

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166.122.98.# 12:49:17 am 1 0:00
8 12:45:05 am 1 0:00
9 12:41:43 am 1 0:00
10 12:40:51 am 1 0:04
24.192.72.# 12:38:28 am 7 10:05
12 12:36:11 am 1 0:00
13 12:24:16 am 1 0:00
14 12:21:15 am 1 0:03
15 12:19:43 am 3 26:22
16 12:11:55 am 1 0:12
170.20.96.# 12:09:37 am 1 0:00
18 12:07:42 am 1 0:00
19 12:07:14 am 2 0:56

11:26 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

SPB sorry I can't bet a dime because the Bow Tie man is only going to look like what he is. Most likely Tucker is losing his job so he's trying to get on a show that millions watch to push his name. But dancing isn't going to help. Maybe he should turn to his friends in the Bush Administration for a job or go to Fox news like everyone else.
Now to Bill Clinton. Well I said it when the GOP pushed for impeachment they opened a door that now can't be closed. I'm so proud of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson because if these tricky lawyers tried anything the Bar Association will be watching and I know Fitz, Feingold and John Edwards will be all over this case.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous twinkle toes Fitzgerald said...

I'm jealous that I'm not picked this year for Dancing with the Stars. I'll try next year. Ms. Jackie, you can be my dance partner. We can do the bump, the electric slide, and the funky chicken. I'm good on my toes! My doctor told this rugby man to take eat two Krispy Kremes and call him in the morning. I can cream Carlson on the dance floor any time!

11:36 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...


And just who are you and what is in any way scary about my post that was addressed to AL Rogers?

Maybe you need to take a look at what is going on around you...

Douglas Alexander fingered in connection with Bay Point Schools, Election Fraud unravels, British-Mossad terrorists in Pentagon preparing martial law...

The real reason Cynthia Mckinney lost her election, and more exposed plus revealed.

No offense Anon, but there has been a massive deliberate conspiracy going on here for some time.....Maybe you were just not paying attention to it or its affect on you?

And Al Rogers has been harrassing everyone who has been exposing it, the entire friggin time especially real agency officials.

Next time I just suggest you connect the dots....

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rancourt you are so full of shit, it ain't funny..

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tucker Carlson doesn't wear bow ties anymore since a half a year ago. What planet are you people living on?

"On April 11, 2006, Carlson (who is known for wearing bow-ties) announced on his MSNBC show that he would no longer be wearing a bow-tie"

1:31 AM  
Anonymous j. edgar hoover said...

Yes folks Roger Rancourt is right as always...don't you dare question him. The anonymous trolls and everyone else here are under Federal surveillance

I've been connecting the dots here since day one on this blog and when I see him post tonight that election fraud evidence is buried in a bull fight ring in Tijuana..well...connect the dots offense.

It's all really buried under the pitchers mound at Ebbets Field on top of Jimmy Hoffa.

1:48 AM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

Anonymous neocon?

Laugh all you want, but the truth is on our side and so is all the evidence.......

And there's nothing now that can be done to stop it, every last bit will be revealed.

Most smart people won't be too glad about the situation once its all exposed, so just sit back and relax you'll quickly find out which side you were always on.

Election fraud exposed....

Curtain gets raised.

No More Fraud

And if you aren't thinking martial law affects you, well think again.....the evidence isn't buried in some "bull ring" as the neocons love to put it.....Its stored in safe houses, in Tijuana and several other areas around the world just as that man testified.

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From 9/11 Blogger:

Some 2,500 soldiers from across Ontario will be involved in what's called a "practise Full-Spectrum Operation" during EXERCISE VIGILANT GUARDIAN '06, to be held in Petawawa, ON from Saturday, August 19 to Sunday, August 27.

2:17 AM  
Anonymous e said...

Top of the Mornin' Jackie and everyone..

4:20 AM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

e...and the rest of the day to yourself. JBs and FBs...Good day to all! I noticed someone already
posted that cute little Tucker no longer wears bow ties. He has taken over the Abrams Report spot on MSNBC. He has sounded much more centrist lately. Apparently,
Iraq has had a normalizing effect
on many conservatives.'s Peaches and when is she coming home?

PJF, aka "twinkle toes": good to see you haven't lost your sense of humour!

5:07 AM  
Anonymous j. edgar hoover said...

Come on now posted at 10:16 pm that Jeff Fisher placed evidence here:

***It is literally buried in the ring at El Toreo de Tijuana.***

This is the old downtown bull fighting ring.

Two and one half thousand Canuck soldiers will put us under martial law now?

God help us, freedom is doomed.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No new target letters, indictments and no black Wednesday for Neocons. Ain't life grand?

6:06 AM  
Anonymous all neocons go to hell said...

Cheney and Rove and Libby are being sued, Jack Carter wins the Primary in Nevada, and Bush's poll numbers are in the toilet. Bad days for corrupt NeoCons. More bad days to follow.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous northern belle said...

Dear mista fitzgerald,

Ya'll be sure ta save belle a spot on tha' dance card...belle will make the mista look good on tha dance flor'

Carter's son wins Nevada Senate primary belle predicts more gloom and doom for tha neocons

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tucker Carlson doesn't wear bow ties anymore since a half a year ago. What planet are you people living on?"

The same planet that you live on. And Carlson made his announcement in April of this year. You need to do your math. Let's hope your friend doesn't have the urge to revisit his bow tie on the Dancing with the Stars show. Maybe you can be his partner.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening folks!


Ah, Twinkle toes Fitzgerald???? LOL! Bawaaaaahhh!!! Now, that I would like to see Fitz dance. What is Fitz going to do: dance in front of the GJ while his cross-examines the little soldier?? LMAO!

In the news, the topic for the day:

From Crooks and Liars:

Scarborough: “Is Bush An ‘Idiot’?”

Joe Scarborough started his program tonight asking the question "is Bush an idiot?" (Is that really debatable?). Not only did he do a great run down of clips involving some of the most famous "Bushisms", but he did have an interesting conversation about this question with Lawrence O’Donnell and John Fund.

Before you answer that question, folks, hold your laughter before you answer!

Bush Said to Be Frustrated by Level of Public Support in Iraq

WASHINGTON, Aug. 15 — President Bush made clear in a private meeting this week that he was concerned about the lack of progress in Iraq and frustrated that the new Iraqi government — and the Iraqi people — had not shown greater public support for the American mission, participants in the meeting said Tuesday.

And the Gerbil will certainly yearn the bottle!

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56,

If you kept up with TV news you would have seen Tucker quit wearing the bow ties weeks before the announcement. Near six months after the announcement and you thought he still wore one?

My "friend" Tucker huh? You assume so wrongly.

One reason the far left is not taken very seriously is that just disagreement on facts will get one nothing but shrill Pelosi like insults. This is so prevalent here.

Well Roger Rancourt, looks like you scared them off here finally! Yes we're all under the eye of the Feds now! LOL.

10:26 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Breaking News--

A United Airlines plane from London to D.C. was diverted to Boston via escort with 2 armed F-16's.

A female passenger was reported to be acting very strange...

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If you kept up with TV news you would have seen Tucker quit wearing the bow ties weeks before the announcement. Near six months after the announcement and you thought he still wore one?

My "friend" Tucker huh? You assume so wrongly."

Whatever, dude...

10:45 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

It has now been determined the female passenger who was acting claustrophobic and had an anxiety attack!!

LOLMAO Two F-16's escorted that incident?

10:51 AM  
Anonymous mrs tucker carlson said...

Tucker Carlson wears his bow ties around his penis now.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

mrs tucker carlson:

That's cold! LOL! That tie must be mighty small... Speaking of the un-bow tie man (notice I say that since Anon said that Carlson doesn't wear bow tie. I haven't watched any of Carlson's shows in 2 years), here is a brief preview of Tucker's dancing moves! Brace yourself!

Tucker getting jiggy

Go Tucker, go tucker!

Here an excerpt article from Huffington Post. As Jackie said, Tucker is looking for ratings:

Tucker Carlson To Go On "Dancing With The Stars"; MSNBC To Get Ratings Lift From ABC Show

Some of you may remember Tucker's smooth dance-floor moves with his producer Willie Geist back during his "Situation" days; from that, we can assume that he will probably need a little help.on the floor (Tucker, you should probably let her lead).

Twinkle toes Fitzgerald can out dance Carlson. LOL!

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Don de Drain said...

Holy bow tie, Batman! Beat me with a wet noodle for not knowing that Tucker Carlson does not wear bow ties anymore. The fact is, these days I watch almost no TV. (And I've seen enough of Tucker Carlson that I really don't want to watch him on a regular basis.) So I did not see his announcement. My mistake. Thanks for correcting me, Anonymous. But my opinion of Tucker Carlson is even lower than it was yesterday. Anyone who would go out of his way to publicly announce that he is not wearing bow ties anymore shows an appalling lack of good taste.

Anonymous, did Tucker say why he stopped wearing bow ties? Were people confusing him with Dr. Seuss? Was he spilling his lunch on his white shirts and decided it is cheaper to have the spilled food blend into a regular tie than to clean his shirts?

11:49 AM  
Blogger Selamat JA said...

Some good, clean fun...have a happy day!!!

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

9 Ix, 0 Uo, 2 Ix

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, after a brief respite. Around you, the dark continues to weave its tapestry of mounting global chaos. Behind the smoke and mayhem, our Earth allies are working steadily to complete their covert undertaking to free you from the grip of this last dark cabal. This process is designed to restore to you the unalienable rights freely conferred upon you by the Creator. Despite their concerted efforts over the ages to permanently enslave you, a few final steps still remain before the dark succeeds in its odious objective. Inspired by Heaven, our Earth allies and we are forging ahead to foil these unconscionable goals and restore to you your God-given freedom and sovereignty. Deep within you, the Light is daily altering your RNA/DNA. Also, the micro-sized mini-tubules that comprise your nervous system are developing new receptors. These, when combined with the reworking and activation of your "minor" charkas, are quickly forming the foundation for your great shift into full consciousness. Furthermore, your brain is starting to develop the beginnings of a multidimensional scalar antenna. All this is making the complex goal of the dark ever harder for them to accomplish.
This physical movement toward full consciousness is decreed by Heaven. Even the dark on your world understands what is occurring here on Earth. A process has been endorsed whose sole purpose is to restore you to your true godly selves. Nothing happening around you can prevent this from taking place. Not even the myriad acts of cruelty perpetrated by this dark cabal can in any way prevent your return to full consciousness! Each day, you are closer to Heaven's decree being manifested. Do not let the events blaring at you from the media sway you one jot from this grand divine Truth! The recent attempts by the dark to delay us are swiftly becoming a sideshow that cannot stop us from achieving your freedom and sovereignty. Stealthy operations are now underway to complete our dual objectives: first, to oust the present illegal American regime from power; and second, to distribute the abundance programs. Shortly, these two things will manifest before you. It is important for you to comprehend how this is being done. Essentially, our Earth allies are using the dark's own weapons of deception against them. The element of surprise is vital to our allies' success as the dark relies heavily on its monitoring of the forces of the Light.

Our forces have witnessed the dark trying every possible means to interfere with your movement toward full consciousness. These actions include psychic networks to manipulate your RNA/DNA; chemical aerosols delivered into the atmosphere designed to physically attack your changing body; and microwave energy to daily irradiate your cells and nervous system. While causing some fatalities and serious illnesses, these strenuous efforts have fallen far short of their objectives. Even the programming of negative thoughts through their global mind control network has been unable to stop the transformations now happening within everyone. These preventive attempts of the dark also involved setting up a massive global catastrophe, which we likewise thwarted. These outrageous operations included a project to attract a large "killer" asteroid and two attempts to cause the sudden eruption of what your geologists call "super volcanoes." At the time, these dark ones thought they still had an escape scenario that we had not yet blocked. This fantasy we soon put to rest, and the dark quickly ceased to pursue these insane schemes!

Your journey out of limited consciousness is not an easy one! Your reality is changing in veritable leaps and bounds. Our personnel monitor you very closely every day. Our medical teams assist you and keep meticulous records of your physical activities. Our specially trained healers and various other specialists make sure that each of you is being prepared in accordance with your life contract and the experiences you agreed to on a Soul level. These records bear witness to how swiftly you are transforming. We emphasize these facts here in order to make a most crucial point: You are moving inexorably toward full consciousness. Despite the best efforts of the dark, this movement is ongoing and is close to reaching its last few stages. This also means the moment of first contact draws ever nearer. We are encouraged by all we see happening on your world. Even the senseless violence is merely a sign to us that the old ways of the dark are breaking down. Your global populace wants peace and desires that the present mindset of "an eye for an eye" be ended. This change in outlook is another sign of what we are talking about.

Your world is filled with individuals and groups working for peace, and that wish for reconciliation among those who seek violent retribution for the "wrongs" committed by their supposed "enemies." Humanity is approaching a point where the weight of public opinion and the actions of the masses in support of peace are able to prevent violence and eventually even avert wars! Common sense is on the rise, globally! The dark fully understands this; and therefore, the recent spate of calamities needs to be viewed from this wider perspective. As we constantly repeat, your society is transforming into a well-connected global community. This community, however, is still in the birthing stage. The institutions that should be reflecting this new momentum are still learning how to operate in this very different environment. The initial examples are coming from individuals and groups in the private, or non-governmental, sectors. These courageous ones comprehend how the world is changing and daily devise the most effective methods to communicate this worldwide.

The intention to truly address the roots of violence, local and regional, is strengthening in every corner of the globe and is proof positive of the deep changes now underway. Nevertheless, this process must result in some overt successes in some degree in order to mature into a formidable driving force. Of primary importance is the requirement to remove from power those most directly responsible for social disruption. Thereupon, the new American regime must emphatically demonstrate to the world that a wholly new chapter has begun, starting with a public declaration of an about-face in foreign policy. The proof of this will be found in the falling levels of global violence. The various Acts that incorporate this new regime's mandate state that a policy of world peace must be pursued, and that reconciliation in all troubled regions is actively encouraged.

The degree of abundance that accompanies the new mandate is intended by our Earth allies to end world debt and secure world peace. Another major intent of this spread of abundance is the ending of sectarian violence by means of the good offices of local personages and groups. Another involves the termination of the global network of "black markets" for arms trafficking. Presently, this is a near impossibility due to the huge revenue this provides for certain major nations, weapons manufacturing corporations, and large-scale arms dealers. This network is run by and constitutes a big source of income for the dark. Once the plans of our Earth allies are implemented, it can be fully dismantled. The dark's creation and control of global violence is another device to keep you in fear and manipulate you into believing their dark concepts of what is real and what is possible. It is these beliefs that have long discouraged you from taking collective action against them.

This present period is about demonstrating the folly of the dark's manner of operations and shedding light on the growing movement for world peace. The true desire of your world's peoples is for peace, prosperity, and education. Everywhere around your planet we hear about the need to end old limiting beliefs and replace them with ones that encourage local peace and provide prosperity and education for all. Limitation in all forms is well past its "sell-by date" on your world, and it is now only the greed and power mongering of a secret elite that have kept you back. Our Earth allies, as well as ourselves, are dedicated to transforming this sorry situation and returning to you your unalienable rights along with much-needed prosperity and debt-forgiveness. These programs can prepare you to take on the responsibilities for rehabilitating your global environment and, finally, for welcoming us as we complete first contact!

Today, we discussed what is occurring on your world and ask that you view it as part of the dark's greater plan to spread chaos and maintain its positions of power. Putting it in context allows you not to become too worried or frustrated by the pictures the media paints for you. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

To print this update formatted for fewer pages: Click here




11:54 AM  
Anonymous light on my feet David brooks said...

Now you got me curious about Tucker's dance moves. I'm trying out for Dancing with the Stars next year. And I can outshine Carlson on the dance floor anytime, bow tie or not..

11:58 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Too much attention is being given to this rightwing nut job!! LOL

Rightwing Nut Job!

11:59 AM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

To those who still doubt Mr Fisher

You can ask Al Sharpton, or anyone who has met him in D.C. now about his character. He doesn't lie even if some of the story parts are wrong.

So you can bet that his friend from europe is telling the truth about Tijuana, Mexico. Just ask the many departments he's working with.

Its not buried in some bull-fighting ring like you assume it is, its locked away in a safe-house. He does not mean someone dug holes in the ground and threw tapes down there or anything ridiculous.

You can ask anyone who has met Jeff in D.C. personally, of which there is hundreds including Al Sharpton.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Well, you had to have a laugh every now and then; There has so much negative news lately that Tucker Carlson just became the center of stress relief.. I cracked up last night when I heard that he was going on that show to "dance."

An nice article wrriten by Ned Lamont in the WSJ Opinion Journal:

The Democrats Mean Business

Washington needs an entrepreneurial approach.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT

In the past week, my victory in the Connecticut Senate primary has been labeled everything from the death knell of the Democratic Party to the signal of our party's rebirth. Beneath all of this punditry is a question that I want to face directly: how the experience I will bring to the U.S. Senate will help Connecticut and the Democratic Party during this time of testing for our country.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, okay....Tucker should be judged on 'Dancing' for his dance-moves only, and we should allow him the dignity to earn our votes by honest means.

12:42 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Well, you had to have a laugh every now and then; There has so much negative news lately that Tucker Carlson just became the center of stress relief.. I cracked up last night when I heard that he was going on that show to "dance."
Sorry, I wasn't trying to spoil your fun, what I meant was Carlson is not worth the attention! LOL! I didn't mean that you guys shouldn't laugh at him...his dancing..etc. I know we all need stress relief and humor is the best way! :)

Oh, sometimes it is difficult to write what a person really means! :)

1:03 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"Oh, okay....Tucker should be judged on 'Dancing' for his dance-moves only, and we should allow him the dignity to earn our votes by honest means."

And what votes would that be honestly: one?

And speaking of earning, who chose Carlson anyway: for his looks, his knowing wink, his former bow tie? What? I like to know who was on that panel who chose him!

Honest voting? You must be on meds. There hasn't been "honest voting" since the man occupying the White House for 5 years!

1:38 PM  
Anonymous e said...


6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I first thought you were a pretty upstanding guy. Now with all the revelations about the wilson story, especially that you KNEW WHO WAS THE LEAK from the beginning , and needlessly spent alot of money in the process of your " witch hunt" you really come across as a gigantic horses ASS!!

9:31 AM  

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