Sep 2, 2006

MSM - Let's Review the FACTS...

FITZGERALD: I'll be blunt.

That talking point won't fly. If you're doing a national security investigation, if you're trying to find out who compromised the identity of a CIA officer and you go before a grand jury and if the charges are proven -- because remember there's a presumption of innocence -- but if it is proven that the chief of staff to the vice president went before a federal grand jury and lied under oath repeatedly and fabricated a story about how he learned this information, how he passed it on, and we prove obstruction of justice, perjury and false statements to the FBI, that is a very, very serious matter.

FITZGERALD: And I'd say this: I think people might not understand this. We, as prosecutors and FBI agents, have to deal with false statements, obstruction of justice and perjury all the time. The Department of Justice charges those statutes all the time.

When I was in New York working as a prosecutor, we brought those cases because we realized that the truth is the engine of our judicial system. And if you compromise the truth, the whole process is lost.

In Philadelphia, where Jack works, they prosecute false statements and obstruction of justice.

When I got to Chicago, I knew the people before me had prosecuted false statements, obstruction and perjury cases.

FITZGERALD: And we do it all the time. And if a truck driver pays a bribe or someone else does something where they go into a grand jury afterward and lie about it, they get indicted all the time.

Any notion that anyone might have that there's a different standard for a high official, that this is somehow singling out obstruction of justice and perjury, is upside down.

If these facts are true, if we were to walk away from this and not charge obstruction of justice and perjury, we might as well just hand in our jobs. Because our jobs, the criminal justice system, is to make sure people tell us the truth. And when it's a high-level official and a very sensitive investigation, it is a very, very serious matter that no one should take lightly.


Blogger Bubby said...

Fitz!!! It really is sad that our president and his followers lie through their teeth and think nothing of it. Lying is their life, the same as any criminal. Just ask a cop or a prison guard how may people have said, "yes, I did it, I'm guilty". We are so lucky to have you and people like you who wear the breastplate of truth and justice. I thank you all for your labor and your love of the law. Peace

10:54 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

The MSM is so out of touch! What ever happened to reporting the NEWS and not being spoon fed BS??

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things that make you go "hmmmmmmmmm".....

sarah....maybe you were tossed out of the hearing room to protect you, with the kind of things you're talking about you should go to a secret grand jury for testimony.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and who took down my comment to Fitz? by the way anonymous- you are soooooo off clue - nothing to do with me -never had a felony neither anyone I know so piss off! It was an invitation to Ryan's trial in Chicagao by the fucking way. America, land of stupidity, god, help rescue me! Sarah

3:40 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...


Since it is a serious criminal matter and you were invited to the Grand Jury room to testify, just why in the hell did you turn it down?

I normally don't pick out on things like this, but isn't it entirely YOUR fault if you refused to show up to testify or take the stand before the Jury??

Did they not say what would happen? Now THATS the real question!

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Kathleen M. Dickson said...

Perjury and defrauding the courts happens 75 million times a day in Corrupticut.

Fitz is ver, very much mistaken about how the law actually works.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger, I was invited only to sit and intimidate. It wasn't a formal legal obligation. After (and yes biloxi make fun of my pain some more) after my experience in courtrooms with a case I was working on pro-se to try to get my fiance custody of his 5 children being raised around crack dealers, physically abused and the my baby girl Ashley telling me how she was molested by her cousin- I go into seizures near courtrooms because I've seen so much. Then the mother who worked for the state dental care program started bribing police officers with sex and "free" orthodontics (by law they are suppossed to pay for it-braces aren't free to the children of policemen, Feds etc.) All she had to do was make a check in a box-the policemen's kids would rip off the tax payer, on agreement that they would make my life and my boyfriend's life hell. They threatend to arrest me and gang rape me, they would use tax payer money to do stake outs (bringing along Liz Torralvo the woman who did this) they would terrify me and the children on our weekends when we had all of them by cutting phone lines, following the kids around in unmarked squad cars. Just intimidation. They also made a "display" of what they were capable of if we ever called them for help if our teenager overdosed on drugs-which she never did drugs. What they did to a kid next door to us when he was overdosing or using a drug for a suicide attempt-Roger,he was only 16 and foaming at the mouth, choking, almost like a seizure, and -this is so hard to tell-I hate remembering- the officer had him on the ground with his foot on his back pushing him down while the kid was almost swallowing his own tongue. I watched for 5 minutes in horror-couldn't taken and yelled "oh my God he's going to O.D." Mike pushed me back into the house. I don't know if the kid lived. Ambulance came 20 minutes later. The cop treated him like an animal. Then I had to witness fale arrests on Mike -his wife had restraining orders and called in whenever she felt like having him arrested. I went to court, I've lost count how many times, always came out in victory-except for the day she got him on serious false charges with her cop buddies(Mike) -I screamed "she's a liar Liar Liar"-- my kids were bawling, we were removed. I'm sorry I'm still upset by it so I'm going on and on. I will only go into a court room again to save my country, because I kept going and fighting and I couldn't - I'm crying- I couldn't save "my" kids.I haven't seen or spoken to them in 6 years. That is why I don't like courtrooms, because they terrify me- to me -they don't represent justice. But if I had to go to defend the rights of the people, to tell the truth, to sit in that chair-I would.
At least we got internal affairs to suspend the cops for two weeks. O'neil was going to teach Liz how to shoot me and they were gonna cover it up. The kids told me what she said because they wanted me to be their mom.
Sitting in the pew and staring an asshole down is different-but like I have said a thousand times before, he was really, really, making my life feel endangered. I would have loved to watch Fitz at work. It was just an invitation to make him feel intimidated. Time heals though. Sarah

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger, I have to go for a walk. If you type in the search engine Alex Torralvo, you'll see that he came out okay. He was suicidal when I started to help him he wanted to be an actor. Now he has been recieving attention for directing school plays. I helped him get to his dream in those years by taking him to acting agencies etc. If Fitzgerald ever needed me to sit in that chair- I would. sarah

4:59 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

Sarah that was kind of a pathetic story.

I thought you were dealing the John Gambino crime family, or something ridiculous like that!

But, you let your experience over a couple of stupid Jewish teenagers, a latino, and their crooked handlers ruin your day of ever wanting to enter court?!?!?

Did you WATCH what happened in the Franklin Coverup, or have you missed that by chance?

Do you think that stopped the guy JOHN DECAMP!????!

I have to wonder Sarah if you really had your hand in it, and you didn't deserve Biloxi making fun of you!

That was absurd to walk away from the court room, let alone when you are asked to/invited to testify just because of some past experience there 6 years ago.

You could have served justice right then, and set a whole lot of the messy system right too based on the evidence you had.

Why did you refuse?

Why did you take the lame threats from some Zionist punk kids and a Latino lady with her neocon friend ruin your life??

Not only that sarah you seemed to have been given a chance to end some major garbage, mainly George Ryan and you opted out.

That told everybody even Biloxi that you're just all words, you don't walk the walk, and you know those scum should have and could have been brought to their knees by your testimony.

If that is all its been about, its a wonder you're still being stalked by the same lunatics.

You let yourself be intimidated by a bunch of patsies, and unlike Kathleen Dixon, DID NOT fight to correct the system and do your duty- to testify on Jury duty and put them behind bars including the cop who did any assaults.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

put it together Roger, this is the last time I repeat this, I though you guys knew all of this Through Detective Doyle. One of - fuck it- I was getting death threats, to my face. Thank you and fuck you too.
Why the hell did I ever try to help you guys, and they aren't "stories" the kids were witnesses, Mike was the one who taught me how to be a state vendor. We went to the airforcebase to learn it- and why the hell would it had mattered if I sat in a row at the Ryan case? He's gone. He got what was coming to him. And remember something, I am a woman who has been scared and I didn't think that Detective Doyle was really under direct orders from Fitzgerald to invite me, at least that is the way he said it. thanks, thanks so much- fitzgerald didn't ask me to testify - THEY JUST WANTED ME THERE FOR INTIMIDATION. None of you are going to hear the rest of the story and get what you want and what I want if you don't have patience and let me TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH. Just like my Uncle, we will be persecuted and harassed for the rest of our lives- what was I suppossed to do -jump into the middle of court session and say excuse me Mr. Fitzgerald I need to adress the court over my miserable life starting with Daley,to State Bidding, to finding out my Uncle had the same happen to him, to recieving death threats, to being asked by the mafia to take bribes to increase the amount on purchase orders in hospitals, you need to stop ignoring me, my Uncle, the life I have gone through, what we have found out. And yes the secrets we keep are killing us because NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR OR BELIEVE> DO YOU THINK I HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE ON THE SYSTEM? CAN I AFFORD AN ATTORNEY? NO. No one has asked me to testify, and yes, if people knew this, KNEW THE TRUTH, saw what my kids witnessed, I went through, mike, my uncle, and how Ryan Katcher just .. you know fuck it. Justice is not here. Biloxi you deserve every word I said. I have about 20 witnesses you could call on, but NO ONE WANTS TO INVESTIGATE NOR DO THEY CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!SARAH

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever, Sarah they just think you're being really anal about the whole thing.

You had the power to REVERSE that perjury charge or anything the Grand Jury didn't believe, because you had your uncle's corroborating testimony.

Think remember franklin coverup.

Biloxi knew it, Fitzgerald knew it everybody knew you had that

Its way more powerful than some attorney you can't afford

You could have SWUNG justice your way, instead of being sent home with meds, if you had simply taken his advice and had the detective help you. Ryan and his stooges would have gone down right alongside all those corrupt cop fools who made the threats.

You know you had the chance to turn it around right then, and you opted out, that was cowardly that was not justice. And you had a chance to tell your whole story to everybody and get some real support to turn it around, instead you chose FEAR and ran off with those others.

How about all the other witnesses? Now they won't want to testify because you got scared and pulled a fast one.

They had POWERFUL corroborating witness stories that backed you up and you ran!

You could have opened the pathway for them ALL to testify, had you stood your ground and then you wouldn't be blowing in the background wind you'd be in front of the Jury!

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Fitz' evil twin Chuck said...


You are right on the money. This case has been about who was the person or persons that spearheaded a strategy to punish Wilson, put the plan in action, and advised certain officals to get out that classified information to reporters and journalists. This case as Wilson said all along is a personal vendetta to punish him for publicly critcizing the Administration on their spin on claims of uranium in Niger. and the MSM are looking like imbeciles everyday with their spin ofthe leak case....

12:49 AM  

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