Feb 4, 2007

Andrea Mitchell Told Russert About Plame...

who then told Libby is what Team Cover Up will assert while Mr. Russert testifies under oath that Scooter is a bold faced liar.
This post is in response to S-Q's question regarding why some suit at Baker Botts was using the Google with the following search words: imus russert libby "christmas morning."

Mr. Jeffress was most likely researching statements Ms. Mitchell made to Imus and others that can be seen at Crooks and Liars:

C & L: "Her answers were ridiculous and she almost steps in it again as Imus asks her about this exchange.

Murray: Do we have any idea how widely known it was in Washington that Joe Wilson's wife worked for the CIA?

Mitchell: It was widely known among those of us who cover the intelligence community and who were actively engaged in trying to track down who among the foreign service community was the envoy to Niger. So a number of us began to pick up on that. But frankly I wasn't aware of her actual role at the CIA and the fact that she had a covert role involving weapons of mass destruction, not until Bob Novak wrote it.

(Rough transcript. Anyone want to write a transcript?)

Imus: It seems unclear what you said and perhaps you can clear it up about what you said back in Oct. of 2003---

Mitchell: I have been trying to figure out "what-the-heck" I was talking about, frankly. There is confusion because I am confused.

Imus: So when you told Alan Murray of CNBC, that it was widely known that his wife worked for the CIA-(interruption)--what were you drunk?

Mitchell: I don't even remember the deal...


Imus: His question seems plain...Imus: What this suggests to me is that you knew she worked at the CIA, but you didn't know what she did there. Isn't that fair-did you know that?


Imus: Why did you say that Andrea?

Mitchell: I messed up...(later)

Imus: Russert was a little short with me---almost like he was trying to hide something....

Imus laughing: I realized-well this is an unfair thing to say, I was gonna say- all you folks in Washington are all in bed with one another, but that would be an awful thing to say....

I can't agree with you more on that point. Listen to Andrea discuss Booby. She says Bob Woodward is a great journalist who made one "teenie-weenie" mistake. Notice she spews the BW company line that they told him casually about Valerie and says that it wasn't "something important until it became important." I agree with Imus, she is drunk.

Andrea: Bob Woodward is a terrific reporter, there is no one like Bob Woodward. He has done extraordinary work---(later) If people make one mistake in the course of a thirty five year career when they have been bullet proof---

Then she says that we don't know if Libby is lying. I'm too tired to go on....."
All I can say is that Tim Russert will testify truthfully - delivering Team Cover Up another body blow from which they won't recover - and not everyone in Washington or NBC take Ms. Mitchell all that seriously. ;)



Anonymous teak said...

Mr. Fitz and Team America, good luck in court tomorrow.

I read that story earlier about Mitchell, she sounds lame and a liar. Wasn't her husband, Mr. G., crooked in the end?

It will be interesting to hear what the MSM is reporting on tomorrow since the Super Bowl is over...they dragged that out all week to avoid the real news. Sorry about the Bears.

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Yes, manho Greenspan did coddle the budding Bush dictatorship.


According to Greenspan, Bush could do no wrong and every advisory he spewed supported the regimes' bankrolling of the war machine as unharmful to our economy. Ask tomorrow's children how they feel about the impact of the deficits so accumulated.


11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Clinton cover up for GHWB and Greenspan when he got into office? Did those two either lie or rob the country blind and Clinton kept quiet about it?

11:10 PM  

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