Dec 18, 2006


Foley only risk was
Hastert's "memory"

"The 100 pages of texts of the e-mails and instant messages portray Mr. Foley as a risk-taker who appeared to know he was doing something wrong."

"Mr. Palmer testified he could not recall having such a discussion with Mr. Foley: 'I just don't remember it, and I think it would have been an awkward conversation'."

"House Majority Leader John Boehner recalled to the panel he and Mr. Hastert spoke about the Foley matter on the House floor and the speaker told him something to the effect of 'it had been taken care of.'

Mr. Hastert professed a foggy memory, testifying: 'I don't remember having that conversation with Boehner on the House floor, and probably the House floor would not be the place to have that conversation.'

Mr. Hastert said he carries 'little note cards' with him at all times, writing down items of importance to remember them later. He had made no notes about the Foley affair, he said."

"The ethics panel said lawmakers failed to protect congressional pages and noted how the Democrats shopped the story of the Foley e-mails to newspapers in the hope of creating a scandal before the elections.

But it recommended no punishment, despite saying several Republicans, including House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert and his staff, seemed to have ignored the situation in fear of political consequences or of exposing Mr. Foley's homosexuality." <more>
Little note to self: Congressional Ethics = Oxymoron


Anonymous shame on congress and the law said...

Well hell yes Foley knew what he was doing was wrong, he knew the exact ages when he stepped up the grooming of those boys too. He's a disgusting pedophile.

If he could get away with it, he would mess with boys younger. Perhaps the priest taught him well to justify his actions.

By giving Foley a pass, the ethics panel just gave pedophiles' the green light to mess with boys. Parents everywhere say, "bullshit! don't be talking that nasty trash to my kid or coming near my child."

When a parent goes after a disgusting Congressman for messing with their son, don't be surprised. Blame the ethics committee for the green light for pedophiles.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Sounds like Palmer, Hastert, and Boner Boy are suffering from the Gilligan's defense.. Does this sounds familiar? Must be in the air for evil doer that get caught with their hands in the cookie car to claim that they "can't remember." First Irve, now Hastert and Boner Boy.. Now they can't recall Foley playing with himself for a long time and sending explicit emails to underage pagers.. Right... Hmmm. Boner Boy, Hastett and others can't remember how to remember.. Amazing....

12:09 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

"We will make you successful," Mr. Foley said [to page], "as long as you don't mind me [performing an oral sex act] once in awhile."


The bipartisan panel found that Republican lawmakers and staffers were negligent, but said no lawmaker should be punished.

OXYMORON (Moron being the main locution) is right!

Why isn't Foley in jail yet?

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For once, a comment which is on-topic!
Rare 1989 News Reports: Call boys in Bush Sr's Whitehouse

You tube
Saturday, December 16, 2006

NBC news report about Sex scandal involving Bush Sr. whitehouse, and underage male prostitutes. Was not covered on TV much after this.
CBS news report about male prostitutes in Bush Sr's whitehouse.
No doubt this will be used as further evidence by those who want to label me as a lyndon larouche anti-zionist.

12:20 PM  
Blogger calamityjane said...

This story is an outrage. Foley got off because he had an (R) after his name.

12:26 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

Uh.. Mr. Hastert, you have a little something on your shirt

And I'm sure Foley is still a member of the Exploited Children Caucus. What a joke.

12:30 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Congressional Ethics + 109th Congress + Rubber Stamping and Do Nothing Squat = Pink Slip

12:30 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Update on the Wilson's lawsuit:

The Defendants File Motions to Dismiss
-- On November 14, 2006, in response to Joe and Valerie Wilsons' lawsuit, Vice President Richard Cheney, the vice-president's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage all filed motions to dismiss the claims against them.

All of the defendants allege that their positions as high level government employees protect them from suit. They also argue that disclosing Valerie Wilson’s classified CIA employment as part of a conspiracy to discredit, punish and seek revenge against Joe Wilson was within the scope of their employment. In other words, they were just doing their jobs and, therefore, are immune from suit.

Absolute Immunity
Defendant Cheney's Argument:
Vice President Cheney claims that the vice president, like the president, is absolutely immune from all lawsuits stemming from any action he may have taken while in office.

The Wilsons' Response:
Absolute immunity does not extend to the vice president. The Supreme Court has afforded only the president absolute immunity from all civil lawsuits, finding that private lawsuits would distract the president from his duties and raise unique risks to the effective functioning of government. While history and the U.S. Constitution support absolute immunity for the president, there is no precedent for extending absolute immunity to the vice president.

Qualified Immunity
The Defendants' Argument:
All defendants, with the support of the United States government, claim that they enjoy qualified immunity -- meaning that although they may not be immune from all lawsuits like the president -- they cannot be sued for violating the Wilsons' constitutional rights. According to the defendants, they could not have known that when they conspired to create a whispering campaign against the Wilsons, which involved disclosing Valerie's status as a covert CIA operative, they were violating the Wilsons' rights.

The Wilsons' Response:
None of the defendants is entitled to qualified immunity. They all knew that what they were doing was wrong and they went ahead anyway, with no regard for the predictable consequences.

First Amendment Violation
The Defendants' Argument:
Each of the four defendants claims that Joe Wilson's First Amendment right to freedom of speech was not violated because his ability to speak was not "chilled."

The Wilsons’ Response:
Government officials disclosing Valerie Wilson's status as a CIA operative in direct retaliation for Joe Wilson's speech is a violation of his First Amendment rights. The officials named in the suit pro-actively engaged in an effort to punish Joe Wilson for telling the public the truth about the Bush administration's justification for going to war with Iraq.

The Wilsons' opposition to the defendants' motions to dismiss is due on January 16, 2007. Then, the defendants' will have the opportunity to file reply briefs by February 15, 2007. Sometime thereafter, U.S. District Court Judge John Bates will schedule an oral argument, during which the judge has the chance to question the lawyers about their arguments. A decision will be expected sometime in the spring, but it is likely that the judge's decision will then be appealed.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pedophile and _____,Sr. on the google.

Even as they say, everything has a kernel of truth to it. The government needs to clean itself up and get its act together. Honest, decent Americans do not condone this behavior nor do we deserve the outcome of such evil.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And another!
Foley Pedophile Sex Scandal May Go Back 20 Years

On Youtube:

It only lasts 8 mins 25 secs.

Watch it, it's only 8 and a half minutes of your time.
A few of the text comments:

“This documentary had been contracted by the Discovery Channel, and was to air in the spring of 1994 on American Television. However, the title of the documentary spoke its fate. Conspiracy of Silence was scheduled to air May 3, 1994, with the date published in the TV Guide. But when audiences tuned in from around the country they found that the ground-breaking documentary had been pulled off the air.”

“Later informants told John DeCamp that the documentary had been pulled after Congress struck a deal with cable companies. While other Washington officials claimed the documentary contained pornographic material and should not be aired.”

“Though the Discovery Channel made a deal to destroy all copies of the documentary a cutting-room copy of the expose was anonymously mailed to John DeCamp in 1995. Decamp is a former Senator and is the man behind the desk at the top of this video.”

“Before the Foley thing came out, I had read about this case and thought maybe these people were some paranoid conspiracy theorists. Now I am a believer. Incredibly creepy that our government could be made up of a bunch of pedophiles. Does anyone know if this story will be revisited now that the Foley situation has come to light?”
Anthony's comment:

Of course, I do not for one moment believe any of this to be true.

It just goes to show how far those sickos who want to denigrate US politicians will go!

12:48 PM  
Blogger calamityjane said...

This is of topic, but if this doesn't scare you, nothing willGingrich putting a contract on America:

The committee will also promote Mr. Gingrich’s latest manifesto, a 10-point Contract With America for the 21st century, which includes Social Security privatization, electoral reform, radical streamlining of government, and “patriotic education” for schoolchildren and immigrants. The document also includes a call to “recenter America on the creator from whom all our liberties come” and to appoint judges who understand “the centrality of God in American history.”

1:00 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...


Clinton couldn't claim executive privilege for playing "hide the cigar",
so I'm sure Judge Walton will find that Cheney made a big boo boo when he decided to:

1) breach our national security by outing Plame, who was working on some majorly important undercover operations

2) denying Wilson his 1st ammendment freedom of speech

3) ending Plame's career and puting her and her family's lives at risk

4) etc., etc., etc.

I have faith in Reggie.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous rep. hastert said...

This is a perfect example of the liberal media distorting and miscontruing the truth.

What I said to the panel was "that before leaving our meeting in the men's restroom, I told Foley that Boehner had been care of".

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:09 PM  
Anonymous hot and sweaty said...

Scott Palmer was only protecting his lover Hastert so they continue their sweaty, hot midnight wrestling matches.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"I'm sure Judge Walton will find that Cheney made a big boo boo when he decided to.."

Patriot Girl:

Yup, Walton will find that Cheney made a tragic mistake by seeking revenge on Joe Wilson. more importantly, Joseph Cotchett, Wilsons' attorney, will keeping his eyes on Irve's criminal case. And I know that Cotchett was glad that Fitz made a filing about not allowing any witnesses a 'blanket' privilege. If Cheney has to testify in the criminal case, he certainly has to testify in the civil case. As far as Clinton, Congress and Supreme Court made a major boo boo when they tried to make an example of out Clinton in the Jones/Clinton lawsuit and Clinton and Monica dime job when they denied him executive privilege as a sitting president.. The punishment of former President Clinton has become of the abratross for Cheney, Rove, and Libby in both the civil and criminal case.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newt Gingrich is another sexual deviant that Americans should take a look at, plus his morals at asking his hospital bed ridden wife for a divorce.

If he would do this to his wife, he would sell his country out in a heartbeat. That's the problem with these so called "leaders", they will all sell their fellow citizens and country out for a buck, power or sex. We can do and deserve much better.

1:37 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...


Yes. Funny how they thought the Clinton impeachment was such a good thing for them. Now it will play to their disfavor.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"Now it will play to their disfavor."

Or as I say that it will come back and bite you in the ass.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Yes it sure did come back to haunt them-that's what they get for butting into someone's personal life and spending millions of taxpayer dollars to do it.

Shame on congress you are 100% on target!

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is the story about this?

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Smokescreen said...

The story is that those are Lyndon LaRouche news disinformation sites. That's all.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is the story about this?

Dear Fellow Australians,

Here is a photo I took last year of the Judges filing into St. James's Church for a service for the "Commencement of the Law Term". Next year, this annual function will be on Monday 29th January, 2007 and a rally is planned to demand our Rights which these hypocrites are illegally denying us.

The RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY IS OURS. We, as FREEMAN, shall not be imprisoned, or dispossessed,, or destroyed in any manner unless by the lawful judgment of his own equals indeed the law of the land (Magna Carta 1215). BUT these characters, these persons, these bureaucrats think they can violate OUR RIGHTS. In 1640 the Habeas Corpus Act abolished the Star Chamber. In 1688 the Bill of Rights described these Judges as "evil" because, back then, they "did endeavour to subvert and extirpate (our) laws and liberties". Thomas Jefferson warned that "The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of thejudiciary, an irresponsible body...venal...(etc).".

It's time these "evil judges" were, once again, put back in their box or, preferably, in prison along with their masters, the Banks.

Some 200 of these hypocrites will walk from the Law Courts Building in Queen's Square, Sydney, to services at the St. Mary's Cathedral at 9:00 am and at the St. James's Church at 10:00 am.

Our PEOPLE'S RIGHTS RALLY is planned for 8:30 am in Queen's Square. Make you silent or noisy protest. The Media will be there. Bring a placard. Wear a "TRIAL BY JURY IS DEMOCRACY" T-shirt if you have your own or borrow one from me. Bring a friend.

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson. "

Disinformation isn't a real word. Is someone hiding something ugly?

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:11 PM  

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