Jul 6, 2006

Thar He Blows...


Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

I understand he's very surly in private, as well. I know of someone who accompanied a group of military persons in search of missing soldiers
from Vietnam. He later accompanied a group of senators to a meeting in Europe. John McCain was one of the senators aboard. This person made an attempt to talk to John McCain about his Vietnam experience with the intention of sharing his own experience the previous year. John McCain was completely unapproachable and quite surly.

If that wasn't enough to turn me against John McCain, his continued support for the outrage that is Iraq
would do it for me!

11:35 AM  
Blogger basheert said...

Oh my Gosh - I LOVE it. I copied it and SENT IT TO HIM since he's "OUR" Senator. My goal is to annoy him to death! He answers every email - since I'm a local registered voter. His teeth are undoubtedly ground down to the gums. This story is NOT kidding - he is a very very nasty guy!

Bear in mind people, THIS man wants war, and more war - he also wants a draft and heightened troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. He LOVES WAR!


11:59 AM  
Anonymous ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha said...

Me thinks that McCain could use some Anger Management Classes.

Those Republicans sure have some wicked tempers!

I'm talking about Cheney, McCain, The Troll Al Rogers...

Get Help Quick!

12:03 PM  
Blogger cuff said...

Is it possible to send him into a cave in search of Osama bin Laden?

12:07 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

I don't know whose anger management pics is worst: McCain or Darth Cheney! McCain is a disappointment. I would never believe that person who was ridiculed and politically smeared by the Gerbil in the 2000 election would be a buttkisser and lapdog to the Gerbil now. I do admire McCain for his service in the military but if his demeanor of what was printed in the Raw Story is true about McCain, then McCain would not be fit to be President. I certainly do not want to see another Cheney replica in office!

12:09 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

ha ha ha:
This jerk has a MAJOR character defect. You'd think that with his goal, he would have learned some type of self control.
This type of article thrills me because many of us here do know what he is and represents. He needs to be exposed. He is a loose cannon and if elected, more blood will run.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Phil said...

"Those Republicans sure have some wicked tempers!
I'm talking about Cheney, McCain, The Troll Al Rogers..." And maybe add neutered, muzzled, and sedated. And don't forget to check for rabies!

12:12 PM  
Anonymous ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha said...


The NeoCons are stabbing each other in the back! Why do I keep thinking that Grover Norquist is beind this somehow? With what McCain's investigation has uncovered.

Personally I think Cheney's pic is worst. Of course there is no love for Cheney on my part either!

They both look like they are going to stroke out!!!

12:13 PM  
Anonymous ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha said...


I agree that McCain is a loose cannon, and I wonder what this info will do to his campaign.

Pretty scary...
I mean the pic that Fitz posted!

12:15 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha:

And it would make one hell of made for T.V. for see the NeoCons bickering, bitching, and backstabbing each other over a bone! And you made a point about Norquist. I wouldn't be surprised if he is using this spin about McCain's temper tantrum stories to get back at him. This is turning into a dog and pony show for the GOP! And as far as McCain, I am sure that he has skeltons in his closet behind closed doors with ties of the Gerbil.

Yeah, Cheney takes the prize. But, his pics of the Baron dozing inthe meetings (at least 3 times) takes the biggest prize of it all! Those pics of him are still hysterical!

12:20 PM  
Anonymous ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha said...


Cheney is the one who needs nap time, not Fitz!

Those pics are funny! Probably the only truly likeable quality about Cheney.

What I would like to see someone do is sneak behind Cheney when he is snoozing during one of those meetings and pop and paper bag and scare the crap out of Cheney.

I think that would be hilarious!!

12:26 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

I want his pacemaker to malfunction.

Or to short circuit during one of his arrythmia attacks.

There is something to be said for never taking the Hipocratic Oath.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

I would be hysterical if Fitzgerald serves the indictment papers to Cheney while he is snoozing the office, putthe indictment papers in his hand, and have a camera phone and snap a photo of the Veep working hard on the job! That would be kodak moment!

Cheney, has two personalities:

Darth Baron


Ambien Baron

And behind close doors:

the new Batman and Robin in the White House

12:41 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

ha ha ha ha:

Remember a couple of months back, McCain came absolutely UNGLUED about the blogs. He would love to shut them down totally!

He was ranting and screaming about character assassination and being targeted by wackos. He HATES being exposed for what he is...

which is why I send him stuff all the time.

I'm really trying to push him into a psychotic fit. He's very close to complying.

I email him all the time - questioning all of his wacky behaviors and asking him if he's seen a shrink because he's close to the edge.

John McCain is a liar and a dirtbag. He tried to be something he is not. The fact is, in today's climate, he will never get the nomination...he is NOT conservative enough.

When he pandered to Jerry Falwell, he admitted he was making a deal with the devil JUST to get the nomination. At this point, he is so confused he doesn't know what he believes.

But he is just as bad, if not worse, than every single rotten Republican politician you can name.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous hurray for cindy sheehan said...


Sheehan to move protest camp to National Mall

Published: Thursday July 6, 2006

Acitivist Cindy Sheehan plans to move her Crawford, Texas "Camp Casey" to the National mall, RAW STORY has learned.

Sheehan has re-established the camp, named after her deceased veteran son, in Crawford on occasions when President Bush returns to his Texas home. She plans to set up camp again on August 16, before moving it to the nation's capital on September 8.

"We are going to bring to the front door of Congress," said Sheehan, "our demand that they fulfill their Constitutional obligation to check the abuses of the President."

The camp, renamed Camp Democracy, is intended to bring together activists for peace and social justice to Washington to "compel" Congress to stop funding for the Iraq war, and pass a resolution calling on President Bush to answer Sheehan's question, "For what noble cause did my son die?" They also plan to target government corruption at home.

No civil disobedience is planned.

"Camp Democracy is an critical event to continue to put pressure on the Congress and the Bush Administration," said former U.S. diplomat and U.S. Army Colonel Ann Wright, "to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home, as well as for discussing the criminal activities the Bush administration is involved in."

The camp is also set to host trainings in the areas of communications, voter registration, nonviolent civil disobedience, lobbying, organization and media production.

Outreach efforts, coordinating with a number of liberal groups throughout the country, are beginning today.



12:47 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Typical of republicans-such ill-tempered people, but willing suck up to Dubya, since he's Dubya.

McCain's father was known as Adm. McNasty-so he comes by it honestly.

Haven't we seen enough of bad tempered bullies in power? I sure have-until this war, I taught violence prevention -these guys need the long term course!

12:48 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

The very closest comparison I can give between politicians is to say that John McCain and Joe Lieberman are exactly the same.

They are both warmongering jackasses. They may have differing reasons, but their election will accomplish the same thing.

Neither man is who he is perceived to be.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous t said...

That is great news about Cindy! I'll be sure to spend some time next week at Camp Democracy :-)

12:50 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

I know what you are saying regarding McCain! UGH! He definitely needs anger management!

Thanks for Dubya's resume and I will send it to EVERYONE I know. :)

I think the Baron is Jeckyl and Hyde! And, his tights must reek of old smelly man! Well, we know the Gerbil is wearing "Depends" under his tights! LOL!!


12:56 PM  
Anonymous Froomkin Report said...

Looks like the mainstream media finally got around to picking up on Murray Waas' story:

Froomkin in the Washington Post

"Waas has previously reported that prosecutors suspect Libby may have lied to cover up for Cheney. This new report raises the possibility that Libby lied to cover up for Bush, too.

But even if that's not the case, it certainly seems clear by now that Bush knows a lot more about this case -- and his White House's enthusiasm for discrediting its opponents -- than he's let on in public.

Isn't it about time Bush stopped pretending ignorance about this story -- and came clean on his own role? Why should that information only be shared with criminal prosecutors?

Is it approved White House procedure to distribute misinformation? Is it okay to out a covert CIA operative? If it's not okay was he disappointed in how top deputies like Cheney and Rove -- both still very much at work at the White House -- carried out his orders?"

12:58 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Froomkin Report:

Yeah, but the media as usual fell asleep at the wheel.. Leopold is always two step ahead of those knuckleheads. Now, I am ready for the T.V. media to report this "new found" discovery of information. It will be interesting what excuse the Baron and the Gerbil will use. They may use the evil twin Chuck defense to bail out of this pickle! And the Gerbil will be needing his Depends to get him through this!

1:08 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

When will the Baron and Gerbil be charged with conspiracy and treason? A covert CIA Agent's name was classified information and outing that classified information was treason!! By the Gerbil and the Baron, no less, the one's who are 'supposed' to protect The Constitution and the CIA Agents!! It is an outrage!! As an American citizen, I want to see Justice done to these criminals!!

1:11 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Also, the classified information was supposedly declassified AFTER her identity was disclosed to the public! That wasn't right! That was totally wrong!!

1:13 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Blow me over, "WaPo Tells Some Truths About Beloved Dubya"

Now the country has nearly gone to "hell in a handbasket" as me Granny says

basheert-stay on mccain ;-)

1:20 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

You're right of course but the Bush Administration operates outside of the law with no checks and balances.

The is neo-con behavior.

The issue with McCain is that although he IS a republican, he doesn't appear to be a true neocon.

Aside from that, he's a freaking idiot.

1:22 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

Just a bit more personal opinion.

McCain was a war hero, and he was a POW. None of us would ever pretend to understand what being a POW was like.

However, moving on...
McCain became a Republican Senator based upon his 'image'.

Anyone who has watched and listened to McCain can see how obvious it is that this guy really has no place to go. He probably HATES what Bush represents, but he is absolutely foaming at the mouth to be President. Therefore he will do whatever it takes to get there.

His war ambitions are widely known. He wants blood - perhaps maybe it is some type of psychopathic revenge motives for what happened to him in Vietnam. Maybe he needs a shrink instead of a public office?

He (like Bush) is unable to hold his temper. Lack of control is not a happy personality trait.

McCain is vicious, and he is a nasty man. He wants war, he wants death.

He's trying to be Joe Lieberman...he's just not Jewish.

I'm sorry but this man needs to be exposed for what he is. He is as big a liar as George Bush has proven to be.

Bring on the trolls - I live in this jerks state and he has skeletons...lots of them. Many of us have watched this man for years.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Yes, it is wrong for the Gerbil to declassified after the Plame's identity was blown. But, I had posted how the Gerbil can declassified (of course, he manipulate it). His changed the Executive Order for give the power to him and Cheney to declassify document for National Security reasons which differs from Clinton's Executive Order in which only Clinton has that power and not Gore. The Gerbil's Executive Order was released on March 23, 2003. This was 14 days before Cheney had a meeting with Libby, Hadley, and Rove on March 9, 2003 on how to discredit Wilson. Yes, the Gerbil has changed the rules and of course violated Article 2 in the Constitution.

1:28 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

You're right of course but the Bush Administration operates outside of the law with no checks and balances.
I think it is time that the law rises above this Administration and holds them accountable. What the hell? We, the People, pay their salaries and they are supposed to serve US and protect our Constitution!

We have CIA Agents putting their lives on the line everyday and this is how they should NOT be treated!

1:28 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

The Gerbil's Executive Order was released on March 23, 2003. This was 14 days before Cheney had a meeting with Libby, Hadley, and Rove on March 9, 2003 on how to discredit Wilson.
You mean AFTER not BEFORE, right?

1:33 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Sorry, I meant to say 14 days AFTER Cheney had his meeting that the Gerbil revised the Executive Order.. I got distracted when I typed my comments. So, the Gerbil knows a lot more than what he is saying...

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Masden Report Today said...

"In Addington, CIA Leakgate Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has likely met his match. Addington never liked independent counsels let alone special prosecutors. The mere fact that Fitzgerald was threatening the unitary executive would have prompted Addington to pull out all the stops."


1:46 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Hey Addington, go kiss the Consitution and Bill of Rights-those are what will save your own sorry @SS!

Get him Fitz and Team!

basheert, what really happened has alot more dirt on McCain. He IS a bad guy-just like the rest of his pals... Google McCain and USS Liberty too

1:51 PM  
Anonymous I'M BAD, I TELL YA! REALLY BAD! said...

Paintballers Plotted World Takeover

Well, the judge says the crew is too dangerous to walk the streets before trial. So they'll stay locked up. But more details about the case came out during the hearing. And the more we learn, the less this crew looks like they could have toppled a tree house, let alone the Sears Tower.


1:52 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

And it is interesting that WMR is still trying to play Columbo on the leak case. They still think they hsve all the answers to why Fitz didn't indict Porkrind. And I like when the WMR says that the "word in Washington." And my question is WMR is who are the people that is feeding them garbage? And I bet the people behind the "word in Washington" are henchmen for the sitting Gerbil in office! And to WMR on their lastest reporting on the leak case: "word in Patrick J. Fitzgerald's blogsite" is it's garbage!

1:58 PM  
Anonymous t said...

PS- I disagree with Mr. Madsen's characterization of Addington as a worthy opponent for Fitz!

I despise the term "unitary executive" = American government. Don't get me started on neocons and their eunuchs...

2:04 PM  
Blogger SpaceCommand said...

Call me Pollyanna, but I generally like everyone, however disappointed when people you expect to be different make themselves unlikable. All of this is just unrecognized stress and strain. It is too bad people revel in the adrenal charge of it, forget it, and then repeat the same nonsense. It is even worse when it is followed by orders to given in anger.

Next time people choose a Senator, or maybe even a President, just have Ed McMahon handle it like they won the Publisher's Clearinghouse. Odds are most ordinary people would do better then these overly ambitious ones. Government by lottery, hmm, wasn't it good enough for the Greeks?

But the advantages are that no ordinary citizen has so many back room deals, nor is that person subject to the little veiled extortions that constitute politics today. Hey we might balance the budget a lot sooner, since ordinary people would approach the boondoggles with extreme caution. We might even have world peace from those that stand with us, rather in their towers of illusion "above us."

2:51 PM  
Blogger elees said...

sounds like untreated prolonged case of PTSD to me....

5:10 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

PTSD is right, and if you add ego-mania and probably a bit of paranoia on top of it..


a McCain.

Just add salt and stir.

Those of us who live here in his state, are well aware of this man and his ethics. Be very careful please...if the hair on your neck rises, it's true!

McCain is a bad bad man.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

McCain and Cheney look so much alike and act alike it's scary. To think some want this man as President and with a gun no telling how many people would be blown away by accident of course.
Maybe McCain can be called Cheney Junior the son Cheney's always wanted.

9:19 PM  
Blogger Contessa37 said...

You know fellow bloggers, I was McCain's campaign chair for my county back in 2000. Everyone in the GOP even my parents chided me for supporting McCain at the time. I didn't care much for Bush's ability back then that was why I supported McCain.

Now I realize that McCain isn't what he cracks up to be. I really loved his maverick ways, but I think he has gone away from that recently.

A friend of mine who works for a Congressman for my state tells me that McCain made her cry. Her boss was state chairman of his campaign at the time. She tells me "I never going to support him for anything again after he made me cry." I can't remember why he made her cry. I think she tells me that he didn't like how certain thing were done or something to that nature.

Well if he decides to run in '08. I am not going to throw my support to him in the GOP primary that's for sure.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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But like the actual conspiracy - i.e. the secret, already concrete concept of lobbyistic background powers planned by long hand for the control of the world - constituted and it converted is so far already as far, over it gives it to today even no realistic representation comprehensive in well informed critical circles, which could have found the chance on broad front acknowledgment and spreading. It still prevails a large confusion, which makes humans and peoples ohnmaechtig opposite the conspirators! The truth identification is in this thing with a certain background knowledge, appropriate watchfulness and somewhat logical intellectual capacity not at all times so heavy! Because on which the actual conspiracy runs out, that is to be recognized by the political developments of world politics, carrying out before our eyes, and on the basis the prevailing world-descriptive adjustment as well as existing Denkund organisational structures and/or sample logically predictably. In addition the secret world-political objectives are more than sufficiently occupied by many clearly defined declarations of intent, innumerable writings and books of many high-ranking personalities and most influential circles in world politics. However the confidence and the fortune the different information are missing to most critical humans in a conclusive and rounded off overall view to build up, so that the really substantial, which happens in world politics, remains hidden for them. Who makes itself the trouble to gather and logically arrange the appropriate information, for that it becomes fast evident that there are not any different, but definitely a only one power-politics objective for the hyper-rich financial powers in the background of world politics to attain i.e. global unrestricted power and complete control of the mankind which them with a completely concrete, almost perfectly planned concept consistently to pursue. In order to divert however from the actually existing mankind enslavement concept, the establishment took up different conspiracy theories about the lying nature and the secret services themselves, exaggerated and in some esoterischen and patriotic circles to the spreading brought these then completely purposefully with the information in the abstruse, with which they arranged existing confusion still more obscure. The many different today existing conspiracy theories are usually unreflected nachgeplappert and spread by different circles, whereby the disorientation and world-descriptive splintering of humans are still continued to strengthen. Straight one in view of the general faint in relation to the large power elites and the apparently unalterably running world happening is it of largest importance that now as much as possible humans get a view of the actual background conceptions of today's world politics, so that the fatal false ways of the present social development and thus the real dangers, which threaten mankind, can be recognized at all. The enemy and its plan of attack to know and know, of where the danger threatens, in principle a tremendous advantage for the tendency, to the danger extracts itself and the optimal solution offers to find to want! We consider it sent absolutely necessary, that camouflaged concept for synchronising and enslavement of entire mankind, which contents of the secret background conceptions and/or the present conspiracy are against independence and liberty of the peoples, once as well as possible and comprehensively to reveal logically comprehensibly and explain with concrete purchase for the today's world happening in outlines. The more humans background and connections of the bad play to understand learn, which runs off behind the window blinds of world politics and which mankind threatens to lead into the slavery, the more become it their responsibility for the life to recognize, against their eliminators rise and for the creation of a really worth living and fair world initiative to seize, in which the peoples in peace, liberty and cultural self-determination can live. Only if humans recognize the condition of the reality and concomitantly the actual, momentarily most acute threat situation, they can also the necessity and the quality for a really meaningful, all important points of comprehensive beginning and/or concept for the solution of the mankind problems accordingly notice and from innumerable, partly completely unrealistic solutions different political and world-descriptive camps differentiate. In order to win a view of the complex connections and secret background conceptions of world politics, we must make ourselves conscious only once a few fundamental things over the USA and the Zionismus.
In view of the military aggressions and threats against insubordinate states before the background of them, outgoing from the United States, "new world order" appear the USA in the eyes of many observers of the world-political situation proclaimed as the strength threatening terrorizing entire mankind and. This is however only vordergruendig like that, the true enemy of mankind hides themselves behind the USA and uses these only for its obscure interests of world controlling. Hidden background power, those the USA fully and completely controlled is the Judentum in all its facets with the international free bricklaying controlled by it! The many scandalous exposures of the last years over the catastrophic indebtedness of the USA, via which background the assassination attempts from 11 September 2001 and the hypocritical war strategies prove that the United States of America are economically and politically, in addition, moral and mirror-image-ritually complete at the end. In well informed circles one knows the fact that the USA are also militarily long not so powerful as the world is constantly vorgegaukelt, on which among other things that US military professor Dr. Robert Hickson in a speech on that 10. Congress "courage to the ethics", 30.8. to 1.9.2002, in Feldkirch/Voralberg, in addition, Peter Schollatour made attentive already, who pointed out before the last Iraq war with a fourth-hasty television broadcast that the USA can never win the "war proclaimed world-wide by them against the terrorism". The fact that the Judentum had always a large influence in the United States is well-known. At the latest since 11 September it became however ever more obviously that the policy of the USA within the substantial ranges no more by Americans is not determined, faithfully the basic values of the American condition, but that the Jews tore power in the USA now fully and completely actually and America within all substantial ranges from the background to control - here only some examples: ? the American issuing bank (FED) is just like also all other central banks of the "western value community" in private property of Jewish large bankers! - more details on it farther back. Also the entire stock exchange nature is a creation of the Jewish financial establishment. The world-wide finance -, speculation and indebtedness disaster, which led the USA and the world to the edge of the abyss, were completely purposefully produced by Jewish high finance circles (in the following avowedly). The expansive imperialistic foreign policy of the USA lies essentially in the Jewish money system justified, which is the basis for the US-American economy and likewise the other states of the "western value community" and according to the principle of the permanent money supply increase functioned? almost the entire opinion-ends medium industry in the USA is in Jewish possession and by Jews is controlled. The Jewish financial elite can steer the public opinion and concomitantly the war readiness in the USA via their medium apparatuses, how it likes to them straight! Thus it was to be alienated possible humans in the USA of the reality perfectly to verbloeden it and shift into an illusion condition. The Americans gotten thereby already are not enough any longer also, which really happens in its own country, let alone in the world? The entire free bricklaying and all secret and halfsecret societies and think tanks ("think tanks"), which in the USA (the free bricklayer thing the USA) so an enormous influence possess, by the Jewish establishment are controlled. At all important schaltstellen of the USA (just as also. their vassal states) Jews or representative that sit Jewish and/or large zionistisch controlled free bricklaying? since beginning 20. Century act most presidents of the USA as agents of a foreign, transnational power for (most humans) the obscure interests of the Judentums. The Jews know only too exactly, how they can manipulate "the only superpower of the world". In the Clinton era, and that is well-known, consisted the entire government crew almost exclusively of Jews. In the Bush administration, to which, as was at first stated, no Jews should be accepted, to have ice-cold neo -: conservative Jewish backers ("the falcons") all threads in the hand and determine the strategy and proceeding of the US politics - also that is meanwhile no more secret. Completely independently of it which party in the USA governed to clamp over the secret companies is it the Jews except for few exceptions again and again succeeded the US presidents for their interests and to intend the policy of the USA? by the large influence of the Protestant English Puritaner, which are aligned strictly to old persons the will and rather as Jewish sparkling wines to be understood are, in the USA pseudoChristian proceeds suppl. summerhouse could itself establish von Anbeginn, to which with the original Christianity nothing more has to do, but the faith samples of the Mosaismus Jahwismus spreads. Meanwhile it gives approx. hundred evangelikale directions in the USA over 50 million protestanten, who call themselves a messianische, increasingly apokalyptische and politically aligned theology represented and proudly as "Christian fundamentalists" or "Christian Zionisten". The fundamentalist American "Christians" see a manifestation of the goettlichen will - that the Jews of God promised and conveyed country - in the State of Israel and stand for the unconditional support of Israel. A majority of them longs the battle of Harmageddon here, in which they see the final fight between "property and bad". They believe in the physical return of Jesus Christ and intend the Jews to induce to nevertheless finally recognize this as their Erloeser. The Jews understand to make it again very well from the Christian-Protestant fundamentalism for strategic use. The Protestant groupings represent today in the USA the strongest political strength pointing the way and many of the organizations and institutes important for the Judentum co-operate today closely with this Christian Zionisten. If one makes oneself the points specified here conscious, becomes clear, what prominent Jews mine, if they admit completely plainly that they control America - "let me one make completely clear. Over American pressure you do not need to make itself concerns. We, the Jews, control America, and the Americans know that." (Ariel Sharon to its minister of foreign affairs Peres, Israel radio Kol Yisrael, quotes from Washington report on Middle East Affairs, WRMEA, 11.10.2001). The USA are controlled incontestablly by a Jewish Oligarchie! As easily is to be reconstructed, the Jews, who do not even constitute three per cent in the American population, have the United States of America within all ranges under control and in their dependence. The former dream of a free America reveals itself ever more than a deceitful illusion! The more views one of background the history of the USA and their politics wins, becomes the clearer that it never gave a free America, because of beginning the Jewish free bricklaying in this country from the background pulled the threads and the development of the USA in a completely determined direction guided. For the Americans their mental shank is extremely fatal in the pseudoChristian faith conceptions of the Christian-Protestant fundamentalism and/or the "Christian Zionismus", because thus the Americans are not only to be controlled in mirror-image-ritual regard from the Judentum to and steered, but thus the USA are also fate-moderately connected with Israel. Before the anti-Americaism in Europe and the world strikes to high waves, we should make ourselves conscious that the Jews - similar as all other peoples - lead also the Americans at the Gaengelband. It would be extremely superficial and the entire world-political situation inappropriate to explain the Americans as the causer of the initiating mankind disaster. Anti-American ambitions do not help the world, them are the perfectly wrong way, because the mass of the Americans is in a very unfortunate and helpless situation. True cause research should look more deeply and be aligned to it, the real connections of the world-political happening to want to investigate the power structures as well as the mirror-image-ritual thinking and perception samples and thus the motives behind the window blinds. The USA, which developed meanwhile to a police state, are very probable to Germany at most of the Jews in even err led and obligation-controlled country of the earth. As we will point out, the world-political role of the USA straight is not abused in these years of the Jewish background stepping gene in worst way politically, around goals to serve with those far over ninety per cent of the Americans at all would agree. The present world-political development appears full contradictions and inconsistencies and is about very most humans to be hardly still understood. Often the decisions of the politicians appear paradoxically or illogically, sometimes mean one it in the policy with mad ones do to have - in world politics however nothing will leave to the coincidence, there happens everything with coolly computation! During more exact view enormous struggles for power behind the window blinds of world politics can be observed. In order it checks up to be able, for which it goes thereby, is only once important it to know about the two different zionistischen concepts.
With the topic "Zionismus" applies to consider it that within the Judentums different zionistische conceptions of the importance and the size of the state of Israel exist. For a deeper understanding of the world-political development is it between "small Klein-Zionisti" and the "large Gross-Zionisti" idea to compellingly necessarily differentiate - everywhere, also in the Zionismus there is a polarity! The "small Zionisten" around Ariel Sharon and CO works on a large Israel (Erez lsrael), that the Sinai, Syria, Jordan, the two-current country (Iraq) and large parts of Saudi Arabia and some further areas to cover and from the Nile to the Euphrates are enough are. The Jews would control then the largest part of the Arab oil fields and would let the Arabs similarly as humans of low caste for itself work. Erez lsrael would be however evenly only a Jewish national state under many other states, for which even with a holding down Islam, many problems and many meeting with hostility would before-stand. The ausgefuchsteren strategists among the Jews are under the "large Zionisten", which with somewhat more patience and distance vision, but all the more Heimtuecke proceed. The "large Zionisten" works on the implementation of the old zionistischen dream of a Jewish world realm with Jerusalem as world capital of a "a world government" and/or the "new world order". A world with only one people mixing race (except the Jew, who may not mix itself) is planned, a world unit currency, a merged uniform pseudoesoterischen world religion, which is appropriate for the Jew to feet. The driving strength behind the large zionistischen idea are ultrareichen clan of the Jewish high finance, which hide themselves to "Illuminati" behind the UN and took in all of their subsidiary organizations for their interests. To the "large Zionisten" also most belong to so harmlessly and appearing antizionistisch thoratreuen Jew, whose majority at the east coast of the USA at home is. "the hour has struck for the high finance to dictate publicly their laws for the world as she did it so far in the hiding... The high finance is destined to begin the follow-up of the empires and Koenigtuemer with an authority, itself not only over a country, but extends over the whole globe "(explanation int on the occasion of the establishment. Bank alliance 1913 in Paris) who would background itself with and which history of the Judentums is versed, suspects surely already the fact that these two zionistischen aims do not mean necessarily discord between two Jewish camps but rather as components refines one devised concept to understand is, with which the world public at the nose is to be led around and actually be made possible for the Judentum the world domination over all other peoples. The "small zionistische" aim, which Ariel Sharon and consorts aim at apparently, represents one diverting manoeuvre in this connection more or less only.
In order to get a conception of the financial power of the Jewish financial establishment, one must make oneself only once the fact conscious that not only most and largest private banks of the world, but also the US-American issuing bank are, Federal reserve bank (FED), in private property of the richest Jewish banker families. The most powerful partners of the FED are the banking houses: N.M. Rothschild (London and Paris), Rockefellers Chase Manhattan, Goldmann & Sachs (New York), Lazard Brothers (Paris), Israel Moses soap (Italy), being castle (Hamburg, Amsterdam), bold, Loeb & CO. (New York), Lehmann (New York). This is not however yet everything, because also all other central banks (issuing banks) in the states of the so-called western value community (Banque de la France, bank OF England, German Federal Bank, European central bank etc.). by them in perfect way are controlled. All these central banks, from which erroneous-proved most humans assume, it would be controlled in national possession and/or from the respective states, are quasi likewise in private property of the Jewish high finance, because they are with the US-American Federal reserve bank over the bank for international clearing payment (BIZ) with seat in Basel, whatever is naturally a society under private law and which o.g. Banker families belonged, closely interlaces. By the interest incomes of the issuing banks the Jewish bankers arrive annually at profits in trillion-height. However the FED in the USA made in the year 2000 over one trillion US dollar only at interest gain. The financial Jews drive it however still more doller! With the instrument "to have it further possibilities were opened US dollar", which is understood until today only about all all this, in order to arrive at the material capital of the peoples. In the following the substantial connections and vague are background the dollar swindle in all shortness to be uncovered: In July 1944 it succeeded to the Jewish financial establishment to a financial conference of of the later heartlands of the United Nations in Bret clay/tone Woods to intersperse new Hampshire/USA, on which also the International one Monetary Fund (IWF) and the World Bank (IBRD) was based, the dollar than world-wide key currency. That Bretton Woods Abkom men made possible it the Jewish banker the dollar after the Second World War internationally as reserve currency and as currencies for the world-wide oil transactions (Petro dollar) to establish. Thus were all states, which wanted with the USA trade to carry on to put on forced according to high dollar reserves which however in no relation to the portion of the US economy of the world production. The FED printed thousands of billions dollar and produces still today ever further dollar quantities, which are used since the Second World War by the different national states on the world market for the trade and above all also for the purchase by oil with the oil-producing countries. Still to the turn of the century four fifth of the world-wide currency transactions and half of the world exports ran on dollar calculation, in addition the US currency places two thirds of the official world currency reserves. At the beginning of the Bretton Woods system the USA have still for each printed US dollar approx.. 0.7 gram of gold in away Knox deposits - the dollar possessed thus a gold reserve. That means: Since 1945 all currencies stood in firm relation to the US dollar, whose kon-vertibilitaet (exchangeability) was guaranteed in gold. When however 1970 too and/or States of the promise of the USA called many humans in to exchange at any time the value of the US dollar note against gold a stocktaking in away Knox (alleged) resulted in that the gold reserves were not sufficient by far to cover from the Federal reserve bank dollar quantities brought in circulation to. At that time came demands of 70 billion US dollar to the USA, in the safe deposits of the FED were however (allegedly) only gold reserves in the value of 11 billion US dollar present. Thereupon the Nixon government has 1971 briefly decided the dollar solved from the gold standard and waived the free rates of exchange - which was possible only due to the military power of the USA! This was necessary, because the USA would have been insolvent, if only one country with larger dollar reserves had wanted to redeem its US dollars. Dollar could be only exchanged off there against dollar. (note: In order to intersperse the US dollar as world key currency, it was necessary to switch gold off as reference for the value of the currency. Therefore the Jewish bankers have after it the gold reserve of the dollar had waived, at the same time begun to entmonetisieren gold in the heads of humans by establishing the conception, it are in the today's time as payment and value storage means completely unsuitable - more exact in addition in the chapter "information to the topic gold"). Actually the decision of the Nixon government meant the end of the world monetary system of the post-war period, since since then the international money system was uncoupled by the material-physical reality and the world economy had no generally recognized wertmassstab off there more. The dollar became the pure paper currency, which was covered by nothing more. (note: Among experts one calls such a currency "Fiat money" - make of lat. Fiats = -, a currency, which is not created by a central authority "from that anything" and by nothing is covered). The dollar sank on less than half of its value - particularly the dollar owners abroad were the Gelackmeierten. However, and that is not the amazing, a nation resisted! In the USA the creation of value does not happen anyhow since 1971 from that anything, i.e. it is based since then on the granting of credit of the presidency of the FED and/or anonymous Jewish financial sharks! In the years after the US dollar several times was devalued and sank on less than half of its value, starting from 1973 ignored the currencies to the general "floating" (free play of the forces), which meant the end of the era of Bretton Woods and which IWF robbed of its original task. Since 1971 the Federal reserve bank printed some trillions US dollars anyhow and the USA to have with waggonweise produced and totally overestimated dollar notes (paper also little color drauf) on the world market industriously bought. Under money-systemic criteria the USA lived in this way for many decades on lau - they got themselves both the works and the raw materials of the peoples including the oil actually without return. In the United States of America one can buy therefore many foreign goods favorably, although the USA are unterm line long completely broke. By this dollar swindle above all the Jewish large entrepreneurs and banks, but completely particularly the private Jewish bankers, became rich to who the FED finally belongs. These with this uncovered paper money - "Fiats money" - world-wide in inconceivable measure wealth and possessions could themselves acquire. In tremendous quantities they over intermediaries and dummy firms have flourishing enterprise, raw materials including abroad well borrowed to oil fields, gold and diamond mines and appropriate prospecting licenses, whole television stations and cable systems etc. as good deals bought up. In the media one could the last years observe, like itself Jewish anglo American enterprises on the "enterprise market" cream bits after the other incorporated - man man, the cable system of the Telecom, Kirch Media, the television stations SOWS l and..... is only some examples of such raids. With the help of the instrument "dollar" succeeded it to the Jewish financial establishment for many decades, the largest part of the world-wide economic actual values, under it also the largest part ever of the gold dug on earth to bring into its possession. These people are meanwhile also in possession of the most large companies and insurance companies, which can steer them via well paid supervisory board members (nothing different one than puppets) as desired. The national economies of many peoples were proper gepluendert by the Jewish bankers, because these sit now on large dollar mountains, which do not possess economic value in reality. The oil exporting states are over 1,000 billion US dollar and export-strong Japan even over 2,000 billion US dollar in its cellars to have already hoarded. For the creditor countries the paper money brought by the USA in enormous quantities on the world market is however completely worthless, because it thereby no goods in the USA or elsewhere on the world market can buy, because the countries with balance of payments surpluses are obligated by internal agreements to it, large quantities US dollar to strongholds. Theoretically Japan needed, in order to solve its financial and debt problems, to redeem only about 1000 billion dollar at dollar-noted values on the world market. But even if Japan should bring only a half so large part of its dollar reserves on the market, thereby an avalanche was kicked loose since these dollars are not covered by American resource, i.e. the course of the US dollar would break down immediately and on the other side the value of the Yen very strongly would rise. For the US economy the devastating would have following, because in the USA it would develop a tremendous inflation, which would mean the consumerjoyful for Americans, who import so far 60% of their need at goods from the foreign country, that they could not afford foreign goods more. In addition an escape of all foreign plants from the dollar (the dollar-noted shares and securities) to begin and it was released a storm on the banks such as at the beginning of the 30's. Also on the Japanese economy a rising Yen would affect itself most negatively (only quite in view of the bad economic situation today), because the export chances of Japan dependent on the export extremely would worsen, it many enterprise bankruptcy and thus inevitably increased dismissals would give. Similarly other export nations were also drawn above all to the "western value community" into the vortex. Independently of it the US government makes for the countries with larger dollar reserves again and again clear that the option is not open to them to throw their hoarded dollar quantities on the market, as this gave to understand the US Minister of Finance O'Neill withdrawn in the meantime still in the year 2002 the Japanese. It is thus enough money there, the Japanese may it spend! - and so some other countries is issued it similarly. How this dollar financial architecture is constituted, whereupon the director of the Belgian central bank, made 1972 attentive Rene Ewalenko, before the Belgian-Netherlands society in Brussels: "which hanging toner the agreement from 18 December 1971 did not bring a solution of the dollar crisis..., those to central banks remains obligated supporting the dollar and substantial quantities of this currency to strongholds..., i.e., the dollar plays role prevailing a far, is however not not longer convertable, and in the measure, in which the American balance of payments defict persists, must this deficit by countries with balance of payments surpluses be financed. These countries do not have the smallest influence on the political and economic decisions of the United States..., a layer, those in the long run are unacceptable "(the East Prussia sheet, 24 quotes from. l. 1998, emphases by the Verf.) The USA depend nearly in all product ranges on the goods import (oil, car, machine tools, computer etc.), equally are it in addition, dependent on the kapitalimport, there them their commercial balance sheet deficit, which exceeded in the last year the astronomical sum of 500 billion US dollar per year, over kapitalimport (foreign "investments" particularly in shares) finance. Since the creation of value of the American economy, speak US production, by which power loss becomes ever smaller compared with the European and eastern economy, the USA in world-wide acting continue to come opposite these countries daily into the hintertreffen. In 2003 the US foreign trade balance deficit will rise very probably even to nearly 700 billion US dollar - i.e., around this amount refers the USA from the foreign country more at goods and other achievements, than they export. So that the USA can survive financially, they are dependent on the fact therefore that today (2003) daily nearly two billion dollar at foreign capital into the American market flow. The USA and/or the Jewish financial stepping gene of the FED are interested thus very much in the fact that the dollars brought by them in circulation are not redeemed simply on the world market. Therefore they obligated all economically meaning states, which carry on with the USA trade, with internal agreements to it, their free dollar reserves in USA situations to invest, with which a surplus in capital traffic for the US economy develops. Thus also a majority of the Petro dollars is led by the OI $ states by the purchase of dollar-noted treasury bonds (Treasury Bills) or other values referred to the dollar such as US shares or US real estates back into the USA. Only under such conditions the USA tolerate at all the OI $ trust! The high kapitalimport since center of the 80's entailed constantly rising share quotations, which attracted again new capital and which up continued to drive courses. Constantly itself a strengthening cycle, which the curve of the Dow Jones index represents descriptive. As the largest importing country of the world the USA hardly export goods, however they are world champions in the export of shares! 1991 sold it for 35 billion US dollar shares to the foreign country, in the year 2001 lay the share export already with over 500 billion US dollar!!! The Jewish bankers thought out the system most refined! The infinite dollar quantities, which the FED pumps to the world market, flow back thus to a large extent into the US stock market, where they are then disposed by Boersencrashs elegantly, i.e. rerouted into the possession of the Jewish financial establishment. In this way an excessive inflation of the material goods prices is prevented also as far as possible, which would shoot enormously upward otherwise by the money supplies brought on the market artificially. Inflationieren do only the acted courses on the USA situation markets, which often exceed the economic actual values around hundredfold and more. And if then again such a stock exchange Crash happens, then this happens not at all coincidentally: If e.g. the stock exchanges showed intermediate highs "after 11 September again", then, because the FED intervened directly to the "cultivation of the market" with tremendous paper money quantities of the US stock exchanges with the substantial purchase of shares, printed by their notenpresse, - one must hold the stock buyers with mood. Thus it created the Jewish Finanzoligarchie a few days after 11 September and just as also after July 2002 to get the share quotations again upward although the real situation of the US-American economy had not turned in the slightest to the better one. Since then the US stock market is again developed so for a long time, until also the last nincompoop among the private kleinanlegern exchanged his money in shares, so that then with the next inevitable Boersencrash the money supplies can change again the owner, whereby among other things also the money supplies pumped before for kursmanipulation to the stock market are then fetched back again. Becomes now clear, which the term "western value community" meant? The large export nations may send their economically compiled values to America, or equal whole enterprises in Jewish addresses to overwrite, for which they receive then large dollar quantities (worthless paper money), on which them by the USA and/or the Jewish financial stepping gene of the FED sitting remain forced to a large extent must, or if at all into dollar-noted shares, "Wert" papers etc.. "invest" may. Now becomes also clear, which meant Zbigniew Brzezinski, when he spoke completely openly on his European journey 1999 opposite the Germans and Austrians of tributary Vasallen. Material regarded the USA are broke to most indebted nation of the world and long in inconceivable way. Since they control the world however over the creation of money mechanism, they can live on the not-paid imported goods from the foreign country. The strength of the dollar is not thus based, as is generally accepted, on the efficiency of the US-American economy, but in truth it is based since 1945 on the privilege, internationally as reserve currency and world-wide as currency for the trade with oil (as Petro dollar) to be used. But this privilege, which US A and/or the Jewish financial stepping gene of the FED under all circumstances intend to retain, was endangered most acutely by the resolution Iraq to transfer as the first oil-exporting country to the your and also different OI C C were in the process simultaneous following the example Iraq. Saddam Hussein, which had decided in November 2000 to take for the Iraqi oil instead of dollar in the future euro got the determination of the USA to feel. And then it still one had draufgesetzt, by converting the 10 billion dollar reserves of the Iraq - of the program "01-fuer-Nahrung" - at the UN into euro, which led directly at that time to the resumption of bombardments of the Iraq by the Anglo Americans. With the euro the loss of the dollar monopoly and with it concomitantly the end of the kapitalimports threaten into the USA. The large problem for the USA therefore lately the regroupings of the currency reserves of different foreign governments from the dollar become to the euro - states such as China, Venezuela, Iran and some other OI C C as well as Russia are to be exchanged for some time thereby clammy-secretly their US dollar reserves in Euros and gold. North Korea decided in December 2002 completely officially to change from the dollar on the euro as handelswaehrung. As the World gold Council reports, the asiatic central banks became lately large gold buyers. All these measures pressed the course of the dollar substantially downward in the months before the last Iraq war. With the last Iraq war it succeeded to the USA to guarantee control of a large part of the world-wide oil fields. But it did not only concern thereby the oil actually, but for strategic reasons it depended the Jewish financial establishment primarily to retain the privilege of the dollar as world-wide reserve currency which presupposes that the oil in dollar is accounted for. The Iraq war was to be understood therefore also as a clear warning to all other oil exporting and dollar reserves possessing states not to change to the euro! This warning completely particularly applied for the Iran, whose central bank had already exchanged the majority of its currency reserves in Euros in the year 2002, which a clear indication for a change is to the euro as oil currency. Not without reason Iran is represented to the "axle of the bad one" as one of the worst "rogue states" and taken as the next goal in the "war against the terror" in the visor. But momentarily exporting states with the thought play also different other oil to sell their oil against Euros. So among other things also OI C C Venezuela could follow the example Iraq and to Euros transfer. There one had begun already recently to lock Bartergeschaefte with the neighboring countries too whereby oil for urgently needed goods are exchanged and the dollar as currencies is completely redundant. With the "entnationalisierung" of the Iraqi oelvorraete the high Jewish financial circles guaranteed anyhow that these are not acted on euro-basis. With a substantial raised 01-foerderung in the Iraq they will now try OI C C will break, because only so a conversion of the oil business can be prevented by the dollar on the euro. However, if only OI C C should transfer from the dollar to the euro as oil currency and in this course their central banks also their currency reserves to euro change over, the dollar already became immediately approx.. 50% of its value lose. A such collapse of the currency would release an enormous inflation and an escape all foreign investors from the dollar in the USA. It would use a storm on the banks, the foreign trade deficit could no more be maintained and the USA would not be in shortest time bankruptcy. It is to be therefore foreseen that each attempt of OI C C to step out and its oil in euro to account for want of the dollar from the USA completely decided with war or at least with very effective covered secret service operations (fall of the government o.a.) one fights. About the financial situation of the USA the prominent politicians of the "western" nations as well as Russia and China know long. In Russia one counts apparent already long on the decay of the today's world monetary system. In May 2001, already some months before the WTC assassination attempts, organized the Russians a congress over the "time after the dollar" as reserve currency. The entire development of the world economy and politics stands momentarily however so much on the measurer cut that the politicians of all western nations from fear of the threatening panic and the profound vibrations in their own countries are rather silent, and continue to continue with their politics as before - behind the window blinds however a tremendous strain prevails to the daily politics! Movement could come into the whole affair, if the war politics and the parasiteful monetary policy with the US dollar on broad front check up, the USA themselves as the largest rogue state and the financial Jews as the worst upper rogues was exposed - the clearing-up work concerning this is thus extremely important! For a long time the financial collapse of the USA is not to be stopped anyhow any longer, because ever more humans check up that putrid mirror-image moose with the dollar and know likewise about the true background 11 September. Only on solid extortionate pressure of the USA (i.e. the FED) the issuing banks of many other states did provisionally without a regrouping of their dollar currency reserves in euro and gold. The tacit dismantling of dollars and dollar-noted treasury bonds (Treasury bonds) in the months before the last Iraq war might have been probably the true reason, why the dollar to before beginning of war so substantial at value lost briefly. The crash of the US dollar still another certain time can certain be delayed, but in view of the planned gigantic expansion OI C C will not doless watch oil production in the Iraq by the USA, which try to press thereby the oil price downward, surely, how the USA destroy OI C C. For a long time the swindle with the dollar for the USA, or for the Jewish private bankers no longer well, can go more exactly because in view of the urgent economic problems the first states will begin in foreseeable time perforce to throw their ever more worthlessly becoming dollar existence on the market. A state will make the beginning in the near future and will become like dominos then all other states to follow automatically, so that the dollar will fall within fewer weeks in soil lots. With the dollar purge the gigantic and in reality anyway no longer repayable debts of the USA would disappear and/or upon the remainder of the world be shifted, which instead of material capital only worthless dollar possesses, but thus the peoples world-wide the dollar swindle and thereby the connected, refine thought out money system of the constantly growing uncovered dollar quantities to check up and the financial Jews behind the FED than causers of the world-wide bad states with all the wars, the exploitation and the hunger misery to recognize. The financial Jews thus to guard before the world public as evil authors to be unmasked - they will undertake all only possible one, so that such a thing does not happen!
The information and data to the dollar and to the economic situation in the USA in this, the following and the chapter about the gold we gathered out differently sources. A writing, which proved with the search to these topics as particularly fruitful, is the book we is shameless misled! of Gerhoch Reisegger, ISBN 3-89180 068-1, publishing house Hohenrain, which we can recommend only most warmly. However we must refer to thereby, that the thesis represented in this book over the zusammensturz of the WTC towers, after our realizations completely on the hair here-pulled and simply perfectly wrong are. Since 1981 die annually between 15 and 20 million humans, because the governments of the third world must shorten, in order to serve the debts, their programs for drinking water and the health service. The international financial system kills annually more humans than the Second World War. But Hitler was nevertheless moved." Ken Livingstone, mayor of London the USA FROM UNVERBLUEMTER PERSPECTIVE of the United States of America have very most humans an idealized, plateful picture - at least was until some years ago like that. If one spoke in former times of the USA, then one thought directly of the large, powerful country of the liberty and the unlimited possibilities. But one looks today once exactly, states one fast the fact that of this once powerful country as also of the former American dream remained no longer much. Here only some points of pass as mental impetus: ? In the USA there is a constantly growing social unfairness, more than 30 million humans lives there under the poverty border, and still substantially more American must pierce itself daily with several cheap jobs only scarcely over the subsistence level. Many Americans remains hardly still time for family and spare time. Also one hears in this allegedly so advanced country of always frequent reports over hunger. In the USA there is incomparably high and continual further rising number of force crimes as well as a record number at prison passengers. In the last year sat in the USA more than 2.1 million US American behind prison lattices. In the completely overfilled death cells the US security wing wait momentarily (at the end of of 2003) over 3000 humans for their execution? The infrastructure of the entire USA begun with the public water and sewers, over the roads and bridges up to the cable systems for electricity supply is to a large extent completely marode, so that in the next years into these zig trillions (in the USA quintillions) would have to be invested US dollar, for which the USA do not have money (already approx. before 10 years German magazines reported on the catastrophic condition of American infrastructure). The cause for the wide power failure in the east of the USA in August 2003 could be very probable to find in the miserablen condition of the appropriate US-American infrastructure in the USA. (note: The fact that there were power failures in this order of magnitude thereafter however within only three months also in several European states makes the thing in completely different direction suspicious. Probably in the secret one technical conversions took place, via the regions larger in crisis periods up to whole states from central place by mouse-click the river to be turned off can.) ? The education system and the social systems (patients -, unemployed persons -, old age pension insurance) are in the USA on the stage of a developing country. The number of illiterates and likewise the number of humans, who hardly read, to write and count can, are extremely high in the USA. Since many do not trust their own state in the USA, over 50% the American their old-age pension by the purchase of shares wanted to secure, with the last Crash were however dreadfully taken off, so that in the USA in the future on mass poverty is to be counted? Already for over two decades the business statistics in the USA are manipulated in impudent way. The alleged "new Economy" boom of the 90's was a only one putrid production, which was based to the systematic dismantling of infrastructure as well as a speculative share blister on a gigantic debt pyramid, always rapid increasing trade deficit and. Also the newest growth numbers of the US economy of October/November. 2003 was produced gekuenstelt by further indebtedness to only regard in order investors again once as a few further months with mood. By the increasing falsification of the economic parameterses the USA developed more and more to an only virtual Imperium, the Palaver of the restaurant locomotive the USA are only pure fiction. Exemplary for this are among other things the numbers of unemployed, for whose statement under Reagan the methods of counting from "cost reasons" were already changed and there are provided estimations, which are combed without end instead of statistic collections only with computer programs. For example one selects the number of the persons employed (employees) in the USA as point of reference of the unemployment ratio no longer as with us, but the employable ones including the many independent ones and little businessman (one extends the reference basis and gets lower percentages). Also one divided many jobs in two or three partial time jobs and applies as a person employed there someone, if he only one hour per week works. And in the in such a way counted 137 million nearly 50 million are not at all contained in the age able to work, since they gave each hope up for work. Among other things improve also the 2.1 million prison passenger, usually black one, the estimated unemployment ratio; etc.? The USA are economically already since longer in a situation of increasing weakness, which is officially masked. Economically US-American enterprises went in the last decades the way of the smallest troubles and to have a majority of their production simply into third world countries paged out, where they irtschaftsgebieten in so-called Sonderw on slave conditions produce let. Thus they lower the prices, but thus they lost also the development technical development, which they had in after the Second World War over some decades, in many areas. Although the USA were economically self-sufficient in their entire past history, they depend today nearly in all product ranges on the goods import (oil, car. Machine tools, computer etc..) and just as also of the kapitalimport. Cars and machine tools originate from Germany, robot from Japan. Computer from Taiwan etc.. Thus the commercial balance sheet deficit on over 500 million increased US dollar/year. Because of productivity lacking due to to high wage costses are hardly still competitive US-American products on the world market. Only Microsoft can maintain ground still in the market of the operating systems and the office often commodity, in addition, competition of Linux and others threatens there. Otherwise the USA fight for Pfruende out passed time, for copyrights and patents. They tried to defend their superiority on the Hightech Sektw with secrecy, export restriction and industrial espionage. It used all nothing? And now also still the loss of the US dollar monopoly and with it the end of the apparently infinite kapitalimports with the erstarkenden euro, which would bring catastrophic consequences for the US economy with itself, threaten. In opinion from ever more specialists stands the dollar column directly before the collapse, like once already after the Viet Nam war, only the consequences will this time be still substantially more glaring. How one fears, go to the FED strategists the possibilities for the supporting of the dollar rate now out? In the last years the USA were to blame for themselves abroad increasingly, in order to finance the rising consumption in the own country. This lets the share quotations rise further and arouses the impression, it in the USA an actual growth would concern, which again again many share "Investitionen" from the foreign country tighten, but grows with the fact the danger that the foreign funds are fast again taken off with kursverlusten. That would be then the from for the financing of the foreign trade balance deficit, which would have as a consequence that the imported goods in the USA would sink drastically and the Americans would have among other things to limit their consumption substantially (particularly in Germany and Japan the export would break down). This would lead then completely fast into the depression and to the world-wide Boersencrash? Altogether have the USA to today (at the end of of 2003) a national indebtedness of over 34 trillion US dollar (in America as quintillions designates - 34000 billion!) accumulated, which increases further rapidly and can be never paid off. The self dissolution of the American world financial system is long obvious in experts. Only in November 2002 the FED was seized of congress of US covered in addition to buy up in the value purging proof of indebtness (state States of, Treasury bonds) with up to 10 trillion (US quintillions) dollar new feather/spring aluminum reserve notes. This economiceconomics action, with the papers with paper is bought, shows, bankruptcy is how outrageous the alleged weltmacht No. l! The only possibility, which occurs to the USA and/or was talked them of their Jewish background stepping gene, in order to solve their economics and financial problems, is a "continuous war for the creation of the eternal peace", which is to be justified with the artificially created threat scenario of the "international terrorism"? Ever more large lies and/or crimes of the USA are uncovered, e.g. the moon-landing lie, the Pearl Harbor lie, the lie of the murder at John F. Kennedy and its son J.F.K. junior, 11. September lie, innumerable US war lies and crime that of US military and secret services, the genocide on over 15 million North American Indians, as also the debt at death of at least likewise many black slaves, who died in the case of the transport beneath human dignity from Africa into the USA elendig. DieAfrican WorldReparations and Repatriation Truth Commision has from the USA already repeats the sum of 777 trillion dollar as payment of compensation for the crimes required, which were done to the African peoples by the slavery. The myth the USA comes from all sides under Beschuess and threatens to tilt? From the world public it was recognized meanwhile only all too clearly that the American foreign policy is not led under any circumstances from an obligation to any kind of moral, as this George W. Bush gives again and again, and the American military is in far circles long as the largest machinemachine machine of history exposed. Does also that this Moloch mordet alone for the interests of the Judentums, recognize ever more humans, who retained their ability to think? The "new world order", which the USA announce and proclaim for them the claim to leadership, is long exposed as a program of the suppression and exploitation. The USA do not have political or economical and already no positive mental guidance vision, which they could give to the world as alleged guidance power, therefore USHegemonialpolitik always strong resistance will cause.
In addition, the actual military strength of the USA is not sufficient for a world-wide imperialism by far. Also the many enemies of the USA (Russia, China etc..) it continues to rig industriously and waits only for the fact that US armed forces arrive into the wear war situation. The situation in the Iraq makes clear that the USA are already with control of a country with 20 million inhabitants, political and militarily overtaxed. In reality the USA do not have a global strategy, with which they could establish a US supremacy lastingly, it create only - where they know - disorder and chaos. Where does it the battleground abandoned, prevail to discord and corruption, state of emergency and anarchy, so that there is reason again and again to send into ever further countries UN soldiers who regard then (in the interest of the long-term large zionistischen goals) as the Jewish anglo American value system the position? Public criticism at the American policy in connection with the wars in Afghanistan and the Iraq gave it everywhere in the world, but not in the USA, in the allegedly freest country in the world one abolished simply any criticism! Jewish background powers succeeded in there since 11 September 2001 finally synchronising the entire American medium landscape from the smallest cheese sheet to New York the Times including the film industry Hollywoods - "Hollywood fulfills its patriotic obligations like already at present the First and second World War" (source: Deutschlandfunk 19.11.01, 9,50 o'clock). Juedischfreimaurerischen background power succeeded in since 11 September 2001 with the help of the artificially created, to produced threat scenarios of the "international terrorism" to abolish a majority of the abendlaendischen culture in over thousand years fought for liberty and citizen rights within shortest time again and making from the USA a police state - the mental-cultural substance of the Americans was not sufficient to prevent this? The prayer mill-like hypocritical swore to the "transatlantic friendship" and the "western value community" of many US politicians cannot not about the gap between the martialischen occurrence of the USA on the world stage and its true strength emislead. The supremacy of the USA is created on extremely wobbly columns, because it depends today only only on the privilege internationally as reserve currency and world-wide as currencies for the trade with oil to be accepted. Already with the purge of the dollar, which an individual country e.g. Japan or OI C C in arrangement with one another cause could, the USA immediately of their throne fallen! ? Uncovering the true background the assassination attempts from 11 September in the world very much continued to progress, when likes to the Bush administration, however also the Jewish high finance. All reasons with which the Afghanistan and the Iraq war were justified, were erlogen, only all all this in the world know that not. The exposure around all the events since 11 September bring the US government increasingly in embarrassment. Since some vassal states the used blind Gefolgschaft since then refuse center 2002 and grows world-wide the criticism at the anti-terror politics, which has as a consequence that the United States are guessed/advised into their largest isolation with regard to foreign policy. The present situation in the Iraq and the associated costs of occupation, in addition, the sunk moral of the US troops make clear that the USA with their wisdom and their means at the end are. Survey data prove that Bushs of sympathy values are strongly fallen with the Americans it last not for a long time, then stands for Bush naked there! The fall of the weltmacht the USA comes openly to light! From it to divert only large terror assassination attempts in the western world and/or a further war could for a certain time? Hundreds further points could be enumerated, which the political, economical-economic and moral fall to describe. "America? That is to be affected the development of the Barbarei to the Dekadenz without the culture!" Georges Clemeceau (1841 -1929), French politician of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATION it gives some secret and halfsecret organizations over those the Jewish high finance their influence on US and world politics exercises. In the network of the different free bricklayer organizations, which are infiltrated by the Judentum since the establishment of the "Bavarian Illuminaten" all, the CFR ("Council on Foreign relation", advice for foreign relations) takes a prominent role as halfsecret organization. This committee, into powerful personalities from the financial world, which economics and the policy meet, is the main driving strength behind the window blinds of US and world politics, which would like to abolish the national states and to force the USA as well as all other states of the earth under control of a world government. The CFR was created 1921 by the Marxist Edward Mandell House, the chief advisor of Woodrow Wilson, on behalf of David Rockefeiler and is considered since then as the most influential organization in the USA. The CFR is halfsecret in New York resident organization with approx.. 3000 members, whom the center of the east coast establishment educates. It is a background cabinet, from which the US government gets said, what it to do has - the CFR is called the establishment "also as" the invisible government "," or the "skirt skin he Ministry", because it is controlled by the skirt skin he syndicate.
Since beginning of its existence the CFR works purposefully for the implementation of a kind of socialist a world system ("a world government") in the context of the "new world order". "we will come to a world government whether they want it or not - by subjecting or agreement!" CFR member James being castle before the senate committee for foreign affairs (17.2.1950). Already in the year 1922 the CFRMagazin "Foreign Affairs" (foreign affairs) demanded a world government, and that the USA for it would have to give its sovereignty up. The CFR infiltrated the different US governments with its members, that already codesign the policy of the USA there in very high positions for over 80 years considerably. Since its establishment the CFR tries in each case to occupy the four key positions in the US government by CFR members: Foreign, defense, finances and security. In the past 50 years each US Minister of State, all the same whether he in a democratic or republican administration served, and each president of the USA were practical except Ronald Reagan member of the CFR. Members denied repeated that the CFR determines the policy of the USA. Outward one does in such a way, as if the CFR is only one debating club, that is open for all world-descriptive directions, but that is completely absurd - the CFR is the most powerful organization in the USA! Actual contents of the CFR meetings remain always a strictly guarded secret. According to the CFR regulations is it a "express condition of the membership" that members omit it to reveal, what takes place on the meeting of the Council. The very most CFR members, that for the a world government (socialist world dictatorship) occur, as them were already endorsed by Karl Marx and the CFR founders, are simply only career people, who are interested in their progressing and its social acknowledgment only and alone in their re-election. The over-powerful supremacy of the CFR is completely unknown to the average US citizen, because this organization all important mass media in the USA controlled and these only rarely on it report. Approx.. 200 influential medium people of the USA belong to the CFR, CFRMitglieder lead the large television stations and also the large printed media. The internal circle of the CFR is the Skull & Bones medal, in which the Bush clan plays an outstanding role. But also the Skull & Bones medal in the secret one are finally controlled again by the Finanzjudentum. Both George Bush sen. and its father Prescott Bush and the today's US president George W. Bush are Skull & Bones men. George Bush sen. was 1977 even the director of the CFR! years before 11 September 2001 George Bush proclaimed 11 sen. in New York the "new world order" - exactly to 11.9.1990!!! A subsection of the CFR is the trilateral commission, that was created 1972 by David Rockefeller, which was over many years a director of the CFR. This commission, a grouping, which eint over 200 influential top management from industry and economics, who can be counted as constant members, is however still by far more powerful a sister organization to the Bilderbergern, than these. A goal is to be advanced also here the a world government under the Obhut a few less choosing. The members come from North America, Europe and Japan (therefore trilateral). The director of the trilateral commission at that time the Politologe and "president advisor" Zbigniew Brzezinski were appointed, which holds since then to today an influential role in the background of the US politics. Brzezinski as Verehrer the marxism admits was, designated already 1970 in a publication ("Between two Ages") the USA as redundant and made themselves strong for the mechanism of a world government. Petrol count von Lambsdorff took over 1991 the presidency of the trilateral commission for Europe, in which it is active in the spirit of the "human".
In the Bush administration there are more than two Duzend Neokonservative, which take like also in the think tanks of the USA key positions of power there. The neokonservativen founder fathers are Jewish intellectual ones usually made of New York, who stood in the political spectrum once extremely "left", people, which had already loose-said themselves in the thirties of Stalin and to Trotzki had overflowed, then however ever after..rechts "continued to drift. The today's Neokonservativen uses itself for some decades for an inconsiderate penetration of a US Hegemonialpolitik and is extremely without exception per-Israeli adjusted. Over many years the neokonservativen opinions were not hardly seriously taken, them continued to be anything as an apparently insignificant group with a right program, but today they determine the policy of the USA. The so-called Neokons does not make make no secret from its imperialistic great power intentions, completely openly sets it for smashing the enemies of Israel and a re-organization approaching and the middle east "the world of the which hanging toners Neokonservativen consists itself of a Sammelsurium of ideological obsession and covered material interests. They are zealots of an exaggerated American as well as zionistischen Patriotismus. It concerns a dangerous mixture. Therein one discovers Ariel Sharons ideas and its grandiosen plans for the change of the middle east. That mix consists from creative fantasy, of chauvinistism without brakes and from the primitive faith in brutal force." Uri Avnery (Israeli writer and journalist, 9.4.2003. National) since 11 September the neokonservativen Jews ever larger influence in the US-American mass media exercise journal, there them their people in all important places positioned. Charles herb hammer of the Washington post office as well as the columnist William Safire of the New York Times, a fanatischer trailer Ariel Sharons. belong to, likewise Robert Bartley. Editor of the Wallstreet Journat and friend of Richard bead. Also the TV transmitter Fox news of the ultrarechten Rupert Murdoch is under control of the Neokons, as also Murdochs weekly paper The Weekly standard, whose boss is William Kristol, son of Irving Kristol, which had along-created once the neokonservative movement. Only nine days after the assassination attempts 11.9.2001 William Kristol in its sheet an open letter at president Bush, which was signed by 41 leading Neokonservativen including Richard bead, published. In this letter clearly was gotten straight that it not so that was done only the network of the Osama am shop to smash, but that it was compelling "Saddam Hussein from power to to remove" and at "Syria and Iran retaliation for the support of the Hisbollah practice". The open letter of Kristol, which was taken up by the Bush government with enthusiasm, is interpreted in Insider circles as the actual beginning of the Iraq war. Here some very informative excerpts from a speech of the former US presidency candidate Lyndon LaRouche, which is not to be exceeded no more and which explain situation in clarity, in which the US politics momentarily is. LaRouche, which applies in the USA as American Patriot in the best sense, gave this speech on the half yearly conference of the American Schillerinstitutes in Reston. Virginia: "... There is thus in certain respects a fascist movement in the USA, with an emphasis in the military. The authors of this politics are the racistic Nashville Agrarier, which were brought 1928 by grandchildren of the Ku-Klux-founders into being. The leader of this group was William Yandell Elliott, a avowed British agent, who taught in Harvard government nature. Elliott promoted people among other things to Harvard such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel Huntington. In addition influential donations and institutes come among other things like the Smith Richardson donation, the Mont Pelerin society, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise of institutes, the Olin donation. These donations are connected with influential financing sinter meals, law offices and bookkeeping companies, which determine the American policy to a large extent. These people support the policy, which was consolidated among the two successive national security advisors Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski... What are the goals of these people? We take a man, who is closely with Henry Kissinger connected: Michael Ledeen (note D Verf.: Michael Ledeen is beside Richard bead chief strategist of the most influential neokonservativen think tank "American Enterprise Institut"). Ledeen wrote a doctor work in Switzerland about, universal fascism '. While Hitler and Mussolini thought, fascism would be only in each case for a nation, meant these people: , no, that is not enough. We will eliminate all national states and will have a world realm of universal fascism, that with military means after the model of the Roman putting ions. Napoleon Grande army and the weapon S one controls.' With the weapon S they did not say loud, because one would have regarded as geschmacklos '; but if one reads its books, its goals studied, their activities regards and the policy regards, which people operate such as Wolfowitz, Richard bead or John McCain and John Lieberman, arises exactly this picture of universal fascism...
Which goals hide themselves behind the notices from 11 September? ... One asks oneself: , which a goal serves that? On what does that run out? ' the answer is now obvious, the thing is now completely openly delivered: Do the USA with a Legion become from America and perhaps still different countries the Iraq, Somalia, which Iran, Korea, and perhaps also China to attack? That is Wolfowitz'Politik! That is the policy of Brzezinski and others: That, Kampfder cultures '... Thus came 11 September. Why? Evenly because the system already disintegrated (note D Verf.: the Jewish world financial system) remembering we, what the regret-worth president George W. Bush course-push are. It was on 11 September in Florida, when it loose-went. Obviously should also it and other one - not only humans in New York town center, in the pentagon and elsewhere - die with this coup d'etat of the... Military parliamentary group... But then Bush played also - he was before fright as gelaehmt. Its advisors pushed it to the Afghanistan war, which it has never might begin!... One persuaded the president in addition. Its advisors meant, that would be smartly meant: America cannot lead no more than one war at one time, therefore one bites oneself firmly in Afghanistan... Thus what the people wanted to reach behind 11 September, was postponed first of all. What was the direction of attack immediately after the notices? That the USA as well as Sharon and Israeli armed forces should begin a world-wide religionskrieg. This was already clear, before Sharon became an Prime Minister, as it itself with its, attendance ' of the third biggest sanctify around Islam, which Haram AI Sharif implemented. If one explains one of the holiest places of one of the large world religions entweiht, at the same time massive Palestinian Arabs murdered and the Islam as the large threat, then one provokes a world-wide religionskrieg as in Europe in the Middle Ages... The characteristic of the religionskrieges is that it never really stops... Who plots a religionskrieg, the civilization is into fire!... The military operation, which is Putschversuch, the fuze, which, fight of the cultures ', is which is publicised since that time, the bomb, and third is the co-operation of the government Sharon in Israel, against which also the Israelis themselves offer resistance now.... Why did the three elements now accumulate? Because the economic and financial crisis push. The present financial and monetary system are todgeweiht... 1995-1996 forecast I that we would occur a new collapse phase of the world monetary system of the time after 1991. At present threatens - perhaps not tomorrow, but when continuous process - a nuclear chain reaction-like collapse "" I believe not that in the western world the governments really govern. I believe, her serve as helpers more largely financially and industrieller of powers." George forest, amerik. Nobelpreistraeger for biology in the following still some example-giving quotations of prominent Jews of innumerable documented statements, which occupy, what the real objectives of the Judentums are and that the Neokons is not in the today's Bush administration an exception feature, but its dark political working a component of a plotter long-put on of concept for the seizure of power of the Judentums over entire mankind is. Nahum Goldman, the later president of the Zionisti world congress, revealed 1915, in the middle in the First World War, with amazing openness the program for the destruction and subjugation of Europe, the program for the total dissolution of all traditions, customs, connections and barriers. The purpose: everywhere complete anarchy and groundlessness are to develop, in order to be able to then develop unhindered a "neuespyramidales, hierarchical system" - i.e. that the absolute Jahwe Priesterschaft -. It means among other things: "... One can summarize the sense and the historical mission of our time in one: their task is it to arrange culture mankind again to the place of the dominant social system a new to set.... All around and re-organization exist now in two different kinds: in the destruction of the old order and the reconstruction of the new. First of all must be apart-put all border stakes, order barriers and labeling of the past system be eliminated and all elements of the system, which are again to be arranged, as such, equivalently among themselves. Then only second, the re-organization of these elements, can be begun. Thus the first task of our time exists in the destruction: all social layerings and social figurations, which the old system created, must destroyed, which must individual humans from their traditional environment are pulled out; no tradition may apply more than holy; the age is considered only as indication of the illness; the slogan is called: which was, must away. The forces, which implement this negative task of our time, are: in the economical-economic area capitalism, on the political-mental democracy. How much they already carried out, we know all; but we know also that their work is not yet completely achieved. Still capitalism fights against the forms of the old, traditional economy, nor the democracy leads a hot fight against all forces of the reaction. The work the military spirit will complete. Its university forming principle will completely accomplish the negative task of the time: only if all members of our culture area are university-formed as soldiers of our culture system, this is solved a task. Then however the other one, larger and more difficult task rises: the structure of the new order. The members, which are pulled out from their old rootednesses and layerings now and unordered, anarchisch lie about, must be closed to new figurations and categories... a new pyramidales, hierarchical system must be established "(Zit. out: Nahum Goldmann, the spirit of the militarism, Stuttgart/Berlin, German publishing house, 1915, S. 37f)"the world revolution, which we experience, will be excluding thing of our hands... this revolution the supremacy of the Jewish race over all different will fasten" (the Jewish organ "Le peuple juif, 8.2.1919, zit. n. Ulrich Fleischhauer, genuine minutes of the ways of Zion, expert opinion, refunds V in Berne, Erfurt, S. 109f on behalf of the justiceship.) "each large nation has another to slaves; so France Korsika has, then England has Ireland, then large Serbia Montenegro has and, in order to say it briefly: Israel whole mankind to slaves... The voelkerbund will bring: the unit of the language, the unit of the currency, the mass, the right, the religion... To the capital is it Zion, the city of the peace has "(Simon Tov Yacoel, Israel, reflection sur la grande guerre et l ' avenir the Peuples, Saloniki 1921, zit. n. Ulrich Fleischhauer like above, S. 105) "the Judaismus are a religion; but the Zionismus is a political movement, which proceeded mainly from Eastern European (aschkenasischen) Jews, who were for centuries the driving strength behind communism/socialism. The final goal of the Zionisten is an a world government under control of the Zionisten and the zionistisch aligned Jewish international bankers "(Jack Berstein, the life of an American Jew in racistic, Marxist Israel, stone churches 1985, S 17f) further one just as clear and meaningful quotations is in the writing TURN OF AN ERA IN the CHRISTIANITY in the chapter" statements of prominent Jews "to be found, the Chyren to the turn of the century published.
It forces itself the question upon whether the US Americans possess at all still the possibility to be able to recover from the powerful influence of the Judentums free themselves and control of their politics and their country again. In the western media as well as nothing over it, but gives it is to be experienced in the USA on broad front large rebelling against the Jewish influence on state and politics. The main resistance against the Jews is carried for the white American money aristocracy in the USA of the WASP, (White Anglo Saxon protestant - at the beginning of the 1950er years arisen name for the American social class of anglo-saxon-Protestant origin with elitaerem requirement, which coined/shaped and to today the informal fuehrungsschicht forms the USA since its establishment), which is traditionally Jew-hostilely aligned. In the letter NR. 5 we had already dealt with the meaning of the WASP in the American policy, however is to be regarded this still somewhat more differentiated, than we did it there. In the WASP are there today different camps, but give it there for some years again a considerable number of influential people, which feel obligated the mental tradition and the idealism of the founder fathers Americas. Already since the presidency of Ronald Reagan is to be observed in the USA a return to ideas of the Urvaeter Americas, to the values Benja min Franklins and George Washington, to which the liberty of the Americans was still really because of the heart and which at their time all warned completely energetically of the decomposing influence of the Judentums and which Jews even the immigration wanted to refuse to America. It seems, as if one became again conscious the Jewish threat for America today and one can observe that new American a self-confident its grows up, which wants to show the Judentum the forehead. Although already the founder fathers and many presidents of the USA referred again and again expressly to the Jewish danger for the USA, the influence of the Judentums on the development became and the policy of the USA usually underestimates and more or less only as an annoying, but bearable evil accepted. Thus it succeeded to steer the Jew again and again over the lying nature of the free bricklaying the policy of the USA in the sense of Jewish interests, even if the presidents were placed of the WASP. The Jewish influence on the entire US-American kind of nature burned above all thereby favoured that the "Christianity" is strongly coined/shaped by the puritanisch calvinistischen spirit in the USA since beginning, that the on this side-oriented, materialistic Jewish world view deeply into the American collective soul. The meaning of the Judentums and/or the mosaischen religion in the nature of the American idea (in the American dream, liberty term, World view and way of life) were not understood until today by the American Patrioten! One in the USA strongly spread pseudoreligious manifestation is "Christian" the alttestamentlastige, - Protestant motivated transmission consciousness, which preaches and in influential circles of the United States increasingly to introduction receives a Christian Zionismus. These people, which call themselves as "Christian fundamentalists", succeeded in still far more than the catholic church disfiguring the Christianity in its core statements. The pseudo "christ liche" religion conception, which they spread, represents its external world (as in the Judentum) to humans as hostile and frightening and explains it as poor suendigen creatures, their soul welfare alone from the grace of a except-lay God (Jesus has such to be given never!) to be dependent is. Release is only by confession to Jesus Christ possible, who is to shortly return to the final battle Armageddon, in which allegedly the good ones fight against the bad ones, physically, around those, which really believe in it, to erretten. Most over 50 of the million "Christian fundamentalists" belong to the master voters of the republicans, who represent the interests of the US-PATRIOTIC WASP on political level. Dilemma like a Christian oriented American Patrioten is it that what these protestanten, to who also George W. Bush belongs, under the term Christianity sell, with which real holistic wisdom and life teachings, which lie in the Christianity justified, nothing more to do has, but a out paulinistischen Hirngespinsten and marktschreierischen ambitions together-tinkered "Judentum for all all this" are. Which this Televangelisten in the USA produces there appears actually like a sellout of religion. Proceeds benefit Israel naturally to a large extent, because many this Protestant "Christian" Zionisten, which are very anti-catholic, place themselves for theological reasons with their whole influence behind the foreign policy of Israel. The religious erring of these appointed Christian fundamentalists, which are degenerated into collective illusion on the mental-cultural soil of anglo-saxon calvinistischen thinking prospered and in the last years in the USA, come to meet the neokonservativen Jews much and by these are strategically scruplesless used. The Neokons understands it much sent the pseudoreligious glare of the Protestant-Christian Zionisten - the so-called Christian fundamentalists - in the USA too uses oneself to make. Thus it came in the USA now to a unheiligen alliance of Christian fundamentalists and Jewish Neo conservative ones, which the zionistische strategist Martin Kilian characterized in the Welhvoche of 24.4.2003 with the following words: "the coalition of the extensive and formed Neokonservativen with the usually southnational fundamentalists was based on a zynischen small swindle: God had ago, although also eminente \eokonservative was convinced of its death - according to Leo bunch one of those, not harmless truths ', which hushed up the philosophers better, if God not existed and religion is an illusion, without whom a majority of humans cannot live, is one humans in the lie of the religion believe to let ', had Kristol in an essay over Freud written "1978 published the Hebrew University of a book of the Jewish scholar Yona Malachy with the title more..Der American fundamentalism and Israel: The relationship between the fundamentalist churches, which Zionismus and the State of Israel ", a strategic, religious-cultural book, in which one describes in detail, how Israel can make strategic use of the Christian-Protestant fundamentalism in the United States. Who reads this book, which it will fall like sheds of the eyes.
The influencing control of the Judentums underestimated on the US politics by most WASP representatives and other American Patrioten are enough time above all, because the entire American idea was taken in creeping by Jewish spirit. Here the juedischpaulinistische God picture and the religious illusion, the egozentrische liberty term, resulting from it, are which on this side-oriented, materialistic hedonistische value orientation etc. particularly to call - all influences of Jewish mentalness. Beyond that the WASP people with the assumption of the old-testamentary faith samples made themselves the imperialistic interests of the Judentums (requirement for world domination) more or less unreflected too own with the time also and coined/shaped thus (imperial) the character of the USA completely substantially. Of completely special importance for the policy, which fate and the entire mental-cultural nature of the United States of America is the latent influence of the Jewish-anglo-saxon free bricklaying, into which the WASP lobby is involved in fateful way since establishment of the USA themselves. Hardly is today conscious to a WASP representative until, the how very own religious-cultural attitude of mind and the entire almost exclusively American way of life aligned to material and purely outward aspects of the life are interspersed by value conceptions and thinking samples of the Judentums. "american way the OF life" is in its value adjustment deeply Jewish-anglo-saxon coining/shaping one could also say: the Jewish calvinistische way of life kulminiert in the US-American life-style. In this connection would like we to consider to give the fact that the British Empire, which was nothing different one than a Jewish Diaspora realm controlled by the Rothschild clan (Jewish world realm in the small one), never really went down, but only clammy-secretly from the footlights into the background stepped large world politics. England is still the head office of world-wide robbery animal capitalism. In London the head of the Krake sits, because the crucial threads, which let the Politmarionetten of the "western value community" dance, are pulled still there. That Alan Greenspan (boss of the Federal reserve bank) was raised some years ago from the English queen into the nobility, is a further indication for it where the true threads of the far financial power gather - in the "town center" in London (approx. an l.5 square kilometers large, strongly fastened Rothschild Privatstaat), where one regards all countries of the earth the USA inclusively as colonies, which it applies to use as desired and schroepfen. If one leaves the usual political hackneyed thought patterns times with side, then it dawns the fact that the British Britisch-Rothschild Empire is in the process straight now with the help of the USA, which all-largest expansion of its sphere of influence to to experience and it only as intermediate stage and jump board used the United States of America during its continual expansion process, in order to be able to establish its before long time concept of the "a world government" already sketched as new order of the world. Since the assassination attempts from 11 September it ever more obviously that the Americans from own strength no more cannot erwehren themselves the powerful influence of the Judentums organized over the secret structures of the international free bricklaying, there the organisational structures of the USA themselves too much with the free bricklaying verwoben are and the internal nature of the USA, the American mentalness (the value adjustment, ideas and religious feeling of many US Americans), is too much by the materialistic and pseudoreligious values of the Judentums taken in - the view of the Americans of the idea of the Christianity plays a completely crucial, fatal role!
One is to be recognized ever more clearly: The US politics are controlled as directly and directly momentarily by the Jewish high finance over the Neokons as in no time before! For critical observers arises the question, which is at resistance from the real American Patrioten to to expect? Different indications speak for it that president George W. Bush and the WASP before that were firmly decided 11.9.2001 similarly as Putin in Russia, the Jewish Spuk an end to prepare. Because of the deep connections of the Bush family with the CFR and the Skull&Bones one should guard however to want to judge the activities of the Bush people only by vordergruendigen criteria. In principle it applies to consider that the power of the Jewish establishment is so large in America that the WASP people have a very small clearance opposite the Jew and/or the Israel lobby only, in order to set against superordinate Jewish interests any levers in course. Therefore the decisions, which pleases in the American policy becomes, appear often contradictory, undetermined or chaotic. The WASP lobby knows completely exactly that the Judentum suffers only then a relevant break-down of its political and economic influence in the USA, if the Jewish high finance the American central bank (FED) will entrissen, which is since 1913 in private property of the most powerful Jewish banker families and forms with profits from well over one trillion dollar/year the backbone of Jewish power in the United States.
As the WASP lobby in the summer 1992, a half year before the presidency election, its man, George Bush senior as acting US presidents to the demand induced to subordinate the FED again to control of the American government the WASP people a step had too far gone, because thus they threatened to extract its main basis of existence from the Judentum in America, which finally cost then president George Bush senior its re-election! With the presidency election in the year 2000 the WASPLobby had duly to it-learned compared with 1992 and George W. Bush with 40 million a dollar Deal in the office for president had brought. Thus it had the powerful, itself surely balancing Israel lobby (small Zionisten), which behind the democrats stands and very much money in AI would ferment had invested, a due lesson given and struck it with their own weapons (note: As is made clear farther back, this was however full and whole in the interest of the large Zionisten). But the WASP people change with their detachment efforts of the Judentum on a narrow degree, because Jewish background powers positioned in all government agencies their agents, so that an internal struggle for power raves, from whom the public however as well as nothing receive. Also the fear of Jewish terror is widespread in US-American politician circles, because one knows there that with the Jewish lobby and its Mossad is not to be spassen. On behalf of Jewish background powers in American history many considerable politicians and freedom fighter were already weggemordet: Abra ham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy form only the point of the iceberg. John F. Kennedy, who - although democrat - still a condition-faithful American president was real had totally joked itself at that time, it with the power Jews. Not only that it the so lucrative the east west conflict for financial establishment defuse the Jewish, which withdraw US troops until 1965 completely from Viet Nam, which CIA wanted to dissolve and refuse to the Israelis the entrance to the nuclear weapons, no, he intended also still the holy cow of the Jewish establishment to touch: It had nevertheless actually dared the attempt to place the American central bank again under control of the American government! In better informed circles of the United States it is well-known that Kennedy was executed at that time by the Mossad. In the WASP establishment, in addition, in different other high circles of the US politics, within the secret services and that of military it gives ever more reference that the resistance against the new world order is formed. Increasingly more established and/or. "inaugurated" people do not want to along-play the dirty play any longer. Even in the upper floors of the UN recently ever more frequently explosive background informations behind the back are passed on. Only within the WASP, but itself today all better informed condition-faithful American Patrioten is not far beyond that conscious over it that any efforts the Jewish influence are in the USA back urge of blind actionism and completely in vain, if they do not succeed in bringing the US-American issuing bank back under control of the government. And like it has the American Patrioten seems their project, to the Jew its most powerful weapon, the FED, to strike from the hand nor do not lengthen given up.
In the resistance fight against the influence of the Judentums on the US politics an US-INTERNAL is financialsystemic project of completely special importance. Without the masses receive somewhat of it, the monetary system runs off extremely revolutionary development concerned since beginning of the 90's in the USA behind the window blinds. Into high government circles condition-faithful American Patrioten has to bring a large-scale project prepared by long hand started, with which they plan, the neokonservative Jewish lobby and with their to sympathizing groups of interests, which increasingly actually tore power over the US politics for years, world order "new to entmachten, the US-American issuing bank back under control of the American people and to stop the project the".
This project, which the designation NESARA carries (NESARA = national Economic Security and reformation act = national economics -, safety and reform law), would know - if it came to the implementation - change which politics of the USA in completely crucial, positive way, which would concern both cutting the liberty rights within the United States, and the ambitions with regard to foreign policy including the war plans of the USA. The prehistory of the NESARA project began with a judicial complaint of American Farmern against the government and different banks, because Farmer had been driven ever more frequently by intentionally harmful behavior and arrogant Machtgehabe of some banks with the granting of credit into the ruin. In the course of the legal proceedings the failure of the banks was uncovered opposite the Farmer and even the whole money system in question was placed. Finally this affair to before the highest Court of Justice of the USA went, before which it was officially stated that the dollar is not published by the government, but of the FED (Federal reserve bank), which are a union of the largest Jewish private banks, which to the USA the money puts at interest at the disposal and thus into the indebtedness drove the whole country. According to estimate different American Staatsrechtler the taxes, which the State of the USA raises, are to a large extent unconstitutional, because the tax receipts go to the private bankers to a large part not to the state, but to the FED and to property to come. The highest Court of Justice decided anyhow that the banks with fraudulent intention had acted and had turned against the interests of the American people. In connection with condition-faithful politicians in high government circles the NESARA law was sketched and announced, whereupon some banks in the USA had to close, about what the mass media also reported, however these locking for the public with inability to pay were justified. The highest Court of Justice worked however on the introduction of a completely new money system, which again on gold reserve are based and which FED entmachten should. The judges of the highest Court of Justice appointed themselves to the values and virtue ends of the founder fathers of the United States and decided, with background powers, which regarded the USA as their private milking cow, to clear up. The NESARAProklamation is to have been passed to 3.9.2000 in the secret one the congress and by the president at that time Clinton to 10.10.2000 have been signed. Individual points of the NESARAProjekts are: ? A US Treasury bank system is to be used, which entmachtet the private FED and the behind it-standing Jewish bank lobby and which past US issuing bank takes up to itself. The corruption in the bank nature is to be finally eliminated? A new Treasury currency is to be spent, which is covered by precious metals. The new notes, should be printed already in enormous quantities. The conversion is within 30 days l: l take place? As compensation for bank frauds there is to be debt assigning for credit cards and mortgage debts? All additives for condition, which these gradually expenditure-levered, are to be cancelled and the condition of the United States from America again at full extent to be used? Politicians, who made common cause with the secret background government, are to be arrested, president and vice-president are by constitutionally acceptable personalities to be replaced, in order to lead affairs of state, until there are new elections? The designate president will proclaim peace and will terminate all aggressive US military actions immediately? Different taxes are to be dissolved. This is possible, because a majority of the past taxes flowed in the form of interest payments eh only the FED. Since the Jewish high finance positioned its agents on all government levels at important schaltstellen, an enormous internal struggle for power in the USA for years, which prevented up to now, raves that the NESARA law until today did not enter into force. "dark powers", which could develop and strengthen their power in the USA over two centuries, are evenly not so easy to entmachten. The Neokons in the Bush administration used the general disconcertion after 11 September in the USA scruplesless, that congress agreement to laws abzuverlangen, which granted an unusual power and power of decision to the president, what the execution of the NESARA project substantial back-threw. The largest problem with the fact is that the public of all the efforts of the NESARA Aktivisten receives hardly somewhat, because the mass media are almost perfect in the USA in Jewish hand, and if somewhat oozes, then it acts only over distorts itself shown single aspects of this struggle for power, which the normal citizen cannot arrange in the slightest in the general context. It always shows referring to this struggle for power behind the window blinds in the mass media. Even in the richest Jewish families of the world it is to ferment - also in these circles it gives still humans with consciences, which agree not always with the regulation for exploitation the mankind, which was put to them into the cradle,! For example to 8.7.1996 the 41-jaehrige banker Amschel Rothschild, which was considered as a successor to the guidance of the clearing bank N.M. Rothschild, was found erhaengt in a Paris Nobelhotel, which can be interpreted as a clear indication of the verweigerung of the satanischen play, which was required by it. Apparent there is an inheriting of the largest financial resources, which are ready to reorient one's opinion and to spend their money on an improvement of the conditions in the world.
Since the Jewish high finance possesses a large influence on US armed forces over the powerful military military complexmilitary complex of the USA also, the highest judges of the USA are to have taken up contacts with military. Alleged it is to be fought member of the Navy Seals and delta Forces, which among the bestqualifizierten and hardest combat troops of the world rank, informed about the NESARA Resulotion and ready, for it that the constitutional rights are again used in the USA. Within NATO there was already a publicly well-known case of resistance. An example is a general Jackson, which in the year 1999 in the Kosovo the instruction to attack the Russian soldiers with whom words refused: "I do not become because of you the 3. World war begin!" It is reported on the fact that in the World trade center on a logistics for the transformation of the American money from private FED dollars to state-own Treasury dollars it is to have worked and in addition there substantial computer activities of the NESARA project to have gathered to be supposed. Therefore it is very probable that the notices are to be understood from 11 September and others also as release impact of the Jewish financial establishment against a successful execution of the NESARA project. The assassination attempts of 11.9.2001 were a teuflisch ingenious plan, if it is correct that they were apart from strengthening the power of the Jewish and/or large zionistischen establishment also a crucial impact against the NESARA activities. However these assassination attempts for the NESARA project might have been only a temporary setback. Important is it now that the knowledge finds around the NESARA project in the world spreading, so that it can experience broad front support. If the efforts of the NESARA movement find the necessary spreading, the war drivers in the US government could stand there internationally very fast isolated. With substantial disinformation campaigns the Jewish freimaurerische and/or large zionistische establishment tries at present protects information to the NESARA project down to hold and at an effective spreading prevent. Therefore we would like to point out expressly that all information is to be regarded to the NESARA project - also the sides to the NESARA Proiekt in the world net - with caution, and we the information in addition only under reservation publish! For the Jewish bankers it concerns to nothing with this project all or, therefore they try to set all levers in motion to stop it! The true information about it by the secret services completely purposefully with the information (including UFO u. Extraterrestial imbecility and dgl.) verwoben, so that it ridiculously, when pure spinning mill or such appears. The genuine NESARASeite is called http://www.nesara.us - all different (com, org etc..) are disinformation sides! Please no information about "NESARA" simply only believes, but investigate! The MURDER AT JOHN F. KENNEDY JUNIOR In connection with the resistance fight against the influence of the Judentums on the US politics also the murder at John F. Kennedy junior (the son of JFK) is to be seen, who died on 16 July 1999 together with its pregnant women woman with the crash of its private airplane in the State of New York. Which could be kept as far as possible secret before the world public thereby however, is the fact the fact that the crash of its airplane was artificially caused - why, results from its projects at that time. Over J.F.K.jr. it was to be experienced after his mysterioesen death in the Kennedy surrounding field that he at the l. August 1999 to communicate intend to be able to be set up in the year 2000 as a US presidency candidate either as a traditional democrat or even as an independent candidate of a third party. George W. Bush would have had reliably no large chance against a scandal-free Kennedy and would absolutely not be a new president Kennedy however not in the sense of the large zionistischen interests been John F. Kennedy junior the imminent publication of the memoirs of its nut/mother Jacqueline Kennedy had announced, what would have brought him opposite other presidency candidates substantial advantages. In addition there are statements over it that he intended, should it president become, which wanted to bring standing clique behind the murder at its father at the Galgen and to call for this purpose a special court in the life. Also and/or knew certain circles feared at that time that J.F.K.jr. - which concerns the money system and/or the FED - into the Fussstapfen of its father would step and by its candidacy the chances for the success of the NESARA project substantially would rise. Besides thereby inevitably still some further topics, again to the light of the public, unpleasant for the establishment, would have come because a majority of the Americans it is long well-known that John F. Kennedy senior and his brother Robert Kennedy, at that time US Ministers of Justice, were murdered not by single authors, but on behalf of the Jewish establishment by the secret services - and the need after clearing-up over it is enormous in the USA. A new Kennedy as a president did not fit certain political circles and organizations (both the small zionistischen and the large zionistischen) thus at all into her concept, even as presidency candidate was John F. Kennedy junior this people already much too hot! - therefore it had to disappear. Now there is already three Kennedys, which were eliminated on behalf of the Jewish freimaurerischen and/or the grosszionistischen Finanzoligarchie.
The fact that the Bush people are corrupt geschaeftemacher will seriously doubt and a lot has dirt at putting today hardly someone, but whom the Bushs really serves finally and which their political objective is, that is for most so far still unclearly. Did the large Zionisten president George W. Bush and its people with the assassination attempts from 11 September place before completed facts, or was from the beginning inaugurated these? Rebelling of the WASP and other condition-faithful American Patrioten against the Jewish influence on the US politics and against the "new world order" seems to be genuine. According to our estimate however a part of the WASPLobby with the Bush clan at the point verselbstaendigt itself and in the play with the produced assassination attempts from 11 September, planned by the large zionistischen financial establishment, got involved, because they did not see a better possibility for itself and the penetration of their interests. Much speaks anyhow for the fact that the Bush Cheney Rumsfeld clique goes within the WASP own ways and/or a wrong play off takes, with which the largest part of the Americans and also the WASP is led behind the light and whose patriotic feelings are completely purposefully abused. Outward George W. Bush gave itself all trouble to hold out the Jews if possible from its administration which in the interest of the WASP was and is (the anti-Israeli and/or Jew-hostile sayings, the retreat from the Middle East policy as well as Bushs announcement 1.6 trillion dollar tax repayment - from the cash of the FED! - at the beginning of its term of office, all), but showed up fast the faint of the Bush administration, the Jewish influence made a good impression on condition-faithful American Patrioten in the US-American policy back urge. Since the Bush people as can be prove already verwoben over three generations with the CFR and the Skull&Bones are and already for many decades as helpers of the Rockefeller Imperiums fuengieren, they never learned something else than corruption and frauds on a large scale and within all ranges only opportunistisch and egozentrisch their own advantages to have pursued, one thinks not the character strength, which is necessary to show and really seize in the spirit of the American condition for independence and liberty America a party the Judentum seriously the forehead to them capable of. Today we know that the people around Bush. Cheney. Rumsfeld. Rice and CO of the assassination attempts 11 September in the apron knew which among other things appropriate expressions particularly by Rumsfeld to occupy. Like Gerhard Wisnewski in its book 9/11 - attack on the globe proves, the US government already since the Cuba crisis with the operation Northwoods (by John the F. Kennedy in the last moment one stopped), planned at that time, a similar assassination attempt concept already for the 60's in the drawer has. But only a small circle of the corrupted top management of the WASP Lobbv can have been halfway inaugurated, the very most members of the US-American WASP with the assassination attempts from 11 September, which were planned and accomplished by the Israeli secret service Mossad on behalf of the large Zionisten, was just as totally surprised as the remainder of the world. Apart from all the other motives exposed so far intended to give the large Zionisten (Illuminati) with the assassination attempts of And September and others also any release attempts of the WASP of Jewish influence a shot before the nose. These assassination attempts are to be understood thus also as a Mach demonstration of the Judentums, with which the entire WASP clearly it should be pointed out that there is only one way for the USA, i.e. at the side of Israel. The step should fight, be facilitated to the USA, decided at the side of Israel against the Islamic world (the main enemy of the Judentums) and/or be left them should no other choice. A substantial reason for the fact that the large Zionisten George W. Bush let ascend into the office for president, lies in the larger war readiness of the republicans and in the probably-calculated estimate justified that the Bush Cheney Rumsfeld people would along-play the play planned by the Jewish financial elite with the produced assassination attempts of 11 September and the hypocritical..Krieg against the terrorism "rather when the democrats with AI would ferment as a president (to this point farther back more details). The war readiness of the Bush people and at all the reason that they got involved in the play with the produced assassination attempts from 11 September and the hypocritical "war, planned by the Jews, against the terrorism", lie particularly in the threatening economic fall of the USA justified, because from economical-economic view no other choice remained for them. This behavior resulted in addition, from the moral decomposition of the USA progressed far, which again in the US-American system justified lies, in which usually only to humans with money and the readiness for the corruption at power can arrive. It would be a complete false estimate to regard the Bush people as coincidental exception feature in the American policy on the contrary they are exemplary expression of the American nature and the USA the underlying hypocritical value system, which reveal now (in its end time) its true face.
That a majority of the political elite of the USA could be hinreissen since beginning of the 90's to the illusion idea of the "new world order" - under guidance of the USA -, the world after their conceptions to transform and the US-American system is appropriate for all other countries to force upon to be able, particularly in the fear of the threatening collapse of the USA and the faint in relation to the lining up problems justifies. To it evenly culturally due simply the mental strength is missing to them for finding a way due to its American (Jewish coined/shaped) thinking habit and which could lead out from (aimed from the grosszionistischen financial establishment created) the vicious circle run of the crushing problems. Due to its very egozentrisch self-righteous and alone only on economic, financial and military power categories fixed, thus however much limited world view believes the straight Bush Cheney Rumsfeld clique to the..Neue world order under guidance of the USA "without to notice that they let run thereby the USA in open measurers and executing aides of darkest Jewish intentions became. Are so much involved in lies, corruption and crime it and the Jewish thinking and value samples so much too own made themselves unconsciously that they became an integrating component of the large zionistischen world controlling idea. With the fact they do not notice that they are the upper nincompoops of all "useful idiots". Anyhow have they by their acting and the form of PseudoPatriotismus, which publicise them in the USA, which and objectives of the founder fathers Americas betray values posed on the head and the entire American idea. The USA are momentarily in a desperate situation, and it looks in such a way that they will at the basis go to its diseased Opportunismus already soon to their internal tearing upness and. Apparent the Bush Cheney Rumsfeld people are used by the grosszionistischen finance Lstablishment probably to keep the resistance against the Judentum and against the actually planned "new world order" and/or the "a world government" small within the WASP and within the American population.
The US-American policy and restaurant nature became extremely obscure today, because all camps are involved almost in the confusing wattlework of the free bricklaying, which is finally controlled by the large zionistischen heads of the international Jewish high finance. It is to be therefore hardly still measured as already arrange themselves many clan of the WASP establishment like the Bush clan with the grosszionistischen goals of the Jewish high finance, or still the purely American ideals pursue. It is to be recognized therefore for very most humans hardly still, for the Americans probably still to few, which interests the Bush administration represents and really serves which goals it. By the Bush clique and the "falcon" and/or by the Neokons the Americans it is vorgegaukelt that what is understood generally by the term "new world order", an American project would be and/or ideas of per-American politicians would rise, by the US politics was controlled and to best Americas would be. That however behind what is announced of the Bush people as "new world order" completely different interests stand themselves than those of the USA, only the few suspect. In the last years was to be heard in the media of the more frequent by a "project for a new American century" (PNAC - Project for A new American Century). This project was initiated 1997 by people, which belong today to the closer surrounding field of George W. Bush. To the initial members belong among other things. Richard bead, thickly Cheney (today vice-president), Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense), Paul Wolfowitz (deputy Secretary of Defense), William Jennett (educating Minister under Reagan), Lewis Libby (Cheneys chief of staff), Zalmay Khalizad (Bushs Ambassador in Afghanistan) among other things. This "project", a kind ultra right think tank, contains a political concept, which promote allegedly the "American peace" received and, in reality however control of Americas of the world to secure is. In the principle paper completely openly one explains: "we strive global American fuehrerschaft on... America stands before the chance and challenge... to arrange the new century after American principles and interests." (www.newamericancentury.org/ statementofprinciples.htm). In September 2000, thus one year before the notices 11 September, became of the pn AC people a strategy writing ("Rebuilding America's Defences: strategy, force and of recources for A new century writes, which was first kept secret, but arrived then recently as by a coincidence at the public, by which the threat becomes clear, which proceeds for the security of all nations of the earth from the US government. In this strategy writing of the PNAC the most important goals of the today's American policy are formulated. There it is called among other things also that "... the transformation necessary for the reaching of our goals will for a long time last, it is, it occurs just as catastrophic and the development accelerating event as Pearl Harbor" (http://cryptome.org/rad.html)
The fact that the "project is for a new American century" a purely Jewish idea recognized, which is to divert from the true world-political goals of the Judentums and to direct the suspicion of the world domination intention and Kriegstreiberei alone on the USA, that to today only few. And thus the PNAC as fast as possible into the act to be converted knew, the Israeli Mossad with the production of the events also promptly the Pearl Harbor necessary from 11 September 2001, supplied - there times one was to say, the Jews would not be forestalling. The USA, which were already short 11.9.2001 completely broke before the assassination attempts of (more exactly: by Jewish central bank politics broke in accordance with oh was suggested), to regard 11 September as chance for causing a "new American century" and with the entrance into a world-wide "war against the terror" control of raw material resources to secure be able themselves. Unterm line created it the Jews however to stretch the weltmacht the USA like a stupid August before the trucks of the Jewish interests in order to smash the enemies of Israel. The USA are used at the same time in addition, still for the penetration of completely certain large zionistischer interests of world domination, as we will see following. For the details of the development of the US-American foreign policy after 11 September no place is, anyhow it here the Bush regime since then created to take key positions in or at least in the proximity of all countries with larger oil deposits also in central Asia, whatever are military-strategic before greatest importance. In innumerable countries in the world the USA have since that 11.9.2001 soldiers stationed to be able in order to be militarily present and there maneuvers to accomplish be able in each region of the earth recently became even US maneuvers in Argentina admit, with which private houses of Argentiniern were destroyed, whereby it turned out that the USA with different States of secret contracts locked, which give their military the right to accomplish in these Laenden maneuvers without however for possible damage are sued. Since in Afghanistan and in the Iraq the soil for US military becomes appreciably hotter, as in the Kosovo increasingly military armed forces of other States of (UN- or NATO troops) are to secure the rule range of the USA conquered by force against each international law, so that those of US military become free to plot in order to be able to lead again new wars, which try the Jewish background stepping gene in the US government. With each further war, which the USA are gotten to lead and afterwards to UN troops in the country, power and influence (large zionistischen) of the UN grow - if it also momentarily still another shade existence leads. While the struggle for power behind the window blinds comes now into its hot phase, the few in the USA and the world that is really played, suspect. In view of the explosive world situation the exciting question arises, in which direction grosszionistischen background powers try to direct world politics in the near future. Since the notices from 11 September 2001 one must be surprised increasingly at the Stuemperhaftigkeit from the Bush Adminisration lies set into the world, which increasingly are already exposed by the established media in Europe - and/or in the interest of the large Zionisten to be exposed to be supposed. The many exposed lies around the assassination attempts from 11 September and the Afghanistan war, the obviously produced spleen arson attacks of the autumn 2001, Tony Blairs "Iraq dossier" and Jack Straws ridiculous lie that the Iraq develops an atom bomb, are only some examples of many, the cause for the fact give to assume that no more do not possess the Bush administration the full cover of the Jewish controlled medium apparatuses, but now of the large Zionisten increasingly as Buhmann is presented. The Bush Cheney Rumsfeld clique is demonstrated even already correctly by the Jewish grosszionistischen establishment, as the statements deputy Secretary of Defense and Jewish Neokons Paul Wolfowitz clear among other things about "massenvernichtungswaffen Iraq" made. Because during president George W. Bush after the last Iraq war with strongly falling sympathy values with the inquiries in the USA to fight had and the world public still promised Saddams massenvernichtungswaffen in the Iraq soon to find, gave Wolfowitz of the world press times evenly completely loosely to understand that this was only an advanced reason and that it concerned in this war completely different things. The weekly paper the TIME brought this topic to Whitsuntide 2003 completely largely with the heading: "the large bluff the falcons". Wolfowitz, which did not even receive for it a ruege, is thereby Dabbeljuh Bush in the backs does not only please, but has it like an unimportant Doofling undecided. And as in the Second Channel of German Television transmission "frontal 21" was reported, to have even CIAMitarbeiter in an open letter the US government accused, it had manipulated and betrogen - "... The Iraq was to be threatened under sharp control and not even in a the position its neighbours, and already not at all the USA, the most powerful country in the world ". (note: The US government has manipulated and betrogen almost in each time, only the secret services have this otherwise naturally discreetly). Really more than naively that the concept of the penetration of the so-called..Neuen world order so represented momentarily in world politics is proclaimed "under guidance of the USA with military means, as it of the Bush administration for some years, in all seriousness a chance on success would be to be believed would have. That the USA now a country after the other one. Iran. Syria and finally also China and Russia with war cover and/or threaten, that are quite conceivable and possible that the USA could however in this way develop their supremacy in the world, that are completely absurd and unrealistic! At the present world-political development is condemns more putridly, than the very most suspect! - the whole world in shameless way in err and at the nose led around! The military Eskapaden of the USA, which as goettlicher order is sold, the martialische occurrence and all the impudent to implement anmassenden efforts of the Bush politics the "new world order" under ignoring international law is to be identified much too simply transparently and too much obviously as primitive world conquest plan of the USA, so that each halfway experienced connoisseur of the world-political developments and their it background becomes clear that a wrong play is played here! The freimaurerischen dark men of the Jewish financial establishment (globalists, a Weltler, large Zionisten) is since the establishment of the USA, apart from some few exceptions to arrange in increasing way succeeded the US politics after its interests from the background. Today over the fact no doubt exists that the Kriegstreiberei against Afghanistan, which is Iraq and the other enemy states of Israel above all Jewish origin. It comes from Jews, like Wolfowitz, bead, Brzezinski and Kissinger, which take important positions in the background of the US government machinery. (note: ... and/or until recently it took because Richard bead, which was a trusted friend of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, laid down its office for advisor to 27.3.03, equally the government spokesman Ari butcher, likewise Jew, laid down his office in July 2003 - is the sign for it that the rats leave the sinking ship the USA now gradually?). It is to be foreseen that the Grosszionisten over the influence of the Neokons the kriegstreiberische policy of the USA against different Islamic States of (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Egypt etc..) still another certain time will resume, in order to keep and the oil states to control to be able the momentarily largest enemies of Israel militarily, economically in addition, culturally (e.g. the destruction of the Islam library and robbery of the Iraqi cultural properties) as small as possible. It becomes however due to the internal camp fights within the US-American policy and also between the USA and Israel certain, but come not all to considerable tensions - which become large Zionisten with the help of the Neokons (within the Bush administration that is the so-called "falcons") control of the USA kept. ..war the on terror ". to be introduced the president George W. Bush in the autumn 2001 proclaimed, was a trap, into which the large Zionisten the USA lured, in order finalkept in track for acquisition their superordinate for very most humans obscure goals. It was from the beginning conscious itself the Jewish background stepping gene that the USA can never win this war, but their military potential and will inevitably wear themselves. The large zionistischen Globalisierer had from the outset planned to set with the produced assassination attempts from 11 September 2001 and the wars justified thereby the powder barrel approaching and the middle east in fire and the way in the III. To prepare world war, which as last intermediate step jahwistisch mosai schen for fulfilment that world domination vision an absolute condition is. Exactly taken we are since proclaiming "were on terror" already by George W. Bush in the Third World War, only this begins this mark creeping, so that most humans the momentary world situation not yet when notice the initial phase of a world war - each world war begins however differently and in different kind is led!. Also the conception of the "Pax Americana" and/or the "new world order" under guidance of the USA, which so far as apparently inevitable vision of the future one presented to the peoples (also still another certain time becomes) and many nations being afraid learns, serves the power Jews only for the deception of the commonwealth of nations and as deterrence and/or threat window blind, in order to establish the large zionistische idea really aimed at of the "a world government" under guidance of the UN, i.e. the Weltjudentums, steered by the Jewish financial establishment. The United States of America as nation and/or national state for it after the Third World War are not no more used. They are redundant and even for it disturbing, because such a powerful state would stand to the large Zionisten with the implementation of their true goals only in the way (see statements of prominent Jews in the chapter about the Neokons). Even the books "fight of the cultures" of Harvard professor Samuel Huntington and "America - the only weltmacht" of Zbigniew Brzezinski are on the whole only as consciousness manipulation to understand agitation and skillful deception (not least the US American). These books were written, in order to divert completely purposefully from the true grosszionistischen strategy of the Jewish financial establishment to the acquisition of the world domination by the establishment of the "a world government" (UN world government) and to lead and/or in hackneyed thought patterns prefabricated by the Jews run off let the US politics on the ice! With the so-called..Projekt for a new American century "and/or the..Neuen world order" under guidance of the USA it concerns around one of Jewish a-world-learns itself assumed and designed fatal erring way of American policy, which the end of the USA rings in, and not a chance for a free America! - the conceptional idea to this project rose alone from Jewish brains. The Jewish strategists understood to plant it since more jeher perfectly their ideas American politicians into the head. Unfortunately have most American politicians Jewish thinking already so much inside light and itself of original ideals founder fathers Americas so much far away that they are no longer capable to notice that what they think and when aims at vision of the future for the USA, completely after Jewish sample is knitted. For us German Patrioten is hardly conceivable it, with which superficialness, Ignoranz and thoughtlessness in the United States politics are made. The only one, the deep-going thoughts to make itself (however in each case in the same strategic direction) and their program with all consequence pull through, are the Jews - those never lose sight of their objectives!
The "project for a new American century" could be interpreted vordergruendig regarded like an emancipation attempt and/or a detachment effort of the USA by Jewish influence. During deep view however rather sent a camouflaged retreat attempt of the Judentums comes from the world-political area of responsibility of the US politics to the light (they let Bush and the WASP make now that and pay for alone, where they pushed these before), by that the Jewish financial elite and the Judentum the head from the loop even put to pull intended, in order together with the Bush administration to the pillory to be placed not later. Easily it is to be recognized anyhow that the attempt gives a "new world order" under guidance power the USA to establish, by explaining and with war covering countries as "rogue states" in large parts of the world automatically to resistance aroused and the USA many enemies and without end of problems, because this attempt can be constituted too easily as an inadequate and unauthorized, from exaggerated national self glorification and nationalpatriotic illusion come out US-American world controlling idea. Particularly remarkably it is also that by the Bush administration, in which the neokonservativen Jews from the background determine the policy, which contents of the terms "Christianity" and "Patriotismus" are permanently strained and placed before the whole world public in infamous way into a bad light. The development of the Christianity in the USA (described like before) is directed by the influence of the neokonservativen Jews since long time in the zionistische direction and it is instrumentalisiert to schueren war tendency and the war, the USA against the "international terrorism" and/or the enemies of Israel to justify. What possesses the Christianity in its current form still on true and positive aspects, is to be brought in disrepute, in order to create the condition, it shortly in the interest of the globalistic Weltbeherr into a whole determined world-descriptive direction (exact into the wrong!) change and in one long in preparation pseudo world religion present come up to let to be able. In similar way the Neokons in the USA with the term "Patriotismus" floats their mirror-image moose. Real Patriotismus defines itself by the love for the homeland and loyalty for the principles of the own people and/or country and its culture. Real Patriotismus estimates and respects such patriotic, i.e. in common-intimate values and virtues in addition, with humans of all other countries and/or peoples or cultures, it implied surely always also an aspect of protection, is however never threatening or imperialistic. Which however there already for many years to self-righteous national Gefuehlsduselei, anmassenden geocultural-missionary Hirngespinsten and hypocritical Selbstbeweihraeucherung in the USA together-brewed and blind obedienceness in relation to the government resolutions require themselves, nothing has to do with true Patriotismus. What strikes high waves since 11 September under the Bush administration by the Schuerung threat scenarios produced by fears of existence and hate feelings due to, is an artificially induced national psychotischer illusion, by which the American for the real dangers are made blind and who is shameless abused term "Patriotismus". This dekadente pseudo Patriotismus, by which the Americans make themselves the whole world the enemy, serves not the protection of the own country, its humans and its constitutional values, but exactly the opposite! It is used to endanger the peace and thus public security in the USA of cutting Buergerund of liberty rights in the USA substantial the condition gradually to dissolve and destroy and the world against the Americans to instigate. The Verunstaltung of the term "Patriotismus" is operated in the interest of the Judentums with coolly computation, in order with one another to revile any form of really noble Patriotismus, i.e. patriotic ideals of cultural self-determination, public spirit, national as well as military sovereignty and peaceful the peoples in mutual acknowledgment, so that patriotically really sense and prospectful efforts can be more easily suppressed in the future. Because how everyone can imagine, the concept of the "a world government" is not compatible with true patriotic ideals!
If the USA attack still far Islamic states in the interest of the world Judentums now (thus settle the dirt work for the Jews), the tendency in the world public still substantially more against the USA will turn. And this is desired of highest place, completely in the sense of the grosszionistischen idea also so! Because the imperial American war politics and the chaos in the world intend to drive the Jewish background stepping gene by weitestgehendc the destabilization as much as possible states so far that on the whole globe humans against the conditions in the world and against the USA on the road go. The self-righteous, arrogant and martialische occurrence of the Bush Cheney Rumsfeld people and their primitive, anmassende and war politics which can be checked up easily are desired - completely in the sense of the large zionistischen goals -! Because is this of the Jewish background stepping gene demanded and/or out-provoked behavior for it use: becomes, the republican Bush administration and with it the entire patriotically aligned WASP, which is patriotic as standard equipment judenfeindlicr and to let accumulate before the eyes of the world public. The "Illuminati" - the heads the most powerful Jewish high finance clan - has with its freimaurerischen background stepping gene planned the momentary crisis in approaching and the middle east zuspitzen and dan completely purposefully in a "ultimative crisis" escalate to let. The large Zionisten keeps itself for its respective decisions all options open, but also the use of nuclear weapons they have in the framework "controlled escalation" taken into account. They set on it, dab after a relatively short however intensive phase of the Third World War, in which the world-wide chaos on the point to be floated and also atomic rockets are to be used, in order to switch the large opponents off Russia and Chiaa militarily, then the desperate and war-tired people masses in the world according to peace and peace, security and order to only call and after a hard authority - which UN - will require, those the chaos in the world again into the grasp gotten and the USA into the barriers point can "we find us at the beginning of a global circulation. Everything that is missing to us still, is a large world-wide crisis, before the nations accept the new world order." David Rockefeller the debt for the ausufernden terrorism and the world-political chaos, which was arranged considerably the influence of the Neokons on the US politics, on which the Jewish backers however already work since long time and not only since 11 September, is then to a substantial part on the republican Bush government and the WASP (the new and last scapegoats, whom the Jewish controlled system needs) to be pushed away. Because of it the large Zionisten. the patriotic movements strong in the USA promises itself out-levers and the efforts after national sovereignty finally to break to be able - which would be otherwise impossible! Thus in the future any form is to be diffamiert of Patriotismus in the USA and the world in principle as negative, because there is to only be and may in the Jewish interest uniform "global One World thinking" shortly. From the media to it to be heated up and/or be supposed world-wide humans to skandieren: "never again an individual nation is to unite so much power in itself!" - hundreds of millions humans will then call in the roads of the large cities of the world after the UN. And exactly on this moment those have the world darkest dark men - the large zionistischen "Illuminati" - since far over 100 years hang-works, because they and the clenched power of the Judentums hide themselves behind the UN! They intend actually, also "peace-moved" humans and most politically critical groupings before the trucks of the large zionistischen world domination idea - the world domination of the Judentums over all other peoples - to stretch! The general sample for it took place already in March 2003, when in the metropolises against the US politics on the road went to the world millions of peace-moved humans. The Jewish bankers (large Zionisten) as the real wire-pullers of the world-wide crisis situation will then knock against with expensive Champagner and everything for it will initiate that the UN the exposed position will transfer, which held the USA before as "only weltmacht" and a world policeman. Already for over twenty years most diverse prominent politicians - in Europe still more than in the USA - do not try to represent constructing on negative the conception of the world and human being of established (materialistically aligned, laily human) philosophy the existence of independent states and/or nations and their sovereignty in the public in principle as negative and for the future as worthwhile - although this was said not always so clearly so far, but described mostly still skillfully. There is one goal for the financialpowerful Jewish background stepping gene only, and that is not the alleged "new world order" under the supremacy of the USA, but the dissolution and fusion of all national states to a only one global world state under guidance of the..Eine world government "- this is the new order of the world actually aimed at by these people! The large Zionisten, which let come the republican and prominent WASP man George W. Bush by a large bribery action (after the counting of votes in Florida) to power, work sent thereupon, the Bush appears and/or, ("patriotic") the WASP politics in a bad light and before the wall drive to let controlled, thus to Bush then the judenhoerigen, internationalistically aligned democrat the possibility get junior of arriving as rescuers and peace angels at power in order then the national state the USA to dissolve and in the UN world state come up to let be able. Because the democratic party of the USA in this world-political strategy play takes a key role, it was in the highest interest of the large zionistischen Judentums the fact that with the last US elections the democrats with AI would not ferment but drew in the republicans with the Bush people at the point in the white house. Because first of all the conservative republicans are to be inspired rather for a war (at least if there is in it any "American interest"), secondly because the USA economically and relating to financial policy briefly before the collapse stand and the Jews, who usually constitute the largest part of the democratic cabinet members, not when causers of the economic and relating to financial policy disaster, but when rescuers want to go into action, and thirdly because the democrats, who represent traditionally per-Jewish interests, after the series of wars, which the republican Bush administration plotted, then as peace angels into action to go to be able.
The anti-American and anti-national tendency is to be used then to make with the help of the democrats the dissolution of the USA and the integration of their individual states possible into the a world state long planned. For the fall of the weltmacht the USA and their dissolution the Jewish globalists wrote the film script already long. The large Zionisten assumes the Americans will insert themselves into their fate, as the Russians did it, when the Soviet Union broke down. That the Americans would really do this, but to have they taken precautions, because similarly as at that time the Soviet Union stand the USA now briefly before the collapse, so that nothing at all different one would remain remaining for the Americans, as from the chapters "the large swindle with the dollar" and "the USA become evident from unverbluemter perspective". The large Zionisten has thereby only one problem,: to hush up in relation to the Americans and the world public the fact that it - which Jews - all the chaos and the misery produced. "ORDO STARTING FROM CHAO!" the signature at the entrance portal of the headquarters of the Jewish controlled world free bricklaying reads in Geneva the Jewish high finance intends the "a world government" as the new order of the world from the global chaos to create, at that it already for over two hundred years completely purposefully worked! In the public the UN presented itself so far as a desolate blue helmet troop, in order to pretend weakness, in reality is the UN organization however the "animal from the people sea", the anti-Christian, who keeps the whole in its claws ground round. If for the large Zionisten far everything runs so well as before, they intend to use the favour of the hour at the end of the Third World War scruplesless, by then bringing a finished, all ranges of the social life comprehensive, all States of spreading and global order concept prepared in the detail for the installation to the "a world government" on the table, they would then let which ratify in shortest time of their Vasallenpolitikern. The whole affair would run just as smoothly, as the thing with the mast judge contracts, the European Union and the euro - it would only go all still very many faster over the stage. Then also here would be of course like one it with the ratification of the Maastrichter and Amsterdamer of contracts etc. already again and again stressed - all fundamental resolutions unreversible and always valid. If the USA as more military muscle-show off for smashing the enemies of Israel and as a world war causer their function it fulfilled and no more are not used, the large Zionisten. intends that the United Nations the position of the USA exposed before as only weltmacht and world policeman to take over! All important military Basen and mechanisms of the USA in the world will then remain existing further, only they are then subordinated to the central power of the UN world government - just as also all other relevant military mechanisms world-wide, which the Jewish establishment needs around the peoples of the earth in chess to hold. For the implementation of the concept of the "a world government" are then in the context of a world-wide "equalizing" and "bio regionalization" (those humans as decentralization to be sold is!) the supremacy the USA to be sacrificed, in order in this course still substantially more comprehensively than after the First World War the map of the earth again draw and in three large administrative zones to divide be able, which are to be merged then into a only one boundless patch carpet world state with a central puppet world government. "the slavery can be increased still importantly, by granting ihrden appearance of the liberty." Ernst Juenger in this already for the near future world state aimed at and central governed with Jerusalem than capital is it then world-wide only one world educating and education system, world-wide the same holidays, a only one world monetary system controlled of the Jewish bankers (probably still with "Schekel dollar" o.a.) and naturally only a world-wide economic system ("global trade"), which would not bear similarly a restaurant religion contradictions and also no alternative beginnings. This economic system would mean the "total globalization", whereby all production would then lie in the hand of the large concerns, genetic engineering and also clones of human embryos naturally and biological (naturheilkundliche, homoeopathische among other things.) Medicaments of the market, and even the free trade would have disappeared also would be among other things permitted to human organs. Of course it would give also only one of the "UN" and/or the a world centre government centralsteered world military, with which then the world could become "befriedet" depending upon need. Then could areas with Aufstaendi, which do not bombard themselves with restraint "politically correctly" by push of a button, without ever again on serious military resistance would have to be counted. In addition it is in the world of the "new world order" - except the Jew - in the future also only a mixing race gives (there is no Jewish race!) as well as only a uniform global world religion, which from Judentum and paulinistischem "Christianity" with a little cheap Buddhismus and also something by the Islam + UFO faith and Eso Bla Bla are to be cobbled together. In the different UN pending pseudo Esoterikkreisen one already created it to up-soft the brains so much the fact that humans welcome there so a imbecility religion and would assume. As the highest world-uniform prayer the "large Invokation" already spreads for some years. Who believes now, that would be everything only conspiracy theory, errs enormously, because the entire development described here can be occupied in the smallest detail with innumerable quotations and documents. In addition the constantly progressing process cycle can be observed for "a world government" today by everyone, which makes only the eyes on, in the political everyday life of the Polit Vasallen on all levels. There are today sufficient writings and books, in which for the concept and for the abolishment sovereigns of the states and the installation of a UN world government completely uninhibited one recruits.
An example is the book the birth of a global civilization, ISBN 3-7699-0536-9, edition KIMA in three oaks the publishing house, the vice-Secretary-General at that time of the United Nations, Robert Muller (a high degree free bricklayer, how it stands in beech), in which with blumigen words and with slimy soft esoterischem twaddle mental-cultural synchronising of mankind becomes gentleman light. For the spreading of globalistic, i.e. grosszionistischen ideas the freimaurer have the "University for Peace" ("peace university") in Costa Rica and many organizations pending to it ("World Good wants"; "club OF Rome", "new World Alliance", "family of the good will"; "Lucys trust", "Planetary initiative for the World incoming goods Choose", "World Council OF Wise person", etc..) based, which spread this heuchlerischen imbecility in the world. By these organizations they control a majority of the so-called "new Age movement" it come however still better! A further writing by which the large zionistische strategy becomes clear, is the book Maitreyas mission of Benjamin cream, ISBN 3-9800997-1-7, edition tetrahedron. With this book and further others try this Benjamin cream (a Skull&Bones skull&Bones-Freimaurer) to present and the free bricklayer organization "Share international" of mankind their Messiah organized world-wide. It is hardly to be believed, but an appropriate person, who as such is to function, becomes since approx.. 20 years of the Skull&Bones medal developed and waits in London for its large appearance. This poor humans, who call themselves Maitreya and which becomes "sold" people as simultaneous Reinkarnation of Buddha and Jesus, is to mankind the grosszionistische world controlling idea of socialism communism in the pseudoesoterischen Maentelchen as mirror-image-ritual release teachings to announce. (note: The highest maxim Maitreyas reads: "world peace... only through divide! "- which suggests it that those want to keep also future to Weltbeherr mankind in artificially produced lack, like it already by the exploitative Jewish money system with constant money supply increase in the west and with the inevitably unproductive, since centralistic achieved steered planned economy in the east. There are not the "anti-Christians", how pseudo Christians and/or Esoteriker state - such statements rise from a primitively binaryistic way of thinking with index finger moral, which wants to push mirror-image-ritual responsibility away. But if there are one, which could represent this conception symbolically, then would be this Maitreya.) The wire-pullers of the actual world domination efforts do not intend to make itself dirty for the anvisierte goal of the "a world government" the fingers they fight for it not with tanks and rockets (they leave to the USA and/or the WASP), but try their goals over the vague wattlework of the international free bricklaying by disinformation and corruption of reaching by opinion manipulation and consciousness change up to the brain laundry of whole peoples as well as with most refined organized plots and dreister Heuchelei completely "peacefully" by "democratic" authentication - the satanischste lobby to ground connection intended, the world domination on legal way "legally" are completely passed to leave! "the world governed by completely different persons, than those believe, their view not to behind the window blinds is enough." As well as Benjamin Disraeli, English prime minister 1874-80 all international combinations those the UN are attached and/or these are subordinate the entire international free bricklaying with its innumerable secret federations, logen, medals and subsidiary organizations, WHO, World Trade Organization etc., the European union and NATO, in addition, economic mechanisms and combinations like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the NAFTA as well as the club OF Rome are used purposefully for the destruction sovereigns of the states and work for the abolishment of the cultural variety and the self-determination of the peoples! - with the goal of the establishment of a heuchlerischen extreme world dictatorship of the "Political Correctness", compared with which the stalinistische system was still another relatively liberal meeting. Additionally there is still another multiplicity of private organizations and donations (among other things also the donation of Michael Gorbachev), which publicise completely ignorantly or hypocritically the "a world ideology". These present their ideas as contrast program for the present political development and faseln from peace, global justice and an ecological future, plead for social reconciliation and international solutions in the context of the UN. But in reality this Heuchler and/or ignorant one advances only the creeping process of the enslavement of the peoples and synchronising the cultures for the establishment of the "a world government". Even the anti-American aligned anti-globalization movement ATTAC works finally on the goal of the "world government". Since end of the cold war are all prominent European politicians of the international, Jewish gradually almost controlled free bricklaying brought on the a world course. Since then this Politvasallen works whether social-democratically, conservatively, liberally, socialistically or green, all together lay pseudohuman aligned, with largest matter of course as agreed upon to the given global final solution, as if would not give it in addition the smallest alternative - only the word "world government" is so far mostly still omitted thereby. Here we would like some suitable thoughts of the Austrian historian with the alias E.R. Carmin ("the black realm"; "guru Hitler") quote, which had already recognized these 1979 concerning the secret establishment of a "new world order" and in its book "five minutes before Orwell" had written down: "... Since humans do not change, then its philosophers (note concluded: those the large zionistischen high finance), results logical-proves the necessity to change it surrounding society in order to cause the ideal condition of a world community.
So that however this community can function, after their view extracting individual humans from its organic connections and the gradual socialization of individual humans are a condition. Due to the gradual, purposeful destruction of the traditional areas of life world-wide planning and its penetration possibility must step, in order to avoid the chaos mankind-destroying in the nuclear era to the place of dying institutions. Logically the condition for this kind is state States of controlled from the beginning by world unit the accelerated removal of national self-sufficiency, if necessary more synthetic by wars and finally the creation and, the fusion of religions, races, abolishment of commercial obstacles and other independence factors... It gives today only very much few heads of the government and party leaders, completely equal which political direction it belong, which not to this internationalist society belong and by their politics and work to opening that it surrounding societies from the inside ago contribute, while of this forces controlled organs new order, which UN, which UNESCO, which International Monetary Fund, which World Bank, which world church advice, which CIA, and the KGB, this opening procure from the outside ago, by the destabilization of still independent governments... How does it come that the richest and most powerful men of the capitalistic world since financed more jeher a movement and do-tonically supported, a whose avowed goal is nevertheless alleged it evenly such people like the Rothschilds to destroy skirt skin R-S ship to rob the Warhurgs of its fortune and its power her simply? If one understands that from all beginning socialism, as one understands him due to the Marxist theory, no property distribution program is, but the most outstanding method. Possession to control and consolidate and besides control of all productive forces and humans 7.u win and also each annoying competition off to switch to be able, then the apparent paradox that calculated the Suoerreichen uses itself for socialism, is already solved. That is ia the insidious at this ideology, which is in reality the instrument of the seizure of power and exercise of power devised hinterhaeltigste so far by humans: Most humans, above all also the opponents of socialism believe. Socialism is a program for the rearrangement of the fortune. But how that really functions? It is called so beautiful, means of production are in socialism national property. Actually however socialism is nothing different one than control of the government of the fundamental means of the production and the distribution of goods and services. Communism or socialism, however, last end a movement of suppressed masses was never, but since more jeher a movement an economical elite. Communism is in last consequence as state capitalism the completion and perfection of capitalism absolutely. If one controls the government in a not-socialist state, it is not called still for a long time that one therefore eesamten means of production, the entire consumption, which have entire worker of humans under control. However if a society is as it were socialized, then it is sufficient to control the government.
Therefore the USA (note support: the financial Jews, who steer the US politics from the background) again and again apparently communist enemies... ". The connections pointed out in this quotation should be understood finally once about those, which see an alternative to the existing Heuchel and exploitation system still in socialism. Who really checks up socialist system structures, which recognizes that socialism is the perfect of all enslavement forms! Socialism = Zionismus. (note: Really meaningful, really social and the entwicklungsstufe of today's mankind appropriate system alternative is the three-arranged Kosmonarchie, from the Urprinzipien of the community nature derived a community order, for those the new community compiled by philosophers since years the bases and shortly the public will present.) The US Kasperletheater will be resumed still another certain time, but the supremacy of the USA was for the financial Jews from the beginning only one project on time. The Bush Cheney Rumsfeld clique and all the WASP Lobbyisten with its size-mad conception of the global US supremacy are used by the Jewish financial establishment only as "useful idiots", in order to implement the superordinate grosszionistischen interests for the acquisition of the unrestricted global rule. Anti-Americaism and resistance against the "new world order" (under guidance of the USA) are at least permitted in certain way therefore since at the beginning of of 2003 even also in the established media. The idea of the "new world order" under guidance of the USA was only purely strategically, meant as diverson and purposeful deception from them. The Jewish high finance placed or related the grosszionistische goal of the "new world order" in form of the..Eine world government "under the rule of the Judentums to no time in any way in doubts - it never lost sight of this goal and hang-worked always consistently on the implementation of this goal! The USA became and will only as psychological experimentation field (one must at humans test somewhere, how far one can drive disinformation and stupefying) as well as instrument for the dirt work of the military war guidance and for the world-wide culture destruction by "american way the OF life" uses, around the largest enemies and heaviest opponent of the Jewish world domination idea (Germany, the Islam, Russia. To make innocuous China and Japan), before the true zionistische can be then finally out-played, i.e. the large zionistische map of the "a world government". If the nations of the earth are ready only to merge into a global world state then the Jews need no more USA, then also they are to come up in the united world nation - United nation OF the World -. For the third time the large zionistischen dark men have to hide themselves it created behind the foreign policy of the USA and to stretch the powerful America politically and militarily from the trucks of the zionistischen world controlling idea, because in the Third World War we find since proclaiming "were on terror" in the autumn already 2001 long, only most humans do not notice that, because it is not conscious to them that this Third World War with completely different strategy is led than the two previous. The Jews let G.W. Bush play completely consciously the powerful man in world politics, hold him however at a short line. Since after the establishment "on was terror" for the Jewish financial establishment and the interests of the Judentums now everything runs in the best way, the large Zionisten with diplomatic fate intends to play the role of the Judentums in official world politics down. One would like to rather be in the background, if it goes so correctly in the context of the forthcoming political and military-martial development to the thing - one would not like when wire-pullers of the approaching world fire came into suspicion. It would be to be accepted extremely naively that the so over-powerful Jewish financial establishment with the relatively modest idea contently would give itself Erez Israel (the small zionistischen idea), where now the possibility for a total global Jewish world domination (a global Israel) is open to them nevertheless - where the Jews see the fulfilment them by Jahwe given of the promises. One is certain: These people think in this regard no half and pursue also no half goals! The Israel-critical attitude of the UN (the UN criticism at the policy of the national state Israel) and the many UN resolutions against Israel in the past are to arouse the impression that the UN would treat the Jewish state and/or the Jews just as strictly, like other states and/or humans. It is mostly forgotten that the Jews of the innumerable UNResolutionen, which were discharged against Israel accepted never something. While momentarily now also the USA place themselves as far as possible behind the hard course of Israel and Sharon the Near East tries to pull in into a spiral of the force, will itself the UN, in order to calm and win for itself the Islamic world, shortly as protecting power of the Palestinians to very probably up-play and (even faster than meant) an independent Palestinian state to make possible help.
During the evaluation of the UN criticism at Israel one should not forget the fact that the large zionistische Finanzjudentum is interested in the background of the UN, finally not in the maintenance of the national state Israel but only on the implementation of the world state with capital Jerusalem, controlled described before, by the Judentum, aims at, which presupposes among other things also the dissolution of the national state Israel. Before this background also the planned establishment of an independent Palestinian state for the Jewish background stepping gene is a quite realistic and bearable option, since they assume this would lose its legal meaning in the context of the planned a world state to a large extent anyway again. One of the large misunderstandings, which exist until today, is the conception, which actually equates the Israel lobby (Kleinzionisten) with the Jew lobby! - the "small zionistische" Israel lobby (Sharon and CO.) plays world-politically only a very much subordinated role, which et in the dialectic play of the "Divide Impera" more or less only the diverson and the deception serves. The Grosszionisten behind those educates the most powerful and most dangerous Jew lobby the interests both the Rothschild clan and the skirt skin he clan and most other large Jewish financial clan hides itself. In addition, likewise the entire appearing so harmless, particularly Jews of the world thoratreuen at the American east coast resident must be ranked among it, because also these work purposefully on a Jewish world realm with Jerusalem as world capital. Only these want to arrive on more elegant way at this goal, to let not with Brachialgewalt such as Sharon and CO, but would like their mosaisch jahwistisches (satanisches) world realm "democratically" more or less legitimize - for which, the dekadenten masses brain-washed by the spirit of the 68er would transfer the role of the stirrup owner to Europe and particularly to Germany beaming with joy, if they are not aroused before still from their Hypnose! Before the "a world government" is installed, the Jewish financial establishment intends the population of world by the final battles of the Third World War in a not small measure to dezimieren - China stands thereby on the "hit list" different completely above, just as also unpleasant and/or insubordinate groups of peoples, e.g. Palaestinenser.Die Jewish background stepping gene and her hoerigen Vasallen is even in all seriousness the view to do to mankind thereby a large favour because it from their dualistischmechanistischen, materialistic opportunistischen way of thinking and world view the problem of the population of over as the problem of mankind largest with distance to regard. Therefore the reduction of the population numbers is quite desired by hunger, wars, diseases etc.. Most humans were murdered so far however extremely profitably with chemotherapies with cancer (several hundred million since the Second World War!!! - unbelievably, but truely). Likewise some millions already became by alleged AIDS medicines (maximumpoisonous AZT Retrovir among other things.) aimed killed! 1971 tightened the club OF Rome in its book "the borders of growth" concerning the world population growth: "there are only two possibilities of re-establishing the equilibrium. Either the birth rate must to the conditions of the lowered death rate be pressed down or however the mortality rate be increased." In February 1987 Robert MC became Namara, which quotes former World Bank president and secretary of the United Nations with the following explanation: "to the restriction of the demographic explosion drastic measures must be seized also against the will of the peoples. The reduction of the birth rate proved as impossible or insufficiently. Thus the number of deaths rate must be increased. And how? With natural means: with hunger and illness." (from "J'ai compris", NR tout. 2, February. 1987, edition Machiavel, in: Guylaine Eanctot, I/O mafia della sanita, Editioni Amrita) in Clinicum 9/96 was under the heading "medical police - the physician as bio politicians" to read: "the adjustment of the population growth is the most significant characteristic of the modern absolutist state. The medical profession saw in this connection a unique possibility, to the authority zuzuarbeiten and thereby prestige to fight for."
Powerful Jewish clan draw their long-term concept for the implementation of the "a world government" with Jerusalem as seat of the world government and world capital, which already exists since long time, bang-hard through, but is relatively flexible their proceeding in individual situations of the political development, since they will keep themselves on the way to their large zionistischen final goal desired always different kurzund medium-term alternate options open to have kept open and. Depending upon that, how the opposing camps react and itself the resistance against the large zionistische project for the establishment of the "a world government" developed, they make in individual cases again and again opportune decisions. Also their decision-making processes and the procedures and events in world politics, steered thereby, develop in the framework dialectically progressing processes. Behind the conceptional idea of the Jewish financial establishment for the seizure of the world domination a perfected form of the "Divide hides itself et to Impera", a ahead-planning plotter-dialectic proceeding, which leaves finally, at the end of the manipulated dialectic play, only only one power remaining - those, which hides itself behind the UN! Also the "European condition", which calibrates Giscard with the draft constitution of the French high degree free bricklayer d'Estaing recently in the public moved, fits fully and completely into the program of the large zionistischen a Weltler and alone in their interest was sketched. The idea of the "United States of Europe" will fulfill the function of a very at short notice valid political temporary solution in the context of the a world concept only - thus only the field is to be prepared. With all the individual steps (EEC, mast-arrange, European Union, office, European condition etc..) are the remainders by national consciousness and thus all efforts after national sovereignty and cultural self-determination in the heads to be soft-knocked completely gradual and dissolved. Thus one tries the creeping, but consistently pulled through process of the Voelker-deprivation of power and - to enslavement one "democratic" painting halfway to lend. But one cannot on the whole be clean-talked. A participation of the European Union citizens does not give it. Of Luxembourg entrusted Prime Minister Jean Claude Juncker, he "never a such Untransparenz to the mirror, the democratic competition extracting meeting experienced itself". He is "deeply disappointed" over "the function of this convention", never he a "darker darkroom saw". At the beginning of of 2004 is to be present the "European condition" in all European languages, in the middle of the next yearly is it to be signed and then the national conditions be replaced. Then from the Jewish background stepping gene "United States aimed at" from Europe the sovereignty of the European peoples will terminate. In order to point, with which boldness with the draft of this condition one proceeded, here only one example out: In the draft for European condition one had replaced the word..Mensch "from the beginning by the word" person "! After this draft constitution thus those should not will humans inviolable to respect and to protect be in future geeinten Europe, but only those became..Person ". Exactly the same this condition should not award all humans social rights or right to lives and physical soundness, but..Personen only ". That means it that in the future only humans, who correspond to the social status defined in each case..Person "should arrive also the benefit of the fundamental rights. But the fundamental rights of a non--person can be denied or related - this corresponds to the basic principle of today's bioethical thinking! One sees times, where thinking the globalistic human rights activists and freimaurerischen philanthropists (the perversesten of the worst criminals themselves calls itself in such a way) leads. Only by that vehement employment of some fewer watchful personalities could be cancelled again this behind-cunning redefinition in the all-last moment. Due to substantial protests there now again "humans" stand. Also the God purchase is missing in this condition, that also the Pope already took impact. The president of the condition convention, Giscard d'Estaing, said to the fact that "a reference to God was not appropriate, because the Europeans in a purely lay system lived, in which the religion no role played". (note: The nihilistic materialists intends to destroy the religious roots of Europe as far as possible to be able to press around the Europeans afterwards more easily a pseudo religion on the eye)
To the idea of the creation of the "United States of Europe" it is to be still marked that some politicians, who want to create thereby a Gegenpol to the USA really serious-take that to Palaver of multipole arene a world. They are however not conscious itself the fact that also they are used from the financial Jews to the establishment of a unipolar world because if the USA disappear as national power factor, intends the grosszionistischen background stepping gene to arrange their "a world government" after the concept of the European Union i.e. the a world state long planned will be in principle nothing different one, than a global extension of the "United States of Europe". Likewise the a world money system on the euro is arranged to construct and/or according to the principle of the Euros. After the forthcoming final battles of the Third World War, if the political chaos, which are large economic emergency as well as the despair and confusion of humans enough, is it planned to pull the development through of European Union to the world state completely fast - then the grey men put long concept of the a world government prepared in the smallest detail completely on the table, without on it in any form influence could be really taken. It applies to consider that the European Union is only the sample draft and the study object for the a world state. And also the "citizen convention", which was brought at large pageant and enormous financial expenditure into being, is Mach work of the Jewish freimaurerischen globalists (large Zionisten). These people feel the increasing distrust of the German Intelligenzia in relation to the system and try now the different momentarily very active movements for "more democracy", "direct democracy" etc. the inlet abzugraben, by becoming active now. Above all the condition discussion kindled by German Patriotenkreisen is to be expenditure-levered for the separation of the Basic Law for the FRG. Therefore the freimaurerischen Einweltler publicises a Basic Law reform and/or the formulation of a condition. One wants to forestall the patriotic forces and to have a finished prepared draft constitution in the hand, if the whole FRG juice shop breaks down shortly. As even in the mirror (No. 20, 12.5.03)"written", the existing Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany any more many birthdays does not stand will celebrate, there it, which blocks "reforms". To the initiators of the citizen convention the very influential German high degree free bricklayers Kurt Biedenkopf and Otto count von Lambsdorff belong. The moreover Josef field man are after our status of information Eberhard von Kuenheim. Boss of the German bank, Hans Olaf handle, the former boss of the BDI. My hard Miegel, director/conductor of the institute for economics and society. Gerd Langguth, professor for political sciences involved in the University of Bonn, and also Federal President Johannes Rau in the Heuchelprojekt..Buergerkonvent "its. Meanwhile there are even several citizen conventions. Their wire-pullers try to let these conventions appear vordergruendig as patriotically as possible gesinnt, by taking up therein as alibi some appropriate ideas and with measure-psychologically sophisticated Rhetorik giving to want to carry out German virtues in the policy. Some the specified points it hear itself for many humans also only once completely reasonably to which unterm line for the Germans thereby however would come out, is completely different thing because with the citizen conventions the globalists intends nothing different one to fix than the transmission of important national authority of the European Union and in such a way to manipulate a thinking of the population that humans resign themselves to the welfare cutses. The citizen conventions are to be regarded thus with highest caution and may not with the citizens' initiatives for more democracy be confounded. The citizen conventions are most hypocritical meetings, by which becomes only too clear, like substantial, in addition, like sent the freimaurerischen a world Strateaen "if you plan your eyes do not need, in order to see, it them will need to cry over." Jean Paul for the reaching of their goals is of advantage it the large zionistischen "Illuminati" much the fact that succeeds itself them and its world domination concept before the large public further covered keeps and to all resistance and all criticism the USA and/or..deren "" new world order "to canalize to be able. They work now continuously completely skillfully thereupon to strengthen the role of the UN step for step. They can count on increasing criticism at the USA ever more on the fact that the thing for them runs to a large extent from completely alone.
Further reason, why Jews the USA now to fall to leave and/or to fall to leave to have, is fact that the dollar swindle, with which the Jews plundered the states of the world economically threatens to fly up shortly and expose the Finanzjudentum. In order not to come into the center of the world-wide indignation which can be expected and save around the own neck, w issen the Jews the fact that they may not let it come up to flying up the dollar swindle but something to produce briefly before must, that diverts and makes possible to be able to turn this affair unpleasant for the Jewish financial establishment under the carpet. So that the diverson succeeds and the dollar swindle before the world public can be concealed, it is the safest possibly even the only way to leave exactly happened what the Jews anyway already since long time to have planned, i.e.: the national state the USA in a new state order to let come up the UN world state of the "a world government" with a completely new world-wide money and achievement clearing system. "I see in the near future a crisis up-pull... In times of peace the financial power booty from the nation and in times of hostilities strikes colluded it against it. It is more despotischer more addicted as a monarchy, more impudently than an autocracy, than a bureaucracy. She slanders all those as people enemies, who question their method and throw light on their crimes... A time of the corruption in highest places will follow, and the financial power of the country to strive to extend its rule to the wealth in the hands by few accumulated and the republic is destroyed." Abraham Lincoln in a speech from 21 November 1864Um the dissolution and/or abolishment of the USA without larger resistance of the Americans to make possible, need the Jews the aggressive-expansive Hegemonial and war politics - the imperial program - of the USA under George W. Bush, because thereby the existence of sovereign national states in principle into a bad light posed and the position of the UN enormously to be strengthened is. For the dissolution national of the State of the USA and their integration in the UN world state afterwards politically correctly the democratic party will then provide, which, as is common knowledge is, the interests of the Jew lobby represents. The WASP Lobbyisten (particularly the Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Cli que) naturally so fast struck to give and therefore, in order to save the dollar as world key currency and concomitantly their skin, try all only possible one to destabilize here Europe and particularly Germany (you cover ourselves interests with those of the Jewish financial establishment). They speculate on the collapse office, which would re-establish the dollar hegemony in the world. For this reason urge and the European and particularly the German economy with all only erdenklichen means (restaurant economics, corruption, bribery, infiltration, try the USA on an European Union extension, on the admission from ever more strangers as well as on an European Union membership of Turkey court processes, through dreiste legal regulations, direct or indirect interference into the European Union politics, European Union boycott, bad Nachrede etc..) to weaken - which succeeds to them to a large extent also completely outstanding.
Because thereby in world politics such a disorder prevails, looks through hardly still someone that thing is real. One is however safe: The large zionistische concept of the powerful Jewish bankers ("Illuminati") to the establishment of the "a world domination" is consistently pulled through! How they come there, however they keep themselves all possibilities open. A mistake would be to be thought that in any way connected, let alone obligated would feel the Jewish financial stepping gene of the FED the USA, the State of the USA to receive. If it really to UN world state with planned "a world government" to come should, in which the USA it would then come up to consider applies it that the financialpowerful circles, which pull behind the FED the threads, with which from them established created office a second paper currency, with which it then of the dollar step out at any time and mirror-image moose in the planned UN world state then world-wide in similar way from the front begin let could. That office needed to be renamed then only in "Schekel UN", "Schekel dollar" o.a. likewise should be considered that the private Jewish Finanzlobbies, which control up to then the US economy and the US financial system the all-largest part (thus still more than today) of the world-wide material capital (carrying out enterprises, raw materials including sources of oil, gold -, Silberund diamond mines including prospecting licenses, infrastructures including cable -, rail and road systems, almost all banks etc..) in their private property and humans of all peoples will hold will be able to then let work for itself. Those are nevertheless really fine prospects for the Jews in the new a world state! "with food one controls humans, with the oil the nations, with money the world." Henry Kissinger it applies to consider that the system of the uncovered dollar paper money ("Fiat money", "Konfettigeld"), which we uncovered here only one aspect refines thought out, all states of the "western value community" hinterruecks forced upon money system of the for an unlimited period growing money supplies is. This money system established almost world-wide possesses still completely different possibilities of the exploitation, with which the peoples of the earth make more financially dependent on the Jewish large bankers, economically expenditure-bleed and also politically and mental-culturally under control of the Judentums are finally forced - to it shortly. The money system established today is the condition for the destruction of the sovereignty of all states, for the abolishment of any self-determination and liberty and thus the substantial instrument for the implementation of the large zionistischen idea of the "a world domination". It becomes highest time that now humans think together-found and together serious over it, what after the collapse of the Jewish anglo American megasystem to us - into Europe and the world - comes. INFORMATION ABOUT GOLD gold is for thousands of years the most reliable payment and value storage means. Straight one in crisis periods and with a stock exchange Crash, which becomes daily ever more probable today, will completely particularly win gold enormously by meaning and is recognized in the value rapidly ansteigen.Dass this, by it has the international high finance however completely and no interest, because she continues to intend with the uncovered paper money, which "Fiats money", with which so easily enormous fortunes can be obtained to make their business. The uncovered paper money serves the expropriation of humans, gold prevents this process! - gold of those, which profit from the "Fiat money", with all means fought and therefore was and is the Jewish high finance until today interested in it, will therefore manipulate the gold price downward. A high gold price is the largest enemy of the uncovered paper dollar!
In order to intersperse the US dollar as world key currency, it was necessary to switch gold off as reference for the value of the currency. Therefore the Jewish bankers have after it in the USA 1971 the gold reserve of the dollar had waived, at the same time with it begun, gold and silver in the heads of humans to entmonetisieren, by establishing the conception, gold and silver are in the today's time as payment and value storage means completely unsuitable. The USA are however, since approx.. , no gram of the valuable material sold it to 100 years the largest Goldhorter of the world for years. In the last decades the FED lowheld the gold price with different money-systemic manipulation possibilities, with law break and conspiracy purposeful. For many years a proper fight against gold and silver is to be observed. In the most television and radio message and information endings in those stock exchange and economic parameterses admits to be given, the establishment ensured that the current cost per fine ounce gold is not only any longer called. With an appropriate negative tendency-make the Jewish bankers it reached that the largest owners of gold their existence substantial reduced, whereby the gold price was continued to press downward. For example they have it with their enormous influence (among other things with pressure of Jewish organizations, keyword: to give up "robbery gold") also production that Switzerland, which had also fixed as only country a partial covering of its currency to gold (40%) in the condition to induce to it this gold reserve 1992. (note: There a such change of the condition - task of the gold reserve - hardly the obligatory popular vote would have happened, to Swiss by its government was before-made that it concerns during the new coding of the condition not material changes, but only by a clear and text adjusting of the valid condition. Thus now world-wide the principle of the "Fiat is money" completely imported, with the dangers, which experience the straight USA acutely). In view of the many gold sales of different national central banks, which were transacted in the 90's, the gold price would have to actually lie still many more deeply. This is not however like that, because the Jewish bankers already industriously buy up the gold held in the price low since long time in the background. There are to press thus two reasons the price of the gold, these lies on the one hand in the tendency of the Jewish Finanzoligarchie, the system of the uncovered (worthless), to maintain arbitrarily increasable paper dollars ("Fiats money") further and on the other hand in making unattractive gold than value storage means and the gold reserves of the individual states gradually for cheap money buy and/or to in-sag to be able. The Jewish bankers do not buy up the gold however only-secretly, them still on completely different way in possession of the gold of many states brought themselves. It is completely official, but all all this know that in the USA almost all gold reserves of the "western value community" store. The Jewish bankers created it apparent somehow to induce the prominent politicians of their vassal states to deposit their gold reserves in the safe deposits of the Federal reserve bank in the USA. Why like that is, we could make not, but are it a definite fact.
In order to intersperse the US dollar as world key currency, it was necessary to switch gold off as reference for the value of the currency. Therefore the Jewish bankers have after it in the USA 1971 the gold reserve of the dollar had waived, at the same time with it begun, gold and silver in the heads of humans to entmonetisieren, by establishing the conception, gold and silver are in the today's time as payment and value storage means completely unsuitable. The USA are however, since approx.. , no gram of the valuable material sold it to 100 years the largest Goldhorter of the world for years. In the last decades the FED lowheld the gold price with different money-systemic manipulation possibilities, with law break and conspiracy purposeful. For many years a proper fight against gold and silver is to be observed. In the most television and radio message and information endings in those stock exchange and economic parameterses admits to be given, the establishment ensured that the current cost per fine ounce gold is not only any longer called. With an appropriate negative tendency-make the Jewish bankers it reached that the largest owners of gold their existence substantial reduced, whereby the gold price was continued to press downward. For example they have it with their enormous influence (among other things with pressure of Jewish organizations, keyword: to give up "robbery gold") also production that Switzerland, which had also fixed as only country a partial covering of its currency to gold (40%) in the condition to induce to it this gold reserve 1992. (note: There a such change of the condition - task of the gold reserve - hardly the obligatory popular vote would have happened, to Swiss by its government was before-made that it concerns during the new coding of the condition not material changes, but only by a clear and text adjusting of the valid condition. Thus now world-wide the principle of the "Fiat is money" completely imported, with the dangers, which experience the straight USA acutely). In view of the many gold sales of different national central banks, which were transacted in the 90's, the gold price would have to actually lie still many more deeply. This is not however like that, because the Jewish bankers already industriously buy up the gold held in the price low since long time in the background. There are to press thus two reasons the price of the gold, these lies on the one hand in the tendency of the Jewish Finanzoligarchie, the system of the uncovered (worthless), to maintain arbitrarily increasable paper dollars ("Fiats money") further and on the other hand in making unattractive gold than value storage means and the gold reserves of the individual states gradually for cheap money buy and/or to in-sag to be able.
The Jewish bankers do not however only buy up the gold secretly, them still on completely different way in possession of the gold of many states brought themselves. It is completely official, but all all this know that in the USA almost all gold reserves of the "western value community" store. The Jewish bankers created it apparent somehow to induce the prominent politicians of their vassal states to deposit their gold reserves in the safe deposits of the Federal reserve bank in the USA. Why like that is, we could make not, but are it a definite fact. Different German daily papers spread German gold in June 1997 a report with the title "store in Manhattan". In the fact it means that in an enormous underground safe deposit area of the New Yorker Federal reserve bank of only about 100 meters of the barrier Street -25 meters deeply in the grown rock of the south point Manhattans behind 90 tons a heavy turning door - monetary gold from all world with a market value of approximately 124 billion dollar stores. The main safe deposit has the size of a half sports field, should 122 single safe deposits contain and only with a direct atom bomb release be endangered. Peter Bakstansky, Vizepraesident and Pressechef of the New Yorker FED is quoted therein with the words: "we have here 700,000 gold bar, the monetary gold reserves of altogether 60 countries. Each gold bar weighs approximately 13 kilograms and has a degree of purity of at least 99.5 %. is here the largest gold treasure of the earth. "as Charles de Gaulle 1968 the gold of the French issuing bank back to France, deposited in the USA in the safe deposits of the FED, to get wanted, got it not only a removal, but acted also" May unrests "of the CIA instigated student in and short time later into the retirement one carried. In the mirror NR. 33 of 11.8.03 on the fact it was reported that the financial politicians in Berne worry themselves around the Swiss gold reserves, which are deposited in US-American safe deposits, and over it requires information whether these gold reserves can be brought "in an emergency" rapidly back into the alpine state. The financial delegation of the Swiss federal advice wanted to know, whether the foreign gold was contractually against the access third protected, because it to fear that American Federal High Court Judges could seize allegedly in away Knox stored gold. Minister of Finance Kaspar Villiger did on a request in the parliament mysteriously: "where these ingots lie, cannot I to them unfortunately not say, because I do not know it also, it not know must and it does not want to know." It is most suspicious in this connection that the US Treasury (Treasury) already does not permit an independent examination of the gold reserves in-loaded hoppers in the USA for over 50 years more. It is to be therefore accepted that the Jewish bankers do not intend this gold ever again out-move. For some years even the suspicion consolidates itself that away Knox and all other gold safe deposits of the Federal are empty reserve bank long. The official explanations that gold would lie, where nobody may go in and check is not sufficiently. We must even assume the gold is long away, neither in away Knox nor in Manhattan, but that the Jewish a world stepping gene this gold as a precaution long under the nail tore itself and deposited in their private shelters! - they know long, which crisis will come soon to mankind.
If they promise everything that they planned go wrong should, itself, by the possession of the tremendous, the human being-robbed gold quantities (them have approx.. 90% - to 95% of the gold in its possession) in any case, ever dug, again at power to arrive, because from the experiences of the past know them: Who has the gold, power has! Without the manipulation of the gold price the purge of the dollar would have become still substantially dramatic including the securities noted in dollar. It seems gradual however, as if the high finance arrived despite its immense power now at the end of their possibilities of keeping the gold price low. Because of the substantial manipulation on the gold market it made a group with the name GATA (gold anti trust Association) it's duty to expose and fight the price manipulation with the gold. Because of fraudulent gold manipulations GATA submitted German bank, the bank for international clearing payment (BIZ) against the FED, Alan Greenspan, Goldman Sachs, JPMorganChase, thus against the whole gang, which holds to its exploitative money system convulsively/desperately, a complaint. According to estimate of the GATA the gold price will rocket-like rise, if admits the substantial manipulations of the gold price in the public become. And there the exerted process good chances for success to have is, is to be foreseen that in the next time very many investors will transfer to gold and/or to transfer to want. Which will however absolutely try to prevent the establishment. It is to be counted therefore on the fact that the private gold possession is forbidden shortly, how it already happened under president Roosevelt. Since this is not to be ordered so simply from above to, the establishment is about already for some time to condition the Americans in such a way that they regard gold as evils, by bringing it as moneys of the international terrorism in disrepute. Because increasingly more investor look for a safe port before the Wirrnissen of the world economy, the gold increased in the last years despite the substantial manipulations of the gold price in value. And it is to be counted on the fact that the gold price will further strongly rise in the next time, since also the small people buy ever more gold bar and coins around its family savings to protection that gold price also therefore in the near future will strongly rise, because of Asia became central banks enormous gold buyers and their gold reserves of far substantial will supplement. In addition it is to be counted on the fact that the Islamic world will introduce soon its own gold-covered currency. How far the considerations prospered for the introduction of a so-called "gold dinar", came out from a speech, which of Malaysia prime minister Mahathir as a host of a seminar in Kuala Lumpur with the name..Der gold dinar in the international trade gave "before high-ranking representatives of the Islamic states. The introduction of a gold dinar as accounting unit for the foreign businesses between Islamic states is momentarily seriously discussed. Who wants to save its fortune over the forthcoming crisis, which it should watch thus that he which liquid he make can, as fast as possible in gold puts on - momentarily the gold price is still relatively favorable (an ounce under 400 dollar). The gold should be deposited as anonymous as possible bought (that is possible with quantities to 2,500 euro) and in no case with the banks.
In principle we would like to mark gold to the topic that the money system of the future, which will shortly submit the \etie community of philosophers to the world public will be based definitely not on a gold reserve. But is to be foreseen that gold in each case will in the future always possess a high value and in the forthcoming crisis period uebergangsweise also a safe currency will be, with which so some family their existence secure can. From it will gold in the future for different purposes - not only in the technology and for decoration - used, but will be apart also from mirror-image-ritual view because of its high oscillation of importance and be needed. Therefore it is important that at least certain part of the gold reserves of the earth can be extracted from the entrance of the Jewish bankers, because is not to be foreseen, when the immense gold reserves loaded hoppers by them in secret hiding places come again to the daylight and mankind again to the order. We recommend therefore in principle and expressly to the purchase of gold. In the end of this chapter still another book recommendation about gold. Since we received it only briefly before completion of this writing only, we could not read and evaluate the book yet, it should have been however the hammer about gold, as is reported us from reliable source. The book carries the title the gold conspiracy, (Ferdinand Lips, ISBN 3 930219-54-9, Kopp publishing house) and is from an experienced inhabitant of Zurich banker, who worked many years for the Rothschilds and which background manipulation of the gold price and to the topic like no different one know.
The Rothschild large Zionisten and its freimaurerischen globalists intend the idea of the..Neuen world order "under guidance of the USA purposefully burst and the USA before the wall driven to have, in order to really install then" the a world government "with world capital Jerusalem as of the Jewish background stepping gene planned new order of the world. The events 11.9.2001 by the large zionistischen war drivers were produced and used, in order to cause a new, long lasting conflict, which could not be won anyway by the USA. Completely consciously the State of the USA is to be sent by proclaiming "was on terror" into its spoiling! Presented before the world public the USA under George W. Bush since at the beginning of of 2003 as more military muscle-show off and pseudopatriotic national state, which intends to control the world in the context of a USHegemonialpolitik. This is however only Kasperle theatre, because behind the window blinds completely different concept runs off! Therefore the military Gehabe of the US government under George W. Bush (the martialische Kriegstreiberei produced by Jewish background stepping gene) is to supply the reason to induce after an acute phase of the Third World War here-provoked thereby in a large caper all nations to give and to the UN to transfer its national sovereignty and military force up. The goal is about it to finally install the "a world government" planned by long hand under control of the Judentums - for memory: Behind the UN the clenched power of the Judentums hides itself! The war politics of the Bush administration advanced aggressively in Jewish interest and the many different, to a large extent artificially geschuerten military conflicts in the world are to desensitize and intimidate the friedliebenden nations, so that they are after the Third World War (accustomed to military solution samples and the many employments of UNTruppen) as ready and willing as possible, then than the allegedly smaller evil the appearing solution of the UN world government ("a world government") to accept and accept-accepting those from the Jews within all ranges (over the lying nature of the Jewish controlled free bricklaying, the "Christian" Zionisten, FED central bank and medium apparatuses in Jewish private property etc..) controlled the USA from the large Zionisten completely purposefully are used to let the mad Jewish dream of the unrestricted world domination of the Judentums become over entire mankind reality. A crucial function comes thereby to the judenhoerigen democratic party in the USA, because it is to terminate the military Eskapaden and the helpless policy of the Bush administration in the hypocritical role of the rescuer and peace angel, to replace the Bush government after a set of wars, in order to then make the dissolution of the USA and their coming up possible in the planned UN world state with the central "a world government". By the pseudopatriotic mass movement geschuerte artificially in the USA and the distortion of the term "Christianity" steered strategically by neokonservativen Jews in refined way patriotically and like a Christian oriented humans in infamous way in err led and as supporting strength for the US Hegemonialpolitik and the kriegshetze against the enemies of Israel abused. The movement Protestant more "christlicher" Zionisten in the USA is used by influential Jewish organizations strategically to instigate the Americans against the enemies of Israel - in addition, in order to prepare the field, on which the establishment of the pseudo esoterischen world religion sketched by the large Zionisten is to shortly become possible. Also all those, which spread still the duemmlichen UFO extraterrestial superstition, serve the interests of the black-magic, satanistischen Weltbeherr as useful idiots.
Also and straight because the dollar swindle and the associated money system, with which the financial Jews plundered the peoples over decades, shortly to fly up and the Finanzjudentum expose threatens, is the Jewish financial establishment, which has the FED in its private property, in a forced manner, the national state the USA as fast as possible to dissolve and in the UN world state come up let. Because then the states with large dollar reserves can raise no more demands against the USA and/or the FED and the entire dollar swindle can under the carpet tacitly be turned, without the world public really checks up the bad play of the pityless world-wide schachers. In the following still some notes for the solution largest all global problems.
The views of the secret background conceptions of world politics, pointed out in this letter, show, where the Jewish influence on the policy already led mankind and will drive still soon. They confirm our past historically, politically, scientifically and philosophically justified remarks over the role and the meaning of the Judentums in the mankind development and make clear that the Jew problem is the problem of mankind largest with distance! That means: Really lasting peace on ground connection can develop only then if the Jew question is really recognized in its meaning and solved with the necessary mental strength and thoroughness once and for all. Before however this largest mankind problem on broad front can be recognized as such, it requires a thorough clearing-up on broad front over the true nature of the Judentums, because in the public over it complete Unwissen prevails. The Judentum is in its political and world-descriptive adjustment many divided and more split, than it appears outward and knows most, it gives there very different world-descriptive, religious, descend-moderately caused and also power-politics interest parliamentary groups, like for example mentioned the before large and kleinzionistischen ambitions. Likewise also a vague disorder of interest camps exists, to their descent destined and partly even in the fragmentation of the Hebrew people into the judaistischen trunks Judaea on the one hand and the ten lost itself trunks of Israel roots in the Judentum. The crucial question is however whether the Jews are to be seized at all as race. Most humans it is not yet well-known today that the Jews in the strictly ethnologischen sense form neither a race, still in any way a biological unit or a homogeneous origin community. All argumentations, which refer to the descent and race of the Jews, are ignorant statements without any foundation. They are led by the fact ad absurdum that the largest part of the today's Jews of hunnisch Turkish sex is and descends from the Turkvolk of the Khasaren, itself from nomadisierenden clan existing end 6. Century A.D. coming from Turkestan into south Russia northeast from the black sea in the Volga region established and only in the middle 9. Century A.D. took over the Judaismus as state religion. With old-testamentary history, the origin, the cultural and historical past as well as the voelkischen unit of the "Urjuden" (Hebraeer) the khasarischen Jews, who are called also aschkenasische Jews (Ashkenazim) have, to do however nothing. The Jews of Hebrew descent are darker type and than Sephardim are designated. The sephardischen Jews pulled after driving out by the Romans from Palestine to a large extent to Spain and Portugal, of where them end 15. Century were driven out likewise and over completely Europe and later also over America distributed themselves. In the expenditure of the "Encyclopedia Judaica" of 1960 we find the following data: In the year 1960 there were whole 500,000 Jews of Hebrew descent on earth. At khasarischen Jews one counted 11 million in the same year. Both the National Socialist race theory, which defined a Jewish race, and the own Jewish definition as race are scientifically fundamentally wrong and refutable therefore. The only link of the Jews is their religion and/or its culture justified therein - from a Jewish race to to speak, is completely stupid and ignorant and/or serves the purposeful deception! Something else is however with humans Hebrew and/or sephardischer descent, who Sephardim, to seize because these are as uniform race and as a people unit. But the Hebraeer (Sephardim) constitutes today only approx. only 5% (approx. 800,000) among humans, who are counted officially as a Jew (approx. 16 million). This is a fact, over also the Hebraeer very exactly knows, because those of them, that represent the Jewish faith, create on it their status and their identity in the internal hierarchy within the Judentums and feel themselves as Urjuden. That means it that today approx.. 95% of the Jews only thereby Jews are, because them the Jewish faith (i.e. the mosaische primitive religion with the principle of the separation from God and humans), who took over associated world view and culture.
From this it becomes also clear that the term is "Antisemitismus" as well as not at all for the Jews applicable, against what however almost the entire Arab world of semitischen origin is. The true "anti- Semiten" is therefore the modern Jews and above all the international zionistischen bankers and Oelmagnaten themselves, which to a large extent Khasaren is, since these gepeinigt the Arab peoples (the real Semiten) at most by wars and Ausbeuterei and over profit of will anti-Semitic Pogromstimmung to have kindled. Fundamental humans of Hebrew descent are to be seized just as little overall as Jews, i.e. humans of Jewish convicition to assign, as one to all Austrians overall subordinate could, they were all together catholics. Jew its is in each case in each case world view and has with voelkischer descent and/or race purely nothing at all to do absolutely nothing! That applies even to the Hebraeer, because also these have the possibility of emanzipieren itself from the diseased fanatischen religion ideology of the Judentums (the Mosaismus Jahwismus) world-descriptive and convicition-moderately! According to world-descriptive criteria evaluated most humans of the western could and/or. "christlich" abendlaendischen world also as Jews to be regarded, because these became mental Jews, because them likewise the Jewish-materialistic conception of the world, who possess hedonistische this life orientation and/or the conception of the separation from humans and God and/or the acceptance of the Nichtexistenz of God (an increased height and/or the lay training of the Jewish perception principle) as world-descriptive basis. Over the definition "Jew" exists even within the Judentums largest disagreement. This identity chaos is particularly intended from the large Zionisten however certainly in such a way from the prominent Jews and, because most of them not Hebrew descent are and would not like themselves not the weapon of the "Antisemitismus assumption" from the hand take to let. Therefore any investigations about the true nature of the Judentums and the Jew unity are hushed up and their publication unterbunden!In the heads of humans settled the erroneous and very fatal conception that the Hebraeer (Sepharden) is by their descent Jews, but this conception is in principle wrong, because the Judentum is nothing one but a world view! - a mad and by verses power ideology, which tries to camouflage itself hypocritically as religion, but finally is the Judentum only one world view! The Jews are just as little a race as the catholics, who are to be seized protestanten or the Muslims as race - a Jewish race and/or descent does not give it definitely!
There the Jew question no problem of race and descent, but in its core a mental-cultural problem of an instilled, i.e. pseudoreligiously and/or. - ideologically caused, and by it very much limited coined/shaped by mirror-image-ritual imbalance and/or perception weakness (left-hemispherical, materialistischmammonistischen etc..) Attitude of mind is, to which already humans of most diverse peoples be hinreissen let themselves, who are however not due to a Hebrew descent, can it also not by force, already not at all by the physical elimination of a race, but only on mental way, over the way of the realization identification are solved! For this it requires a deep, also beginning scientific-philosophically true from religious view founded by reason on solid, which includes both the origin and history of the Hebrew people and its religion as well as the effects of the Jewish influence in world politics also into the views, and the role and/or the task and the meaning of the Judentums in the mankind development becomes fair. , the German philosopher Chyren in the writing TURN OF AN ERA IN the CHRISTIANITY pointed all substantial aspects seizing most wise and meaningful solution of the Jew problem to these requirements out appropriate, which was published to the turn of the century and since then European-wide spreading finds. This solution, which can be outlined here only roughly, made valid dreifaeltige its understanding possible (ontologisches order understanding of the reality) by in this writing the represented, scientific-philosophically founded and universally, by which it becomes unquestionably clear that all feature ways and development processes of the creation three-membered ark-typical Urprinzipien are the basis and/or the principle of the dialectic three-step is inherent in. This ontologische order understanding seized both the exoterischen and the esoterischen and/or mirror-image-ritual dimensions of the reality, it had recognized therefore also as kosmoterisches order understanding bezeichnet.Obwohl the principle of the cosmic Dreifaltigkeit for primeval times in most diverse religions, similarly as the principle of the dialectic three-very much CCIT in philosophy widespread acknowledgment finds, so far nobody the according to law running effective becoming of cosmic Urprinzipien during the smaller and larger cultural development processes of mankind history. Only quite the purchase between the universally valid dreifaeltigen Urprinzipien and the world-moving large cultures global prevailing and/or their mental-cultural paradigms remained so far completely unconsidered. (note: Paradigm = superordinate, fundamental mental-world-descriptive think -. Wahmehmungs and feeling principle; the paradigm-basic cultures are superordinate guidance cultures, for several thousand years a lasting epoch the important in each case mental-cultural paradigm bring out and thus the development of entire mankind in a special - not consciously noticed - superordinate way coin/shape).
By kosmoteris the order understanding pointed out in the writing TURN OF AN ERA IN the CHRISTIANITY becomes logically comprehensibly evident that often also the several thousand years continuous and successive ages of the large cultures, or differently expressed, the epochs of the large paradigm-basic cultures the principle of the dialectic three-step to follow. That means it that also in the manifestations and/or the paradigms of the large cultures universally valid, dreifaeltige ark-typical Urprinzipien reflects itself. The whole of all cultures is regarded by this solution as a interconnected, over different age unfolding unit, in which the different peoples and cultures develop not only over their sake, but also in the interest of entire mankind (the whole one). From such holistic-philosophischen view become as main characteristic features of the paradigm-basic cultures the ark-typical perception qualities of the human consciousness spectrum prevailing in each case in these cultures recognized. In this way those knows today our entire planet controlling megaculture considerably of the materialistic, much on this side-oriented Jewish thinking and perception way (paradigm) is coined/shaped and dominated (therefore Jewish anglo amerikani sche megaculture). clearly as the cultural manifestation of the patriarchalen ark type (father ark type; Ahriman; male attributes of the psyche; left-hemispherical perception quality; Yang principle; Aspect of will power; exoterische existence quality) to be identified. The-been called: Today the global prevailing, in its thinking and perception way Jewish coined/shaped (manipulated) megaculture is mirror-image-ritually very unbalanced (on one side, polar), because in it the male consciousness quality aligned to the external world (intellectual and focusing of consciousness) of the three-membered cosmic Urprinzips kulminiert. Against what the female consciousness element (the right-hemispherical perception quality) in this culture so well completely is missing and is even suppressed. The meaning of the Judentums in the dialectic connection of the mental-cultural development process of mankind with the other paradigm-basic cultures, which express the other ark-typical aspects of the cosmic Urprinzipien by their kind of nature, is put out by this solution in descriptive way. The dialectic Gegenpol to (patriarchalen) the Jewish angloame rikanischen megaculture forms in the present coherent development cycle of mankind forwards approx.. 4,500 years gone down Vedi advanced culture (today India), which from holistic-philosophischer view the matriarchale ark type (nut/mother ark type; female attributes of the psyche; Yin principle; Aspect of wisdom; right-hemispherical perception quality; esoterische existence quality) to assign is. In this dialectic connection ark type the mirror-image-ritually very balanced, but so long forms third, synthetic and/or holistic-androgynen time suppressed German culture, which carries the paradigm of the new age (more kosmonarchaler or holy spirit ark type; Dear and/or Kohaerrenzaspekt).
With the German culture it acts around one on high level developed mentally androgyne culture (which is to be recognized among other things also by the kind of the child education in Germany), in principle the balanced implementation of the male and female attributes of the psyche made possible, even required. The German culture is native and nevertheless high-mirror-image-ritually, it united in pronounced way left and right-hemispherical perception quality and/or the exoterische and esoterische existence quality harmonious therefore in itself. The balance of more subjectively (internal) and more objective (outside) perception (i.e. the genuine conversion of subjective felt internal soul impulses in the external world and/or the objective world to talking and acting), which of the German nature and the German culture is so characteristic, forms the basis for the fact that the German culture so many large characters and ingenious mental achievements in the philosophy, the sciences, which music brought etc. out. From holistic-philosophischer view becomes clear, and that becomes in o.g. Writing shown that the mirror-image-ritually unbalanced, purely male thinking and perception principle, which are characteristic of the Judentum and live it up in, patriarchal the aligned culture areas coined/shaped by Jewish thinking and perception way in most glaring form inevitably to a such materialistic and exploitative, an imperialistic and a martial, a egozentrischen and a opportunistischen, as also heuchlerischen and spiritless culture had to lead, as it is today world-wide prevailing. In this writing it goes explaining however not therefore the Judentum according to the index finger principle as the scapegoat and to condemn overall (that would be only too Jewish), but therefore, to point out that the Jewish mentalness and the Jewish coined/shaped Anglo Amerikanismus in that possessed it kulminiert in the mirror-image-ritual context of the mental-cultural mankind development a completely determined task and a deeper sense. This task was understood until today hardly, because only by the Jewish culture influence mankind knew the extreme experience of the materialistic age and in the mass of the associated training certainly (more externalworld-oriented) consciousness attributes (patriarchale Wahmehmungs u.Empfindungsweise, technokratisch intellectual thinking, Hedonismus, sort, aspiration for power and dominance etc..) make in in the last centuries the experienced way, which was for their cultural and mirror-image-ritual evolution important and important. On the way of its complete becoming mankind needed also the extreme experience of the patriarchalen paradigm, whose carrier culture was the Judentum and is still another short time. With all clarity becomes in o.g. Writing in addition, gotten straight the fact that by the patriarchale Jewish thinking and perception way -, God and people picture and the value thinking resulting inevitably from it today as extremely fatal proved coined/shaped world when pure anachronism is recognized and the separation Jewish patriarchalen paradigm by a mirror-image-ritually balanced, i.e. holistic paradigm is long overdue.
And like the reality occupied, almost at the same time an increasingly noticeable paradigm change carries out itself to an synthetic-holistic paradigm with the beginning of the water man age both in the sciences (medicine, physics, biology, mathematics etc.), and in philosophy and likewise within the religious range, which includes the mental-mental dimensions of humans and those cosmic regularities with and to the realization of universal Urprinzipien - and thus on the truth - is aligned. Who recognizes that the mirror-image-ritual balance and the truthfulness and liberty of the human existence due to it constitute the nature core of the cosmic Christ principle, which will also see that a true solution of the Jew question only in connection with one long overdue, profound and comprehensive holistic reformation of the Christianity become possible can, which overcomes the past Kirchentum including the papacy and a trueful sense-fulfilled holistic and cosmic religion understanding without superstition and hypocritical Moralisieren makes possible. By both the historical-cultural and the mirror-image-ritual context of the mankind development seizing writing TURN OF AN ERA IN the CHRISTIANITY it is unquestionably pointed out that the so-called Christianity was completely sense-disfigured later and rotated due to Jewish influence through Saulus/Pau lus and also by Roman church princes in its contents and its mirror-image-ritual adjustment, whereby those was umgestrickt holistic mirror-image-ritual theory of the moving philosopher Jesus in the Mosaismus Jahwismus something similar and the interests of the Judentums very genehme and helpful patriarchalische primitive religion. Therefore the paulinistische "Christianity" is called also a "Judentum for the stupid ones"! The Jewish culture was so far therefore not noticed of most humans as paradigm-basic guidance culture, because its influence works particularly from the hiding. From beginning the Jews humans of other peoples the Jewish world view and/or thinking and perception way as well as its habits and habits were jubilant by manipulation and infiltration hinterruecks and/or forced upon. In the same way as the Judentum the Christianity by Paulus completely disfigured, infiltrates, and brought for the establishment primitive Jewish world -, God and people picture used, have the Jews also world-wide the free bricklaying, the medium industry, the science -, Politikund of bank apparatuses under their control, in order to use it their interests and the Jewish to establish materialistically mammonistische thinking and perception way world-wide. Which mirror-image-ritual quality possesses the mosaisch jahwistische religion and thus the Jewish culture, that had at its time already the large moving philosopher Jesus of the Nazarener (Jeshua ben Joseph), which as Jesus Christ admits is, clearly put out. "you have the devil to the father, and after your father Gelueste want to do you. That is a murderer from the outset and stands not in the truth; because the truth is not in it. If it talks lies, then it speaks from the own one; because it is a liar and the father of the lie." Jesus of the Nazarener, (J oh. 8,44)
One is in any case clearly: As long as in Christian churches zionistische Choraele is sung, the Judentum and the associated materialism cannot be overcome! It must be made clear humans the fact that true Christianity does not mean the continuation of the Judentums but requires its overcoming!!! The new community of philosophers would like the Hebraeern, which regard themselves so far still as Jews, to help, to free itself of the horrible and completely anachronistischen primitive religion of the Mosaismus (by which mankind was covered with so many wars, lies, misery and frightening) and the cultural value conceptions and habits come out from it and to a peaceful of arriving to holistic and in common-intimate world view. This might not fall the Hebraeern at all once as with difficulty, because as in o.g. Writing is occupied in detail, originally originates the Hebraeer from the Himalaja region today's Kashmir, of where it forwards approx.. 4,500 years direction the west emigrated and old mirror-image-ritual secret knowledge of the priest kings as their actual, essential and holiest cultural property had bring along. The mirror-image-ritual secret knowledge of the Hebraeer, which opposes (of a except-lay and except-human God conception controlled) mosaischen the teachings diametrically and would have led these ad absurdum, was by force suppressed at that time by Moses and its trailers with all power. The Hebraeern became instead of its the primitive mosaische of God -, world and people picture ordered. The Hebrew secret knowledge, which one calls Kabbala, could be delivered long time only verbally in the hiding, until one began then after driving out by the Romans to note the kabbalistische knowledge. Even if the kabbalistischen texts of some Jewish rabbis much distorts, to which Mosaismus were adapted and involved also black-magic Brimborium (thus caution!), thus it can be still verified also today that the philosophical Essenzen of the Kabbala (not what the very most understand today by Kabbala) of high mirror-image-ritual quality are and both with German idealistic philosophy and with the original teachings Jesu and the idea of the cosmic Christianity in agreement! The Chyren pointed this out in its writing to the turn of the century clearly. (note to the Kabbala: Which is taught there of so-called Kabbalisten in the world as kabbalistische payment and letter Mystik, also what in Germany as kabbalistisches secret knowledge of a certain Franz Bardonverbreitet becomes, is apart from it that it is wrong verworren and, practiced black magic and in addition also still quite daemlich. Because which should it for humans, already for a mirror-image-ritually highly developed for a sense makes with the serial connection of letter keys on the reality influence to take to want. It is a dishonor that such a imbecility finds also in German Patriotenkreisen spreading. In the Kabbala is alone those holistic dreifaeltige philosophy with their some God -, conception of the world and human being and the ontologische knowledge over the soul valuable most valuable!)
In the context of the solution of the Jew problem suggested by us by the Hebraeern in the core nothing different one is required to take than of them the mosaischen primitive religion aufoktroyierten at that time and its Auserwaehltheitswahn distance and back-deliberate themselves upon its most characteristic mirror-image-ritual and cultural existence quality! - here the unique chance is offered their so long time to them desired release, which of them however a certain measure of realization ability. Courage and selfinitiative require! Here the briefly outlined solution points out the mental frameworks of a peaceful and lasting solution of the Jew question in outlines. This solution makes the Hebraeern (Sepharden) thus by its descent and from the old prophecies for the Hebrew people really for concerning possible - the regaining of its original mental-cultural identity, a peaceful reintegration into the commonwealth of nations and assigns to their existence at the same time still another important role in the mental-cultural history of the development of mankind. How will be to proceed organizational with the dissolution of the Judentums and the different secret companies, is to be still clarified in arrangement with the commonwealth of nations in detail. The \eue community of philosophers suggests making the Hebraeern available after the forthcoming inevitable dissolution of the States of Israel and the USA a piece country at the east coast of North America for its own small state. To a national reorganisation of North America it will come anyway, whereby it will come among other things also to the establishment of a large state for the survivors natives of North America and also a German-language state. The new community of philosophers will use itself anyhow with all its possibilities and its influence for a wise, fair and peaceful solution of the Jew question and everything for the fact will do that acts of revenge are omitted. Lying members and party politicians, that step out up to the day x voluntarily of the Vasallensystem, explain themselves people-faithfully and change in the patriotic camp, all their maps reveal, really fully and completely to the clearing-up and to the dissolution of the existing making and/or suppression structures contribute, is to be forgiven and also no punishment be threatened. The new community of philosophers asks all humans, who want to take part in the liberation struggle of Europe and the world, the names and addresses of the members of freebricklayer-lied and other secret and halfsecret societies (Lions club, Rotarier etc..) to make in their region to document carefully in order to then place it to us and/or the new and real representative governments the order. The day x is close and at the latest if the hot phase of the present Third World War begins. Further to the topic Judentum and free bricklaying in the writing TURN OF AN ERA IN the CHRISTIANITY.
The AMERICANS MUST HELPED since the Bush administration the USA governed, the picture, which one had up to then from the United States, in strange way changed. Up to then the role of Americas was more or less uncritical accepted as a world policeman, but since proclaiming "on terror" was becomes the USA of the world public increasingly as a threat regarded - since then the anti-American tendency and the USA grow as a zumutung are felt in Europe and the world. That the USA are to Israel the largest rogue state also this planet, is no question, but after the balance of power in the background of the US politics and the substantial foreign regulation, to which the US Americans are subject, pointed out in this letter, it appears a little meaningfully as before schnoeden anti- Amerikanis mash to preach, because Americaism is only the symptom (instilled, culture-conditioned spirit weakness), not however the cause. Rather the power, which controls the USA and the world like an enormous Krake, should be placed in the center of the criticism, because the actual cause for all the suppression, the exploitation and corruption, the many lies and the terrible Heuchelei are not America, but the Judentum with its of it controlled internationally organized free bricklaying, that with all means everywhere in the world its ahrimanische (satanische, materialistic, hedonistische, opportunistische, mammonistische, verlogene etc..) Mentalness (thinking and perception way) and primitive culture to establish try! The remarks represented in this writing prove that the USA are politically, economically, financially and also mental-culturally long at the end and actually for the world in the future no real power-politics threat. Even if the USA are outward again and again differently represented, they form actually only a hollow mockup, which is used by the Jewish financial elite and by the entire Judentum shameless as tool and also demonstrated since 11 September 2001. Like the major part of mankind also the Americans themselves still very many more extremely with "bread and play culture", by realization suppression, stupefying strategies and largeproduced lies as well as by the dictatorship of the "Political Correctness" of the Jewish Krake to be controlled - and as it out-looked now the Americans even their largest victim. The very most Americans are however unable of loud self takingness and Ignoranz before to recognize and still so naively to believe the situation and the role of their own country to provide the USA are a powerful sovereign State of, which in the world with his armed forces were used, in order for right and order peace and liberty to defend and the democracy bring. Since the majority of the Americans for many decades by Jewish influence in their country in a hypnoseaehnlichen verb RST dung condition it is held one would like already nearly excusing and compassion-ends for her to object that they were also innocent by nevertheless completely minor and therefore at the situation of the US-American policy. But that is not so simple! From karmischer view it becomes clear that finally each American depending upon its individual mental abilities, for the policy of the USA in the measure is jointly responsible, in which it carried it to pay for and/or suffer and has thus also the consequences of this politics. Because in principle each American (like also every other humans) has the chance in the context of his possibilities of revolting itself against the prevailing political machinations and structures in its country in any way to positively change in order to contribute to it these. To that extent criticism at the Americans is very probably justified, but anti-Americaism leads the America in the wrong direction, if not dark heuchlerische power is recognized, controlled. In the last years it became ever more obvious that the Americans can free themselves, due to the pseudoChristian (mosaisch paulinistischen) faith illusion widespread in the USA as well as in extreme way the stupefying strategies used there and the substantial realization suppression on the part of the media and the state, from own strength not from the mental shank of the Judentums. Because the free bricklayer thing the USA retires anyway briefly before its from the world stage stands, it is to us much because of the heart to make conscious that it would be completely unreasonable now to waste energies on the fight against the USA but that it is now urgently necessary to lead the Americans before eyes that they are used from the Jewish free bricklaying to it, in the interest of the large Zionisten the large chaos in the world to produce, these dark, satanischen (ahrimanischen) background powers needs, in order to establish the world dictatorship under control of the Judentums, aimed at by them. Now it applies to awake-shake the Americans thereby it recognizes, what bad play with them and the world is played. The Americans need now above all mental-cultural assistance! In order to really help the Americans, it is now priority in view of of over 50 million pseudo Christian and at least still doubly as much in similar way by mosaisch paulinistischen pseudo faith mentally more confused, mirror-image-ritually in err led humans in the USA - assistance for the fact to give that the Americans can free themselves finally from the collective from Jewish faith samples resulting religious illusion conceptions as well as the Jewish coined/shaped materialistic value conceptions and culture habits (Hedonismus, Opportunismus, Mammonismus etc.), likewise in addition, from the stupefying and lie sump. The religion understanding, which the large churches represented so far and still represent today, had it in common with the real idea of the Christianity hardly somewhat, concerns thereby rather a Trojan Konstrukt of the Judentums, which one could call Paulinistentum.
Additionally the "Illuminati" made the churches by purposeful freimaurerische infiltration storm ripe, so that the Kirchentum and thus the old (paulinistische)"Christianity" are today without any mirror-image-ritual substance and thus briefly before its end stand! - an ideal condition for the Jewish background stepping gene to press humans with the need after Spiritualitaet another pseudo religion on the eye which is already long in the preparation, in order to control it also mirror-image-ritually (like before also). In the USA is added that the "Christianity" aims completely there in the grosszionistischen interest, is distorted, verunstaltet and fanatisiert, in order it after the ultimative crisis, which is now caused, to abolish and/or in the planned pseudo world religion come up to let be able. "the majority of humans, like it is gottglaeubig, after the disappointment by the Christianity and therefore without orientation, anxiously after a new ideal look out to hold, without knowing however, whom or which they anbeten are." Albert Pike, Freimaurer and Satanist also those all the other various groupings, which understand themselves like a Christian than, lie similarly as the large churches alone within the range of the faith and try humans the anachronistischen thinking and faith templates mosaisch paulinistischen God -, world and people picture aufzuoktroyieren and it by hypocritical Moralisieren Gefuegig to make. The distortion and Verunstaltung, which were operated so far with the term "Christianity" and today particularly in the USA and/or from the USA coming religious communities are operated, must take finally an end! The mosaisch paulinistische pseudo faith with its anachronistischen God, camouflaged as Christianity -. world and people picture cannot satisfy the need of today's humans after sense-fulfilled Spiritualitaet no more; it serves today still unites humans, who look in their despair for Spiritualitaet, when straw, at that it itself festklammern, but only, because they never developed a conception of it, how a really sense-fulfilled mirror-image-ritual life could out-look. This faith serves the system still stupefying and diverson of the substantial things of the life and is used to cause the unreversible end of the Christian idea. So that the Americans can free themselves from their mental-cultural misery, it is urgently necessary to kindle under the Christians in the USA and the world on broad front a fundamental and comprehensive value discussion which helps the Americans to finally overcome them by Jewish culture influence inoculated the old-testamentary and materialistic thinking and value samples. The fruitful mental basis for it forms the new holistic religion understanding of the cosmic Christianity, since the turn of the century by the new community of philosophers from Germany world-wide for spreading finds and the ranges science. Philosophy and religion to the synthesis one leads as Paulinistentum to designate could.
In Germany and Europe the patriarchalische God of the Bible loses ever more humans at meaning. The paulinistische Kirchentum is recognized from ever more humans than sense-emptied, unworldly and anachronistische primitive religion and hypocritical wegbereiter for the influence and power extension of the Judentums. To make clear new community of philosophers endeavors itself..Christen "that they went to the largest religious deception of mankind history on the glue and mediates a holistic-kosmisches religion understanding, which in the spirit of the moving philosopher Jesus of the Nazareners (when Jesus admits Christ) and German idealistic philosophy to the realization universally valid cosmic Urprinzipien and their taking good heed of are aligned in all areas of life - a religion understanding, which includes the healthy human understanding naturally with, reflected, independent thinking requires. In the current form the churches are not to be accepted as culture-basic organizations no more, neither in Germany and Europe nor elsewhere in the world! The parting from the personalen God of the Bible and a fundamental and comprehensive reformation of the entire Christianity are long overdue! - the mosaisch paulinistische God picture of the God with noise beard is pure anachronism and has retired! The true Christianity wants, and so also Jesus its teachings did not want to be known understood, be understood in principle as a cosmic, however as a patriarchalische, personal aligned religion. Each true Christian is called to help with it the mosaischen and paulinistischen Muff of the old person and new will away-swept and the holistic and/or kosmoterische reformation of the Christianity outgoing from Germany - to a really cosmic Christianity - to support (note: kosmoterisch = both the outside world and the deep esoterischen regularities and universal Ur-principles seizing). The relevant condition, by which now the carrying out, but already long overdue reformation becomes finally possible a true cosmic Christianity, is the discovery of a simple, universally valid and logically comprehensible ontologischen order (Ontologie is the science of to be and its structure), which the German idealistic philosopher Chyren in already before the writing mentioned TURN OF AN ERA IN the CHRISTIANITY for the first time published to the turn of the century. This ontologische order, which is the reality categories enclosure by spirit, body and soul, three-arranged and consists of nine consciousness dimensions, comes out from the mirror-image-ritual connecting axle (ontologische axle) between subject ("earth") and spirit ("sky") and represents the scientific-philosophically classified basic principle of the world soul and thus the principle descriptive, that as common creation principle in all things is contained (= the largest common denominator of all features; the ur-Mass of the reality). By this ontologischen order it is among other things possible to work out and underpin the true idea of the cosmic Christianity solidly also scientific-philosophically.
By the discovery of this nine-dimensional ontologischen axle, which represents nothing different one than the world soul (world axle) to Irminsul and/or than the world ash Yggdrasil of the old Teutons in scientific-philosophically correct classification, the Teutons receive their highest mirror-image-ritual Heiligtum back; likewise thereby the secret of the holy Grals reveals itself - the largest European myth - in logically comprehensible way, as the ontologische order of the universal soul principle justified in the nature of humans. This simple mirror-image-ritual constitutional structure forms the all substantial aspects of existence seizing basis, on which the fusion can be caused by science, philosophy and religion (= back connection to the cosmic law) - whereby among other things the sciences a necessary ethical foundation receive. On the basis of this in principle superordinate ontologischen order of the universal soul principle now also all meaningful and true existing beginnings can do more differently world-more descriptive, more philosophically and more religiously, also so-called heidnischer currents and/or single groupings which to the realization and taking good heed of cosmic regularities and universal Ur-principles are aligned, are united and united. Likewise many humans with this mirror-image-ritual order, who turned away from the large churches, can, or so far within the philosophical-religious range no ambitions had, however for a really sense-fulfilled Spiritualitaet to long itself, for which cosmic Christianity are won. The threatening fall of the Christianity and the Islamic threat of Europe and the world could be still turned away in the last moment. In order not to be wrongly understood: Neither the intention of the new community of philosophers a xtausendste Christian community and/or church or sparkling wines is to be created, nor it concerns to us to reform any church but now it is final at the time a fundamental to accomplish comprehensive reformation of the Christianity as a whole! - Mosaismus and Paulinismus arranged already much too much mental and exterior misery in our world, their time are now at the end! With that holistic, also scientific-philosophically founded religion understanding of the cosmic Christianity, whose impulse goes since the turn of the century from Germany around the world, can the dualism of the mosaisch paulinistischen but faith and the materialistic world view finally overcome will up the soil of the German idealism carry out themselves in the spirit of the liberty the kosmoterische reformation of the Christianity, from which after nearly two thousand-year old suppression that comes out holistic religion understanding of the cosmic Christianity. The mirror-image-ritual core basis forms that scientifically, philosophically and religiously founded ontologische knowledge around the goettliche nature nature of humans and all creation (the knowledge around the holy Gral), from whom itself liberties -. \erantwortungs and Wahrhaftigkeitsverstaendnis derive, which already Jesus of the Nazarener and as soon as the philosophers of the German idealism during their lifetimes tried to mediate. The liberty term of the German idealism is the example of the new age! For many humans our proceeding may appear still unusual and become it by our project of the reformation of the Christianity to be irritated, but all the necessary changes in science, politics, philosophy and religion can succeed only then, if we on deepest level, in the true core of the complex world problem the lever to set and on broad front of an holistic, mirror-image-ritually balanced world view to the break-through help, which the existing Jewish patriarchale and/or mosaischhedonistische paradigm (the fundamental way of thinking, religious perception and feeling way) break. If a turn in this world and a truly piercing Paradignienwechsel are to be really caused, then no way leads past the reformation of the Christianity! Further for the reformation of the Christianity shortly in letter Nr.7.
If the mental impulses of the holistic reformation of the Christianity outgoing from Germany are reproduced also beyond the Atlantiks, the dire alliance can be dissolved between pseudoChristian-Protestant fundamentalists and Jewish Neo conservative ones fast and in simple way and be introduced in such a way on the North American continent and in the world release from the yoke of the Judentums - the time is long ripe for it! THE TURN IS APPROACHING! Here we would like to return again to the main topic and to point a statement out from destined mouth over the role of the CFR as key organization of the world-wide conspiracy against mankind. James Perl off, a connoisseur of the scene, which studied all publications of this organization since its establishment in the year 1921, brought a thorough exposure history over the Council on Foreign The Shadow OF power "in its great book to" relation, lit up with that it the responsibility of the CFR in detail for the purge America. Mr. Perloff, who arrived in principle to the same conclusions as we, comes among other things also to the hope-arousing conclusion that there are only some few under CFR with diedern, which use themselves completely and for the satanischen world controlling goals, which it exposes with its book. He means that many members of the CFR and many different, that follow the political defaults of its guidance would immediately quit their loyalty, if a consciousness strewn far were created, over the history and machinations of this powerful organization. Thus it becomes once all the more clear, like importantly the spreading of the background knowledge over the condition of the real conspiracy against mankind ist!!!Die chances that the large Zionisten ("Illuminati") achieves its goal of the..Eine world government ", stands so far still very well. With their financial and power-politics possibilities they brought the largest part of the actual values of the peoples, including the gold reserves of the very most States of, the vested titles of gigantic surfaces at reason and soil and quasi all supply installations into their possession. Their influence on the media is enormous, equally they control nearly without exception all cultural, political, and scientific mechanisms (apparatuses), with which they can manipulate and steer humans as desired, whereby they have in the long run nearly also all resources humans, because almost all humans whether rich or poor, whether system-conformal mitlaeufer, corrupt civil servant or politically left and/or right-wing extremist fighter, whether materialist or Esoteriker taken off are "more realistic", them all statisten in a play, whose rules would not even assume them not and most. The large zionistische project to arrive by the production of an ultimative crisis over the organization of the UN at the absolute world domination stands briefly before its completion. Whether the implementation of this large zionistischen plan already succeeds and thus to the Judentum the implementation of its in the mosaischen writings written down and objectives concretized in minutes of the ways of Zion to subjugate all peoples for all times and to destroy the variety of the cultures and also the races unreversible, hangs of it starting from whether a sufficient number of conscious, intelligent humans now becomes finally awake and as fast as possible the rebellion against the real eliminators and butcher of mankind dares!
"if their continue to sleep, are you all lost..." Alexander Solschenizyn today we have the large privilege on a tremendous knowledge treasure to be able to look back on innumerable mental currents, conception of the world and culture epochs as well as on the most different political experiments and experiences so that we have now the chance to draw reasonable conclusions and correct realizations from the experiences of the past. Which the responsible persons politicians make today however, is exactly the opposite, because they work for the all-worst solution, which one can only introduce oneself for mankind, because they are about already for years to initiate the development of it world-wide unreversible all cultural variety to destroy to prepare and for any self-determination and liberty an end. One becomes ever clearer: Therefore the political a world conception, which is to be forced upon to mankind by the Jewish establishment and the free bricklaying controlled by it, is taken over simply in such a way and forced through by system-conformal political philosophers (apart from the extortionate pressure of the establishment), because their conceptions of the Eebenswirklichkeit in poor negative the conception of the world and human being coined/shaped by Jewish mentalness to base, whom the paulinistischen churches and the materialism of the clearing-up mutilated and left. Thus are humans, who plead today for the a world government, world-descriptive dazzled and/or mentally as kastriert, because due to their ideological templates they are not capable the deeper mirror-image-ritual levels of the life as well as the meaning the life at the basis lying of noticing universally valid Ur-principles and cosmic regularities. By their one-sided mechanistical hedonistisch opportunistische thinking and perception way they lost the view for the substantial, whereby it is not possible them to understand the true sense of the people unity and the community life. It today already gives a lot of to awake humans, who check up the bad theatre, which is played here on our planet, as far as possible. Beyond that there are also different people, which itself as we feel responsible and for it destined to lead their fellow man the unbelievable bad states in this world (including the existing conspiracy) before eyes and offer approaches. Particularly in Germany laps in the last years initiatives such as mushrooms from the soil, which thought the wiedergeburt out of the German Reich with more or less approaches up to draft constitutions for the future German Reich offer always more humans in Germany and in the world long here, since they recognize that mankind from the vicious circle runs in those regards itself them imprisoned the ahrimanische Judentum (Ahriman = the patriarchale consciousness strength in humans, who are aligned to the material only), without the assistance by sovereign a Germany not to release and also no meaningful and lasting solution as the crushing problems in the world to cause can. In German Patriotenkreisen is a wild condition discussion entbrand. Every few months hears one of a new patriotic grouping, which brings suggestions out for a realm condition and/or an order. Momentarily the different patriotic communities and single fighter in Germany cook still their own Sueppchen and try simply as much as possible patriotically gesinnte people behind itself and their idea to crowds (Bohlinger, Mahler among other things), but should it now slowly to a bundling of the forces come. The past efforts of German Patrioten - the development concerning realm condition - appear more or less actionistic and often only from motives to political discontent and indignation to have developed. In all clarities would like we to stress here that the condition of the future German Reich may not be an political-ideological piece work compromise-like together-theorized, which would turn out afterwards very soon as unrealistic and the German people as touched down: separate for this condition are to this singular paradigm tables turning point of history now all-comprehensive, true realizations in demand, which actually the internal connections and the Urideen seize, which are the basis for the community life and which really corresponds to the entwicklungsstufe of today's humans. It escaped most engaged German Patrioten so far completely that, before it makes sense to compile a realm condition which is to find in far patriotic circles acknowledgment, but only once one must be present and/or be found as much as possible reality and/or aspects of existence seizing mental-cultural basis, which as largest common denominator of the different patriotic currents and generally recognized world-descriptive value order basis can serve! Warum? Warum?-Weil we no more in the year 1848 and/or. 1871 lives, where there still Patrioten were the Germans, which still another unit formed relatively homogeneous a mental-cultural, but today even the Germans Patrioten, which are interested in the repurchasing of the German Reich, world-descriptive (in political, philosophical, scientific, esoterischen, heidnischen and religious questions) in inconceivable way are split! Spectrum this splittingness is enough of extreme on the other hand - it is many however not conscious, because to them the innumerable world-descriptive intentions and currents in German Patriotenkreisen, between which in fundamental questions partially apparently insurmountable gaps exist, not sufficiently admits are. Also the brain laundry for many decades and the associated suppression of the German culture favoured the splittingness of the German Patrioten surely still enormously. Before we walk legal-politically to the act and fix legal things in a realm condition (realm order), a conscious becoming of all really appointed German representatives of the people is over fundamental mental-cultural questions and world-descriptive affairs - above all the true nature concerning of the Deutschtums and the real German unity - urgently necessarily and in the wahrsten sense word-necessarily!
That means: Before the prominent representatives of the many different, in their world views and faith conceptions very different patriotic camps and/or groupings, Ludendorffer, university-tare, Anthroposophen, patriotic Christians, Kosmoteriker, Grals people, Hegelianer, daring he trailer, national socialists etc. to the national and/or popular assembly for the elaboration of a realm condition to a table to be gotten can do, require it after the long time to the mental fall and the suppression of our German culture of a certain period of the self meditation and reflection of the actual representatives of the people of the Germans over the German its, so that them itself the sense, the meaning and the role of the Deutschtums, which German culture and the German Reich in the commonwealth of nations and their history of the development to become conscious to be able. _ it concern, before the the historical and ritual background, before which itself the the be approaching reclimb the of of the German Reich the Phoenix from the ash - carry out, the the range the of the requirement recognize, which to the the condition place be. All involved ones should be over the fact in the clear that it does not only apply to sketch a political conception for any condition, but now the development of one stands perfectly and for fundamentally new community order for a new mirror-image-ritual era of the human development on the plan, which for many other peoples a model character will have! "if over fundamental things no agreement exists, is it unreasonably common plans to schmieden!" A Confucius's generally accepted and all-comprehensive value order basis which necessary for the realm condition the nature of German mentalness, at the same time in addition, that holistic mirror-image-ritual paradigm of the new age in most appropriate form and largest prospect characterizes on general acknowledgment promises, is since the turn of the century available! It is the dreifaeltige ontologische order of the consciousness dimensions (the nine-dimensional ontologische axle), already mentioned in the previous chapter, which nothing different one than the Irminsul - the world soul - which old Teuton in scientific-philosophically classified form represents. With the realizations derived from this order we possess a comprehensive value order basis, on the basis those a common fundamental value consent over questions of humans -, conception of the world and God, the sense of life and liberty term, over questions of the German history, which definition of the Deutschtums, which can be caused meaning of the German Reich and the German culture in the commonwealth of nations, over the sense of the Christianity as well as the role of the Judentums. We intend the different, apparently incompatible world-descriptive camps, into which the German people and the European peoples are split, on the basis o.g. to unite holistic-spirituellen existence order and bring in their fundamental world-descriptive adjustment on a largest common denominator. That may not be perhaps completely so easy, but it does not lead past a way, if the threatening fall of the European cultures and the enslavement of mankind are to ground by the Judentum in the last moment still turned away "'!
With the knowledge around this ontologische value order, which captivates by its internal logic, it is finally possible the dekadenten, hedonistischen globalism and also the Islam spreading rapidly in Europe something effective, a scientific-philosophically founded to oppose holistic-mirror-image-ritual reality and religion understanding which correspond to the true mirror-image-ritual identity of Europe. Beyond that can from this simple, logically comprehensible order of the consciousness dimensions, which the secret of the human soul - the holy Grals - decoded and which justified ur-Mass of the creation in the nature of humans represents, also in simple way the fundamental structural components and order principles the universal, kosmobiologischen Ur-principles appropriate community order according to law be derived. It is nevertheless actually only logical and compelling that a meaningful, which would in accordance with-eat today's entwicklungsstufe of mankind highly developed national community order be only created can, if this is thus derived from the new holistic (spirit, body and soul seizing) people picture of the new age and the new paradigm. The different state-joint structures, in which humans lived, were usually always an expression of their respective consciousness development and reflected the world and/or people picture of its culture prevailing in each case - the example behind the social structure was and is also today still humans! The basic concept of the future realm condition reveals itself from the internal connections, this ontologische order understanding lets which become recognizable. The knowledge, which is derived from it, leads to the realization that each (without exception everyone) rule order in its core bases in principle on three elementary systems, by which the respective state and the entire community life of a people and/or a culture community in its characteristic and its development possibilities is essentially determined. These three elementary systems are: 1. the value order system as mirror-image-ritual (religious) guidance coordinate and scientific-philosophical order basis for the spirit culture life; 2. Staatsbzw. Legal order system as order basis of the commonwealth and the right life as well as 3. the money system as achievement order basis for the economic life these three elementary systems are in principle the three mental foundations of each nationally organized community, it so far of the..Beherrschten "only in its true meaning were recognized and could not be assigned therefore also not accordingly. In the Jewish anglo American Megasvstem the Jewish high finance controls the entire..westliche value community "and thus the all-largest part of the today's world: l. by the pseudohuman and hedonistischmammonistische Werteordnungssvstem. 2. by the illusorydemocratic, most corrupt and heuchlerische parliamentary state system of the political parties and 3. by the extremely exploitative, entire mankind enslaving money system.
These three national elementary systems, which the Jewish financial establishment could install by its powerful influence in all states of the western value community, it applies in the most characteristic interest of each people and/or culture community abzu creates and by systemic order bases of the common of nature to replace, which really serves the self-determination and the well-being being issued of the peoples. These three national elementary systems, which should be arranged again if possible in detail according to universal, cosmic-biological order principles, form the substantial component and actual core of the future realm order in the condition of the German Reich, which in the new age model function for innumerable other conditions will have. The Chyren presumably still publishes in addition in 2004 the first part of its fundamental state-philosophical work to the bases of the three-arranged Kosmonarchie, which contain a universally valid order pattern, which illustrates the internal community-systemic and structural connections of the social organism in all simplicity (note: The "Kosmonarchie" is a durchgeistigte three-arranged social order, which makes individual humans possible a greatest possible measure of individual liberty under keeping of the social unit. The three-arranged Kosmonarchie unites the philosophies its in itself, which we are able to understand itself in the best sense under the terms of the Germanic democracy, the basis democracy, the monarchy and the three-arrangement of the state - R. Steiner - as well as by the idea of a selected philosopher emperor.) A too early publication of this knowledge does not make a sense, because - how we had to determine - the many patriotic activists with their different beginnings among themselves only once the horns to repel itself must, so that they experience, which requirements the future realm order become really fair must. We use the time meanwhile intensively, in order to file at the bases. To look also Roland Bohlinger, if he should succeed, times over the edge of plate Ludendorff philosophy and times thoroughly with our solution and our philosophical bases argues, still at the realization to arrive that its solution as well as Ludendorff philosophy as world-descriptive basis for the future realm order by far not sufficiently be also if the basic concept of the realm order already stands is the new community of philosophers anxious to let if possible all valuable impulses from the different patriotic camps flow into the new realm condition. We are interested extremely to re-establish the capacity to act of the German Reich as fast as possible but must in the apron also everything with the necessary thoroughness be durchdacht and everything necessary be considered appropriately. For all creative and constructional suggestions we are glad and grateful and try them into the realm order with to train. Power you thus far thoughts and brings your ideas in any way to the public, it us will already reach, because we will have meanwhile everywhere our people, so that no important things escape us. It endeavors you please to arrive also into the possession of our other writings and sets you with contents, particularly with the holistic-kosmoterischen world view, which is derived from the nine-dimensional ontologischen order, the topic of the reformation of the Christianity and the systemic order bases of the community nature (to which we publish concrete material shortly) thoroughly apart. Power you mentally fit, so that the liberation struggle, i.e. the largest revolution of the mankind history, which comes now into its hot phase, in conscious way can codesign you actively. _ craze Gleichgesinnte, with those it in your region a patriotic circle, table reserved for regulars o.a. develop can and help our writing by careful and vielmaliges copy spread. The fight, in which we are, is the final battle of the conceptions of the world, which can be won only with mental means, in addition, only if many sincere and courageous humans recognize now their responsibility for the world and now with extraordinary victim readiness for the truth to fight are ready. Now it depends on each particular to bring the necessary knowledge to the spreading family members, friends, neighbours, to address and clear up over it teammates and acquaintance, which is actually played in this world. Does not wait only for until seize other initiative - you are now in demand! We wish you a besinnliches Christmas, much courage, good success and mirror-image-ritual protection for your employment in the liberation struggle in the new year your new community of philosopher Christmas 2003 this text as a sign to spread photocopy or computer file further could perhaps still or others wake up and perhaps also important decision makers reach, who can perhaps react in crucial situations better, if they know the connections and long-term goals of the total enslavement of mankind. It is advisable nevertheless to spread this text anonymous since persons, who pass this knowledge on, are regarded naturally as enemies and with the existing laws among other things because of incitement of the masses before court to become to be able. Nachbemerkung to 30.08. 2005 the Politsendung "report Mainz" o'clock reports, among other things about the tendency of the citizens so briefly before the choice to 29.08.2005, at 21.00. The tenor of the citizen opinion: An improvement of the catastrophic situation of the "OMF FRG" is not no more expected by the established parties. A citizen brings it on the point, when he says to a CDU candidate before current camera: "you do not bring it. The SPD does not bring it. Nobody takes us out of the shit!"

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