Feb 28, 2007

300,000 Visitor Milestone...

It is good to see so many of my fellow American's interested in truth, justice and the American way.
Thank you.
P.S. Will the 300,000th visitor please identify themselves since they win a homecooked lasagna dinner at my bachelor pad in Chicago. ;)


Anonymous theodore wells said...

It was me, Fitz! Pass the winning prize to me! Yum!

3:12 PM  
Blogger PrissyPatriot said...

Yuk, glad its not me that's up for a ticket to food poisoning heehee

RAW is saying "Jury question a 'bad sign' for Libby defense. Soon..."

Yup, I think so too

3:15 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...


Wow! That is a lot of visitors to this blog! :D
Where is the cake and coffee? LOL

3:21 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

I subtracted down. (you might want to check my math)

But I think it was Quzi.

Congrats Quzi on being the 300,000 post!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Ted Wells Bottle of Bean-O said...

I am your prize! lol

3:22 PM  
Blogger Quzi said...

It was me Fitzie, but you know how I feel about your lasagna...

3:24 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

US Accused on 'Missing' Prisoners

3:24 PM  
Blogger teak said...

Who do you think gave you the "slap- together-no-fail-no-frill-best-damn-lasagna" recipe?

3:33 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Ted Wells' bottle of Bean-O.. LMAO!

Who is that Anon? That was a funny comment.

The Gas Defense team.. Hee Hee...

3:35 PM  
Blogger teak said...

Miss Jackie should win.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

p.s. Whoever was the 300,000 visitor needs to ask the administrator to chip in for the fees for a stomach pump and that trip to the emergency room if Fitz is cooking that lasagna. LOL!

3:37 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

Just Great!

I just discovered a major oil spill just happened on the Ohio River near Ft. Massac in southern Illinois.

I just took my kids down there last weekend for some hiking. I wonder if it will reach the Mississippi?

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Ted Wells BIGGER Bottle of Bean-O said...

Can I be Ted Wells prize too?

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Ms. Knows All Too Well Everything said...

SPB, I'm Ted Wells bottle of Bean-O and bigger bottle of Bean-O! lol

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was me! I won!

I think I pass on the lasagna dinner, I'll take the steak dinner instead.



3:47 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

I'm lucky so lucky I didn't win I got over a bad cold I know I couldn't last with a home cooked meal from Fitz. That would just do me in, the finial blow. Thinking about it I see the clouds ok I'm back. Now what's going on with the Libby jurors?

3:48 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"SPB, I'm Ted Wells bottle of Bean-O and bigger bottle of Bean-O!"

LMAO! Poor Teddy B. Ruxpin Wells!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous slingblade said...

Itz me Fizzt but Ah want french fry pertaters.

3:59 PM  
Blogger teak said...

"If you asked me what I think the most important personal characteristics of the next president are, I would say honesty, openness and decency," he said. "There's not a single voter in America who doesn't understand that their president is human, and their president will sometimes makes mistakes."


The heck with Hillary and Obama for President, John Edwards is looking better and better. Plus, Elizabeth Edwards is not a bobble head.

If Al doesn't run, then John Edwards needs to ask Mr. Fitz as his running mate.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby is known for his sarcastic, world-weary and at times dark sense of humor. He once quipped to an aide that he planned to stay as Vice President Cheney's top adviser until "I get indicted or something."

4:09 PM  
Anonymous naschkatze said...

Just saw the comments about Barney googling on the last thread. Did you guys know there was a song, from the 'twenties I think, called Barney Google. Barney Google with the goo-goo-googley eyes. My dad used to sing it.

4:10 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

Hey S-Q,

Its official. Raw Story has earned the rights to call themselves a tabloid. Did you see their article today on Libby Jury? Their bookmark is going into my trash bin and being emptied pronto!

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Snuffy Smith said...

Do you perhaps mean "Barney Google With His Googoogoogly Eyes" - as Barney Google frequently appeared with Snuffy Smith in the original cartoon strip.

Written about the popular 1920's newspaper cartoon "Barney Google" the tune became part of a slapstick comedy routine for the team of Olsen & Johnson.

Verse one:

“Barney Google with the goo, goo, googley eyes,

Barney Google had a wife three times his size,

She sued Barney for divorce now he’s living with his horse,

Barney Google with the goo, goo, googley eyes.”

Verse Two:

“Barney Google with the goo, goo, googley eyes,

Bet his horse would win the prize,

When the horses ran that day Spark Plug ran the other way.

Barney Google with the goo, goo, googley eyes.”

4:16 PM  
Anonymous sadsack said...

until "I get indicted or something."

What wit! ha ha ha Soldiers aren't laughing with you scooter. His supreme support and willingness to lie caused a lot of needless death.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Patriot Girl:

I'm with you. That Raw Story teaser about Libby trial was worthless and should be used a toilet paper. Stick to FDL for the real scoop.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous teak said...

LOL. When Mr.Fitz posted that picture of that goofy woman Toesuck whatever thing, it brought to mind this song my sister used to sing about ugly Hagdalena from Girl Scout camp. I cannot remember all the words but the melody stuck in my head all night. Very annoying like the Barney song.



4:25 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...


Yes, what has happened to Raw story?


What did you and Team America think about the Jury's question? It's a good sign I think.. :D

4:29 PM  
Blogger jan said...

All that sounds good as long as I cook the lasagna ;D

4:30 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


It's nothing new. It's MSNBC's interpretation of the notes from the jurors. Patriot Girl has the link. It's just garbage and a spin from the media. FDL has been accurate...

4:34 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Sadsack @ 4:23:

Yes and he is part of that conspiracy laid out by the PNAC to take over the world! Take all oil and raid all villages, for the power belongs to the 'Lost Evil Souls'! I think I will write a book/movie with that title! :)

4:35 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

SPB is right S-Q,
Someone there has the hots for MSNBC's Schuster. Oh yeah... they just took it down! HA! Maybe they saw our posts. hee..hee.

I think all the notes from the jury are a damn good sign. It sounds to me like these folks are just taking their time and making sure of all the details.


Naschkatze & Snuffy -

ha ha! He got those goo, goo, googley eyes when Gerbil dropped him on his head!

Poor Barney.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ACLU ex-president charged in child-porn case "One agent said in a sworn affidavit yesterday that Mr. Rust-Tierney has subscribed to various child-pornography Web sites over the past several years.
Posted Feb 28, 2007 11:09 AM PST

Hold on a second...

The government is able to find out who subscribed to these child-porn sites? That has to mean that the government knows where these child porn-sites are located and DID NOT SHUT THEM DOWN!

Are these child porn sites being RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT"


Damn good question. Just makes the whistleblowers more believable.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous stephanie said...



Well, the good news is that they
seem to be considering everything thoroughly........

4:56 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Patriot Girl:

Is it something in the water today?

First, Tweety has a man-love for Bubba and Guiliani. Then, reporter,Carol Loins of the Washington Post, hearts the rugby man. And now, we have the Schuster lovefest! If the media would get please use a Q-Tip for the wax in their ears and quit watching Columbo for crying out loud, then they can see that these jurors are intelligent and weighing the evidence.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous stephanie said...

P.S. Will the 300,000th visitor please identify themselves since they win a homecooked lasagna dinner at my bachelor pad in Chicago. ;)

Quzi said...
It was me Fitzie, but you know how I feel about your lasagna...

Jane will happily claim the prize in your place, I'm sure!

hee hee

5:00 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

Hey Biloximan,

I think you are right about the water. Many anon's today posting stuff too.

What do you know about this guy?:
U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry R. Poretz

Anon's post at 4:48 mentions Gonzo. I am seriously doubting this one. I wonder if this is not an attack on the ACLU by Bushco to discredit them for all the trouble they've been causing the WH lately. The ACLU has been on Bush's ass like white on rice. If its true - I'd be shocked. If its not - they would be perfectly capable of framing the poor soul. Another thing that makes me disbelieve is that this is on no major news sites or breaking news.


I think the full-mooners are starting to come out early.

( ;

5:02 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

The jurors left the building. Well, at least their questions got answered. Hopefully, there will be no more questions for the jurors. Hopefully, we get a verdict tomorrow.

5:03 PM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

re: Poretz, all I can find is that he sits in Alexandria, VA

I gotta go.
I'll check back tomorrow.

Peace everyone!

5:14 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Patriot Girl, here is the link.

It's a catch 22 on this story. I am aware of the ACLU has been fighting tooth and nail over the Gerbil. But, you know that the Gerbil combed through the judge's personal life to find dirt. Porno is a billion dollar business. And mostly the major corporation and the government heart the profit. Sure, the Gerbil can push Gonzo to the forefront to stop internet porno but porno will never go away. It is a money making machine. If they are going to scrutinize the judge, then why is it okay for the Gerbil and Tubbty McTreason Rove to take the fundraising checks of porno queen Mary Carey? Ms. Carey certainly didn't give Rove bible study.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous stephanie said...

What's all the fuss about the article/clip on Rawstory?

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that fresh lasagna, or the pan you baked back in 1998?

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Ted Wells Bean-O to the resue said...

I'm here is you need me anon.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous oust the evil doers said...


In 1992, Wolfowitz's office drafted a document called the Defense Planning Guidance, which claimed the U.S. might be faced with the question of whether to take military action to prevent the use or development of WMD-a precursor to the so-called Bush Doctrine, supposedly formulated by the current president. In 1998, Perle and Wolfowitz, along with Donald Rumsfeld and 15 others, sent a much-talked-about letter to President Clinton urging regime change in Iraq and a more aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East.

With Cheney as vice president, the neo-cons influence grew in the current administration to such an extent that those unsympathetic to their hawkish views talk about the existence of "a cabal", a clique.

In addition to Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, one of Wolfowitz's top aides in the first Bush administration, became Cheney's chief of staff, his national-security adviser, and an adviser to Bush. William Luti had been a military adviser to Newt Gingrich before working on Cheney's staff and eventually shifting to the Pentagon as chief of Middle Eastern policy. Stephen J. Hadley, a former member of the George Bush administration, was made deputy to Condoleezza Rice. Douglas Feith, who had served as special counsel to Richard Perle when Perle was an assistant secretary of defense in the 1980s, was appointed undersecretary of defense for policy at the Pentagon, and David Wurmser, a close associate of Perle's, became Cheney's Middle East adviser.

The neoconservative world-view is summarized in "An End to Evil", a book co-written by Perle and former Bush speechwriter David Frum. Their dream, they write, is "a world at peace; a world governed by law; a world in which all peoples are free to find their own destinies." Perle and Frum believe such a world will be brought into being "by American armed might." ....

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol. bad vision caused me to read "homicidal lasagna dinner", which is probably closer to the truth.

8:11 PM  
Blogger vikram said...

I am an Indian living in London, UK. I check your blog regularly and applaud your efforts.

I am not American.

May be I am 300,000th visitor. But since I can not make it to Chicago to help you spice up your food, let me invite you to an Indian curry when you are in London next.

2:46 AM  
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