Nov 10, 2006

Boss Nancy D'Allessandro Pelosi...

Political Party Power Broker (PPPB) - you can call her "Madame Speaker."

Facts of Life

I hear Condi is seething...


Anonymous e said...

Top of the mornin'

"There is definitely going to be a way to work together on a few things," added another official privy to the private discussions.

there should be America has spoken..
the wishes of the people will prevail..Condi and the rest better tow the line..
them days of my way or the highway are over dudes...
The American People say so....

6:42 AM  
Anonymous e said...

a wee bit of humor with your coffee and kripy kreme this morning

and Fitz.. I made sure the Krispy Kreme is very close by our new home
when you and Jackie visit..
Hubby will make the coffe though,..we fresh grind each pot every mornin'

let see now..have to line up a good place for Jackie to buy gotta go..;)

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Maureen said...

If I could only have seen this article, in some kind of miracle or vision, a few years back, how would it have changed my everyday angst, would I have crabbed less at my little girls because that edge of FEAR (like WWIII as promised, some October Surprise, Iran) was not hanging over my scrim, my backdrop, on a daily basis...

Oh but all my fervent wishes have come true, we ALL wanted our country back, it wasn't just me some crazy woman in the mountains ...

Madame Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi, the first woman speaker of the house, (and from San Francisco by Jove!) I love depicting fine role models for my girls, and I will tell this story of the first woman speaker as I have always told the one of you Mr. Fitzgerald, as I see you, not just Sir Lancelot but also that little Dutchboy that stuck his finger in the dam and made a hole in the gigantic, presumedly inpenetrable dam....

Wow, to be the stuff of myth...

I am so HOPEFUL!

7:26 AM  
Anonymous e said...

beautiful thoughts..if you were that" it wasn't just me some crazy woman in the mountains ..."
then I was that crazy woman at the beach(who is moving to the mountains)..
I felt the same way and so did many of my friends..
we still have to make them tow the peoples line...

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Maureen said...

And we will.

Maureen,of the USDA Forest Service, CNF. Pretty Mountains even in California, but they do burn a lot... This is the first time I felt not so afraid to say who I was. Because we will and we can make them tow that line, we just saw it... Principles must prevail!

8:03 AM  
Blogger t said...

Good Morning

NY Post:
But sources said that during lunch, Bush shed his image of a President who's philosophy has been "It's my way or no way at all."

I think they meant "My way or the highway" I would pay to have seen his reaction to the election-his REAL reaction...

8:50 AM  
Blogger t said...

PS- E I'm envious you have someone to drink coffee with-can I come too (sniff, sniff, poor t;-)

8:53 AM  
Anonymous say no to AIPAC said...

Despite the fact that AIPAC was recently busted for spying on the United States, Pelosi, along with many other top bureaucrats from Washington, gushed effusions of praise on the foreign power. "There are those who contend that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza," Pelosi said as she rallied AIPAC loyalists. "This is absolute nonsense. In truth, the history of the conflict is not over occupation, and never has been: it is over the fundamental right of Israel to exist."

Israel and the U.S. need to change their policies for peace. Many Americans now have their eyes open about Israel. The truth needs to be told to all Americans. Start with 9/11.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous e said...

maureen, t of couse you are welcome..
and when you visit maybe you can find a Professor..big college town area..;)
maureen I have a child that is an evironmental engineer who's working on PHD...I admire you all aand may I introduce the Blue Ridge Muse to you both....
he does such grand photography of that area

Doug He also des the Rant on Capitol Hill Blue

9:39 AM  
Blogger Quzi Formerly CC said...

Good Morning Justice bloggers & Fitzie!

What wonderful sentiments maureen & e. I also felt the angst, anger and frustration during the past six years...I've never been so worried about our country's safety and our freedoms...and many a day I felt alone because my anger and passion seemed over-the-top to the mainstream so I thought...

That is what brought me to was simply for therapy and to keep me from negativity...but what I found in blogging where kindred spirits...I was not alone...hallelujah!!! It was an epiphany...

So I often thank Fitzie for this blog because it felt like home very early on when I started reading, but not yet, I thank my fellow bloggers becuase you held me up when reality seemed to be slapping me in the face...

So today I have a big smile on my face, Jackie & JBs!

We are slowly taking our ocuntry back!!!

Go Team Fitzie!

PS I think Ambien Cheney is seething just as much as Condi! LOL

9:40 AM  
Anonymous e said...

beautiful chimpy..beautiful thoughts all
my friends mantra
How Bout Those Dems....

"That is what brought me to was simply for therapy and to keep me from negativity...but what I found in blogging where kindred spirits...I was not alone...hallelujah!!! It was an epiphany..."

same here so glad we all found a respite

now we want them to be about doing the People's Businees

9:46 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Top of the morning all
Yes we know who's boss as one word from Nancy Pelosi and Rummy is gone. Next sicko Bolton is out. Oh Connie Rice does have problems. Now is will have to suck up make nice with Iran/Syria sweet. Oh yes North Korea is waiting. Notice how all over the world cheers came out as Rummy got the door in his butt and Bush got slam dunked. I still think Nancy's description of Bush was worse then Chavez and no one denied Nancy's comment.
Have a great day smile yes I know Fitz is smiling.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous maureen said...


.."simply for therapy and to keep me from negativity"...

well, it worked didn't it? I really have loved reading all of you guys here.

Thank you Scooter(or Dick for telling him to) for blabbing on the guy that wrote the article that made discerning minds post a red alert that made Valerie a news topic and whatever else it took to finally make the boldest special prosecutor of the US of A create a place... Hey Mr. F. has anyone looked into telling the truth about who authorized those forged documents in Italy? I'm sure you have, I mean the whole TALE is like a Shakespearean fiasco.

Fine as long as it has an ending.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous louisiana said...

Speaking of Condi, is she the next victim of the swamp cleaning?

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth needs to be told to all Americans. Start with 9/11.

Have any of you ever checked out the conspiracy theory section of Stephen Colberts message board on colbertnation?

Interesting cast of persons over on even if some are saving face/or ass..

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somthing interesting on

November 10/11/12, 2006 -- According to Washington insiders, there are moves afoot to dump Vice President Dick Cheney and replace him with either John McCain or Rudolph Giuliani prior to the 2008 presidential election. Whoever succeeds Cheney will be able to campaign for the presidency with the perks that come with being an incumbent Vice President.

Since the increasingly-besieged Cheney has signaled he has no intention of voluntarily stepping down, the strategy by the Bush camp may be to force him out by presenting evidence before Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald that it was Cheney who was responsible for the compromise of CIA non-proliferation covert officer Valerie Plame Wilson and her Brewster Jennings & Associates cover firm.

Observers note the unusual professional relationship between Fitzgerald and Karl Rove's defense attorney Robert Luskin. Insiders believe that Fitzgerald may be proffered a carefully crafted deal by Luskin whereby Rove will testify to Cheney's primary role in the outing of Mrs. Wilson and her firm. The sealed indictment of Rove will then be retired permanently. If such a deal is worked out, Fitzgerald may then offer a deal to Lewis I. "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's former Chief of Staff, to also testify against Cheney. With such double-barreled testimony, President Bush will then be compelled to ask Cheney for his resignation or face a very nasty and public indictment.

either John McCain or Rudolph Giuliani???
Oh god no!!!

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Maureen said...

Anonymous person, what do I smell? A GOP "strategy to present evidence" that Cheney had something to do with this? Like he really didn't, like it was all THEIR idea to get someone else in? Of course, I must concede that Mr. Cheney is our worst nightmare, can Karl jump off too?
But what are you getting at? Oh, looks like a spin on the truth maybe?

Devising strategies while the rats jump off the sinking ship? Because the friggin rats are gonna drown anyways.

Hey Mr. F. , what do you think of this smell? Fishy? I saw your latest on how Fitzgerald appointed Fitzgerald, thank you you are awesome we all know. Oh well I'm sure you get ths all the time.

Hey Anonymous, this stratedy sounds like jumping ship, don't you think? And I don't mean at all as in "cut and run." I mean like rats.

Wow it's a gorgeous day outside, the east wind Santa Ana's are sweeping up the garbage, the 'housekeepers' are busy, my woodstove is still burning but there's an Indian summer hint of warm still in the air. I think I'll just enjoy the rest of this happy day with my girlies!

1:50 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Now that newspaper picture of Pelosi and the Gerbil is priceless. It should have said: there is new sheriff in town that will do some serious ass scrubbing in the Gerbil Administration.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Maureen said...


I checked out the Blue Ridge proud you must be!

I would love to someday visit the "Professor's House".. (the campus. I'm from a family of teachers too. Ever read that Willa Cather novel? It's great.)

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Condi might do okay if Cheney were out and she gained protection ......

1:06 AM  

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