Nov 9, 2006

In Case You Missed It...

Arnold's Back.

I believe moderate Steve Westly would have been much more competitive than Phil Angelides...


Anonymous e said...

not for long

7:31 AM  
Anonymous e said...

"This election," Viguerie said, "was also a referendum on the so-called 'neoconservatives' -- the Big Government Republicans who took us into a nation-building war while they busted the budget and enriched Big Business and its K Street lobbyists."

Viguerie said, "The only thing Denny Hastert & Company cared about was holding onto power. That's what led them to become Kings of Pork. That's what led them to protect the likes of Mark Foley."
The raw story

Arnold just put on a new coat the mind in the body is still a camillion and will change with the values there..the Kennedy Kissing Him my opinion ..tarnishes the memory of those who gave all...

7:45 AM  
Blogger Bubby said...

From TPM:
Do you like TPM? Would you like to work with us?

We're hiring a DC-based reporter-blogger for a new site we're launching. We are looking for someone who is funny, clever, interested in writing and reporting about politics and the people involved in politics in innovative ways. Journalism experience is a big plus but not an absolute necessity. Most of all I'm looking for someone who can look at what's going on down there with a fresh set of eyes.

TPM Media is a small but rapidly growing company. We work really hard. But we have a lot of fun doing what we do. The salaries are somewhere between reasonable and decent and come with benefits. And the boss is ... let's say, tolerable.

I'm dying to find exactly the right person for this new project. And if it's you, I really want to hear from you. If you're interested, send us an email at the comments address up there on the right. Use the subject heading "TPM Job." Include a resume, names of two references, and a letter explaining why you're interested in the gig, your background or frankly whatever else you think would be helpful for us to know.

I think there are several worthy candidates on this blog don't you??

8:16 AM  
Blogger t said...

Hey I like TPM,

I think I'll get a resume off to you, Bubby...that sounds very interesting.

I'll even use my real name heehee

E good post. I can't believe Maria can still tolerate the Arnold-I'm not into the long time suffering thing, ya know? And she is suffering that man!

Fitz, did you forget that the leak grand jury expired? (I'll have the indictment papers ready for you- drop them off or shall I file them for you? heehee)

8:51 AM  
Anonymous ahnold said...

I love sequels!

10:15 AM  
Blogger Quzi Formerly CC said...

LMAO @ Colbert's Word from last night...

You can find the video @ It is well worth it!

10:23 AM  
Blogger patriot girl said...

Good morning everyone.

Not too many posts this morning. I guess everyone is just worn out from all the celebrating.

I don't know how Maria can stand to look at the man, let alone kiss him. Blech!

I'm still wondering how Nancy is gonna play off this impeachment thing. She is practically swearing to the American people 'no impeachment', yet with SPB's post yesterday she seems to be allowing Conyers to take the lead and won't stop him. She will probably end up with some back-lash from this one.

Hope you are getting lots of rest Patrick. Looks like you will be very busy in the near future.

Peac ( ;

10:31 AM  
Blogger Quzi Formerly CC said...

Ah-nold is the Republican low-grade version Clinton...they both attract with their "charm", and they both have that zipper problem...

But Ah-nold is more of a chameleon. His policies change faster than the speed of light...

I don't know how Maria can stand to kiss him. As my 2-year-old says...Yucky!

10:31 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening folks!

It's Thursday!

Yes, the Gropinator is back.. But, do not think it will be easy for Arnie. Fitz made a comment that Westly would have been a better candidate than Angelides. Well, from many buddies of mine that live in Kalifornia, Westly blew his chances to beat Angelides from negative ads that he ran.. But, it seems to me that state of California look for a charismatic person in office. Arnie may be unqualify for the job as Governor but he is well known celebrity. How do you think Jesse Ventura or Ronald Reagan (except Reagan did have experience other thsn acting) got into politics? But, from listeing to Arnie sppech online yesterday, he may have gotten in by a landslide but the people are still pissed off at Arnie. And he was begging for the people to work with him. So, what may seem to be great for Arnie will be an uphill struggle for him for the next 4 years. I look for another recall in that state if Arnie doesn't deliver. I have a feeling that if that does happen, two people that I know will run on the recall if necessary.. But, of them are well known.

Patriot Girl mentioned about Pelosi not seeking impeachment for the Gerbil. I think many people on this blog are not paying attention to Pelosi's strategy. Ms. Pelosi doesn't need to seek impeachment. You know why? Because the American people will demand for an impeachment of the Gerbil. 65% of the people are dissatisfied with the rodent. She is allowing the people themselves to tell Congress to remove the Gerbil. And do you think Richard Nixon got impeached. It was the people. The Gerbil tried to use the Nixon playbook to get away with his crimes but that same playbook will seal his fate.. Don't think the American people will not cry impeachment. Pelosi is playing with the big boys and they think that Pelosi is going to demand for the President to be removed. And that would not be a smart move on her part. Women like Pelosi and Martha Stewart are clever and intelligent people. I like women like that. And how do you think Martha Stewart got the CEO of KMart to front her 80 million dollars to buy out Time Warner company so that Ms. Stewart gets full control over her show and magazine empire?

1:01 PM  
Blogger Bubby said...

e, I am sorry if I gave the wrong impression with my post earlier today. I have no affiliation with TPM, just an avid fan. When I saw that post this morning on TPM I thought of you, SQ and GEF but I didn't want to name names!! Sorry for any confusion. I personally think you're good enough so please apply ok!!You can email your resume to:

1:43 PM  
Anonymous bluedogs said...

Special Prosecutor:

you are so correct about Nancy Pelosi. She is very shrewd and she knows that the American people are going to demand IMPEACHMENT once the complete information gets out about the corruption, lies and criminal behavior. Did I mention ARROGANCE?

2:03 PM  
Anonymous e said...

thanks bubby I will

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gag me with a spoon. Looks like a video cover from Blockbuster...

Nancy is a cool cookie, with kind words for gerbils, as she exhibits unflustered comments to interviewers using surprising expertise'.

4:34 PM  

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