May 24, 2006

Very Observant...

Pardon Me, Mr. President!
Libby’s Difficult Defense

Hours after I. Lewis Libby resigned from the White House last October, federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald broke the seal on an indictment charging him with five felonies.

Now, as the pre-trial jousting in Mr. Libby’s case picks up momentum, the onetime loyal West Wing confidant—Dick Cheney’s Dick Cheney—will have to choose between protecting himself and protecting the White House. Specifically, insiders say, he will have to choose between a not-guilty verdict and a Presidential pardon.

“It does put him in this difficult situation of putting the administration on trial,” said a lawyer in the case. “Things are coming out that would never have come out, solely because he’s going to fight the charges.” [


Anonymous Ornery cuss said...

What's the point of dragging this on? You have had plenty of time to nail these guys. What's the hold up? The longer you wait the more irreperable damage is done to this glorious country. The house is on fire and you guys are wasting time looking for the perfect extinguisher.

America wants to know.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

And the answer to that million dollar question is that Cheney will protect Cheney. And that is what a true businessman does: protect his assets.. Yes, when the Gerbil and company presented the blueprint of graft, they were like the three musketeers: Gerbil, Porkrind, and Dead Eye Dick. We are not going to count the smurf Libby.. You the all for one and one for all gang.. Cheney is only concern is his business and his empire. And Cheney is surely not going to have his empire go down the tubes.. If it means to resign or turn on the Gerbil, he would do that.. Because Fitzgerald is going after key officals for indictment in the Gerbil Administration, watach each of the major platers turn in one another.. Friendship doesn't mean a thing in the Gerbil ADministration. It is money, business, and power that it is important. And if they have to turn on one another to save each other hide, they will do that.

As far as the Smurf, the Gerbil can't save him.. The dog and pony defense that he has been playing with Fitz is wearing off.. Again, the Smurf is the loser in this deal if he thinks that the Gerbil or Dead Eye Dick will save Tiny Tim Libby.. American people will see how an Administration that claim that they are loyal to one another especially in faith turn on another and expose the corruption within the Administration. Folks, the Gerbil ran 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. like a business for five years rather than a White House in which serves the American people and this country.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Herbert Hoover said...

Just when you are starting to make the ends meet somebody moves the ends

10:43 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Developing story from Raw Story:


2. A Commentary from Lou Dobbs from CNN. Here is an excerpt:

Dobbs: Bush, Congress tell working folk to go to hell
By Lou Dobbs

"George W. Bush's approval ratings have slumped to the lowest of his presidency. The approval rating for Congress is even lower, and nearly three-quarters of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction."

"But what is our government doing about that? The president is staying the course in Iraq and apparently demanding little of his generals to create a new, far more effective strategy for urgent success. Of course, he also wants a guest-worker program and amnesty of millions of illegal aliens. And Congress, faced with midterm elections in just over five months, is intent on giving the president what he wants and telling working men and women and their families, American citizens all, to go to hell."

"And a third-world country is what we will be if our elected officials don't soon come to their senses."

And Dodds is right!!

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Rabid said...

Bush doesn't care about Iraq's health. He only cares about the big embassy they are building and the permanent US military bases. The US will never, never leave Iraq! Why can't you people understand the big picture, the grand scheme?

Americans are idiots and the neocons know it. They have played this country like Nero on his fiddle. We are the strong arm of Israel and I am afraid that arrangement is all sown up and has been for quite sometime.

Remember the Liberty? How come nothing ever came of that? Becasue it would make Israel look bad and that is just not going to happen.

Israel wants the US in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, etc. And the neocons are giving them exactly what they want.

Prove me wrong.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Quzi Formerly CC said...

Rove, Cheney, Matthews conference call:

11:05 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Nice picture of Porkrind, Dead Eye Dick and Tweety.. And makes you wonder from the picture if the conference call discussion was alot more than DeLay?? Say.. Hmmm.. a certain covert's name????

11:10 AM  
Blogger basheert said...

Ornery Cuss:
Cool your jets please?

A jury process is just that - it's a legal process that involves a prosecutor and a grand jury. It is not a political process and it doesn't dance to the whim of the media.

The Fitzgerald Team is conducting a legal case - it doesn't have a timetable (like any court case).

And (SPB???) if I'm not wrong, sealed indictments can be used as bargaining chips.

Personally I think Libby will not roll over for Cheney and I think he will see that he's going to get tossed to the wolves and he'll squeal rather than take the fall for the Big Guy.

RE: Lou Dobbs

Where is his pod hiding? This is like Invasion of the Body Snatchers...the media just cannot decide whose side they are on.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

"Prove me wrong."

Gladly, you silly man.

"To: "Kristoffer Larsson"
Hi Kristoffer,

Very welcome...:)

I know exactly what you mean as I was at a presentation of speakers against the Iraq war at UCLA last week and the moderator (who was a leftist/Communist) wouldn't allow my discussion of the Mearsheimer/Walt paper (I had to assert myself to get it mentioned, but he was shouting me down like a Bolshevik would!). I only attended the event because General Janis Karpinski was speaking there (she had kindly mentioned me by first name in the back of her book that came out last year as she appreciated what I had conveyed to her about the JINSA/PNAC Neocon 'war for Israel' agenda). I wasn't comfortable being there listening to the Communist though because I am definitely not one!

Even 'information' conveyers such as William Pitt's won't touch the Mearsheimer/Walt study from what I have seen thus far.. Incredible.. Especially as the following is coming right down the pipe at US:

Israel's Olmert wants US to 'deal with' (bomb!) Iran

Olmert: Iran Close to Atomic Bomb Know-How
Associated Press Writer
30 minutes ago

Iran is just a few months away from acquiring the technological know-how that will allow it to build an atomic bomb, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in an interview broadcast Sunday.
Olmert flew to Washington on Sunday for his first meeting as prime minister with President Bush. The two leaders are expected to discuss Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Olmert told CNN's "Late Edition" that the key issue regarding Iran was not when it builds a nuclear bomb, but rather when it acquires the knowledge they need to manufacture such arms.
"This technological threshold is nearer than we anticipated before. This is because they are already engaged very seriously in enrichment," Olmert said.
"The technological threshold is very close. It can be measured in months rather than years," Olmert added, repeating statements previously made by other senior Israeli officials.
Olmert said the world could not take Iran's nuclear ambitions lightly because Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for Israel's destruction. However, he said it was unlikely Israel would act on its own, diplomatically or militarily, to deal with the problem.
In 1981, Israel's air force attacked the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak, destroying the facility. But Olmert said the situations cannot be compared, and Israel will try to persuade the Western world to impose sanctions on Iran.
Iran has so far rejected European proposals to back off the idea of U.N.-imposed sanctions if Tehran agrees to freeze its uranium enrichment program. Another proposal the Europeans are preparing will apparently include a clause saying that if Iran refuses, it could face sanctions backed by the threat of force.
Iran, which insists its nuclear program is for peaceful, civilian purposes, says it has the right to enrich uranium.
Olmert expressed confidence that Bush would "lead other nations in taking the necessary measures to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power."
"We will certainly try to convince other countries that, at this time, before they cross the technological threshold, that the measures will be taken to stop them," Olmert said.
Listen to what Dr. Sniegoski mentions about the US attacking Iran for Israel via the following:

'IRAQ WAR CONCEIVED IN ISRAEL' author on Karen Kwiatkowski's radio program yesterday
Dr. Stephen Sniegoski was on Karen Kwiatkowski's radio broadcast (for the Republic Broadcasting Network) yesterday discussing the JINSA/PNAC Neocon 'war for Israel' agenda as such can be listened to via clicking on the May 20th, 2006 link at:
Additional at the following URL:
To the President of the United States by Elyakim Haetzni

May 23, '06 / 25 Iyar 5766 To the President of the United States of America, Mr. George Bush, via the Office of the American Consulate, Jerusalem Dear Mr. President, We have the honor to address you on behalf of millions of Jews in Israel and the rest of the world whose hearts are full of trepidation at the results of our prime minister's visit with you. (Yippee!!)

First of all, we have never been partners with you in your "dream" for the creation of a Palestinian State (the second one; the first being Jordan). In the historical perspective, the "Land of the Bible" is the birthright of the Jewish people as G-d promised to Abraham, as prophesied by prophets and as governed by the kings of Israel. Our objections are also realistic and practical: we cannot condone the creation of an Islamic terrorist country on our border, which appears could indeed happen. (what a crock of horsecrap)

Regardless of our differences, we suspect that you are basically a friend to Israel and the Jewish people, and we want you to know that you enjoy great popularity in Israel. (So? What's that have to do with whats right and what wrong?)

Because of the friendship that we have with the While House, (Which means an illegal AIPAC and lots of dough) we feel that we can allow ourselves to approach you (of course you's that me me me complex thing you got going on) to request that you reject the "Convergence Plan" that has been presented to you by the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert. (You were already told, DO NOT ASK FOR MORE MONEY. What's so hard to understand?)

The Zionists and their neocons are BEGGING for help now, and they aren't getting it, did you see the prime minister here the other day? He was red faced!!!

Everything will come out and the Ziocons will fall, along with their election fraud. Click my name.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great news,Libby by defending himself may end up being
your star WITNESS against the others

Take your time-so they may do time.

7:04 PM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

time for a new thread.......the troll is getting testy.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work » »

3:08 AM  

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