May 5, 2006


I think.

I took some phenergan and ambien and have no recollection of today's events.

Libby Denied Access To CIA Leak Data
(AP) A federal judge refused on Friday to give I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby access to a wide range of information from several government agencies, saying he would not allow the former White House aide's trial in the CIA leak case to become a debate over the war in Iraq.

"You want to try the legitimacy of us going to war," U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton told lawyers for Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff. "I don't see how that will help us determine whether Mr. Libby lied when he talked to the FBI and went before the grand jury."

Walton ordered Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to turn over evidence, if he has any, of when and how President Bush and Vice President Cheney decided to declassify part of a secret government intelligence report on Iraq so Libby could disclose it to favored reporters in an effort to discredit administration critics in 2003.

The judge also seemed to be leaning toward denying a defense request for documents Fitzgerald has related to the activities of White House adviser Karl Rove, who remains under investigation and will be a defense witness if the prosecutor doesn't call him to testify. [


Blogger Jackie said...

Now Judge Walton and I both understand that this case is about lying not who leaked the CIA's name. Second if Wilson said his wife worked at the CIA the only question is did he give her covert name. He would have had to say her name was Plame as normal people would think her name was Mrs. Wilson. What does that have to do will lying to investigators or GJ.
Is it January yet is it January yet.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"I took some phenergan and ambien and have no recollection of today's events." Then, it must have been your evil twin "Buck" in place of you in the little soldier's court case or you are just simply suffering fron the Gilligan's defense... All I say before I take an aspirin is the little soldier is just that plain stupid person. A stupid person and an idiot lawyer I must add. He is wasting Judge Walton's time. I have to agree to what Jason Leopold discussed in his radio address. The little soldier is in the wait and see mode. He is trying to see if his buddies from the Gerbil and company will bail him out. When Rove gwts indicted, he will see that his buddies will not help him at all. And one will try to play against one another to bring that person down. Simply a cat and mouse game played by the little soldier. And a mightty dangerous one. He just sealed his own fate!!!

5:37 PM  
Blogger The Subway Serenade said...

Randi Rhodes is talking about a Mom at a Credit Union who got an email from her son, a Marine asking for food for his unit. It seems their food supplier, KBR is serving 2 meals a day of substandard quality, and some among our military are begging for food from the locals in Iraq.

This is in keeping with the "Green Eggs and Spam" scandal that KBR was caught up in last year.

50 Ways To Dump The Dubya

5:39 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

The comment of the day that was emailed to me. This is from blogger: Sam Alito.

Alito writes:

ugh, the reading for this job is unbearable, and my clerks are idjits, so it took a while for me to catch up and have time for blogging. I also am kind of mad that I didn't at least even get OFFERED any of the hookers and limos and so on. You get through the harsh light of confirmation hearings, and suddenly no one cares about you.

Now that I've spent my whole life kissing ass to gain unfettered power, though, you can bet I care about them. And I don't give a damn about what they want from me, neither.


Ha! Ha! Sam is pissed because Cunningham or Wilkes didn't add him to the list...

5:48 PM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

Judge, too, are a hero to the American Public. I know that it isn't easy to be in your position, but thank you for your service. The truth is more
important than anything else.

6:00 PM  
Blogger teak said...

Mr. SS, I believe that...I know of soldiers that had very little water/ and one MREs when Bush did 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED'. Wonder how much KBR is getting per meal, PBS I think, had it pegged as $20 per meal.....

This is disgusting and just another example of the contractors robbing the troops and taxpayers. Custer/Battles, I believe is the one that didn't give out the armour needed or it was sub-par. I read they are back in Iraq with a different name doing business, robbing the soldiers, American taxpayers and the Iraqis.

6:13 PM  
Blogger teak said...

You would be surprised the phenergan and ambien that is being prescribed to Americans, do not think Patrick Kennedy is the rare exception.

My neice ( she was 19 years old) would be so screwed up from this ambien...the little pill so advertised everywhere all the time and with enough funds behind it to sponsor sporting events and so on. Too bad all this latest data wasn't reported before about the car crashes and night-eating.

I'm glad Kennedy admitted his problems, maybe he will do some good about it when he gets it together. Too bad the corruption of certain areas in gov't that was designed to protect patients and citizens seem to be corrupted, too. Greed, power, ego and arrogance= evil and same old, same old.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Kit Neill said...

I took ambien before a dental appointmnet, and it specfiically said don't drive. If it can remove the fear of a dental drill, it's not rocket science to know that at 3am - and what's a public servant doing out at that hour anyway? - you ain't functional!

For all our trashing of Republican values it's important that laws broken by anyone require punishment. So back into Rehab goes little Teddy.

JUST SAY NO to graft AND meds. Try a decent diet, lots of vitamins, and a good dose of Jackie's common sense.

6:47 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous e said...

if a person believes that little pill you takes knows the exact spot in the body to go to..
...just something to ponder...

Libby will be taking the pills next.. :) that will be his next defense..he's working on faking his PX's now...
Sam is joking, of course..
SPB when the news conference???

6:49 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


I think Fitz was exaggerating about taking phenergan and ambien. I for one would be serious medicated from listening and hearing the little soldier's nanny nanny boo boo defense and his retarded antics for justice. Good thing that I wasn't in that courtroom because I would tell Reggie (really medicated): "I am therefore I exist." I have a short tension span for morons and idiots. I start to get a huge vein sticking out of my head from "baby wipes" cases like the little soldier!

6:50 PM  
Anonymous t said...

I second Teak on the food situation with our soldiers. Military families have been hearing these reports for months. I have been telling my congress people this too-they look at you like they don't quite see how this can be. They should not wonder why they are lower than King Dubya in the polls.

Our soldiers in Iraq are often buying food from the Iraqis. They don't have much to spare in some places for themselves. Gerbil is looney. Seize them as assets- They must come home NOW. Did you hear West Point Graduates Against the War has been told not to use "West Point" in their name? Despite West Point Pizza, dry cleaners, ect. They are fighting it.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


The blogger Sam was just joking. But, hey, we don't know if the real Sam Alito wanted to get his groove on with the hookers. You never know.. As far as the news conference, the GJ still hasn't made a decision yet. We would have heard something today... The GJ will resume next week. I knpw I am going to get someone on this blog bellyaching on when the GJ will make a decision and when is the press conference. Fitz has to give the media a 24 hour notice. If they made a decision today, then the press conference would most likely be for Tuesday. Be patient folks. We will hear from the GJ soon. I rather for them to take their time and review the evidence rather than to rush with a decision of evidence which can favor Rove. Let them to their job. Keep your eyes on latest from Fitz, Raw Story, and other alternative news on the web.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

And I am beginning to sound like Fitzgerald's press secretary of the blog. At least, I am better than Buckaroo McFelon and Tony "Snow job!"

6:58 PM  
Anonymous t said...

'West Point' Off Limits to Anti-War Alums

Thanks for the update on the GJ

7:06 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

When you start saying, "no further comment" that is when I will think you have become just like McFelon! LOL!

7:11 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Hey, at least I didn't say that "there is ongoing investigation." like McFelon or give propaganda like Snow job of Faux news. At least, Biloxi is giving you all the low down scoop...

7:14 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Yeah, and all the dirt too! You go Biloxi! Tell us the truth! :)

7:16 PM  
Anonymous e said...


7:20 PM  
Anonymous BigPharma Whistleblower said...

I think.

I took some phenergan and ambien and have no recollection of today's events.

Hey Pat,

Unfair. You can become physiologically addicted, which drives the addiction behavior, and no one screens you for genetic susceptibilities to this.

You should look at the videos on my website, because the SCIENCE proves the physiological brain damage from these psychotropics and pain meds *drives* the behavior.

Listen, if the State of Corrupticut and Yale had not bagged me so severely, you could conclude that I had not something very significant to say-.

They literally gave me a gag order not to "criticize the government" Not the State, local or federal government.

They were pissed. The SCIENCE is why.

Nobody's happy with the chronic addictions of the Kennedy's, and no one cares to find out what is going on. That is, it is in BigPharma's interest that we all don't find out.

So, people should lay off. Hasn't that family been traumatized enough? Shouldn't it be time America forgives that family so that this trauma can cease?

If the Kennedy's knew what the addictions were all about I guarantee they would be very, very pissed.


7:24 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Since there is soooo much buzz about the GJ, I decide to give yoo all the short version from the posting that Fitz gave about what a GJ does and procedures. I will give the short version so that you can understand what the GJ entails in this case. Here is Biloxi's short excerpt version.


"If a prosecutor wants a grand jury to charge someone, the prosecutor reserves time with the grand jury and then presents evidence to them. In presenting the evidence, the prosecutor is trying to persuade the grand jurors that the people he or she wants to charge have committed certain crimes."

"The grand jurors listen to the evidence and decides if it establishes probable cause to believe the person the prosecutor wants to charge has committed the crime(s) the prosecutor claims."

"After they hear all the prosecutor's evidence, the jurors vote on a set of proposed charges--known as an "indictment"--which the prosecutor has drafted and gives to the grand jurors. If the grand jurors decide the evidence creates probable cause to believe the persons named in an indictment committed the crimes it charges them with, they vote to "return" the indictment, i.e., to charge the person with those crimes."
"Voting to return charges is usually known as "returning a true bill." If a grand jury votes to return a true bill, the indictment is valid and it initiates a criminal case against the people named as defendants in the indictment. A majority of the grand jurors must vote for an indictment in order to return a true bill."

"If a majority of the grand jurors don't think the prosecutor's evidence creates probable cause, they will vote not to return the indictment. When a majority of grand jurors vote not to return an indictment, this is known alternatively as "returning a bill of ignoramus" or "returning a no bill." If the grand jurors vote not to return an indictment, the indictment is not valid and no criminal case results. "

And there you have it! That is what GJ duties are!!!

7:27 PM  
Anonymous e said...

SPB what will happen to his Gosslings who did his dirty work...

Jerry Doe is on his way as well as the woman fired one week before retirement...

7:30 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:43 PM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

SPB...I certainly hope that 12 of the 23 grand jurors are willing to indict. Could it be that there is
a problem with the grand jurors?

7:45 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


I am sure that when Rove is indicted along with Cheney, soneone is most likely going to open up an investigation in to the CIA agency and Goss. Goss is already in hot water with the Hookergate scandal. Until we get rid of garbage, then an investigation is on the horizon. Goss is not connected in the Hookergate but ties to the Iraq propaganda and invasion. As far as Jerry Doe and the woman that was recently fired, again, until the top officials in the WH are indicted and removed, we will probably hear more from these two and their stories. Look what the Gerbil did to ex-Treasurer, Paul O'Neill, who spoke out against Iraq and the Gerbil Administration. The Gerbil fired him. He wrote a book and went on 60 minutes. He was the first person to come forward to speak out against the Gerbil and then came Richard Clarke. When this Administration is brought down, we will hear stories after stories of individuals that were either fired or silenced by the Gerbil and company for speaking out against the Administration.. So, stay tuned!!!

7:45 PM  
Anonymous e said...

SPB they have a nice summary of little soldier today

7:49 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

I don't think so, Grandmanuk. If there was really a problem, why is that the brilliant Fitzgerald has successfully indict the following criminals: the little soldier, Democrat Richard M. Daley, the mayor of Chicago, on charges of mail fraud, Democrat Richard M. Daley, the mayor of Chicago, on charges of mail fraud, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and 11 others charged in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, John Gotti, the boss of the Gambino crime family, Gov, Ryan and so on.
Just have a little patience for GJ. I am sure that Fitz did a wonderful job presenting the evidence on Porkrind.

Next question in the middlerow... Rummy??.. Is that you?? Didn't I see you earlier this morning panhandling for meds???

7:56 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:03 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

"It's Rumsfeld and I don't understand why everyone wants to call me Rummy and I just have one thing sto say"...

"We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat."

8:06 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Thanks for passing along Firedoglake. And desperation indeed. I like the quote: "It looks like Libby’s got nothing but smoke and mirrors, and the judge is getting tired of the sideshow."
And so am I. I know that Reggie left that courtroom, went home, had a glass of brandy, and call it a day from the little soldier's antics. I am only have 8 seconds of tolerance for that type of sideshow act by the little soldier. The little soldier is enough for anyone to reach for the bottle! I think that he is trying to get some attention in the media since his case is dead and boring and Hookergate has become the hot headlines. And I wonder if the little soldier's name or Ms. Miller's name is on the Hookergate roster with Cunningham Wilkes, and Wade???
I bet Dead Eye Cheney's name is penciled in on that list....

8:06 PM  
Blogger DoDGoNe said...

do you want to get out of this mess?

talk to this guy

to get to azz-Duri

2- cease fire ASAP

or you are going to get a lot from Juba & co. or wd I say Cia.

get the grunt outta there ASAP

Ps. they are ttying to get to an agreement since 2004

9:26 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Last Entry:

The possible replacement of Goss. From Americablog:

Bush's new CIA chief will likely be man at center of NSA domestic spying scandal
by John in DC - 5/05/2006 10:41:00 PM
General Michael Hayden.

"You may remember him as the man who gave the following explanation for why the Bush administration illegally spied on American citizens without seeking the necessary court orders.
Air Force Gen. Michael V. Hayden, who was NSA director when the surveillance began and now serves as Bush's deputy director of national intelligence, said the secret- court process was intended for long-term surveillance of agents of an enemy power, not the current hunt for elusive terrorist cells.

"The whole key here is agility," he said at a White House briefing before Bush's news conference. According to Hayden, most warrantless surveillance conducted under Bush's authorization lasts just days or weeks, and requires only the approval of a shift supervisor. Hayden said getting retroactive court approval is inefficient because it "involves marshaling arguments" and "looping paperwork around."

One graft employee leaves and another graft employee enters. Signing off!

10:38 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...



Nice try with your comments: "I took some phenergan and ambien and have no recollection of today's events." Did you think you can fool me with those comments? And did you share the same pills with Patrick Kennedy?
"Rep. Patrick Kennedy, son of Ted Kennedy, drove to the capitol last night around 2:30 am believing he had to vote. He had taken Ambien and Phenergan for gastroenteritis."
Yeah, same first name but different last name. Ha Ha! Good evening!

10:49 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

Hi all
Me for 2

1. re: Ambien and Phenergen. I've taken both. Phenergan is the main ingredient (along with codiene) that actually is in cough syrup that WORKS. It is available by prescription and if you are sick as a dog, and can't sleep or stop coughing, it is definitely a USEFUL medication. Of course it should NOT be mixed with other meds but the OTC crap does nothing and at least this helps (I had a 7 week bought this winter with recurrent flu and it saved my life!)
2. Ambien - have also taken it. The first 2 times I took 1/2 of a tablet, I do NOT remember anything - total amnesia. We were on the long-flite from LAX to Sydney and I fell asleep in my chicken dinner on Qantas!
I do have a script for it and use it occasionally (again 1/2 a tablet) and it works well. But it can cause squirreliness!

3. RE: the GJ - if the old adage is true, PJF is home free. The saying is "the GJ will indict a ham sandwich". Altho that's kind of insulting, it does indicate that a GJ gives credit to a prosecutor who has prepared a case. It is highly unlikely that Fitz wouldn't get what he requests as I'm sure he has his ducks in a row.

Hope everyone had a nice week and enjoys your weekend.

I leave you with the word for Saturday "Hookergate".

The reason PG's excuse for leaving isn't that he plans more time with his family is that wifey has tossed his stuff onto the lawm/

S;ee[ we;; a;; //

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Score being Kept:

Little Soldier Libby: 0!!!!

Prosecutor Fitz: 10!!!!!!

For all those watching from home! The little soldier shot him and rove in the foot three times today, he still wants to debate the Iraq war!


The real story why Porter Goss resigned....the fingering has begun.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Wake up Fitz I just read an article by David Shuster of NBC.
Now the dude is trying to read your body language as to the indictment of Rove. When a boy starts looking that close at a man Fitz stay far away from him. Get Randall to clear the way as you walk from court. With Watergate sex poker who knows who's who. I just thought that was a strange commet and wanted to give you the 411. Now you can go back to sleep.

12:42 AM  
Blogger bluewild said...

Jackie, I saw that too - I thought the smae thing! How weird and desperate. Are these people on Ambien?

2:09 AM  
Blogger bluewild said...

SPB, I'm trying to catch up on Hookergate - where's the best info? Thank you - as always!

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

9/11, Thermite.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

Funny, huh.

Out Plame and wreck Iran nuke intelligence, and get a charge of lying to the grand jury and FBI, or, if you are not a well-connected person charged with the same leaking crime, it carries the death penalty, even though the Phillipines are supposedly our allies:

The Plame case is not about the deliberately bogus intelligence about the war. Check. It's about lying, says the judge and Fitz.

Rummy defended himself and Powell at the same time, in response to Ray McGovern's heckling.

Sure. Powell was had, but Rummy?

The thermite in the WTC is a no-brainer, but it points the finger directly at Chertoff. He was always a dirt-level player and *is* Mossad.



5:32 AM  
Anonymous e said...

Seems Pottie Gross
is involed with election fraud according to anon's post..

Jackie humorous observation with the body language..
Did you happen to notice Shuster's body language..>>>>:)

6:19 AM  
Anonymous e said...

Wake up Jackie..SPB and

firedoglake has the bestest caartoonever of Rove frogmarch...
can't wait for Stephen's version

6:25 AM  
Anonymous e said...

for Kathleen

6:53 AM  
Anonymous e said...

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...


That was some sort of a nuclear lab.
I'd be... concerned.

Another aspect of these problems is that there are not enough trained chemists. People choose to get the easy degree in "Social Work" or psychology- all hypothetical waste-my-time bullcrap.

'Need scientists. More people would have believed 9/11 was thermite enhanced, had more of us opted for a real career.


8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, Kathleen, if I tell you I am a Jewish sociologist, will you then tell me I am part of the Mossad?

There is a way to write to convince people of one's ideas, and there is a way to write which totally insults others.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous guckert said...

I took some GHB and Locker Room last night at the Watergate. We all took lots come to think of it!

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice try, Kathleen. The actions of one Philipino-American passing documents to a group of anti-Philippine government people does not mean the Philippines are not still allies.

I do not understand this type of thinking either. The actions of a few or even many bad people do not mean the *entire* group of people is bad. If that was the case, then all Americans could be labelled serial killers and drug dealers because of the actions of a few people. Now that would be totally ridiculous, right!? Therefore, the actions of a few bad apples does not mean the rest are spoiled. The same is true of pharmaceutical researchers. The actions of a few or even many greedy profit seekers does not mean the whole lot of them are bad.

I already know you are not going to care what anyone says. You will continue to believe what you want.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous e said...

anon I believe you have given Kathleen some very good advice..
I too had my on quest..
We won...
but not because we blasted and abused like we were being abused..
we left that to the one who does it best..
the "ole Man Upstairs."
I feel your pain and do not wish to inflict more..find that quiet soul-self within you that will guide you on your course to win..

it's there we all have it
The ole Man upstairs does not dicriminate...
just as he will not let evil win..

10:36 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Good morning Hi E yes I'm awake now.
Fitz you don't play fair. I just read Americanblog. and that party in the Watergate was with hooker guys not girls. Our elected officials are leading two lives one with girls and one with guys. You had to have talked to the Proscutor for Duke. I guess now the closet doors will really come open. Its sad that they didn't come out on their own. What a mess this case is going to be. So many lives effected because these guys wouldn't tell the truth.
Put a new posting up I have to think of something else now.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


For a new topic: What happened to the ethics bill? I heard something on the radio about how it lost its teeth, something about officials who admit to wrongdoing will still get to keep their pensions. I have not had a chance to check yet, but it is on my list of things to do!

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat."

How do i(Rummy) know ?We put them there BUT alert US soldiers attacked our (Rummys)people and botched it up.

CIA and DOD Attempted To Plant WMD In Iraq

A DOD whistleblower detail an attempt by a covert U.S. team to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The team was later killed by friendly fire due to CIA incompetence.
Pentagon Whistleblower Reveals CIA/ DoD Fiascos

In a world exclusive, Al Martin has published a news story about a Department of Defense whistleblower----((((((((The Pentagon whistleblower, Nelda Rogers, is a 28-year veteran debriefer for the Defense Department. She has become so concerned for her safety that she decided to tell the story about this latest CIA-military fiasco in Iraq.

According to Al Martin, ?Ms.Rogers is number two in the chain of command within this DoD special intelligence office. This is a ten-person debriefing unit within the central debriefing office for the Department of Defense. ))))
---who has revealed that a US covert operations team had planted ?Weapons of Mass Destruction? (WMDs) in Iraq ? then ?lost? them when the team was killed by so-called ?friendly fire.? --

ER-NO INCOMING'S FRIENDLY--IF you have been there you would know that.Non-Hostile is a better term.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Ok Anon here's the news. These guys ruled that nothing will change while Americans were put in fear by high gas prices, Iran and the ports deal. If they lost the free gifts, food and trips what good would their jobs be. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing and they have to get something. Abramoff showed the way so others could follow.
Fitz here's one for you. If all the legal spanish and or people that marched Monday vote that would end the GOP power. I spoke to a manager from Los Angeles and he said all the people across the United States that marched had to check in first to make sure they voted, even the high school kids that were 18 years old. Now Nov. will really be something to see even Rove couldn't fix enough machines to stop that kind of number. In a way that helps you too. With new elected official the power gone from the Bush Administration plea bargins will flow free.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks E! (11:36 a.m.) Have you ever looked at Kathleen's Web site? Even if she is totally right, the way that is written, very few people will want to make the effort to help or believe.

Anger is OK, but what one does with that anger makes the difference. Anger can be used in very constructive ways, or it can be very destructive. I hope she learns the difference because she might feel better and get to see her kids. I know lots of abused women, whistleblowers, and seriously ill people. None of them would create a Web site like that trying to hurt others.

11:15 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

The GOP Scorecard from Wayne Madsen.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie!!

Get out the vote! Get the Latinos to vote--HEY! That must be why many Republicans are pushing to get Latinos kicked out of the country. They are afraid the Latinos might start voting them out of office. Latinos are the fastest growing group in the U.S. I am slow, but I usually connect the dots eventually.

There is another segment of the population who needs to vote. I deal with a lot of twenty-somethings for my employment. Most of the time, folks from that age group get labeled as "apathetic." Unfortunately, "disillusioned" is a better word to describe the ones I talk with--they think their vote does not make a difference. Most of them are not happy with the corruption in politics but they still think they cannot do anything about it.

Help! How can we fix that!? How can we get more twenty-somethings to the polls?

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About that Mossad...there is plenty of evidence-USS Liberty, Marine barracks bombing in Beruit-I won't even name all the others. Whom did Pollard give the intel to? Oh thats right-and they took it! And Larry Franklin? Do you think AIPAC kept that info for themselves?

There too many unexplained "incidents" to discount that theory of Mossad involvment. No halfway competent investigator would rule this out.

Have none of you read Victor Ostrovsky? Mossad motto is: 'By way of deception, thou shalt do war.'
By the way, my Jewish friends are not happy about this business, either.

Did I mention that I resent Americans who double cross allies, too? What good are treaties, laws ect, when intel won't follow them?

About Kathleen-I have also worked with many victims. Victims early into the healing process are usually very angry...Being a victim of the government would certainly be a powerless position to find ones self in.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

Anonymous said...

Gee, Kathleen, if I tell you I am a Jewish sociologist, will you then tell me I am part of the Mossad?


Clearly you haven't read the response to Larry Cohen (re the Israeli Lobby) at the Hartford Courant, dead center on my website, and sociology is a fine endeavor.

For example, we could examine the crazies at the AEI, and try to find out if their is any logic to their dogma, or is the dollar the only logic?

We could also apply the rules of sociology to psychiatry and add another variable of doubt to the validity of the "practice."

For example, if I was from Haiti and my religion was VooDoo, American Shrinks would diagnose "psychosis."

It's kind of a fun topic. I had thought about writing a book about the social anthropology of BigPharma.

But Jewish people have a set of rules that the neocons reject. THOU SHALT NOT KILL, and THOU SHALT NOT DEFRAUD, to name a few.

Neocons are atheists. I would recommend that you read up on their particular, um, way of thinking, because you above query tells me you're rather clueless.


11:57 AM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

Subject: The Israeli Lobby and Lawrence Cohen, Hartford Courant

Date: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 05:27:03 [View Source]

Mr. Cohen,

Try not to forget the part where Perle's "Securing the Realm" and "Rebuilding America's Defenses" complete with the part where we need "forward bases," "pre-emptive peace," and a catalytic event like a new Pearl Harbor, are identical to Bush Doctrine.
<-- The PNAC "New Pearl Harbor" project see pages 50
and 51 of the .pdf (Sep 2000) <<-- The policy of pre-emptive "peace" Securing Israel's Realm. And try
not to forget the part where the Cohen-Rowland Doctrine is identical to the AEI's "Custodial Democracy."

'Complete with the national string of prisons and pediatric jails and enterprise, but because of all the
P&F in Hartford (by white people), the contract went to Halliburton.

And lastly, try not to forget the part where Rowland bragged about being a "national security advisor to George W. Bush." It's not Israel's fault that Cheney
and Rummy bought into the collective psychosis of Team B. Feith, Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby, all Straussians, believed, and operated upon the principal that they
are intellectually superior to the rest of us, and that all men are basically evil, but will respond only to force and military muscle. Religion is good for the masses, they say. Keeps em in line. Straussians are atheists.

So, we can leave Israel out of it, because a lot of them are actually religious people and believe in God.
You know the God who said, "I AM THE LORD THY GOD, THOU SHALL PUT NO FALSE GODS BEFORE ME." That would
be, you know, the folks who think they are the intellectual elite who made the decision *themselves*
that all men are basically evil. God said He made man in His own image.

Nice try, though.

Kathleen M. Dickson
23 Garden Street
Pawcatuck, CT 06379

Israeli Lobby Isn't Actually Mysterious

Laurence Cohen

April 28 2006

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mossad-poisoned sweets killed militant, book says

In Striking Back, written in English, Aharon Klein confirms suspicions that Israel's intelligence agency killed the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian, whose love for chocolate was well known. AFP

No, I am not for terrorists-I just prefer trials and jail time for them. Silly me-I thought that was the "American way of justice"

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like the Nutbucket Express just arrived again in the station . . .

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is NO denying the truth for anything...

Preach it kathleen.

No way out...

The straussian zionists were given FAR too much; they indeed did enough damage. And when the dust settles on the debate surrounding AIPAC, they will be finished.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I recall, that is the same thing said about Cindy Sheehan when she asked "What noble cause did her son die for?"

"If the man doesn’t believe as we do, we say he is a crank, and that settles it. I mean, it does nowadays, because now we can’t burn him." ~Mark Twain

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kathleen, keep track of what you write:

"People choose to get the easy degree in "Social Work" or psychology- all hypothetical waste-my-time bullcrap."

People who do social work often major in sociology and/or are sociologists, so you just contradicted yourself.

Not everybody wants to read all the negativity that is on your Web site, so do not expect everyone or anyone to read all of it. When you insult people by telling them they are clueless, how does that help them get a clue? I hope your life gets better.

Your best bet to convince people of your ideas is to separate what you think are facts from your personal anger. Someone days ago suggested that you keep a personal diary or some such thing where you can get all the anger out you want in private, and keep it separate from the information you want to present.

Best wishes.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous the tin man said...

I'm beginning experiments at the moment with Kosher brands of tin foil after reading todays posts.

I hold no hopes that it can protect from my head from thermite though. `: (

1:02 PM  
Blogger bluewild said...

I don't know if you saw this but there is a sweet personal insight/portrait of Fitz

Scroll down to the second grey portion

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed 2:00 anon. I was a minor in Soc and am trying to look past your anger,K.

The "anger diary" is an excellent idea. If the things K claim happened are true, she certainly has my sympathy.

Spare me the kosher tin foil hat, until you do some more homework, anon.

That is the biggest problem with any critique of Israel-one is automatically labled anti-Semite and that is WRONG. No one is critizing religion-only their intel methods.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

People who do social work often major in sociology and/or are sociologists, so you just contradicted yourself.

"Social work" is not work, and that was exactly my point. Pencil pushers and telephone answerers do not Rosie the Rivetors make, nor does it enhance visual spatial abilities, which is where real intelligence and innovation lies.

That is, America has been dumbed down because of these social worker flakes who do no actual work.

Were it not for Walmart, there would be work, and not this huge deficit, and not a need for a phoney war.

Start thinking logically. Take a course in college physics.

It's an American Innovation Imperative and there's no time to leave this burden to our children.

Besides, we're short on science teachers so Mom and Dad have to pick up the slack.

How many 10 year olds know how their DVD player works?


1:31 PM  
Anonymous e said...

have you researched Edgar Cayce's (the sleeping prophet)works...
for your health problems..
might find something there..

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Clueless!! said...

Cool!!! It's Wal-mart's fault for the phony war! This whole time I thought it was W. Bush's desire to finish off Saddam that his father started.

Wow, and here I thought I was clueless!

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

Clueless!! said...

Cool!!! It's Wal-mart's fault for the phony war! This whole time I thought it was W. Bush's desire to finish off Saddam that his father started.

Wow, and here I thought I was clueless!


Well, you can be as foolish as you like, but if you are interested in genuine debate of the facts some time, I recommend you prepare for future discourse on the matters of economy, work, and energy (power) with a course in thermodynamics.

Best of Luck,

2:35 PM  
Anonymous the tin man said...

Well folks he first Kosher tin foil hat has promise but needs further r and d.

I can't hear "I Have a Little Dreidel" any more in my head but that Adam Sandler "Hanukkah Song" is still driving me meshugge!

This foil ain't cheap either, need I say more?

(word verification code below is..."wshit", no kidding!)

2:58 PM  
Anonymous t said...

tfm, Are you also homophobic? If so, get lost...and go educate yourself.

Maybe you can return when you can add something valuable to the conversation.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous the tim man said...

t, no not at all, many times jeff gannon and i have done freaky stuff with foil, let your imagination run wild!

t must think i'm an anti semite just like so many here wrongly think kathleen is.

they don't listen to her like i do. as a case in point, i just found out that walmart doesn't carry kosher foil. now just what does that tell you?

annnnd...the waltons are the majority stockholders in thermite production.

forget the rest, concentrate on thermite and walmart.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

Dear China and Russia, Well we'd LIKE to cooperate and simply use intelligence to inhibit materials being fed to Iran, but we sorta blew it with the Plame Affair, so we'll just nuke the crap out of em, if it's all the same to you. As we all know there were some messy PNAC details that we hadn't worked out, like independently intelligent or "dangerously intelligent" Americans who won't refrain from thinking, particularly about local WTC thermite matters, or, say, about the Niger uranium hoax letter in the Name of Peace. Dammit. And from now on, mind your own business. The oil is ours because we're Americans and you are not.

Yours Truly,

3:35 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Now Hayden-General "I don't understand the Fourth Amendment" is up for the CIA director.

From bad to worse-Dubya always knows how to pick 'em.

Does anyone have a good scoop on the General?

4:24 PM  
Anonymous e said...

4:35 PM  
Blogger Former Fed said...


I think you need to give Kathleen the same 'talking to' that you gave to Dr. Evil.

Her negativity and anger are wasting people's time and getting them upset.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous E said...


4:50 PM  
Anonymous broken winged flyer said...

I agree with anon. Kathleen is incredibly sharp but she is so bitter she shoots at everyone and inhibits loyal bloggers from posting due to her ridicule

5:40 PM  
Anonymous broken winged flyer said...

Meant that I agree with former fed

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JACKIE-POST #1--YOU FORGOT SOME ONE ELSE---MR. LIBBY "" Now Judge Walton and I both understand that this case is about lying not who leaked the CIA's name"""

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Kathleen.

She knows the facts, and needs to keep drumming them into people's drums.

Mother of all scandals


Ten times out of ten


How many ducks does one row take

The Deed?


BRAVO! Even with the negativity

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see the usual baiting zionazis have run to this blog, to try to set up others for their scams.

Trying to set kathleen up this time, even though she's falling for none of it.

She has all the right to be pissed given what you ZIONISTS actually do.

Time is short

And of course, it has been an ONGOING tradition they played

Aethiest trolls and haters..

Your games are all as pathetic as the words you use to describe "other arabs or jews", that you use for your mindless games.


8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Conspiracy Theory People,

You are not understanding It is not what people write, it is HOW they write it! More people would take Kathleen and others of you seriously if you all would just BE NICE and respectful. Instead, all you do is spit venom.

You have one last chance to stop berating people before you get totally IGNORED. :-)

Actually, you folks already had your last chance to be nice, so you will now be IGNORED. Being ignored is what you all really dislike anyway.

Good bye, and have a nice live, anyway.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous The One said...

Do you know what "have a nice live" means?

Its not even a real word.

By the way, these are no conspiracy theories, a CONSPIRACY THEORY is a conspiracy not yet proven.

These conspiracies have already been proven. There aren't enough books for you to read, that would show you, YOU'RE the one living in a conspiracy theory!!!!!

Shock & awe?

10:05 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


I just read your last comment on Peter Goss. That was so funny!!! Ha! Ha! So Goss' wifey tosses his stuff on the lawn... I am waiting for the headlines on Hookergate that Goss' wifey poured gasoline on his car and put all of his clothes in his expensive jaguar and torched the car and his clothes and told him that she will take him for everything including his underwear!!!

10:29 PM  

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