May 6, 2006

Happy Saturday...

With such a busy week behind me and the effects of my Rhode Island cocktail wearing off, I wonder...did I miss any other important news yesterday?


Blogger Jackie said...

Yes you missed alot. Mr. Fitzgerald kicked butt as the attorney's for Libby bombed again. Some reporter is looking at Fitz's body language ( be carefull Fitz). Goss got caught with his pants down might be with a dude. Lay is going to wear an orange jumpsuit for sure. First Nixon watergate now Duke watergate with games of sex and poker not in that order.
Bird flu scare to more money on medicin that doesn't work. Higher gas prices for share holders. Ex-CIA agent files complaint with info that Iraq so called war was planned during the Clinton years. Journalist slowing coming around that Karl Rove will be indicted. Cheney insults Russia as we make more enemies. Rummy is trying to get some soul and sucking up to troops. Peaches is find she called. Johnnie and Preppie are ok too. All my sons and daughters talk to me this week hopefully they did as I asked. Everybody on the blog is following the case and supportive of each other. So thats what happen this week. Oh and I'm watching the Kentucky Derby now.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Kangaroo Brisbane Australia said...

Happy Sunday from here Down Under Fitz. I agree Judge Reggie is a real cool dude.

5:12 PM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

My guess is that you didn't miss a thing. If I were a betting person,
I would say you are definitely holding all the cards.

Funny with the Rhode Island cocktail. In case you didn't know, we Irish invented the wagon.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous e said...

this is very funny..

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another fake terror alert?

5:31 PM  
Blogger bluewild said...

I hope you will do a weekly news summary - that's priceless and on target as usual!
I'm still researching the Goss story....

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Night Owl said...

Jackie also kicked butt on getting the scoop on the proposed ethics legislation--expect the status quo (i.e. continued graft) because everyone is distracted with higher gas prices.

Mr. Fizgerald also missed glorious springtime weather in the Chicago area today.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PUG,I WAS JUST READING ---some of John Hogue's archives--he is the NOSTRADAMUS man and something interesting showed up.SP Pat--read this below....VERY INTERESTING...

..........As I said in my earlier bulletins, history already views the father, the "elder" Bush, as an accomplished unilateralist better able to establish and sustain military and economic alliances. The younger Bush is a unilateralist who in four short years has abandoned treaties and isolated the US from its allies and friends more thoroughly than any modern US president in history.

Does this dubious accomplishment earn an outcry for impeachment? The clue is hidden in divining Nostradamus' meaning for "Patrician" in the final line:

...And soon in the kingdom there will be patrician deeds.

The word "partiaux" is a classic Nostradamian double-entendre for the old French "partial"--partisan, but it also means "patrician." A number of you have pointed out in your emails that the IRISH name, "Patrick" is DERIVED from the Latin "Patrician."

The special prosecutor investigating the Valery Palme case is "Patrick" Fitzgerald.

Perhaps the Palme case is Bush's Watergate scandal. It may take years before the full weight of investigation and the cover-up of evidence leads, like Nixon, to another president forced to leave office before the end of his term.

If the Palme case is Bush's Watergate then we are at the beginning of the fall. The years 2005-2006 are more like 1972-1973 and the hammer of impeachment may not come down on the president until 2007 or 2008.
So we shall see.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Night owl you forgot Fitz is the spring and chases the winter aka evil doers away.

Bluewild I'll try this because I'm not as good as SPB and others at this. I read about Sexy Doss on then click the Paper: Hooker probe cooked CIA Chief. Thats the info on Doss connetion to Duke's Watergate parties. I'm getting to like this stuff but those letting made use my glasses and you know I make mistakes and have to do it over.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Night Owl said...

Best post ever:

"Jackie said...
Night owl you forgot Fitz is the spring and chases the winter aka evil doers away."

Beautiful! :-)

(Thanks again for checking on the ethics stuff--I decided to pick something other than Anonymous.)

6:07 PM  
Blogger c said...

Noticed the poker hand hope your evidence in this case is that good. Apparently from the description in the news of your body language you already have the poker face mastered. Now just play your cards right and there is no way you can lose.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Jackie, that was a perfect synopsis.

Surely, next week will be the week!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are all those things being said on the net in dark places about the Clintons along with the Bushes true or have kernels of truth to it?

How about Jack Straw getting fired by Tony Blair, does this tie into things?

7:15 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Folks!

Happy Saturday!

Sorry that i am getting on the blog late. I have been out and about all morning long.

Bluewild: I just emailed you back. Check your email. Thanks!


You wanted know that you missed. Three words:SEX, LIES, AND SKANKS

The little soldier was probably jealous this week because his nanny nanny boo defense took a nose dive and backseat to the Hookergate news!!! No one gave a rat's ass about his defense.... His defense is weak and so is he!!!

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

I never wondered where the name of the game came from. Stupid of me, huh?

Now forever this will be a joke.

"Duke or Bulldog Gannon Poker anyone?
Porter!!! Get me a car."


8:16 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Yes, the frogmarch to Rove, ribbit, ribbit.... You know that that big old fat toad (Rove) sitting on his lilypad honking louder than ever: lies and graft. Fitz will knock that simpleton off his lilypad when he serves him his indictment papers once and for all. Then on to Darth Cheney and rest the White House hoes and skanks officals in the Gerbil Administration.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Sounds great to me, happy weekend.

The msm has gone off the deepend dancing around the news with Kennedy. How many times can they play that song?

I hope Hookergate gets this much play!

8:44 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Speaking of Hookergate, here is more news:

Looks like Foggo will be bailing from his job:

"CIA Executive Director Kyle "Dusty" Foggo has told friends he'll resign his post next week, the Washington Post reports."

"The Wall Street Journal confirms that Foggo is under "federal criminal investigation" for improperly awarding agency."

And :

More connections:

WPost: Foster Introduced Baker to Wilkes
By Justin Rood - May 6, 2006, 1:55 AM
The Washington Post connects Christopher Baker, owner of alleged prostitution transporter Shirlington Limousine, to alleged Cunningham briber Brent Wilkes, via onetime San Diego defense contractor Jerome Foster:
Baker's connection to Wilkes began in the late 1990s when he was introduced to the contractor by Jerome Foster, a San Diego businessman who was then a director of Shirlington Limousine, Foster said in an interview.
Foster said he met Baker at the Watergate Hotel when he hired Baker as a driver. Baker told Foster that he had had legal and money troubles, Foster said, and he agreed to serve as a mentor to the driver.
At the time, Foster said, he had Navy contracts, used the same lobbying firm as Wilkes and was discussing doing business with Wilkes. He said he has not seen either man in years and was "shocked" when he learned about Baker's contracts.
Foster said the Baker he knew was naive about business. "He wasn't an individual I would have thought could have gotten that kind of contract on his own," Foster said."

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Night Owl said...

The elections in Britian on Thursday did not go very well for PM Blair, and Jack Straw was not following his boss's line of rhetoric. When a leader looks weak in an election (or even within a corporation), it is very common to cut off anyone who does not demonstrate 100% blind loyalty.

In regards to JFK Jr., before bizzare conspiracy theories arise (it's probably years too late for that), a friend of mine flies little planes. Even before someone found wreckage, my friend guessed the plane already crashed and he said this is probably what happened: It was very foggy, JFK Jr. was flying at the skill level of not using instruments, he lost his bearings in the fog, and dropped the plane lower in altitude to have a look. Unfortunately, because of the fog, the plane hit the water by accident. In other words, JFK Jr. probably could not see the location because of the fog and probably had no idea the water was that close. My friend is also obsessed with the weather and he said that JFK Jr. and the two women never should have flown in that type of plane without instruments in conditions like that. My friend's idea is that under the unwritten 'rule' that rich people get to do what they want, especially to attend a wedding, who was going to have the nerve to tell them not to take the flight?

Later, I believe there was evidence that the plane dropped down rapidly and there were no mechanical problems discovered--again, my friend said if JFK Jr. dropped down to take a peek at the location and if he was much lower in altitude than expected, it would have been very difficult for him not to put it right into the ocean by accident.

It was a tragic accident, nothing more. I have to go by just repeating what my friend told me and I know him very well--he most certainly will not waste his time engaging in arguing with anyone about it.

Go ask pilots what they think happened in the fog, not bloggers or Internet conspiracy people. People forget that those little planes are more dangerous than commercial jets in bad weather.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Night Owl said...

P.S. My last post was in reference to this and I had to guess Anonymous meant the JFK Jr. plane crash with the following very vague reference:

"Anonymous said...
Are all those things being said on the net in dark places about the Clintons along with the Bushes true or have kernels of truth to it?

How about Jack Straw getting fired by Tony Blair, does this tie into things?

8:15 PM"

If I referenced the wrong conspiracy theory de jour, hour, minute, second . . . please let me know. ;-)

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Got FreeDUMB ? said...

OBL is in Iran.
Why else would he make an all of a sudden fuss?

9:16 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Night owl I read your comments on JFK jr.
As a young girl I had a crush on John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was just a dream and every girl in show would just look at the most handsome man in the world. Yes it was ok for me to like the President. He made all of us feel important and that America belong to all Americans. I watched little John John grow to be a man and if was strange he was always a part of my life. When he died it was like a family member died. John John Dad make America the country all others could model after. Yes we still had problems but he gave us hope and a belief the we could change to be even better. I am lucky to have lived in a time of such a great man and I hope we can get another President that makes Americans feel that hope again. Sometimes if your lucky and blessed you get to meet one of God's earth angels as for me I met Patrick J. Fitzgerald and I have 4 other angels to be thankfull for. The friends on the blog make life a lot better by knowing them.

12:43 AM  
Anonymous Night Owl said...


You always have the best posts.

The deaths of JFK Jr. and the two ladies were just a tragic mistake. Some people elsewhere on the Internet are trying to make an accident into some bizzare conspiracy assassination. What bothers me most is that there are GOOD people out there; not every politician is evil; and why do people just assume that every human error, mistake, and accident has to come from people plotting something? Those assumptions are bred out of negativity.

I am not old enough to have lived through the early 1960s, but it had to be great to live in a time when leaders inspired others. It had to be great to hear words that inspired people to help each other. That is what life should be about, people helping each other, for the good of the country.

There is a lot of negativity, in fact it seems there is more negativity than positive energy. Our country needs more positive energy!

When I think of the many political leaders who cannot behave themselves, I think of how they ruin the reputations of the good people around them. Not all of our leaders are corrupt. We should create a list of the good political leaders who are serving our country well. I would start with my state representative. He is a kind and good man who wants to do everything right. He goes to community events and is genuinely interested in those (he's not just there for a photo op) and he wants to know what the voters want. I sent him a letter once, he told me that he took my letter to the state capital and showed it to others, and he invited me to come talk to him. He spent an afternoon listening to me and asking me questions about what I thought about various issues. I could tell he is an honest and caring person! I felt that he listened and I know that he acted on my ideas. He really liked my letter--instead of telling him to vote for a particular thing, I asked in the letter what could I do to help get the proposed legislation passed. That might be the same concept as, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." He told me to spread that message and I did and I still do--I tell people that we have leaders who listen and that if we work to help, our country will be the better for it. We need that message back! My state representative is old school, almost a real life example of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (although in Springfield). He works to make a difference, because he believes in the good of the people, our state, and our country.

It seems that pointing out corruption does not prevent people from engaging in it. Perhaps the best approach would be to point out all the good guys and gals who serve our country well. Tell the world that those people are our best leaders and get the message out that the good people are what our country needs! Others will be inspired.

I, too, had the honor of shaking Mr. Fitzgerald's hand. His goodness is contagious!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

night owl--

No, that is not what I was referring to and odd that you bring that up at all.

This would have more to do in general with possible Iran Contra Bush and Clinton Narcotics Traffickers...
"It seems that pointing out corruption does not prevent people from engaging in it." That may be true to you, but letting people getting away with crime and corruption does not solve problems or defer others from doing the same.

I always liked the Clintons, I asked a simple question and look how you responded....I would like Americans to know all the truth once and for all, so they may heal and move forward. No one should get an 'out'; don't you agree?

As for Jack Straw and Tony Blair, time will tell....Mr. Blair is not what he appeared to be either.

One never can find out the truth unless they ask questions, and sometimes the answers people give might reveal their own agendas besides a truthful answer. Sooner or later, the truth always comes out. The time has come.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Night Owl said...

Thank you! I guess that I do not have ESP. :-) I found that strange stuff on JFK JR. by Googling "Bushes" + "Clintons." I am not a reporter so I can disclose my sources. It was Google. :-)

"Anonymous said...
night owl--

No, that is not what I was referring to and odd that you bring that up at all.

This would have more to do in general with possible Iran Contra Bush and Clinton Narcotics Traffickers..."

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Night Owl said...

P.S. This was not clear, so I am sorry:

"It seems that pointing out corruption does not prevent people from engaging in it."

Here is some clarification: Ever since Nixon, folks should *know* that they will eventually get caught being naughty but the threat of punishment does not seem to stop them from being naughty! Therefore, praise for the good guys and gals is needed, too!

I personally busted someone with a hand in the cookie jar of the taxpayers' money. It caused me a few sleepless nights, but it was worth it. I would do it again. You bet I want to see the corrpution ended.

I do have a great Hillary Clinton story. Years ago when she was first lady, she went around to a government office. In this officer worked a very nice, but very shy secretary. She was too shy to go step up to meet Mrs. Clinton herself. But, Mrs. Clinton noticed this woman got missed in the line of people whose hands she shook, and she took the time to go back and talk with this nice but shy lady. Mrs. Clinton was paying attention! All it took was a simple random act of kindness and this secretary idolized Mrs. Clinton after that.

2:17 PM  

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