Jan 29, 2006

The Man In The Black Hat...

anti-curious, George?

Abramoff Was Tipped Off Newly filed court papers say Bush administration official told lobbyist of upcoming suspension.
Republicans urge Bush to release records on Abramoff


Blogger The Prissy Patriot said...

Very interesting...

9:00 PM  
Blogger The Prissy Patriot said...

Flashback from The Hill-July 13, 2005: (trying this link stuff again) Abramoff duo quits U.S.
By Josephine Hearn

Two former associates of Jack Abramoff, the embattled lobbyist, left the country Monday night en route to a new life in Israel. The relocation comes as a Justice Department taskforce presses forward with an investigation into potential criminal wrongdoing stemming from Abramoff'’s business dealings.

Sam Hook and his wife Shana Tesler both worked with Abramoff at the law firm, Greenberg Traurig. Hook served as the registered agent for Grassroots Interactive, a lobbying venture tied to Abramoff that has reportedly been subpoenaed by the Justice Department taskforce.

Tesler, a lawyer, worked with Abramoff at Greenberg Traurig and then followed him to the lobbying firm, Cassidy & Associates, after he was ousted from Greenberg following news reports of his questionable dealings with Indian gaming tribes.

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Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...




9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Release the fucking info now Bush.....I dare you.

And all your garbage on domestic spying....I duly double dare you...

Fitzgerald make sure no further interruptions are tolerated.... Go straight for the throught and take no prisoners...


9:55 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

I hope the guys in jail like that look. I think they may call him Jack Nasty. Ya I saw Brokeback Mountain. Now I'd like to congratulate Michael Mason on his new job. I wonder what Herbert Hoover is thinking now? As for the information the Jack got well lets fact it is anyone surprised. Jack has had many years to plan his criminal acts and there will be more information of corruption to come.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous 6 Miles from the Dark Oval said...

Wasn't Greenberg Traurig one of the firms overseeing the 2004 election?

The corruption is rampant-

As for the PGP Anon from yesterday .. let's see what may be found from a place you didn't name-

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Lois Lane said...

Abramoff in this outfit might as well have had a bulls-eye shirt on front and back.

Come ON people .. which of us would wear such a hat, coat, unless we were a shady character? He looks like he walked out of a Dick Tracy comic as the bad guy.

Which we know him to be and hence Bush and Co attempting to hide the pics.

Out with the pics whomever has them!

Expose this ass in the Oval for what he really is ..
a lying, oil salesman --

12:57 PM  

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