Jun 14, 2007

Motion - DENIED..!

Scooter Libby, Do Not Pass Go...

WASHINGTON -- A 'no BS' federal judge said Thursday he will not delay a 2 1/2-year prison sentence for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, a ruling that WILL send the former White House aide to prison within weeks.

U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton's decision will send Libby's attorneys rushing to an appeals court to block the sentence, demand payment in full from their client and could force President Bush to consider calls from Libby's kool-aid drinking supporters to pardon the former aide.

No date was set for Libby to report to prison but it's expected to be within six to eight weeks. That will be left up to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, which will also select a facility and new nickname for Scooter. <more>
Location, location, location...

Justice is now being served. Next!


Blogger jan said...

Justice was served. Walton is a strong man. Wonder if he will post the angry letters that were sent to him.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go, Judge Walton and Team America!

The letters of support all looked the same, like form letters. Tools of manipulation, no remorse or regret. All of the same ilk as Scooter Libby's crowd.

The same old people obstruct justice and Americans are tired of it. Now give Scooter some memory pills and let him sing in a cell.

2:02 PM  
Blogger airJackie said...

Judge Walton came through for the Justice System even under threats by the friends of Libby. I guess the FBI is to busy to investigate the threats on a Judge.
The Fitz team did a great job for the American people. All of them deserve our thanks. Karl Rove didn't work fast enough to fire all the honest lawyers.
Wells is still hanging on to that excuse that Fitz shouldn't have been able to be Special Prosecutor. Now during the Congress hearing it was testified that Ashcroft gave his job to his assistant. Yet Wells is beating that dead horse. If any other person but Libby had Wells defense that client would ask the Judge for a new Attorney.
Well now it's up to Bush to pardon the convicted criminal.

2:21 PM  
Blogger PrissyPatriot said...

Hats off to the judge for dealing justice with a firm fair hand.

After the meeting with politicians I had today, I do believe they have seen the light. Funny we were talking about the Libby trial today. It sure took them long enough to come around.

Yeah Jackie, well I guess they didn't read either of Comey's letters-but then, you know what a loose cannon that Comey appears to be...heehee

4:18 PM  
Anonymous BORK YOU! said...

One telling moment came as Judge Walton referred to a motion filed by 12 law professors asserting that there were appealable issues in the case. The judge dismissed the motion, remarking acidly that it was "not worthy of a first-year law student."

7:11 PM  
Anonymous bork 2 said...

Appeal able issues for the Libby trial
1. Reggie wore a conservative tie the day Scooter was trying to go Afro-centric
2. Wells tears smeared court documents rendering them unreadable

Maybe you all can cite a few I must have missed?


9:38 PM  
Blogger airJackie said...

Judge Walton's closing remarks will help in the Wilson case. As Libby didn't defend himself nor did Rove/Cheney show up to testify it was no way to judge Libby's innocence.

Libby missed the final playoff championship. His seat was empty. If he breaks in jail we might fine out what island Ken Lay is living on after his fake death.

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cage Scooter with the polar bears at the National Zoo or where they have polars left.
Maybe he can discuss global warming with his cage mate and his perversion of writing about little girls.

Maybe he can use some of that new-fangled "gay" chemical the top dogs at the military likes to use.

Hey, why doesn't Texas and MSM fess up about the dirty little business going on at the Texas Youth Commission. Ask Gonzales and Rove. Another cover-up and citizens are duped.

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Up to the Minute - Breaking World News - CBSNews.com

Daniel Levy offers the truth on Gaza and Israel. A refreshing change for CBS.

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Heterosexuality caused all my problems said...

Hey man, know where I can buy some of that spray? (I need the kind for women)

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Letter to a Child Not Yet Born
To be delivered in the year 2057, to an American soldier stationed at a base somewhere in Iraq
by Jaime O’Neill - 06/15/2007

May 30, 2007

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush would like to see a lengthy U.S. troop presence in Iraq like the one in South Korea to provide stability... the White House said on Wednesday. The United States has had thousands of U.S. troops in South Korea to guard against a North Korean invasion for 50 years.

June, 2007

Dear Pfc. ___________.

Perhaps you are 18, maybe 19, born in 2038, or 2039, a child not yet born to a child not yet born. If the teaching of history is as bad in your time as it was in ours, you may not have heard of the man who is responsible for your presence in Iraq, so I will begin this letter-sent through space and across time-by telling you that you are where you are because an American president named George W. Bush told the American people that Iraq had stockpiled weapons that were an immediate threat to the security of the American homeland. This happened before you were born, of course, and before your parents were born, too, so it will perhaps surprise you to know that decisions made by a man so very long ago were instrumental in determining the course of your life.

It was that man, George W. Bush, who also told the nation that Iraq had been responsible for an attack on American soil that brought down two skyscrapers in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, and knocked out a chunk of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. that same day. You probably read about these events when you were in middle school. They are as far removed from you in time as the Eisenhower administration was from your grandfather's time. (Eisenhower was an American president a hundred years remote from your own days.)

Anyway, because of that attack and our fear of those weapons, we launched an invasion of Iraq, a hi-tech pounding the military strategists called "shock and awe," designed to scare the bejesus out of the Iraqis and pave the way for our occupation of the place. We did not call it an "occupation," of course. We called it a "liberation," and we were told that the Iraqis would greet us accordingly.

No stockpiles of weapons were ever found in Iraq after we invaded that country, however, and no connection between Iraq and the September 11 attack was ever established, so the mission had to be redefined. Our purpose was thus transformed, and we were told that our aim was to export democracy to that nation through force of American arms. If this letter reaches you on Iraqi soil in the year 2057, that dream probably has not yet been realized. Had it been realized, there would be no reason for you to be there.

But, in this year of 2007, our leaders have preordained that you will be there overseeing Iraqis in that far off 2057th year of Our Lord. Our Lord, mind you, not the Iraqi's.


5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More Firings Fallout As Justice Aide Quits, Deputy Attorney General's Chief Of Staff Resigns, Was Accused Of Threatening Attorneys If They Spoke Out - CBS News

Bullies, go home.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You forgot to warn them of the dangers of depleted uranium in Iraq. Shame on all the evil Bushes, Clinton and Cheneys.

Environmentalists Against War

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all the threats to Walton came from Libbyphiles. Some people are just racists.

10:43 PM  

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