Mar 7, 2007

The Post-It On His Back Read "Kick Me..?"

The Fall Guy

"The trial was not a satisfying end to the leak case. Fitzgerald's mission was not to discover the whole truth of the saga and reveal all to the public (as he pointed out when speaking to reporters today). He was on the hunt for a crime--and for criminals. He ultimately concluded he could not prosecute the leakers--Rove, Libby, and then Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage--for having disclosed information regarding Valerie Wilson. (The law prohibiting government officials from intentionally revealing information about clandestine intelligence officials requires a prosecutor to prove the leaker knew the officer was undercover.) So his criminal investigation focused on whether Libby lied. (He also investigated Rove for having possibly lied to the grand jury but ultimately decided not to indict him.) Consequently, only information from his investigation related to the Libby cover-up became public. What else Fitzgerald uncovered remains a secret. And per the rules governing criminal cases, it will stay a secret, he told reporters.

After the verdict was delivered, only one juror, Denis Collins, a Washington Post reporter in the 1980s, spoke to the press. He noted that jurors more than once asked, Why was Libby here, not Rove, not someone else? "Where are these other guys?" he said. The jurors were convinced, he noted, that Libby was guilty as charged (on four of the counts). But the jurors also believed he had been ordered by Cheney to talk to reporters as part of the White House's spin operation. In other words, some White House wrongdoers or conspirators (if not conspirators in the strict legal definition of the word) had gotten off. But there was nothing the jurors could do about this, he said: "It was not a question of who we could punish about going to Iraq." What about the prospect of a presidential pardon? one reporter asked Collins. Will you feel cheated if Bush pardons him? No, Collins replied: "He's been pilloried. We found him guilty." (Conservatives have already started a campaign for a Libby pardon.)

Scooter Libby, once Cheney's top aide and one of the chief architects of the Iraq war, is now a criminal. He is the first White House official convicted of a crime since the Iran-contra scandal that tarred the administrations of President Ronald Reagan and the first President Bush. He is also a symbol of an administration that has lost credibility. How Bush and Cheney misrepresented the case for war and their disingenuous and dishonest post-invasion assertions about the war are more serious matters than the lies of the leak case. But the leak affair represents how this White House has done business and how it has mugged the truth. Libby is not only a fall guy for Cheney; he's a poster-child for the Bush administration. The guilty verdict applies only to Libby, but the guilt extends beyond." <

Cheney's Henchman Gets His
Scooter, I will lend you my hand if you want to roll over.


Blogger Nan said...

Mornin' Justice Bloggers -

Did you see Scarecrow's post over at FDL? Sizzling good!

And that Murray Waas has co-authored an "instant" book on the trial?

Waas - Whatever Already! book post

Enjoy your day, everyone!


9:28 AM  
Blogger PrissyPatriot said...

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11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Fitzgerald, as I look at this site you gives all the appearance of a man of integrity. Funny, you also pride fully post your career in public service. The two don't mix. As I see it your are just a publicity hound who is a pompous arrogant lawyer who's probably going to write a book about the Libby case and line your wallet. I do not think justice was your goal, your financial future and the feeding of your ego was the first and foremost driving force on your mind. You may feign to be aghast at this comment, but the future will bear these claims out. You are an ego driven lawyer who will be so full of himself after this case that the call of the dollar and your arrogance will further corrupt, another already corrupt lawyer.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in Miami Fl

Fitz your invited to sail for free on any of our sailbaots here in Miami

Just wish you could find out how and who really caused the wold trade center buildings to fall. I know you have no fear.
We know it was not just an outside job. Building 7 is critical. Just give us another investigation.

Thanks for you courage

Captain Miguel

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just days after the Iraq war officially ended, The Age reported (May 10) that Australian troops had fought the first battles, killing and capturing Iraqi soldiers a day before US President George Bush declared the invasion had begun.

7:25 PM  
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