Jan 30, 2007

Sketchy Characters...



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hear Judy was a wreck on the stand!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the third drawing, you look like that guy on Law and Order Criminal Intent. :o)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's true, you do look like Vincent D'Onofrio in that sketch!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real John McCain..

John McCain vs John McCain

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Anonymous What a role model said...

Brigitte Bardot sure picked some winners as friends. There is Jean-Marie Le Pen, the closest version France has to Lyndon LaRouche. And, there is Russian kook politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky . They both share xenophobia and an affinity for punching fellow government officials. Someone pass Geezer some oxygen, and then take a look at the choice quotes from Bardot near the end. She keeps the French courts busy.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:09:

LOL! What's the problem anon, you don't like my avatar? Does one pick an avatar because it is their "role model"? I don't think so!!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Evening everyone,

Just got through reading all of the notes from Miller and Addington. First with Addington. This was the worst damaging for the defense:

Fitz: Describe what you recall.
Addington: Larger office in OEOB, I knew it would have to do with the case. I reminded them that I was employee for the govt, our conversation wouldn't be privileged. He said, I just want to tell you I didn't do it.

Fitz: What else was said?

Addington: He asked me how you would know if you met someone from CIA if they were undercover. I responded when I worked out there, you'd ask if someone if they were undercover. He asked if they introduced themselves how you'd know. I told him you wouldn't know unless you asked or saw a piece of paper that said it was classified. I volunteered to him I could get him a copy of IIPA that makes it a crime to reveal identity of covert agent. I took it to his office and gave it to him.

And Kibby told this to Addington, a legal counsel that he didn't do it! That idiot was in his right mind when he committed his crime!

Now to Judy.
She was a trainwreck on the stand and a porr sense of journalism: pen didn't work, can't read her notes, and found notes in her office and so on.. Give me a break.. She is hiding something. And she is more deeper trouble with the law. There is more to Miller's testimony that meets the eye. Here is an interesting testimony by Miller:

Jeffress: You remember being asked. Let me go back, set the stage. After you didn't remember this meeting at all, you went back after finding that there had been a meeting. What date did it say
Miller: 5/23.
Jeffress: But you know there was a meeting on June 23
Miller: I don't know what was in Mr Libby's calendar

Now why would Miller forget her June 23 meeting with Libby yet she said May 23rd and she wrote May 23 in her notes. Who did she meet with on May 23rd? Who or what Miller is protecting? Miller is the only one of the reporters that were giving a security clearance card. the real question how deep Miller is involved in this case?

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, this was an eye opener to me: how did Miller know the language of WINPAC? And hiw many of the other reporters know that terminology? Makes you wonder...

What is amazing that when Fleischer was asked on the stand: did he know what CPD meant. And Fleisher said that he didn't know. He thought it was part of the CIA.


9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

apparently Miller was working on nuclear WMD stories. She might know Winpac, since they are the analyst arm of the CIA and not deep cover.

Supposedly their group was friendlier to the WH than the other side.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judy is not letting on to everything she knows. She was a friend and/or dupe of the Administration, or just not smart enough to realize that they were serving her WMD kool-aid.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous the skank network said...

"She was a friend and/or dupe of the Administration, or just not smart enough to realize that they were serving her WMD kool-aid."

She knew what she was getting into. If this woman boned every source of information for her stories, she was smart enough to know that she was served WMD koolaid. She knows a lot more than she is telling on the stand. The skank is no good. And I wonder if Fitz got warm and fuzzy in his pink panties when he cross-examined the ho.

10:27 PM  

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