Jul 7, 2006

Boondoggle Of The Year...

States line up for anti-flu medication

The threat of Avian Flu is real, the effectiveness of Tamiflu in treating it is not.


Blogger Jackie said...

I read somewhere that the flu vaccine wasn't working and if left to long is useless. Didn't the US do this before as it brought millions of dollars for a vaccine that we never used. Is it about the money again and putting fear in the public. We know these guys are paid to say the vaccine is good. I'll try to find more information from countries that have found bird flu and see what their doing I just don't trust a word this govenment says.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will be a good thread.Tamiflu is not effective.You can get as good a result from bioflavanoids.

Also Tamiflu says it wont have enough vaccine for 6 years.

Just put tons of money in Donald Rumsfeld and others pockets.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous just say no to fascism said...

The American Public is Screwed.

8:14 PM  
Blogger jan said...


"File not found"???

This link is not up anymore

8:16 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Thanks Anon I'll keep looking overseas info.
I just read about the problem on the airline were a man was arrested. It was a soldier who came back from Iraq who is now mentally ill. How many of our children has George Bush destroyed. When will the public finally bring our kids home.

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bunch of malarky.........

The federal government has made clear that it won't be able to protect everyone in a pandemic.

"Any community that fails to prepare with the expectation that the federal government will at the last moment be able to come to the rescue will be tragically wrong," said Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt.

8:23 PM  
Blogger Quzi Formerly CC said...

I personally will not get all worked up about the avian flu...

"How many of our children has George Bush destroyed. When will the public finally bring our kids home."

I know Jackie -- we all need to march on the White House lawn...it is shameful that this war goes on...

8:37 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Avian flu??? Hmmm. I'm beginning to smell profit for the Gerbil and Rummy since rummy made 5 million from the stocks in the Tamiflu. And we know that many of the flu vaccine didn't work or shortage. We know that some of the flu vaccine was never used. and we know that the Gerbil is once again going on the chitlin circuit bus to promote bird flu.. Again, the Gerbil Administration are playing with people's minds, hearts, health, and wallets!

8:58 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Hmmm... You know the Gerbil was far more involved in the ;eak case that what the public thinks. I dug up this article by Jason that will leave the Gerbil is real pickle and a suspect in subsequent cover-up in the WH:

Bush and Cheney Discussed Plame Prior to Leak

In early June 2003, Vice President Dick Cheney met with President Bush and told him that CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson was the wife of Iraq war critic Joseph Wilson and that she was responsible for sending him on a fact-finding mission to Niger to check out reports about Iraq's attempt to purchase uranium from the African country, according to current and former White House officials and attorneys close to the investigation to determine who revealed Plame-Wilson's undercover status to the media.
Other White House officials who also attended the meeting with Cheney and President Bush included former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, her former deputy Stephen Hadley, and Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove.

Leaves a lot of questions about the Gerbil and a timeline:

A) Prior to June 2003, Cheney spearheaded a meeting to discredit Wilson and the Gerbil changed the Executive Order to give Cheney power to classify and declassify documents.

B) After June 2003, the Gerbil declassified NIE documents four days after Novak's column.

C) His bogus statements that he is unaware that anyone in his WH staff involved in discredit Wilson or leaking classified info to reporters

Survey says: Guilty as charged!

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By now we should all know that the Administration as usual is trying to scare the public, find ways for some company, now the pharmaceutical, to make money on our behalf as well as to take our minds off the "war" (i.e. occupation of Iraq).
The best way to conquer any flu is to maintain a healthy lifestyle (eat your spinach!) in order to keep your immune system up to speed.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Let's not forget Echinacea and multivitamins..


I don't know why the link does that. It happened to me in a prior posting!

In other news, from Thinkprogress:

President Bush’s Job Record Since August 2003: Nothing To Brag About

The White House issued a fact sheet today on President Bush’s economic record. The headline blares “5.4 Million Jobs Created Since August 2003.” The sheet suggests recent job growth proves President Bush’s economic strategy is a smashing success.
Let’s set aside for a moment that the “fact sheet” conveniently ignores the 22 months of jobs losses that proceeded August 2003. Instead, let’s put Bush’s job record since August 2003 in perspective:
1. Monthly job growth since August 2003 is 50% lower than the average of President Clinton’s entire term. Since August 2003, job growth has averaged 160,000 per month. During Clinton’s eight years in office job growth averaged 236,000 per month.
2. Real wages have fallen since August 2003. The average worker’s real wages were twenty cents lower in June 2006 than they were in August 2003.

The Gerbil is still in denial about jobs. He is still on this kick that the economy is growing and more jobs are being created. But, he left out how many jobs have been outsourced. The job market is like 15 dogs trying to eat dog food off on one bowl.. Pretty sad of the outsourced jobs in the U.S.

9:39 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Click Here

(Be sure your speakers are on to listen to the song)

9:41 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

I figured out why! There was a slash (/) after .com

9:43 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Two articles from TPMmuckraker:

1. Reed Helped Abramoff Get Rove Meeting

On January 11, 2001, Abramoff e-mailed Reed. "I was thinking about this appointment" to the Office of Insular Affairs at Interior, Abramoff wrote. "I know it is perhaps a bizarre request, but considering how quickly I was named to the transition advisory team thanks to your request, perhaps it would be possible to ask Karl [Rove, the president's chief political adviser]... that they should appoint Mark Zachares to head the Office of Insular Affairs.... Do you think we could get this favor from Karl? It would be my big ask for sure."
Reed replied quickly: "It never hurts to ask. What's the next move?" Later that day, Reed sounded even more eager. "Just let me know who to call, when to call, and what to say. And while you're at it get me another client! NOW!"

On March 6, Abramoff met with Rove for about half an hour and pushed for Zachares, according to Abramoff's former lobbying colleagues at the firm Greenberg Traurig and to Secret Service logs released earlier this year. But Rove didn't come through, and Zachares didn't get the job.

2. More of Mann Coulter:

Plagiarism Claims Against Coulter Stretch Back Nearly Five Years

It turns out that charges plagiarism against Ann Coulter have been around since 2001. From a Boston Globe article dated Oct. 18, 2001, on Coulter's book, "High Crimes and Misdemeanors":
Michael Chapman, formerly a colleague of Coulter's at the conservative weekly Human Events. . . . complained to his bosses that a lot of his original research and reporting [for an earlier supplement, later cancelled] ended up in Coulter's book. In several instances, he wrote, his work was reproduced verbatim, paraphrased, or slightly rewritten, but never acknowledged. . . . Let's take a look.

Chapman, "A Case for Impeachment," page 13: "Four Democratic fundraisers have stated that former DNC Finance Chairman Marvin Rosen explicitly advocated selling access to the President. . ."
Coulter, page 219: "At least four Democratic fund-raising officials have revealed that former DNC Finance Chairman Marvin Rosen explicitly advocated selling access to the president . . ."

Chapman: "A DNC fundraiser told Nynex executives they would receive invitations to White House 'coffees' if they joined the DNC's 'Managing Trustees' program and agreed to donate $100,000 . . ."

Coulter: "A DNC fundraiser told Nynex Corporation executives that they would receive invitations to White House coffees if they joined the DNC's 'Managing Trustees' program and agreed to donate $100,000 . . ."

9:55 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

Hi everyone
I have 2 words for you to think about: swine flu.

It was a hysterical government trumpeting that everyone was going to die when swine flu mutated and jumped species and human-to-human. People freaked out. The people that got the vaccine got sick and no one got the swine flu. It never jumped human to human altho there were isolated incidences of species jumping.

The bird flu is very real and can be a problem. You can (as things stand now) avoid the bird flu by not playing with sick live chickens.

It also does not appear to be behaving as the trumpeters are trying to drum up fear and trepidation.

There have been incidents where families have contracted bird flu and it has appeared to spread within a family. This was only 1 isolated case in Vietnam and has not occurred anywhere else.

If you want to really worry about something, worry about West Nile or Lyme disease.

As far as Tamiflu, Rummy made an absolute obscene killing on this stuff. Tamiflu does appear to be effective, in a small way.

So far, as of now, the virus has not mutated into one capable of jumping species. I'd suggest you not spend a lot of time with live chickens and you probably and hopefully will be fine.

The latest occurrences of bird flu also appear to be milder - viruses morph at a phenomenally rapid rate.

Happy Friday.

9:55 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Survey says: Guilty as charged!
Ok- when?

10:02 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

Here's the info on Rumsfeld's clean sweep on Tamiflu - between $5 and $25 Mil he's made on his investment.

It is absolutely to their advantage that people are terrified of bird flu. It's just another ploy.


10:02 PM  
Blogger Night Owl said...

Basheert--Why is there no alarm that AIDS could mutate into an airborne variety? Or Ebola? How about SARS?

10:08 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

So, the only way to get the bird flu is from sick birds?

BTW.. I just realized I owe you a couple of emails..and I will get that done now!

10:08 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


This is too funny!

Hussein trial blog

I'm waiting to find out if there is a Bin Laden blog. Maybe we can find him that way!

10:10 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...

Hey everyone...

American Kids say..
It's Ok.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

And this is truly sad! I checked out your video. The Gerbil is trying to steal these kids' hopes and dreams in life!

10:19 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...


Hussain says he faces Unique Challenges...

I'll say...He he..

How to keep from going to jail for the rest of your life and even face execution for murdering thousand of people in your reign of terror during dictator of the Babylon republic ?

The real challenge though is how to keep your attorney's from being killed so they can try to put on an impossible defense...

Bwahahahahahaha...That's a real gem Biloxi..

10:20 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...

Yep real sad...

10:24 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

The kids today are very smart and they know what is going on! I am really concerned for all the children and what lies ahead!

10:25 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


The Gerbil looked like a idiot in that pic. He is no Jack and Shug is no Rose! And she lokked like witch Hazel! And don't me a pic with a scene from Titanic when Rose and Jack shagged one another in that car! I can't picture Shug and Gerbil on a pic. that would be too nasty for the kids on the blog!

And about Hussein drop dead attorneys? I hope Fitz doesn't volunteer his services! If they ask me, I will say that I am not Bil Biloxi but Phil Biloxi, Bil's evil twin and a plummer!

10:32 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...

Gerbil's Exit Strategy is a False Door

I think Journalist and Whistleblowers have to get some more cojones...

or have they also turned spineless like Congress and the Rubber Stamp Imperial Senate...

2006 Motto: "Where to Find a Backbone?"

ha ha ha ha...

10:34 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

"Dune" is on tonight on the Sundance Channel. I have seen it so many times but not recently, however, each time that I have watched it, I see something else that I missed.

10:39 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:39 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

The Gerbil's exit strategy exit door.. Hmmm.. Remind me not to use that door since he is exiting out off! Seems like every door that he says is the "exit strategy" is proven to be wrong!

10:40 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

LOL! LMAO! That photo of Bush trying to get out the door! PRICELESS!

10:44 PM  
Blogger jan said...

The "It's Ok" video doesn't work antmore...

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing what has come out about Gulf War Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromylagia, MS, and other assorted illnesses.

Flu? We are already half-dead. Helluva plan.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous kiswrite said...

LOL! Titanic pic has ruined forever my pleasant memory of that scene....

RE: Video

"It's Okay Zombies" goal of the BushThug Agenda...

10:50 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...


Any Atty that represents Soddom should be shot for treason...

Weather American or Iraqi...

That's an open and shut case...

8:00 Judge comes in
8:10 Prosecutor presents case: "Your Honor, watch these videos!"
10:30 Prosecutor rests his case
11:00 lunch
Lunch in Bagoo-dad is long..
3:00 Defense presents case: "Your Honor his brother and wife say he didn't do it.
3:30 Closing Arguments
4:00 Sentencing Phase: Jury: Ok he's guilty lets fry him..
4:01 Judge: Fry, Baked or Broiled ?
4:02 Jury: We'll Broil him in Olive Oil then attach the electrodes and fry him.
4:05 Executioner charges the coils on the Chair
4:25 Hussein is given Muslim last rights: "Since he isn't dying bravely he gets no virgins, matter of fact we're subtracting 3, he'll owe us..
4:27 Hussein is strapped to the chair and the court is cleared for dinner
4:28 Last person leaves and the Executioner drops the switch..


5:20 Executioner turns off the machine and the fans are turned on to clear the hot cinders from the chair...

5:21 End of Case


10:50 PM  
Anonymous fussbudget said...

this refers to an earlier post topic. Here's some salad to go with your soup (i.e., your definition of Bush's brain):

Word salad: a string of words that vaguely resemble language, and may or may not be grammatically correct, but is utterly meaningless. Often used to describe the speech of schizophrenics.

Dessert, anyone?

10:54 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...


Sorry I ruined it for ya... ;)

11:02 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Since you want to play Columbo with Saddam. Check out this case:

U.S. vs. Darth Cheney

Case number:123456

8:00: Judge comes in
8:10: Prosecutor presents his case: "Your Honor, I come hear to the court to present (all of a sudden the Prosecutor becomes distracted from a noise of snoring) what's that sound, your Honor?

8:11: Defense: Wake up, Mr. Cheney.
8:12: Judge: What is wrong your client? Was your client asleep?
8:13: Defense: No, your honor, he was praying.

8:14: Judge: Court will adjourned tomorrow at 8:00 am. And make sure that your client is wake tomorrow in court, Counselor!

8:15: Court adjourned

11:06 PM  
Anonymous kiswrite said...


I'm signing off now to get some sleep, hopefully I won't dream of that bizarre pic!

Sweet Dreams All ;)

11:06 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...



He's gonna need alot of Ambien Deferments!

ha ha ha ha...

Oil Links Hmmm

11:15 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...

OMG, I found an old picture of


11:22 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Yup, Baron has oil profits dancing in his head!

11:22 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Did he look like this in court SPB?

Sleeping Cheney

11:24 PM  
Blogger basheert said...


At this point in time, the avian flu is not capable of jumping from human to human, so far it's only jumping species to people that have direct exposure to massive numbers of chickens (which explains why it occurs in the Far East and Indonesia).

In this country, not all of us live with chickens in our homes...

Viruses mutate rapidly however it is not necessarily true that bird flu will be epidemic in humans. The bird population will probably take huge hits though. This is not unusual in the influenzas that strike animal populations but never do mutate to a human variety.

I'm not saying never, but so far it isn't that predictable.

There really is no point in worrying about it - the Feds can't do anything about it - they'd let everyone die just like with Katrina. We don't have the manpower, the resources, the vaccines or the education to fix it if it does happen.

RE: Ebola - the hemorrhagic viruses which they believe did originate in Africa are deadly however they tend to rapidly kill their host and are only spread by direct contact. This explains why whole families die. It is not an airborne virus and so far, a person must come into direct contact with infected blood to contract it. Ebola, Marburg .. they've been around a long time. They just don't seem so far capable of mutating into an airborne variety. Also, when the host dies, the virus dies. It's not very successful and easily contained.

Aids - again not airborne.

I'm not sure, but in order to become airborne, you must be able to survive certainly climate conditions. For example, the AIDS virus has a very short life and will only survive under certain conditions. Which is way it is again spread by direct contact or through blood products. I believe there has been 1 case of it being spread through tears. I'm not a scientist but it seems to need certain conditions to maintain stability. I assume SARS follows that same category.

Viruses also mutate rapidly - just because they are successful today doesn't mean they'll be around 6 months from now...they'll probably be a completely different disease. Which is why a pandemic is such an awesome thought.

However, our government can and will do nothing for us. As humans, we simply are living life as a crapshoot and hoping for the best.

Some of the anti-viral meds may also prove useful in a pandemic...but you know they'll be in the hands of the Bushies, not in the hands of the general public.

Again: think swine flu and just take care to use caution in your everyday life...and for heaven's sake...don't keep chickens in your house.

Here in Phoenix we actually have sentinal flocks watching out for W Nile virus which has been here for the last 2 years. Then again, we also are a haven for killer bees and most of us still go outdoors.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


You are so bad. Bad bad bad! OBL has a swoosh logo on his turban? I guess he lives up to the motto: Just do it!


That's gross! If Cheney looked that, the court would just bury him. that pic looks like a corpse!

11:38 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...


Won't Robot(Laura) and Baron Harkonnen's(Cheneys) Wife have to be quaranteened ?

After all they live and even sleep with chicken-hawks...

11:39 PM  
Blogger elees said...


realy great picture of ANNIE here

11:39 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...

oops, my last post was directed at Basheert not s-q..

11:41 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Like these??


11:45 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...


he he...that evildoer should make movies..

He probably could make it in the hollywood circuit...

Just keep him away from explosives on the set...

I'd like to see him play opposite of Jodi Foster...

11:47 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...


11:48 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Final posting:

The quote of the day: The Gilligan's disease!

From Vanity Fair magazine, from Mehlman:"Abramoff is someone that we don’t know a lot about. We know what we read in the paper."

Good night folks! Signing off!

Gallup: Almost Two-Thirds Want Iraq Withdrawal


Old robotic Laura

A new attitude look for robotic Laura

11:49 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...


Exactly...Those chicken-hawk might mutate and infect the remnant herd of honest GOPs..

The GOPs would have to get vaccinated in November.

The Chicken Hawks would have to be all culled by 2008 to prevent further mutation strains of the virus....

11:50 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...

Night Biloxi!

Have a great weekend! *thumbs*

11:51 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Goodnight Super Special Prosecutor Biloxi Man!

Sweet dreams!!

11:53 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


I just saw your comment. "Just keep him away from explosives on the set..." With that blunder from Baron shooting his friend, he may come to court room looking like that. So, S-Q's pic can be useful. Jodie Foster and Cheney in a movie?
With Cheney's anger management moods and shooting people left from right, I can see a sequel movie of The Panic Room!

Nighty night! Sleep tight, my friend!

11:53 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Are you saying... cleaning out the chicken coop?

11:54 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...


No not Cheney...




Yep, The Chicken-Hawks will have to be replaced with real American Heroes that have a backbone..

Only a healthy backbone can fight disease!

11:57 PM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...


Skilling Lost Weight..

12:01 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

All I have to say about that is, the Law has their work cut out for them to clean up this chicken coop and get the infected birds out of there before 2008!! But it can be done...as it is proven everyday!!

12:02 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

LOL!! He doesn't look so good!

Hey, are you on the East coast?

12:04 AM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...


we'll have to call in a specialist!

Only the Colonel can pluck, clean and sell those chicken-hawks


12:07 AM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...

Here's a real picture of the Colonel...

Motto: "We Cook Chicken-Hawks Right in their own Juice!"

12:11 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Yep, Murtha Rocks!! He has backbone too! We need more like him!! :)

12:13 AM  
Anonymous global evildoer fighter said...

g'night s-q..

sleep tight..don't let the chickenhawks bite...


12:18 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Goodnight Global Evildoer Fighter!!

Don't worry, I know how to defend myself! :)

12:21 AM  
Blogger elees said...


SPB what is this? delay &Fitz

12:44 AM  
Blogger elees said...

top of the mornin'

6:32 AM  
Anonymous t said...

Good Morning Elees and All, looks like I missed some good posts last night.

I am still organzing to go yell at the House and Senate members next week. ;-)

s-q that song was a good one! Interesting comments about the bird flu. Kathleen would have some interesting comments, had she not run off with Roger, ha!

PS- If any military families (or anyone else) has complaints about the war-please email me a letter about it. I will take it to your representative.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not worried about getting the bird flu, but what do I do about my 20-year old cat that got a stubborn cold, sneezing and wheezing off and on the last year? I don't want to give her more antibiotics.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous t said...


This is some info on what t -in part-will be doing next week. Please pass it along to others.

The msm isn't being very cooperative in our attempts to get the message out. In fact, the press didn't even bother with a woman from "Daughters of the American Revolution" who is also part of this.

Operation House Call
Operation House Call

9:18 AM  
Anonymous t said...

One more: China Daily

The United States maintains it has to respect a major human rights treaty only inside its borders, rejecting questions by a United Nations body on its record in places like Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

In a report filed to the UN Human Rights Committee and posted on the body's website, Washington said its treatment of detainees in Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Iraq and "other places of detention outside the United States of America" falls outside the scope of a 40-year-old treaty guaranteeing civil and political rights.

Alrighty then...so what about the human rights violations within our borders they are also responsible for??

9:28 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Top of the morning
I read this morning that Powell thinks Gitmo should be closed. Now Powell is still with Bush and talks to him about the invasion I wonder why his doesn't tell his best friend what he thinks why just tell the folks at a meeting in Aspen. Powell sold America out for what ever Bush gave him now he's trying to act like he cares. Powell told Americans and the world to believe him not the President about WMD well he lost the trust by that statement. Trust is hard to get back once you've lied.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the April 10 Truthout article quoted by SPB:

(i)According to four attorneys who last week read a transcript of President Bush's interview with investigators, Bush did not disclose to the special counsel that he was aware of any campaign to discredit Wilson. Bush also said he did not know who, if anyone, in the White House had retaliated against the former ambassador by leaking his wife's undercover identity to reporters.

Attorneys close to the case said that Fitzgerald does not appear to be overly concerned or interested in any alleged discrepancy in Bush's statements about the leak case to investigators.(/i)

The article didn't say if he was (b)ASKED(/b) if "he was aware of any campaign to discredit Wilson."

But if he was, even though he wasn't under oath at the time, he would still be guilty of lying to federal investigators, yes? So would Fitz really be disinterested, or is this statement a feint, a deceptive action calculated to divert attention from his real purpose?

9:35 AM  
Anonymous t said...


Ask Lil' Kim, who recently got out of prison,if you can lie to investigators while not under oath.

I cannot imagine why Fitz would not be "interested" in his statements-remember the 250 emails Rover turned over-which were said to be b/t Bush, Cheney and such-keeping tabs on how well the Wilson smear campaign was going.

10:16 AM  
Blogger basheert said...

are you serious about the cat?

10:48 AM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

t...if I recall correctly, there was no oath administered when Patrick interviewed both Dumya and Darth. That said, I'm not sure if you can lie to an investigator without repercussions. We'll see what happens next. I was just so certain that Rover was to be indicted, that it took me weeks to get over the fact that the slime got away with multiple lying bouts and is now free to hi-jack the November elections. I just wish Patrick could be cloned about 50 times so that we could get our country back!

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh boy, dis and mis information. Just read a few posts and I would like to put something of truth here if you believe in psychic prediction- if not discard and take some herbs to treat the Avian flu. Predicted the bird flu in 2002 and so far it has been mutating. I warned homeland security 4 years before the outbreak (ask scooter libby -he probably has my files) and CDC ignored it. Contracting the Avian flu depends upon what you are eating that has eaten an Avian infected bird, and sometimes just working with Avian infected birds-which equals two types of strains. Now as we continue to screw up our planet we are creating what is called a "hot house" or genetic mutation lab in various areas. I am not sure why it is called a flu, it is more like a virus. If you eat a chicken with a more powerful strain, yes, you may contract it. How dangerous is it globally? That all depends upon the genetic encoding of it's RNA. It is a Ribovirus. Meaning it will need an animal's DNA in order to survive and spread. All this kind of info is at the CDC or undiscovered, I'm sure none of it will become public until later on. Remember the case of the monkey laboratory in Virginia a few years back? I believe if memory serves me right they had the Hanta Virus. When newscrews came upon the scene the millitary immediately shut them down and not a word of it was heard until 6 months after the outbreak. As the earth heats up, and we keep drilling into it, we are releaseing ancient microbes that may or may not be able to regenerate, and the heat combined with overpopulation creates a hazardous combination. Some people may be immune to flu/virus because of an enzyme they inherited. There was such a case on the news about HIV but was quickly yanked from public view-I was lucky enough to be one of the few that saw it. The only way to cure diseases like this is to place the individual in a hypobearicoxygen chamber (excuse my spelling. Hospitals have routineley allowed persons with virulant cases of flesh eating disease to die or lose limbs because they would rather pocket and profit than save lives by acquiring this machinery. Also, medical oxygen is marked up 300 percent, absoluteley insane. Since I don't do predictions for homeland security anymore, ever since Mayor Daley got into my files and found out what I said about the state bid rigging and had the Latin Kings run me out of town, I still am unsure of predicting for Fitzgerald, even though my talent of accuracy put me on the Patriot List and ruined me and my families lives. Oh, Mr. Bush, as you have dinner with Mr. Daley I hope you bring up his hiring practices of street hookers, and how I am still suffering from PTSD from all the shit he put me through- especially at 18- when he mistook me for a street hooker and solicited me with a fifty for a blowjob. It somewhat warped and dismantled my faith at such a young age that I will be on medications for the rest of my life. Of course there is more, and I don't tell lies. So, Mr. Bush, if you or your staff ever reads this and you wonder why I don't tell you the predictions or-what was it Dr. Sonia Dillon called me- prophet or something like that- it's because you never protected me from the hell Mayor Daley put me and my Uncle through. And please quit tapping into our phones- my entire family is sick of it, we aren't a threat to homeland security, we were actually doing our patriotic duty to save this nations ass and all your administration did was shit on us. My Uncle and I have an inherited gift or curse and we are persecuted in so many ways -he and I have both considered suicide- and not the kind that hurts people. The kind of suicide where it's just yourself and a sawed off shotgun. So, somebody please tell Mr. Bush we aren't "in business" for him anymore, and to leave us alone. Also thank Mayor Daley for calling in a favor to the Airforce when I was in bootcamp to have me hazed- I was just trying to get into the SED program- but his cock means more to him than our national security. SARAH

3:50 PM  
Blogger Night Owl said...

Basheert--thanks for answering the question.

West Nile took out a few neighborhood crows a few years ago, and I was very lucky and got only a really mild case of it.

Manufacturing and distribution of the 'normal' flu vaccine has been sporadic the past three or so years in a row. I would not expect anything better than chaos if there was an outbreak of something really serious.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Anon at 10:35 am:

The bottom line? The Gerbil is toasted!!!

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basheert - yes, I was serious about the cat! I think she is on her last - ninth life. She got this cold in connection with a lot of epileptic seizures just before I went on a trip last year. B-vitamin injections eventually stopped the seizures, but they left her both deaf and blind and she still has the cold. Being mostly indoors she is not a hunter and probably doesn't have the bird flu.

7:19 PM  

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