May 10, 2006

Speaking Of Prostitutes & Graft...

Tom Delay still has not resigned from Congress...

"So, the plan is this: Around about the end of June, Tom is going to say, “I know I’m lower than a snake’s belly. I know I’ve taken bribes, cheated, and helped the sex-slave trade. I know I am meanness compacted into the smallest form known to man and tested in laboratory conditions. However, if you don’t vote for me, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Streisand, Nancy Pelosi, 9/11, Nancy Pelosi.” [more]


Blogger basheert said...

OK - I simply HAD to copy and paste this because it is just too too wonderful!!!

Top 16* Things Tom DeLay is Waiting On Before He Resigns:

1. Little-known Congressional Free Starbucks Lattes for Life legislation is still stalled in committee.

2. Offhand chance that Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Tony Rudy, all the caddies at the Congressional Country Club, two CIA agents, and three “hostesses” at Signatures Restaurant will all develop incurable amnesia all at the same exact time.

3. Has three of the most darling judicial activism soundbites he needs to use before Bill Frist steals them.

4. Wants to have a ringside seat when Hookergate Congressmen are revealed. Will point and laugh at Congressmen who took sex bribes instead of cash bribes.

5. Hey, this Patrick Fitzgerald guy can’t live forever, you know.

6. Waiting on that whole Rapture thing.

7. Star Wars, Episode 7.

8. A month left on his franking privileges and Boy Howdy, there’s no need to waste all those botox treatments and Glamour Shots.

9. Trying to pass a constitutional amendment making every day Tom DeLay Day!

10. Finding $500,000-a-year seamstress jobs on the Mariana Islands isn’t as easy as you’d suspect.

11. Foolishly put all his offshore accounts in Patrick Kennedy’s name.

12. Oops, mistakenly thought the 72 virgins thing was for resigning, not dying.

13. Waiting on an invitation to Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s Texas Hold-Um tournament.

14. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get kickbacks as an EX-congressman?

15. Still working on a David Wallace Mind Control Machine, the Imitationtron 7000.

16. Waiting for someone to strap a bottle rocket on his hiney and point him toward Virginia.

Sixteen because 10 is never enough for Tom DeLay

4:32 PM  
Blogger Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

I am a little wary of #5!

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top 5 things Bob Ney will do before he resigns (right before Delay does)

- Smack around 80 hookers

- Brag about funding colleges to commit election fraud

- Pose naked with Jack Abramoff and Howard Ahmanson for the mug shot

- Take a box of cracker jacks, get stoned on methane, and recite the national israel anthem

- Blow up his blow-up doll wife and say "Hallelujah!!!!" as he struts around in, his father jesus outfit


4:35 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

So I have like a blonde question ok?
If they ALL resign, what happens?

Are there enough cells?

4:37 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

And that is a true GOP graft politican: riding that dead horse until you can't ride it no more! The only thing is what DeLay prides himself is on money, power, and reputation. You take those three things away from him and DeLay is nothing. And those three things will be DeLay's downfall and finally put the nail in "The Hammer's" coffin!

4:42 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

If they all resign, all the prisons in the USA will be completely full....

The whole nation and the world will not just meet their criminal quota; they will transcend it.

4:43 PM  
Blogger basheert said...



4:44 PM  
Anonymous e said...

well Texas is a big prison Delay never thought they were building his own apt. for the future...
it is the greatest comedy of all...

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

I'd like to have an honest discussion on the matter of dumb Republican females.

Ann Coulter, for example.

Vice Cheney Junior, for another.

Kristine Ragaglia.

Governor Rell not knowing about the stolen skidoos racket being operated by her son out of her basement.

We already know what tricks all the R-men are up to, because they're stupid and keep getting caught.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Here is more updated news regarding HUD Alfonso Jackson, He is now issue a statement. Too little too late. There is still going to be an investigation. From Thinkprogress:

"ThinkProgress has learned that HUD Inspector General Kenneth M. Donohue, Sr. has opened an investigation into Jackson’s conduct."

"We have also obtained a statement issued by Jackson a short while ago:"

"I deeply regret the anecdotal remarks I made at a recent Texas small business forum and would like to reassure the public that all HUD contracts are awarded solely on a stringent merit-based process. During my tenure, no contract has ever been awarded, rejected, or rescinded due to the personal or political beliefs of the recipient."

Jackson now says his remarks were “anecdotal.” This seems to be in conflict with the latest statement from his spokeswoman, Dustee Taylor, who said Jackson told “a made up story.”

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...
I am a little wary of #5!

5:34 PM -----BOY DID THAT GET YOUR ATTENTION!!!!!!!!! So the Pug from Flat(en)Bush does read his Blog.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


I know that everyone whatto know what Scotty "Buckaroo" McFelon is doing lately after being booted, I mean, his departure from the Gerbil Administration. From CNN:

McClellan to move from podium to couch

Exiting White House press secretary to appear on 'The Tonight Show'

"ORLANDO, Florida (CNN) -- Scott McClellan officially gives up the White House podium Wednesday, but the outgoing press secretary will be back in the limelight next Tuesday as a guest on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Since his wife Jill is a native of California, McClellan is planning to bring her to Leno's show. Then, after he completes one speaking commitment already on his post-White House schedule, the couple will take some vacation time."

Check your local listings, folks and check out our favorite WH Press Secretary, Buckaroo McFelon!

PS. Fitz, cancel the cake, ice cream, and balloons at the DOJ office for the little buckaroo's going away party. McFelon and wifey are heading to sunny California!

5:49 PM  
Anonymous e said...

The #16 worries me because Ill be in Virginia.

5:52 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

If it was a crime to be an idiot, McClellan would be going away for Life without Parole.

I have always seriously wondered how that idiot slept at night - or if he believed what came out of his mouth?

What a horrible job.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


I had to laugh.. You are so funny. Fitz, this question is for you: if there was ever a crime in the law books called "obstruction of being an idiot" and you were indicted, tried, and found guilty beyond the reasonable doubt by jurors for being a complete idiot, would there be enough room in prison to hold such a person or persons in the state of Illnois???? Besheert, that would be a large majority of population on this planet if that was a law!!! And the Gerbil and company would have seen orange jumpsuits and prison when the Gerbil first crawled until the Oval office from the get go! Yes, the little buckeroo McFelon is an idiot and wasn't a good WH secretary. If you are going to add Life Without Parole for McFelon, you want to add a mandatory course for a year on GERBIL 101!

6:20 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

Well I don't think McClellan should be imprisoned for being stupid (you're right about there being way too many of them!)
Perhaps there is still a law on the books that they haven't managed to cook against Propaganda? The dissemination of Propaganda to incite a war for example.
And why ARE they building those permanent interment camps in-country? Quelling dissent?
So far people still speak freely - but I feel like I'm living in a really sad bad dream.
And WHY do all the Bushies and their toadies look like the Pillsbury Doughboy?

6:25 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Be patient... Justice will prevail... I know that it looks bleak. And the Gerbil and company are running around like hamster getting away with things. But, when Porkrind is indicted, watch and see all of the manipulation by the Gerbil is put into a halt. Rove made the Gerbil. If the Gerbil lose Rove, there goes the architect! Don't get all in the down and dumps. That's the media that is talking in your head... An old saying: All good things happen to those who wait.... On a side note, I was only joking about the law for idiots.. Just having some humor...

6:33 PM  
Blogger basheert said...

I'm not depressed at all - I've been laughing all day at the dodging that is going on all over, trying to slip and slide their way out of potential trouble.
The problem with these mental midgets is that they don't actually process information. They are bullies - and bullies never win.
This country has survived a lot - it will survive this and probably/hopefully emerge healthier than ever. And more watchful.
I will just feel sad that we gave up burning people at the stake ... a bit early! Don't you just love the smell of burning hair? (Although most of these dirtbags are fat and bald).
And I honestly am at a loss at the 31% approval rate - are they really polling the cemetaries?

6:40 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"And I honestly am at a loss at the 31% approval rate - are they really polling the cemetaries?" Ha! Ha! I think that they are the supporters for the Gerbil. I like your spirit. I am glad you are staying positive. You know it is a decision that everyone has to make every day: to choose a positive day or a negative day. It may look bleak now because of the Gerbil but this is temporary. Therewill be sunny days in the horizons very soon. Keep up the spirit, Besheert!

6:49 PM  
Anonymous GoT FreeDumB? said...


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6:50 PM  
Anonymous e said...

Mary will be on Larry King tonight if you can stomach watching her...

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Got FreeDumb? said...

Unquestionably, there is progress. The average American now pays out twice as much in taxes as he formerly got in wages.
- - H. L. Mencken

6:55 PM  
Anonymous GoT FreeDumB? said...

Hey Fitz,
Here is a website to stay on top of secrecy news.
notice the selling off of HEU to other nations.
the sit is secrecy news

"Aftergood, Steven"

Subject: Secrecy News -- 05/10/06

Date: Wed 05/10/06 08:47 PM

Name Type Save View
Message text/plain Save

from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy
Volume 2006, Issue No. 56
May 10, 2006

Secrecy News Blog:

Support Secrecy News:



In response to a request from a public interest group, the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission (NRC) agreed to disclose the amounts of highly
enriched uranium (HEU) fuel sought for export by two foreign
countries. But the NRC said it reserved the right to withhold
similar information in the future.

The Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) had argued last February that NRC
secrecy regarding HEU exports was impeding public deliberation on the
subject, and that such deliberation had in the past contributed to a
reduction in international traffic in the weapons-grade material
(SN, 02/15/06).

NRC chairman Nils J. Diaz agreed in part.

"With respect to the two pending applications for export of HEU, the
NRC has decided that the total quantity of material requested in the
particular export applications may be released," he wrote to NCI
President Paul Leventhal and analyst Alan Kuperman in a letter dated
April 26 and disclosed this week.

Chairman Diaz revealed that Belgium had applied for export of 85.5
kilograms of HEU reactor fuel, and that Canada was seeking 15.5
kilograms of HEU.

Unfortunately, the utility of the new disclosures for public
deliberation over nuclear exports was undercut by the fact that
Belgium's application has already been approved. A copy of the May
3 export license, with the amount of fuel to be sent to Belgium
still blacked out, is here:

"This new NRC policy of considering disclosure of requested export
amounts upon request is an improvement over the blanket redaction
policy," said NCI's Alan Kuperman, who is also an assistant
professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

"But it will not restore a meaningful opportunity for public comment
unless in each case the public promptly requests and the NRC
promptly grants disclosure of the amount of the export license
request, well in advance of the commission's decision on that
license request," he told Secrecy News.

Kuperman praised outgoing NRC chairman Diaz for his constructive
response, but he said that "we'll be appealing for the routine
release of these numbers."


The prosecution of two former officials of the American Israel Public
Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for allegedly mishandling classified
information is attracting growing attention as the momentous
character of the case and its implications for American civil
liberties become clear. (AIPAC itself is not a defendant and is not
accused of wrongdoing.)

"When we say that this is an unprecedented case, we're not saying it
hyperbolically the way people use 'unprecedented'," said defense
attorney Abbe Lowell, according to the newly disclosed transcript
of an April 21 court hearing. "We literally mean it's unprecedented.
There is not a case like it."

Never before has the Espionage Act of 1917 been used to prosecute
uncleared, non-governmental persons who are engaged in protected
First Amendment activities (not espionage) for receiving and
transmitting national defense information.

If these defendants are guilty of a crime, then so are many other
advocates, reporters, congressional staff and so forth.

"I think Mr. Lowell is absolutely right," Judge T.S. Ellis, III said
at the April 21 hearing. "It is an unprecedented, it's a novel case."

Prosecuting attorney Kevin DiGregory argued that the defendants had
conspired to improperly gather and disseminate classified
information and therefore "they stand in the shoes of a thief."

But the court rejected that assertion.

"You're not going to attempt to prove, and it isn't alleged in the
indictment, that these defendants in some way conspired to steal
[the information]," said Judge Ellis. "I don't think you gain much
from an analogy that doesn't fit."

"I find this a very, very hard problem," he said. "I'm exquisitely
sensitive to the [defendants'] motion to dismiss that I'm continuing
to consider," he said.

Assuming the case is not dismissed, the trial will begin August 7.

A copy of the transcript of the April 21 hearing on the matter was
obtained by Secrecy News and is available here:

The AIPAC case may be a prelude to the establishment of an American
version of the British Official Secrets Act, wrote civil libertarian
Nat Hentoff. See "Chilling Free Speech" by Nat Hentoff, Washington
Times, May 8:

The case could "change the nature of how news is gathered in
Washington and how lobbyists and academics interact with the
government," wrote author David Wise. See "Read the News, Go to
Jail," by David Wise, Los Angeles Times, April 30:

Both articles were entered into the Congressional Record yesterday by
Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA). See "The Big Chill in Washington, DC,"
May 9:


The new Journal of National Security Law & Policy has recently
published its second issue featuring several meaty articles on
interrogation, torture and the rule of law. The full contents of
the issue, along with subscription information, are available online

The case of Sam Adams, the intelligence analyst who challenged
official assessments of the size of Viet Cong forces during the
Vietnam War, is revisited in a new book.

"It's the first complete narrative of the intelligence war at the
heart of what went wrong in Vietnam, and it also happens to be
highly relevant to what's happening today in Iraq," suggests the

See "Who the Hell Are We Fighting? The Story of Sam Adams and the
Vietnam Intelligence Wars," by C. Michael Hiam, Steerforth Press,
published April 25, 2006:


"We remain concerned that Tehran may have a clandestine nuclear
weapons program," according to a new but rather anticlimactic U.S.
intelligence report to Congress.

The new report on foreign acquisition of weapons of mass destruction
during 2004 was released by the Deputy Director of National
Intelligence this week.

Such a report is required by statute to be prepared and delivered
every six months. The last report, for the second half of 2003, was
released in November 2004.

See "Acquisition of Technology Relating to Weapons of Mass
Destruction and Advanced Conventional Munitions, 1 January Through
31 December 2004," Unclassified DDNI Report to Congress, May 2006:

Secrecy News is written by Steven Aftergood and published by the
Federation of American Scientists.

To SUBSCRIBE to Secrecy News, send

Secrecy News is archived at:

Secrecy News is available in blog format at:

SUPPORT Secrecy News with a donation here:

Steven Aftergood
Project on Government Secrecy
Federation of American Scientists

voice: (202) 454-4691

7:06 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Fitz calm down you were born to do a job so the words of others are just that words. Now for DeLay not resigning from his set well I have to be honest. It wont matter after Nov. Fitz this election most likely will be with more voters this country ever had. Even the GOP see the writting on the wall. There are more minorities in the US if two thirds of that group vote they will decide the next elected official. Remember when Bush went for the spanish vote it was because of the amount of spanish voters. Fitz no more speaking of prositutes ok.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Night Owl said...

"Anonymous said...
Top 5 things Bob Ney will do before he resigns (right before Delay does). . .

- Pose naked with Jack Abramoff and Howard Ahmanson for the mug shot"

Nooooo!!! No one wants to see that. First Jeb '08, now that mental imagery. I'm going to have nightmares . . .

9:22 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Just say NO to Bush!

10:09 PM  
Blogger The Subway Serenade said...


WASHINGTON - The government has abruptly ended an inquiry into the warrantless eavesdropping program because the National Security Agency refused to grant Justice Department lawyers the necessary security clearance to probe the matter.

The inquiry headed by the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility, or OPR, sent a fax to Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y., on Wednesday saying they were closing their inquiry because without clearance their lawyers cannot examine Justice lawyers' role in the program.

"We have been unable to make any meaningful progress in our investigation because OPR has been denied security clearances for access to information about the NSA program," OPR counsel H. Marshall Jarrett wrote to Hinchey. Hinchey's office shared the letter with The Associated Press.

... "Without these clearances, we cannot investigate this matter and therefore have closed our investigation," wrote Jarrett.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Blogging live this thursday from DC-the Deviant City when the house is in session. Won't be staying at the Hookergate Hotel, that's for sure.

It would be great to see a little somethin', somethin'-why keep the Rover loose any longer?

Surely his usefulness has come to an end...

10:56 PM  
Blogger Night Owl said...

I would like to ask some ignorant questions: To whom or to what does the NSA report? Does it report straight to the president? I gave up already trying to find that information.

By the way, I do not recommend visiting the NSA Web site. I have nothing to hide on my computer. I do have software that records the IP addresses of everything that tries to get in and I can look up the location of those IP addresses. I'm now getting hits from IP addresses that cannot be traced. No surprises there. ;-)

Maybe there is someone out here who knows something about being a network administrator? Perhaps that person can explain how easy it is to see what is in e-mail, etc.? I know the computer folks where I work can access my e-mail messages if they want. Shouldn't that be true of other ISPs, too?


11:12 PM  
Blogger Night Owl said...

Disaster preparedness at Halliburton.

Check out this Web site before someone shuts it down:

11:35 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"I would like to ask some ignorant questions: To whom or to what does the NSA report? Does it report straight to the president? I gave up already trying to find that information."

Night owl,

You are getting warmer. I think this is the answer:

How Dick Cheney used the NSA for domestic spying pre-9/11
by Jason Leopold
January 20, 2006

By law, the NSA is prohibited from spying on a United States citizen, a US corporation or an immigrant who is in this country on permanent residence. With permission from a special court, the NSA can eavesdrop on diplomats and foreigners inside the US.

"If, in the course of surveillance, NSA analysts learn that it involves a US citizen or company, they are dumping that information right then and there," an unnamed official told the Boston Globe in a story published October 27, 2001.

But after Bush was sworn in as president, the way the NSA normally handled those issues started to change dramatically. Vice President Cheney, as Bob Woodward noted in his book Plan of Attack, was tapped by Bush in the summer of 2001 to be more of a presence at intelligence agencies, including the CIA and NSA.

"Given Cheney's background on national security going back to the Ford years, his time on the House Intelligence Committee, and as secretary of defense, Bush said at the top of his list of things he wanted Cheney to do was intelligence," Woodward wrote in his book about the buildup to the Iraq war. "In the first months of the new administration, Cheney made the rounds of the intelligence agencies - the CIA, the National Security Agency, which intercepted communications, and the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency. "

It was then that the NSA started receiving numerous requests from Cheney and other officials in the state and defense departments to reveal the identities of the Americans blacked out or deleted from intelligence reports so administration officials could better understand the context of the intelligence.

Separately, at this time, Cheney was working with intelligence agencies, including the NSA, to develop a large-scale emergency plan to deal with any biological, chemical or nuclear attack on US soil.

Requesting that the NSA reveal the identity of Americans caught in wiretaps is legal as long as it serves the purpose of understanding the context of the intelligence information.

But the sources said that on dozens of occasions Cheney would, upon learning the identity of the individual, instruct the NSA to continue monitoring specific Americans caught in the wiretaps if he thought more information would be revealed, which crossed the line into illegal territory.

Cheney advised President Bush of what had turned up in the raw NSA reports, said one former White House official who worked on counterterrorism related issues.

"What's really disturbing is that some of those people the vice president was curious about were people who worked at the White House or the State Department," one former counterterrorism official said. "There was a real feeling of paranoia that permeated from the vice president's office and I don't think it had anything to do with the threat of terrorism. I can't say what was contained in those taps that piqued his interest. I just don't know."

Yup, Dead Eye Cheney!

As far as network administrator, you may want to ask someone on the blog! I do know a couple of network administrator. Do you have McAfee software on your computer system???

11:50 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Night owl,

I did check out your Halliburton website. One word: we are in trouble if Halliburton id going to prepare us for a disaster!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Tom DeLay said...

I love Barney Frank.

1:44 AM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

The country will not survive this healthier than ever. That's the point. Our "health" is a facade.

Gold is $704, there's a mild rush to get rid of dollars, a whole bunch of people are fed up with GOP, important people agree with Iran Prez's position, we suck, and if we can't stand up to Halliburton and BigBusiness, ASAP, it will prolong our agony.

And by that I mean DOJ's reluctance to investigate BigBusiness FRAUD matters, like SmithKline, Kaiser, and the HMOs writing healthcare policy, renderering us unhealthy and with hugh infant mortality, invoking stupid and invalid assessments of sick people- as written by Kaiser, et al, etc., putting the burden on MediCare and Social Security.

The biggest question of all that needs to be answered as far as the American people, is "*IS* this alleged g factor a real number?" Because the Republicans are using it to make policy as regards black people.

GOP thinks it's a given. A real value. It appears to be a summation of individual intelligence parameters, which one cannot do - summarize them and give them a number- with scientific validity.
You can't find anywhere exactly how they come up with the number, even though there are many {allegedly) scholarly articles about it out there, even in Scientific American.

All of this I know because I have autism. I scored below the 70th percentile auditory learning, but over 130 in visual-spatial.

I was declared "retarded" by the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities in Corrupticut. Simultaneously, I am rejected because I am too smart. People believe what they *want* to believe and selectively apply their hatred.

The G factor also appears to be subjective. If so, it is wrong, but no one seems to have ever tested the validity of combining scores.

If black people have a general learning disability, they are entitled to assistance. The GOP likes to use statistics like the high illegitimate birth rate in black women of low intelligence against them.

WHOSE FAULT IS THAT? The *women* are penalized, when in fact, they should be protected.

These are the cental matters we must deal with and Iran Prez is a very, very wise man. He points out our hypocrisies on many, many fronts.

And no I would not like to watch Vice Cheney Junior on TV for the reasons I have said. I am offended, believe we should not have to watch this, would have preferred she kept her affairs private, and believe that she is someone what insane for hammering John Kerry, because all of GOP is at least publically, and voting-block-edly, ANTI-GAY.

Know what I mean? We suck and we're hypocrites, and we're lazy and we are just going to have to deal with a great deal of reverse globalization, or else choose to destroy the whole planet.

All of this is up to the USDOJ.

The USDOJ has to cut the crap. Were it not for the USDOJ, we would not have lost our moral authority, nor would 9/11 have been a pretext for war, because the USDOJ should have investigated that as the obvious thermite enhanced crime that it was.

As the Iran Prez said.

We suck and we're stupid, incompetent assholes and the folks who sold us down the river are turning up to be the sexually loose persons they accuse black people of.

But black people have a g factor, low intelligence trait? Maybe the g factor is simply the absense of deceptiveness. Maybe its hopeless for them to devote any effort to into deceiving people, since we've already generalized their (alleged) inferiority.

Putin decided to invest in families. Americans look for every reason not to. All we're concerned about is convincing the UN that we should blow Iran off the map. It's a high earthquake region, BTW. They may not get the oil and the limited damage they want. It could be an even bigger disaster than they ever imagined.


2:14 AM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

The USDOJ needs an entire scientific and medical fraud division. There is a lot of money to recover. A lot of foreign resources assets owned by the likes of Yale and Kaiser.

2:27 AM  
Anonymous e said...


Our little Angel finds the news so filled with hookers that he has to tell us about it..
remember he shoots straight with us..
it is overwhelming though..
those old frat (just reverse the a and the r) men trying to put the only brain cells they have to work.
that why our Government is in such bad shape

Top of the morning to all...

3:45 AM  
Anonymous e said...

Watching 360 on Warren Jeffs...
you can make many parallels with this sect and our government...

the mentality is much the same.

its all mind controll

4:25 AM  
Anonymous e said...

these poligamists..
only one wife is legal and the others are single moms collecting welfare...
when will this sham of a sham
called consevatives...who are
in reality fornicating raciest in our midst
living off the American people..
My question
How can the Governors, Senators and Congressmen from these states get by without doing something
about this sham ?????

4:46 AM  
Blogger basheert said...

RE: The Polygamists

Just for shits and giggles, I'll take this one over on the Open Thread when I get to work this am. Living in AZ, we have gotten a lot of the answers to your questions as to why nothing has been done....

Give me a few to get to my work computer.

RE: Hacking

Get a firewall and a router with a built-in firewall. They are available at all Fry's, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc.

Buy and install: Spysweeper by Webroot and USE IT DAILY.

Do not leave your computer on especially when you are gone.

If you run wireless, ENCRYPT it (password at the least) otherwise it can be used by others in the area however if you have it protected, they can't back into your computer.

8:31 AM  

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