Nov 20, 2005

No Exit Strategy for China...

let alone Iraq.
POTUS Blooper...
The president strode away from reporters looking annoyed after one said he appeared "off his game".
President Bush tugged at both handles on the double doors before admitting: "I was trying to escape. Obviously, it didn't work."
On a side note,nice wall treatment! I bet Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart have taken note of that style.


Anonymous Jackie said...

Fitz lets face it who can trust this man. The world knows the lies better then we americans. Germany told Bushie the WMD thing was false, but still Bush sent our children to invade. You were right we need some honest people to run this country. You've got your work cut out for you to clean this house. I'm watching the movie " the 70's" just to get caught up on how simular the corruption then is currently. Bring all of them down Fitz so we can more on and bring our children home.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Rarebit said...

If you were POTUS, Patty, you would know that those doors are locked. Plus, you can speak Chinese, right?

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

China is not thinking about the mangler-in-chief. Bush is a freaking joke to them. How can the liar-in chief tell China how to run their country when he can run his own? Duh!!

8:42 PM  
Blogger Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

Yes Rarebit! Let me guess, by your name you were born in 1951? Gung hay fat choy!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No exit strategy for China.."
we could also say the same for Iraq, for the deficit, to name a few.

To say he is a lame duck at this point would be quite accurate; in a seemingly short span of time, Dubya has turned the majority of Americans against him from an ethical and moral ability.

Let's forget, the country was deeply divided the initial election no less the second.. he promises have failed to be a 'heal the nation'.

His own tactics within the Administration have caused Americans to question whether there is a moral plague throughout his entire staff and advisors.

PJF: so I'm back here. "..POTUS. Serious..." from last night.

Outside of cleaning house {or a very smart prosecutor helping to do it for him, :)}, do you believe could help salvage the morality of this Administration?

We, the American people are caught in the crosshairs -- questioning the government's ability and we're labelled 'unpatriotic'.

We have some believed to have committed treason, possibly espionage ...

...what's your outlook, without {obviously} revealing key legal insights, factus you have, for this Administration to
'turn about'?

.. the real Anonymous.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patty, Pat, Paddy, Patrick .. which is it..

.. by the by -- Russian too.

Will watch the typos better next time.

.. the Real Anonymous. Let me come up with something 'snappy'. Big brother is always watching.

10:27 PM  
Blogger SpaceCommand said...

The pictures in the link are actually revealing and show a quite human President. You can personally like Bush if you want to, but still disagree with some or many of his policies.

I like that approach, because frankly it is an energy drain spending your valuable time disliking people.

When things seem bad it is vexing to oppose what needs opposing in principle, without keeping a somewhat friendly option to talk about it.

12:42 AM  

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