Oct 31, 2007

The Costume Remains The Same...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary!

Anyone notice that Halloween is being promoted more this year because stores need you to buy, buy, buy.
Don't forget to load the teens up out collecting can goods for food drives.

8:31 PM  
Blogger calamityjane said...

Happy Halloween! ;)

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It must be Halloween ...

Matt Dillon to play Fitzi

By William Booth
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 25, 2007; Page C01

MEMPHIS -- What Hollywood is calling "the Judith Miller movie" is now
filming on location here, but prepare yourselves: Some changes are being
made to the story inspired by the outing of a CIA agent.

For starters, in the movie Judith Miller is no longer Judith Miller of the
New York Times, but Rachel Armstrong of the Washington Capital Sun. And
while the real Judith Miller may be remembered as a stylish, slightly scary
reporter of 59, headed off to jail in a quilted black jacket and
tortoise-frame sunglasses, in the movie she is a sizzling Kate Beckinsale,
34, dressed in a, shall we say, form-fitting skirt.

Vera Farmiga, left, as CIA operative Erica Van Doren and Kate
Beckinsale as journalist Rachel Armstrong play fictionalized versions of CIA
operative Valerie Plame and New York Times reporter Judith Miller in
"Nothing but the Truth's" take on the 2005 identity leak. (By Alan
Spearman -- Yari Film Group)

Trust us, if this Rachel Armstrong had asked I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby how to
spell Valerie Plame's name, he would have taken pen in hand. (Miller
famously wrote in her notebook "Valerie Flame.")

"People could say Kate is too good-looking to be a reporter," admits Rod
Lurie, the writer and director of the independently financed film.

On Friday in Memphis, which through movie magic is transformed into
Washington, D.C., the crew was shooting a scene in the newsroom of the
Memphis Commercial Appeal. Armstrong has just returned to her newspaper,
shaken, from a grilling by a politically ambitious special prosecutor who
wants her secret source, dammit. "I won't give it to them," Beckinsale's
character says, a prop muffin in her hands, her lip trembling ever so
slightly. "No way."

With this scandal, a director could have gone either way: comedy or drama.
Lurie goes with a fast-paced drama, a thriller about the First Amendment and
motherhood, as he raises the stakes by making both the spy and the
journalist moms with young children. So the spy is fearful not only for her
job, but for her family's safety, and when Beckinsale gets sent off to the
slammer she leaves little Timmy behind -- for 18 months. (In real life,
Miller did 85 days.)

In the movie -- surprise! -- journalists are good, decent, honest and
somewhat retro. Like Robert Redford in "All the President's Men," which is
one of Lurie's favorite films. Rachel/Kate is a crusading investigative
reporter, says Lurie, a former entertainment journalist, "and we do put
journalism in a favorable light." (Lurie previously directed "The Contender"
with Joan Allen and was the executive producer of the TV show "Commander in
Chief" with Geena Davis.)

How would Beckinsale describe her character? "She's a working mom. Her
marriage is in a lull. Her husband is a novelist, and there are issues of
professional jealousy. And this is the biggest story of her career," says
Beckinsale between scenes, in a slight British accent that she loses to play
Armstrong. "I think, yes, she is a good journalist," and here Beckinsale
gives us a throaty laugh, "given that I've always seen you people as the

You people. By which Beckinsale certainly is not referring to journalists'
vital role as the counterbalance to the overreaching powers of the state.
Nope, she means movie reviewers. (Beckinsale has appeared in several vampire
films, such as "Van Helsing," so she is pretty familiar with what critics do
for a living.)

While the movie is only "inspired by" the Libby leak, Beckinsale did meet
for lunch with the real Judith Miller, who left the New York Times and is
now a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and continues to write about
national security. The actress described Miller as "elegant, candid, bright,
extremely pretty" and more "delicate" than she expected. Beckinsale called
the lunch "wonderful" but also a little "weird," because though the movie is
not a documentary, audiences will confuse reality and art, and "she knows
this and I know this, so okay, we just wanted to give each other a sniff."
They talked about Miller's time in jail. Miller, who has no business
connection with the movie, did not return an e-mail and phone call from The
Washington Post.

The movie is currently called "Nothing but the Truth," as opposed to, say,
Valerie Plame Wilson's recently published memoir, which is called "Fair
Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House," or her husband
Joseph Wilson's book, "The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies that Led to
War and Betrayed My Wife's CIA Identity: A Diplomat's Memoir."

In real life, the Plame/Libby/Miller affair was a little confusing --
ethically, journalistically, narratively. The film version is both slimmed
down and pumped up. "The film derives from real events, as you can see,"
explains Lurie, sitting in his trailer between scenes, "but then it goes off
on its own direction."

"It's a jumping-off point."

While the movie is still being filmed, and many elements could change or end
up on the cutting-room floor, the basic outline is this: A modern-day
fictional president is almost assassinated, and the finger is pointed at
Venezuela. In the course of her diligent reporting, and without revealing
her source (and our lips are vacuum-sealed), Beckinsale outs Erica Van Doren
as a CIA agent pretending to be a mere soccer mom. She's married to the
former ambassador to Great Britain, who's an outspoken critic of the
fictional administration. (Any resemblance to Joe Wilson is purely

Vera Farmiga, left, as CIA operative Erica Van Doren and Kate
Beckinsale as journalist Rachel Armstrong play fictionalized versions of CIA
operative Valerie Plame and New York Times reporter Judith Miller in
"Nothing but the Truth's" take on the 2005 identity leak. (By Alan
Spearman -- Yari Film Group)

In Hollywood, everybody gets an injection of youth. So in the movie the
outed spook is played by Vera Farmiga, 34, whose breakout role was in last
year's "The Departed." Her ambassador husband is played by Jamey Sheridan of
the TV show "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." From a brief snippet of
unedited film, we can tell you that Farmiga plays her spy as one tough
cookie who is fluent in profanity. She accuses Rachel Armstrong of being "a
toady for the administration." The Judith Miller character also gets a
husband, a professional novelist (he writes thrillers about the Mossad)
played by David Schwimmer, formerly of "Friends."

In the role of special prosecutor Patton Dubois, a character Lurie says is
modeled after the real Libby prosecutor, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Lurie chose
actor Matt Dillon.

In a scene filmed Friday, the newspaper's in-house counsel, Avril Aaronson,
played by Noah Wyle ("ER"), remarks that the appointment of a special
prosecutor is not good news for the paper. "Unlimited time, unlimited moola
and unlimited publicity," warns Wyle, who in a later scene ticks off the
prosecutor's r¿sum¿ -- U.S. attorney in Northern Michigan, lead prosecutor
on the embassy bombing case in Nairobi -- and says, "He's been the next big
thing for a while now. . . . He's hot stuff and wants to run for office."

For his part, Wyle sat down with constitutional law expert and professor
Floyd Abrams, who argued for Miller and the New York Times in the leak case.
Abrams is serving as a technical adviser on the film and will play the role
of a judge. They talked First Amendment and Abrams's recollections of what
Miller went through. "In my little circle in California," Wyle says, "she
wasn't exactly the symbol of the bastion of free expression. . . . She was
more the apologist for the administration." But Wyle says the film doesn't
really go there.

Starring in the role of the boss (a.k.a. Bill Keller of the New York Times)
is Angela Bassett as Bonnie Benjamin, editor in chief of the Capital Sun,
who tells Rachel in one scene, "If you want to go to war, we're behind you,"
meaning, of course, not the war in Iraq, but the war against the special

Then she utters these immortal words: "The paper will pay your legal fees to
the end."

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Honor...Judge Stevens...

With all due respect. Make a ruling.

Are you going to let former Governor George Ryan to remain out on bail until you decide on whether or not you will hear his case.

It's as simple as that.

Celeste Aida

November 1, 2007

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Slingblade the Bounty Hunter'

Letz dew this Fizzt...mmm...mmm

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Supreme Court justice considering Ryan's last chance for bail
Michael Higgins | Tribune staff reporter
10:44 PM CDT, November 1, 2007


7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Papers: Jesuits Were Warned about Abusive Priest, by Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR, October 29, 2007

More abused kids, more cover-ups. The cover-ups and the shufflers are just as bad. Did the Founding Fathers want a wall of separation of church and state for a reason?

Interesting how the Republicans are crying foul since Obama and Hillary are borrowing from their bag of tricks.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anon, thanks for the link, I'll pass it along. Great pic of McGuire with Mother Theresa.

As regular justice bloggers know, I am a survivor and belong to SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

I've seen "Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptists".

I have linked you to the LOC, Library of Congress, so you can see the letter too.

Look at the OBLITERATED word before the phrase 'wall of separation between church and state'. This obliteration is just above the block of editing.

The Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 1. General Correspondence. 1651-1827
Thomas Jefferson to Danbury, Connecticut, Baptist Association, January 1, 1802, with Copy

"...thus building a XXXXXXXXXX wall of separation between church and state."

The entire letter is a mystery. And a few years ago the FBI analyzed the obliteration and the letter.

Jefferson almost always used a 'polygraph' copier. He would write and his pen was connected to a machine that automatically & identically reproduced what his pen put on paper.

This is believed to be Jefferson's copy of what is known as "Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptists."

However, it's unlikely that he would have sent such a letter to anyone. It's too heavily edited.

The recipient, the congregation at Danbury Baptist, does not have a copy of this letter.

Celeste Aida

Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb - The wall

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FBI's Digital Revision - Jefferson replies to a letter from Connecticut's Danbury Baptist Association. In his reply Jefferson explains his position on the issue of the government establishment of religion. Letter, 1802. | Letter, digitally revised to expose obliterated sections. (Thomas Jefferson to Nehemiah Dodge, Ephraim Robbins and Stephen S. Nelson, a committee of the Danbury Baptist Association in the state of Connecticut, January 1, 1802. Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Thomas Jefferson Papers. Presented in the Religion and the Founding of the American Republic. Part VI: Religion and the Federal Government, Part 2, Library of Congress Exhibitions.)

And the original letter archivedin the Library of Congress, this link seems to evaporate after awhile.

The actual letter Jefferson to Danbury Baptists - I hope I did this correctly

Celeste Aida

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CAida. I'm sorry about what happened to you -- and I hope you got a boatload of cash like so many others. It's creepy how many lay people knew/know about the abuse and kept/keep silent to this day. My catholic friends tell me they are guilted into silence. WTF?

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the death penalty. Where's the outrage?

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone up for pressing the Chicago "mayor" into using the newest lazer technology for water purification? We are having outstanding results here in Corydon. It'll save you tons in TAXES. But, I'm just a "schizo" that knows nothing, right? The patriot list is just a "joke" as well. Sarah Jean
don't ever rename me again
Mr. President- thumbs up- sprint to the end. Hope Fitz enjoys his marriage sentence.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YouTube - The Jesuit-Vatican Assassination of President JFK PART 23


You can google just about every church plus child molestation/rape along with corruption of churches.

Catholic World News : How to Judge the Bishops' Response

Sins and lies of the elite fathers/mothers indeed. Wonder how many authored textbooks or taught classes? What is the Bar Association all about anyway?

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am curious, CA, are you still a practicing Catholic?

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cele|bitchy » Jerry Seinfeld

Interesting about old Seinfeld. I seen him on a news program drumming up his movie, he was asked about the real life bee problem. He was rather flippant about that, it is almost like Jerry is trying to sell himself or make himself over. I wonder why?
I would post the links about the can-scam in MI that came from the Seinfeld show but it looks like someone doesn't want those accessed now.
Was that the final show rerun I seen the other night? He mentioned the "same 20 boxes of cereal"-- could it be that Seinfeld was the Grandfather of the Branding Boom?

"Seinfeld was on Letterman, where he called Lapine “a wacko.”
Why is this woman a "wacko" for writing a cookbook? Did she get on Oprah?

Surely the Seinfelds did not need the money. As Jerry bragged on one gossip show, "Because we are rich and we can do what we want (The Bee Movie)." I bet a lot of artists wish they could do want they wanted to do with their art too. Now that would be interesting and revealing.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie Ruder is being groomed for somethin'.

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mukasey Is (Much) Worse Than Gonzales - Yahoo! News

Freakin' great. Why do the reporters wait to speak up?

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chicago Business News, Analysis & Articles | Julie Ruder | Crain's

Ms. Ruder sounds awesome, this country needs her. (Hopefully someone doesn't try to stifle her talent.)

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To naschkatze,

You asked: "I am curious, CA, are you still a practicing Catholic?"

No. I attempted suicide in 7th Grade and ended up in the ER.

Decades later, after I filed my complaint, the Archdiocese treated me gently and fairly. I am grateful for their kindnesses.

I respect the work that Barbara Blaine and SNAP has done. They have brought light to the suffering that ensues when authority figures abuse their power over children and vulnerable adults.

I oppose the sexualization of children.

However, that being said, I have had to acknowledge with great sorrow, that the sexualization of children is inevitable.

The ruling oligarchs want it that way.

Celeste Aida

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what the manipulators, groomers, and child rapists stay hidden and in their secret societies? It is rather telling about Madonna, opps... Madge, or is it Esther? when she doesn't let her own children watch TV and writes children's books about English Roses? (Psst, it is interesting that young girls started thinking they were all bi-sexual not long after that.)

Now is it true about the kiss with Britney-- the black/white costumes,(Britney tried to recreate the Madonna's black outfit in the disaster comeback) the dances, the passing of power? But when Britney started to rise, who helped destroy her and celebrated via Vanity Fair's party and cover?

We won't even talk about the the other music promoted by MTV and clothing by the machine.

People should out them one by one, starting with the top. Wonder where that expression came from 'that **** rolls downhill'?

Forgive yourself, CA. You should know that the reasoning in your brain isn't fully developed till past your teens. The sick and evil bastards at the top sure do. They are so good at convincing the victims that they are at fault or making them the patsies. It is time to take the guilt and heartache and give it right back to them. Out the manipulators.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOLA.com: Times-Picayune Updates

Something stinks.

Think Progress » Bushonomics

Grover Norquist: 'Field Marshal' of the Bush Plan

Talking Politics - November, 2006

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's interesting about Julie. When I saw her at the Black trial, I thought she'd be perfect for Fitz -- she's smart aggressive, pretty. But she may be TOO aggressive.

I also thought her divorced status might turn off a good Catholic boy. Seems Fitz ain't so Catholic afterall.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not Guilty Plea for SoCal Sheriff

Corrupt sheriff plus his wife AND his mistress.

"According to prosecutors, the head of the nation's fifth-largest sheriff's department conspired to enrich himself and others by trading cash and gifts for political favors. Carona, who is free on $20,000 bond, has denied the allegations and said he will be vindicated at trial."

Good Luck, Prosecutors and good LE.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raw Story | Twelve senators introduce bill to outlaw voter 'caging'

Now is there any reason for any senator or rep. to vote against this bill or the President to veto it?

Enough of cheating the voters, citizens and our children.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

Look at all this Holly Golightly rhetoric here ! Basking in moonbeams too long methinks.

Revert to the second last scene in "Breakfast at Tiffanys".

Listen to Paul's words.

It's "you'll" 2 a t ...

6:27 PM  
Blogger Phx said...

Hey Fitz,

Kudos from GEF & Suzie-Q!

Couldn't have happened to a nicer Junkyard Dog!

Hee hee hee!

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conrad Black loses request for new trial
Sentencing for Black, associates, set for Nov. 30
By Ameet Sachdev | Tribune staff reporter
5:00 PM CST, November 5, 2007


5:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oct. 12, 1999 (abc) in Pakistan, interesting how the same thing was going on, only we were being warned about Bushie's friend being the terrorist. Wonder who the real terrorists are since we have dumped all that money there and nothing has changed? Another strange thing, how come a couple of reporters (new ones) claiming that al-qaeda are beheading Pakistan Military members and on the move into Pakistan still have their heads when they claimed to have been right there and seen it all? How many reporters have lost their lives since 9/11?

They sure don't have democracy, do they?

It is interesting how the "news" on network TV in the middle of the night is so different than the morning and evening.

What are these guys doing?

Rubicon International Services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:54 PM  
Blogger Aileen said...

Sorry, Atty. Fitzgerald and Atty. Comey--you're going to get hit. Maybe you'll survive the stroke, maybe not--but I am sure that you will constantly get hit the way Aaron Alexis was. When all is said and done, would law enforcement officially say that you are delusional? Serves you right, including the two accidents.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Aileen said...

and don't forget to kill BOB P. BURNS AND ALL HIS FRIENDS.

---Aileen Aranzamendez-Large----by the way, BOB P. BURNS WORKED FOR HOMELAND SECURITY AS A DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL TECH, HE NOW WORKS FOR DARPA. If he or any of his friends cannot arrest me for writing this---what does that tell you about me? I AM NOT CRAZY. I AM ALLOWED TO WRITE THESE THINGS AND WHEN BOB P BURNS IS KIDAPPED, ALONG WITH HIS FRIENDS---that tells you that I am right all along.
So be smart and help me. I keep my promises.

DON'T FORGET MY NAME: AILEEN ARANZAMENDEZ-LARGE ALSO KNOWN AS AILEEN LARGE. if you googled and you read this---then be smart about it--the tech I am talking about is true and I will sue for billions of dollars with the others too.

4:12 PM  
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