Apr 30, 2006

A Very Happy Monday - Open Thread...

Ready...Steady... GO!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope this means it's going to be a truly good day for America, and you, of course. God Bless.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This week looks to be both a low and high point in American history rich in lessons that should never be forgotten and with behavior never to be repeated.

11:48 PM  
Blogger SP Biloxi said...


Here is something for early Monday morning to discuss:

Goss denies that he partied with Wilkes.

"TPM Muckraker digs into reports that Goss may be implicated in the “free limousine service, free stays at hotel suites at the Watergate and the Westin Grand, and free prostitutes” provided by corrupt defense contractors. “This is horribly irresponsible. He hasn’t even been to the Watergate in decades,” a CIA spokeswoman said. “When I asked if Goss had attended Wilkes’ parties at the Westin or other locations, [she] repeated the denial. ‘It’s horribly irresponsible. Flatly untrue.‘”


Now this is an interesting turn of events. That probably explains why Goss doesn't have computer skills. He is too busy shagging to learn!!!

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need a US Attorney to look into the Corrupticut matters. We want to know where we order your clone.

This is serious.

By the way, Cindy Sheehan reminds us that May Day is now Mission Accomplished Codpiece Day, but let's work on the suit and tie business alone for you, okay?

Jeepers, everything (especially in Corrupticut) it's a penis matter and not a brain matter, and not a health matter, and not a CARE matter!!! Even the local FBI is hooked on porn and won't look into the Lyme crime matters.

I hope tomorrow we run across some new topics. I work so hard at this and no one is paying attention.

Yale knew they never had a Lyme vaccine, Mr. Patrick, and the *testing* for Lyme, which was made "bogus" in order to "qaulify" it, remains in place, and people are still being kicked to the curb, and yes, dying.

And our Corrupticut US Attorney's wife worked in Rowland's legal office during all the Rowlandgate crimes. Which were of the Randy Cunningham persuasion, right down to the limos and the "ladies."

And O'Connor is a bonehead.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...


Let us know when you find the right tie, ok? :)

12:04 AM  
Blogger Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...


The whole administration is and has been an embarassment to this country. It's just been one thing after another...and it keeps getting worse. Limos and hookers, what is next?

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some reasons why the MSM are such wusses.


12:08 AM  
Blogger airJackie said...

More names are coming out everyday as this and other investigations continue. Goss isn't what he said he was. It's always the ones who protest to much. I guess the girls/guys will be able to identify body marks on Goss to prove he was with them. Now we know why he was appointed by Bush. If your clean and honest your not qualified to work in the Bush Administration.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what will it take for Americans to break the holiest of taboos and demonstrate en masse for the removal of this scourge government?
More deaths? More destruction? More debt? More corruption?
Force them into exile with the just wrath of the betrayed. Remove this criminal administration now!

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly what do I have to do to get sympathy around here. Are we all familiar with the Rigg's Bank Scandal and W's Uncle Jonathan Bush?

Uncle Jonny who gave W his first failed oil business' the start up money. Uncle Jonny Bush was also in charge of the moulah for the Repugnicant Party in New York.

Uncle Jonny lives in KILLING-WORTH, Corrupticut, near his cousin, the Chief Justice of the Second Circuit, John M. Walker- you know, like WALKER-BUSH?

Did you hear me when I said the Chief Justice William Sullivan defrauded ALL the Corrupticourts and tried to conceal the fact that the new Rell nominee, Zarella, to replace Sullivan voted against opening the CT SECRET COURTS, so that the doofuses on the Judiciary Committee would approve this Rowlandgator without proper hearings?

Did you know we had SECRET COURTS here? Sullivan, Rell, and Zarella are all GOP.

Rowland was the "rising star" of the Repugnicant Party, but we know what was truly rising about him, and it wasn't his integrity, and THIS guy is the one who appointed the US Attorney, here. The Rising Star-ness about Johnny Handout was that he was a "national security advisor" to Bush, and his "security" expertise was the NATIONAL JAIL BUILDING ENTERPRISE, for which, instead, Halliburton got the 354 million dollar contract.

Yes? Even teenie-tiny violins?

We need a US Attorney. US CUSTOMS sent the Lyme racketeering complaint to the DHHS, who, at that time, was headed by guess who? Tommy Thompson, another back-slappin good-buddy Ex-Repugnicant Governor who hated black people/welfare (they are synonymous here, by Rowland's Executive Order Number Two), and friend of the Bush Brothers, too.

Thus, a racketeering crime committed by Yale University to be investigated by one of the Yale-Bush Brother's friends? Like THAT's gonna happen?

Alright, Mr. Patrick, I guess I am asking for even higher level connections than James Comey. Who do I go to next?


12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Random thoughts:

Ask not what Fitz can do for you, but what you can do for your country. It takes all of us.

God bless the nurse who is going to apply for jobs at VA hospitals.

Kathleen, can't you call 60 Minutes and end that thing? Geez, try Oprah--it would get more attention.

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

60 Minutes we already tried. One of the participants in the Lyme crimes was a one Edward McSweegan of the NIH
and as you can see here:
he wasn't exactly DOING NOTHING while he was the DO-NOTHING NIH Administrator, about which CBS New reported.

He stalks us and harasses us still. He was taking pictures of us from across the street in the park, from the Pierre Hotel, in NYC, during our protest.

You know- the one where Mortimer Zuckerman was invited to these criminals' GALA (http:/www.aldf.com is the central RICO entity), but then he got back into his LIMO and drove away when he saw our protest.

McSweegan was across the street, taking pictures of us. We are stalked still, while simultaneously being accused of stalking the bad guys.

No one can believe this story. I was THERE when we gave Holc Noble of the New York Times the Lyme vaccine scam story. The Times would not publish it. So Holc quit. Then he was paid some "quiet money."

Now Holc's an obit writer for the Times. I wonder if that's a way of tracking all the Lyme deaths, since 1/2 the people who succumb to ALS are infected with Lyme.

And no one is hearing us scream bloddy murder.

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kathleen, if your Web site is to be persuasive and you want people to listen to you, take out all the foul language and make it look professional. When you are mad, write a personal journal on PAPER and keep it in a drawer. Write your Web site like a scientist, otherwise people will assume you are a kook.

1:15 AM  
Blogger teak said...

I didn't think it was possible to despise a group of liars and crooks like BushCo. and their PNACs more ....then I read this:


1:51 AM  
Blogger teak said...


1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

teak I can't get that article...

Happy Monday to Fitz and Staff as well..

4:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just telling it like it is..

5:03 AM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

Good morning everyone. What's with you guys that are up all night? I know Jackie's in CA, but not sure about the rest. Kathleen
is in CT.

Hopefully, this will be the week that we start taking back our country.

5:21 AM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

and Patrick...a red tie would be lovely!

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's cross the boundaries on govt. sex conspiracies this morning...

The Stepford Whores: Project Monarch and Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves


5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the link to the FAQ on grand juries. Thank you very much. Tells me everything except how I wrangle my way onto one so I can meet the Very Special Prosecutor up close and personal.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every single state and federal government agency is corrupt and incompetent.
Note that I have three websites, and the first two are over 5 and 4 years old.
http://www.geocities.com/kmdickson0308/lyme-dilemma.html ActionLyme Web One Nov 2000
http://actionlyme.50megs.com/ ActionLyme Web Two Nov 2001

5 years ago I explained to the FDA, how LYMErix was not qualified with a valid standard.

They *ALL* demonstrate the same thing.

The REASON we can't get anywhere? Corrupticut is all about filth.

The head of the DCF was screwing the governor. They did the "ladies and the limos" thing. Hot tubs, partying, trips, cigars, wine, payoffs, etc. The State's Attorney's staff commit crimes, and so do the judges, including the Chief Justice. The courts and the judges and the cops explicitly cater to the rich people, here, since that's what the SECRET COURTS are about.

If this kind of corruption is not investigated by an outside US Attorney, it will spread to other states. OUR US Attorney's wife is a participant in the NATIONAL PEDIATRIC JAILS "enterprise."

This is what is coming your way, if people do not wake up. We already have the illegal spying. Dot gov spies are spying for BigBusiness dot guv and not looking for real terrorists. My phone is bugged and the creeps are broadcasting info from my personal converations onto the internet and the cops will do nothing about it.

The real problem is US Attorneys who pick and choose what they want to prosecute and they pick the easy stuff. They do not want to take on BigBusiness, and not anything as complex as BigPharma.

The US Attorneys do NOT want to take on Yale law school. Neither does AG Richard Blumenthal.


COWARDICE and ARROGANCE. Cowardice is what stands in the way of early detection and treatment of Lyme to avoid the huge disability and death, so I am not asking "What Fitz can do for my country,..." because I already did the work and I have been doing it for over 8 years.

No one has done more. Think about it- Whose the only Analytical BigPharma Chemist in Lyme activism?

Whose the only one we know with kids with indisputable congenital Lyme?

It's rather an insult to assume I am asking others to do more than I have done. I'm a mother. My kids have Lyme. Karen's son had Lyme. (http://www.lyme.org) He died.

It's always the *women* who do all the activism for their children.

Just keep that in the forefront of your mind.

If there is anything else I can think of that I am more PISSED about, besides the cowardice, incompetence and FRAUD (Gonzales and O'Connor) in the Department of Justice, I'll post it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fitz, it's time to send some of your new attorneys to Starfleet Academy so when actual BIOSCIENCE CRIMES happen, you'll have qualified people, because these are the crimes of the future.

The crimes of BigInsurance are even huger than BigPharma, and they're confident the feds will never catch them.

Who could possibly be more arrogant, and therefore ignorant, than doctors?


You know what? I have high functioning autism, so that means it's all the more likely that not only is my SCIENCE IQ as high as it gets, but that I never lie.

This is something men just can't deal with. That's the main barrier, here.

Wake up, Fitz, you're a wonder and people love you, and you will be a huge national hero some day, but in tbe meanwhile, remember, ...

Remember the people doing it all and fighting far bigger and more powerful crooks than Libby and Rove.

The Bushies of Corrupticut and the Riggs Bank, remember? Yale and the CIA, remember (OSS)? CDC staff and their patents with SmithKline, remember?? PLum Island and the "Yale Vector Biology Lab" off our coast, remember?
Crooked Chief Justices, and Crooked Appeals Courts (in NYC, for CT's Appeals) Bush family members.

The entire MONEY of the Republican Party.

Connecticut is the Insurance Capital of Earth, remember? Mortimer Zuckerman and Lawrence Altman, remember?

The brother of William Weld, was the head of the central Lyme RICO entity. Anthony Walton (Walmart scion) is a Vice Chair of the central Lyme RICO entity...

This is no small time crime. They all stand to profit by spinning Lyme and bector borne diseases, because they, as they say, see it as a "gold mine" in vaccines and test kits.

The corruption of the Dole-Bayh act.
And Lyme causes MS, ALS, Lupus, dementia, Alzheimer's... and that's the piublished science, but we are not allowed to detect it early, because Yale owns the patent, and they will let no one use their test method.

Because to do so would be to admit they knew they never had a Lyme vaccine, but lied it onto the public.

This is huger than Enron and huger than Vioxx, but the same caliber of genocide as lying us into a war.


6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey don't be peesed at me right now, I took the day off!


6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr alberto gonzales,

Try not to make me laugh when I'm being pissed off. It ruins the overall effect of my massive crab-o-grams.


6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could sure use this $100.00 for my gas, thanks GOP!


7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it would be a happy, even FABULOUS Monday, if you were to have a


I'm rather fond of the idea of Merry Fitzmas a multi-day holiday... its that time of year!

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monday's blues...

Sami Al-Arian and...
EFF vs. AT&T...

still thousands of pages to read.
And then there's the fact from fiction process, ugh..three months, at least.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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