Jul 12, 2007

Doin' His Business...

Bush seeks to put Libby issue behind him

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Thursday sought to put to rest the controversy over his decision to spare a top former White House official from going to jail, saying it was time to put it behind us, flush and move on. <more>
President Bizzy on the Televizzle


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This made my mouth drop open with a gasp when I saw it live in the tube!

"Bush acknowledged publicly for the first time that someone in his administration perhaps leaked her name to the news media. "And, you know, I've often thought about what would have happened had that person come forth and said, `I did it.' Would we have had this, you know, endless hours of investigation and a lot of money being spent on this matter?

Bush would not directly address answer a question about whether he is disappointed in the White House officials who leaked Plame's name.

The president had initially said he would fire anyone in his administration found to have publicly disclosed Plame's identity.

"It has been a tough issue for a lot of people in the White House, and it's run its course, and now we're going to move on," Bush declared."

This hasn't run it's course yet...

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was where I gasped

"I'm aware of the fact that perhaps somebody in the administration did disclose the name of that person," Bush said. "I've often thought about what would have happened if that person had come forth and said, 'I did it.' Would we have had this endless hours of investigation and a lot of money being spent on this matter? But, so, it's been a tough issue for a lot of people in the White House. It's run its course and now we're going to move on."

move on? only to his own obstruction indictment

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Miss Manners said...

Dubya, wash your hands and put the lid down.

11:44 AM  
Blogger airJackie said...

All the Fitz team asked for was the truth. Now after pulling nail and looking through smoke Bush says oh ya Bush admits administration leaked CIA name
This coming from the Liar-in-Chief.
Scotty is now one of the biggest liars as he represented these guys. Tony Snow needs the medical coverage so he will continue to lie. Americans are now to accept the Gerbil's statement and move on until the next time he decides to tell the truth. He can give his ex staff immunity even the janitor so they wont tell the truth and we are to just accept it and move on.
This man is crazy and a danger to himself and others.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak: Sibel Edmonds, Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings

"During my time at the FBI, I never heard the name Valerie Plame - but if you are asking me about Brewster Jennings, that's another story, a story that I cannot comment on because I cannot talk about anything that I did at the FBI - and the targets and the details of the investigations." The message is crystal clear: there are mentions of Brewster Jennings on the wiretaps!"

Wot Is It Good 4: sibel edmonds, brewster jennings, edelman and grossman

12:48 PM  
Anonymous tips r us said...

Burned jogger shows lightning, headphones don't mix

BOSTON (Reuters) - Here's a handy tip for joggers: If you think you might get caught in a thunderstorm, leave your music player at home.

Doctors at Vancouver General Hospital in Canada said a 37-year-old jogger wearing an iPod was burned on his chest, neck and face after the man and a nearby tree were struck by lightning in 2005. The burns traced the path of the earphones, they said

1:28 PM  
Anonymous veep follows his peep said...

Dick "John" Cheney on DC Madam list?
DC Madam talk is all the conversation in DC.
Brace Yourself.
I was just told Dick Cheney, while CEO of Halliburton, used her services regularly, they are trying to spin up a message to explain that members of his staff, in his offices, used this service to entertain foreign clients.

Apparently several of his ex-staff at Halliburton are already being besieged by calls.

I would also like to make this note, as an Executive who has been trained in how to stay within the law of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

I was specifically instructed by our corporate lawyers never to pay for such services of clients, it is always found to be a violation of the FCPA.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did he want his hookers to play the Most Dangerous Game? It sure looked like Cheney with the hourglass clock in the picture.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous sick2mystomach said...

Imagining Cheney with a prostitue is like imagining your own parents doing it. Disgusting!!!!!!

2:36 PM  
Anonymous thekeymistress said...

It is still nobody's business where Dick puts or put his dick.

Isn't this what men do on business trips? Yes it is, I know it is.

How many US soldiers have died in Iraq in the last month?

How are the Americans going to get out of Iraq without "leaving a disaster of biblical proporations"
(that line is from Ghostbusters just before the Stay Puff Marshmellow man dropped in)?

These are more important issues.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Former surgeon general cites political interference - International Herald Tribune

"Carmona said he was ordered to mention President George W. Bush three times on every page of his speeches. He also said he was asked to make speeches to support Republican political candidates and to attend political briefings.

Administration officials even discouraged him from attending the Special Olympics because, he said, of that charitable organization's longtime ties to a "prominent family" that he declined to name. "I was specifically told by a senior person, 'Why would you want to help those people?' " Carmona said."

The person that questioned Mr. Carmona about his humanity should be outed publicly.

America sees the Bushes & Cheneys and their ilk in all their ugly colors.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous basket cases for bush said...

Bizzy hehe
above you mention dangerous game me hears he liked them to dress as little girls
is it any wonder mary turned out gay only hell knows if his acceptance of her 'lifestyle' was only to keep her mouth shut
the war is more important than a sex scandal but i see one forcing an end to the other we will not stop any damage until the bulls in a china shop are ousted i know they are old men but i wish a challenge them each a public duel it took America long enough to look up from their troughs to see it i hope they are permanently awake now i can say i had not the an idea of the mess this government was in till i began looking had NO idea i will not let that happen again, war or no war those troops must be brought home nearly all of our troops have been pushed beyond human endurance and yet nut-nut Kristol screams like a girl only for a war he will never sacrifice for, only benefit
i hope no one forgot about this maybe the latest gathering of info is good for an obstruction indict

Libby claimed Bush authorized Plamegate leak

that someone he was talking about today was himself

5:50 PM  
Anonymous nancyisandalwayswillbeadud said...

"is it any wonder mary turned out gay only hell knows if his acceptance of her 'lifestyle' was only to keep her mouth shut"

typical left winged, spiteful and silly rumour mongering.

is there a point to this type of rhetoric or is it just to fill in time until you all can find something else to moan about except the obvious.

And the obvious being, NONE OF YOU have an answer for.

Nanceeeeeeee ... wheres the solution honeeeeeee..

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:04pm...no, it is not anyone's business unless the person is not willing or their mind isn't into his 'games' or there are any children involved. How do you think Nixon was sure to be pardoned by Ford anyway? If the police are going after the Madame, then it is only fair the Johns get their day too.
There have been over 4000 troops killed to date (if they are telling everyone the full death count, which I really doubt). This includes both Afghanistan and Iraq...don't you think Afghanistan counts too since Bush/Cheney and their cabal were planning those attacks before 9/11?

iCasualties: OIF US Fatalities by month

Operation Enduring Freedom: Coalition Fatalities

Didn't Bush and his PNAC cronies get us into this war with their lies? Do they not know how to get out of it? Did they intend to create more terrorists, was that the plan and to destroy the country? How proud you must be, 6:02pm, why do you hate Americans?

6:47 PM  
Anonymous dealwiththebigproblemsfirst said...

Love Americans as individuals.
Distaste as a collective group.
But I do not hate.

What I admire will bring you all undone, eventually.

There is something to be said about sticking to the subject at hand.

Prioritise, compromise and deal with the important things - first.

Who screwed who, 5, 6, 7 years ago is not that important right now.

What is important is the soldier who will die today, tommorrow or next week because you people cannot get your act together.

This subject is being used as a sidetrack to the real issue by the right. Like Libby to a point is.
3 years and all that time and money for what?

Cant you see that?

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:02 Maybe if you knew more gay people-women in particular, you would know some have been so badly damaged by sexual assault they turn to women because they permanently fear men. plenty of them like that in our prisons.

don't lecture me about soldiers dying, i work for the military. there are two soldiers effected by this war in my family and many friends. if a sex scandal brings down the insanity currently infecting this goverment, so be it.
end the bush reign, end the war- unless you WANT mutiny-we're almost there now. most minds have the capacity to deal with more than one problem, 7:08
and men who buy sexual fantasy? let's face it-if that's all they got that is very sad...good night

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DC Madam scandals are just a "smoke-screen" to divert attention from 911-2. Although it is great to see the "family values" hypocrites unmasked.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous dejavu said...

The DC madame unmasking issue is not a smoke-sxcree but a "democrat" issue, brought to light unknowing how many of their own cabals are involved. The only reason Hillary is not in the list is because these places discriminate against women.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous ratattouille said...

Little Dick probably had his gals dressing like french maids, so he could boss them around...'cause nothing turns him on more than people showing their @sses...

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


BBC News | Middle East | VX gas destroyed in Iraq

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crooks and Liars » GOP Pundit Outed In DC Madam Scandal

Karma for an ugly man.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous youhavegottobejoking,right? said...

read the comment that was made and exactly what was said.

"is it any wonder why mary turned out gay" - um medical science nor anybody really understands why people are gay.

"only hell knows if his acceptance of her 'lifestyle" - Hi Mr. Devil how are you. Now I know why you know everything. Satan himself is among us.

"was only to keep her mouth shut"
yep, well being Mr. Devil from hell you would have inside info on that subject wouldn't you.

Read the comment again. Spiteful, stupid and hateful rumour mongering that gets nobody anywhere.

Did I forget childish.

Shit I can smell sulphar.

Better be off

5:02 AM  
Anonymous No puglican here said...

Someones comment on Crooks and Liars regarding the LATEST GOP operative to be found on the Madames' list.

It is getting to the point where any woman who openly admits to being a Republican may just be confused with a hooker. LMAO

Sulfur? Did a Loyal Bushie leave the room? haha

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Wonkette dept. of creepy myspace stalkers
Family Research Council Lobbyist Also On DC Madam's List
Remember Jack Burkman, the MySpace creep who propositions girls and offers them $$$ if they’ll just come to the Mayflower Hotel and let him f%#k them? Well, he finally found somebody who would take the money: Hookers! Jack Burkman, the GOP strategist and conservative talking head who used to be seen on the cable news shows a lot more often before his MySpace sleazery was exposed, is also on the DC Madam’s phone list!

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What I admire will bring you all undone, eventually."

Care to explain, 7:08pm?

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it really wrong to have more than two children? | Ethical living | Guardian Unlimited Environment

11:10 AM  
Blogger jan said...

Congrates to Fitz on the Black case! ;D

12:02 PM  
Blogger SP Biloxi said...

Congratulations to the prosecution team: Edward Siskel, Julie Ruder, Jeffrey Cramer, Eric Sussman, and to the U.S. Attorney office in the Northern District of Illnois.

Conrad Black

Count 1: Guilty
Count 5: Not Guilty
Count 6: Guilty
Count 7: Guilty
Count 8: Not guilty
Count 9: Not guilty
Count 10: Not guilty
Count 11: Not guilty
Count 12: Not guilty.
Count 13 [Obstruction]: Guilty
Count 15: Not guilty
Count 16: Not guilty.

Jack Boultbee
Guilty on counts 1, 6 and 7.

Peter Atkinson:
Guilty on counts 1, 6 and 7.

Mark Kipnis:
Guilty on counts 1, 6 and 7.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous handletheseattributeswithcare said...

"What I admire will bring you all undone, eventually."

Arrogance, tenacity, self rightouness, the I can, I will and dont get in my way attitude, the opportunity to make something out of nothing, freedom of speech, its ok to not conform (for the most part),

An analogy -

San Francisco and New York.
Both cities are so different but so great. I could have a house in both and live happily ever after.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous spbisjackie said...


10:19 PM  
Anonymous jackieispjf said...


10:27 PM  
Anonymous nearlythere said...

doesnt really matter anyone can see ... doesnt really matter, who is who to meeeeeeeeeeee

11:50 PM  
Blogger airJackie said...

I think this term is still used by young people WORD UP TO THE FANSTANTIC FIVE.
Black is a citizen of Canada and his still strong ties in UK. Be careful he might skip out and then do a Ken Lay. Now it would be a good plan to fake his death overseas to side track the US. With Canada being available to Black he could ask his family to have him buried in Canada there by no body to identify.
Take his passport and keep an eye on him. You never know about those elected officials in Chicago might take the money from Black and let him go. There are so many corrupt political people in Illinois it's hard to keep up.

3:26 PM  

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