Apr 10, 2006

Headline Of The Week...

Be Nice to the Man With the Double-Barrel Shotgun

Dick is afraid to go hunting with me. ;)


Anonymous 6 Miles said...

Like the play on words..:)
Hunting--> Not necessarily quail, now is it?

Oh, play them like a fine violin, PJF. They're looking for any seam, any thing you may have talked about, written about, inquired about ... they are fastidious in that regard.

I also favor the comment from the Economist, Firedoglake posted about the WH Tormentor.

Some people just can't take the Truth.

Well, Dick and W only have squirt guns when you've got the AK-47.

Truth Justice and upholding the Constituion shall prevail!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He should be - you don't miss your target.

11:11 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Dick only hunts with friends and Fitz you're not his friend.

Besides, Dick is only trying to play like he was a military man, after all, he had more important things to do, so he is the FIVE DEFERRMENT MAN!

11:15 AM  
Anonymous e said...

Kristol must be an embarrasment to his heritage..

11:15 AM  
Blogger Former Fed said...


We know that you will let go with both barrels when the time is right.

Hope it is not too long!!

11:32 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Look at 'em yo-yo's on Fox-TV, looking real dumb, yeah, that's the way you do it, lie on TV. Money for nothing will get you time in the pen...yeah, that's the way you do it, get on the run!!

Copyright--Desert Princess aka S-Q

11:32 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

If I were a gambling person I'd bet Dick was thinking out you the last time he shot that gun. So don't worry you are always on his mind. Every parter has your face, while he's sleep he see your face a person can't forget that a person knows about the crimes committed. Dick doesn't sleep well these days.

11:45 AM  
Blogger teak said...

Oh my! Is the WaPo catching the devil, 'course they should. It sounds like they've let Karl start writing for them.

Some of their feedback:


12:25 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Expect more criticism and negative comments for the new found information on the Gerbil. As 6 miles says that some peopole can't handle the truth. And where is Cheney since we are discussing him? He has left the building like Elvis! I will bet that Cheney is very afraid! For somebody that is a loose cannon, Cheney is more worried than ever! And I certainly not going to discuss Kristol's negative comment about you. I have learned in life that you know who your friends are. Your friends are with you for the good and the bad. Kristol may be praising the Gerbil and berating you but when the Gerbil's dynasty falls (and it will fall), Kristol will certainly turned the other cheek, play memory loss, and say that he doesn't know Bush!

12:26 PM  
Anonymous jodi said...

Kristol is buffoon. It's nice to see all the chickenhawk conservatives running scared.
Crush the Swine Karl Rove. Hoping he goes down soon.
And Dick Cheney shoots his friends in the face when he goes hunting.
Fitzgerald is not hunting with a double barrel, he's got a cannon!

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Double barreled...how obsolete...go with this below instead.


12:33 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Since Fitz, gave the felloe bloggers of the profile of Sean Berkowitz and his Ermron task team, I have read the latest on Unskilled Jeffrey Skilling's testimony: From WSJ:

Skilling: Hey Folks, I Was Tired

HOUSTON — Mr. Skilling testified he resigned from Enron in August 2001 not out of concern for its future, as prosecution witnesses contended, but due to “emotional” exhaustion. As he has in the past, Mr. Skilling insisted the company and its businesses were generally “strong” when he resigned. “I was emotionally tired. I put so much of my life into [Enron]. Every day was intense. I had not spent the time I should have spent with my family,” he testified.

He's tired??? What kind of excuse is that?? Was this nimrod "tired" when he was paid big bucks and skimming money from the company and employees? I know that the jurors are not going to buy this worthless beans! Go after him, Berkowitz!

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How dare they portray you as a partisan hack after you've bent over backwards to be fair and impartial to everyone. If you were truly out to get the WH don't they think you'd have done much more damage. So far, the only outcome has been the perjury indictment. Kristol pisses me off!

12:53 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Guess what, The Gerbil admitted that he declassified the NIE. But, he didn't admitted it to a reporter but a student!!!! How dumb can you get! Here is the transcript:

Bush admits declassifying Iraq intelligence after question from student, not reporter

STUDENT: First let me say thank you very much for being here. And thank you for taking questions. I know we appreciate that. My name is Ben Dearing (sp). I'm a second-year Masters student studying international energy policy.
PRESIDENT BUSH: International -- ?
Q Energy policy.
Q Sorry. (Laughter.) My question, sir, is -- well, as Anthony eluded to earlier, and as you're aware, we have many students at SAIS who are currently working for or considering working for the State Department, the various intelligence agencies, and such. And how do you respond to the recent report by Prosecutor Fitzgerald that there is, in his words, "evidence of a concerted effort by the White House to punish Joseph Wilson," who himself has a distinguished record of government service.
PRESIDENT BUSH: Yeah. No. I -- this is -- there's an ongoing legal proceeding which precludes me from talking a lot about the case. There's also an ongoing investigation that's a serious investigation. I will say this, that after we liberated Iraq, there was questions in people's minds about, you know -- about the basis on which I made the statements, in other words going into Iraq. And so I decided to declassify the NIE for a reason. I wanted to see people -- people to see what some of those statements were based on. That's what I wanted to see. I wanted people to see the truth. And I thought it made sense for people to see the truth, and that's why I declassified the document.
...And I felt I could do so without jeopardizing, you know, ongoing intelligence matters, and so I did. And as far as the rest of the case goes, you're just going to have let Mr. Fitzgerald complete his case, and I hope you understand that. It's a serious legal matter that we've got to be careful in making public statements about it. (Chuckles.)


12:53 PM  
Blogger teak said...

It sounds like a plant. How many students would actually ask that question anyway ---in those exact words! Karl! Writing in the newspaper and planting students....Junior still sounds like an idiot.

This was rehearsed because when the K-State student (when he came to KS with lapdog Pat Roberts) asked him about cutting student aid; dufus looked around for the answer and played dumb. I hope they mess up badly on their damage control blitz and Fitz nails them.

1:13 PM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

Well, it's public discourse like this that the administration has avoided for the last 5+ years. Every time they let him out on his own, he does something they have to spend the next
week defending. If he did not say the exact words "out his wife" or something like it, he is indirectly responsible for the status of her employment being exposed. CRIMINALS!
one and all!

1:20 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Don't worry Teak! The Gerbil will slip more. The longer that he fumbles in the public eye, the more the Gerbil will yearn for the bottle to quench his thirst! Can't wait until Fitz nails the Gerbil and gang and see those snapshot photos of the Gerbil being tossed out from the oval! And then justice will be served!

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like NSA wiretapping the lunatic and chief broke the law.

We're going to checkmate the neocons and send em up that pike.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like NSA wiretapping the lunatic and chief broke the law.

We're going to checkmate the neocons and send em up that pike.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Here is interesting news. I have been talking about Bin Laden but what about Zarqawi? Check out this article from Truthout.org:

US Propaganda Campaign Hypes al Qaeda Role in Iraq

"Some senior intelligence officers believe Zarqawi's role may have been overemphasized by a propaganda campaign conducted by the US military, which has included leaflets, radio and television broadcasts, Internet postings and at least one leak to an American journalist."

"The effort has raised his profile in a way that some military intelligence officials believe may have overstated his importance and helped the Bush administration tie the war to the organization responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks." Now what does Zarqawi has to do with 9/11? Nothing! I thought we were looking for Osama Bin Laden, remember? Makes me wonder if Moussaoui was or wasn't the 20th highjacker as the Gerbil Administration claims...

And look how much that The Gerbil Administration is spending on Zarqawi propaganda:
" It is difficult to determine how much has been spent on the Zarqawi campaign, which began two years ago and is believed to be ongoing. U.S. propaganda efforts in Iraq in 2004 cost $24 million, but that included extensive building of offices and residences for troops involved, as well as radio broadcasts and distribution of thousands of leaflets with Zarqawi's face on them, said the officer speaking on background."


And we still can't find Zarqawi or Bin Laden? But, yet, The Gerbil frisbees 24 million out with no results. I wonder what Bush spent to find Bin Laden!

1:44 PM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

There is a post on truthout by Greg Palast, subject: Gangster Government.
Definitely worth reading.

2:07 PM  
Blogger teak said...

grandmanuk---Aww, I read that article---now THAT would be SWEET JUSTICE. Wire fraud. hehe

From the headlines and links on Raw Story, ole Karl and Bush are back to being their arrogant selves. That's okay, life has a way of dealing with arrogance. (Karl acts that way when he's worried, too.)

2:44 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Washington Post are hanging themselves and their integrity is on the line as a newspaper. The paper wrote an editorial defending the Gerbil, From Thinkprogress.org:

White House Uses Washington Post Editorial To Defend Bush Leak
"This weekend, the Washington Post wrote an editorial defending President Bush’s smearing of Joseph Wilson.

Joseph diGenova, former Reagan administration lawyer, on NPR this morning:
I think the Washington Post said it best on Sunday when it said that Mr. Wilson was the one guilty of twisting the truth

Scott McClellan, this afternoon in the White House press briefing:
I think you’ve seen editorials and other comments over the weekend talking about how that was important because it was in the public interest."

Washington Post mangled the facts but, hey, they are in the back pockets of the Gerbil.

And more grilling from the reporter on McFelon started with Helen Thomas. Go Helen go!

McClellan Gets Peppered On Iran, Libby, et al.
By Josh Marshall
TPM Muckraker
Monday 10 April 2006
In this morning's White House press 'gaggle', Helen Thomas got things started with a simple question. "Is the U.S. going to attack Iran?"


2:53 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Did you see that photo of that young soldier lying there ready for surgery? His SS # written on his chest!
All for oil and money!!

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

..Biloxi speaking of which Little Soldier's friend Ken Lay is being grilled to pieces at the ENRON trial!!!


""It's almost inconceivable now what happened," he said.

Earlier, prosecutor John Hueston continued pressing former general counsel Jim Derrick on Monday to highlight Enron's cursory response to August 2001 memos from Sherron Watkins, then an Enron vice president, who warned Lay about possibly shady accounting related to financial structures backed by the company's stock. The note, which won Watkins fame when released by Congress the next year, came days after Skilling unexpectedly resigned as chief executive officer.

The crumbling structures were unwound in the third quarter, forcing Enron to report hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

Last week, Derrick in part served as a lead-in to Skilling. Through him, Skilling's lawyers sought to counter prosecution testimony that he failed to approve deals Enron conducted with partnerships run by former Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow, as required. Derrick testified that Enron's board approved procedures that required the review and approval of former Chief Accounting Officer Richard Causey and former Chief Risk Officer Rick Buy, but not Skilling.

Fastow testified earlier in the trial that he used the partnerships, with Skilling's knowledge, in part to help Enron manufacture earnings.

Lay and Skilling are accused of repeatedly lying to investors and employees about Enron's financial health when they allegedly knew fraudulent accounting propped up weak business ventures. The two men say there was no fraud at Enron other than that committed by Fastow and a few others, who skimmed millions from secret schemes, and that bad publicity coupled with lost market confidence drove the company to seek bankruptcy protection in December 2001.

Skilling is charged with 28 counts of fraud, conspiracy, insider trading and lying to auditors, while Lay faces six counts of fraud and conspiracy.

Skilling, 52, has maintained his innocence of any wrongdoing since the initial, explosive aftermath of Enron's swift flameout.

In lengthy testimony with
Securities and Exchange Commission shortly after the bankruptcy filing, and two contentious appearances at congressional hearings in February 2002, Skilling said he knew of no accounting tricks to hide debt or inflate profits. He also insisted he believed Enron was financially strong when he abruptly resigned in mid-August 2001, citing personal reasons. "

Skilling and Lay are toast, and so is the soldier.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Hey Anon,

And the article that you passed along, I wanted to give you this piece of information from the trial. From Peter Lattman (who is covering the trail) at WSJ:

"HOUSTON — Skilling described how he came back from a three-week vacation to Africa in the summer of 2000 and told Ken Lay, “I hate this job.” He explained that his passion was building businesses and once he was named president in 1997 he began to become frustrated in his responsibilities. “As you move up,” he explained, “you do more things that you like less.”
Petrocelli asked Skilling if there was “any hint,” “any suggestion,” “any clue” that Enron would file for bankruptcy just three months after Skilling left the company in August 2001. “Not in my wildest dreams,” said Skilling. Even now, he added, it’s almost inconceivable that it happened. Would you have left if you knew the company would be bankrupt in three months? No, said Skilling.
Several times during the testimony when Skilling was discussing things that involved Lay, Lay would smile and nod his head knowingly as if to say, “that’s just how I remember it.”

Well, there you go! Skilling hated the job but he and Lay loved their jobs when they are skimming money. What BS! I agree with you. Unskilling Skilling, Lying Lay, and the little soldier are toasted. Orange jumpsuits are waiting on the horizon!

3:04 PM  
Anonymous 6 Miles said...

Bush used the student audience because they're more malleable.

Do you think for a minute, Bush would have gone in front of the Press Corp?

Are you kidding? Helen Thomas, I am sure, would have had a few choice questions.

Would love to see it. LIVE.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The time to indict Rove,Hadley for conspiracy and obstruction is now.

Grand Jury needs to rev it up and we all need to bring down the trash right away.

No more of these visceral crackpots cutting a deal, and Skilling, Lay will make new prison arrangements.....

You can make someone keep jumping through your hoops, and make sure they are indicted at the same time....thats the easiest way to flip them.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

I understand now ya it takes me a little while but I get it now. I've out of the field to long and sometimes I forget. Ya it works.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

In other news in Ohio:

Ohio Gov. May Face State Ethics Charges

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A state office that monitors lawyer behavior recommended Monday that Gov. Bob Taft be disciplined for failing to report golf outings and other gifts while in office.
Taft pleaded no contest in August to the ethics violations and was fined $4,000. He was the first Ohio governor to be charged with a crime while in office.


4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:47 PM  

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