Dec 6, 2005

After Two Decades Serving Her Country...

Valerie Plame's last day on the job at the CIA will be this Friday.

I hope the spooks throw her a great going away party and refrain from serving yellow cake. Not to be outdone, I promise to give her several "lovely parting gifts" in the very near future.


Blogger Jackie said...

All americans should honor Mrs. Wilson. She gave so much to this country and look what they gave her in return for her service. Maybe with a new administration they will give her the honors she deserves. I wish her the best life has to offer and more.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope someone with some dignity and guts honor Mrs. Wilson. She has given over 21 years of service to the CIA. And to leave her career over vengence of her husband by the administration is disgraceful. I do wish her the best. She is talented woman. I think a gift that Ms. Wilson will cherish for the rest of life is that you, Fitz, bring down the administration.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous v from dc said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Anonymous.

A very very very Merry Fitzmas for Ms Plame-Wilson would be to bring this vengeful, hateful, treasonous Administration from the Oval on down -- to its very knees.

It is despicable that the very agency which W's father was the head of in the mid-70's has been part of this slam/smarm/swipe/destroy campaign by the damned WHIG...

We should all honor Ms Plame-Wilson and her husband as for without them and yourself, we would be one lost nation-

3:40 PM  

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