Nov 10, 2005

Great Caesar's Ghost..!

It just hit me like a ton of bricks after reading this article in the Washington Post!

Judy Miller agreed to only testify about Scotter Libby because she was SHAGGING CHENEY!

I feel so played...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a new 21 century version of the movie: Looking for Mr. Goodbar. This CIA Leak soap opera story is becoming more steamy than General Hospital.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shagging Cheney?


1:52 PM  
Blogger bluewild said...

Chorus: Eeeewwww! Eeeewww! Triple Eeeewwww!

Which reminds me, I saw a picture of John Bolton in the morning paper. Thankfully, I hadn't eaten anything yet.

Repeat chorus: Eeeewwww! etc....

2:34 PM  
Blogger Kit Neill said...

I must add my Eeeuuuwwww and further, there is not enough liquor in Texas to make Dick Cheney "shaggable". Did I say Eeeewwwwww?

The visual will keep me up nights in horror.

3:59 PM  

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