Sep 28, 2007

Raw Video...

Feds Detail Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot Fitz-TV

I think I did medium well. ;)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raw Video: Feds Detail Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot - Videos - WMAQ

Is this the right one?

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary to be, BTW.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

no anon. im not telling you my news you are very rude and ignorant.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whisper sweet criminal justice musings in my ear dahling, you know what that does to me when you get the bad guys

11:46 PM  
Blogger jan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:51 PM  
Blogger jan said...

Well, I didn't know this was the More soon site. I have been blogging here for some time now. It's not that I don't like Barack Obama, it's just that I didn't invest the time I have spent here to find out that this was about Barack. It was, for me, about America and the Constitution...- that's all.

Cheers and OUT,

11:51 PM

11:57 PM  
Blogger jan said...

And, that's all I have to say about that.

12:05 AM  
Blogger PrissyPatriot said...

Yeah Jan, I just noticed that. Where did that come from?

BTW, not an Obama/Hillary fan here, for prez.

Edwards is my man. Dennis is good too, but I'm a realist. He should be given credit for what he said pre-war, it has all come to pass.

Nice tie, Mr. Fitzgerald;)

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

apparently Obama spammed his email - everyone knows Fitz supports Alan Keyes.

12:33 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

bite me hard ...

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you saying you are one of the scary guys standing behind the scary PJF? The girl looks sweet and kind.

I'm sleeping really well, knowing you boys [and the girl] are going after the bad guys.

Celeste Aida

Ah Dick he's a good guy too. I'm pleased to know that. My apologies to the Honorable Mr. Devine, for my even thinking that he would condone evil.

Thanks for making my day warm and sunny, even at this hour.

5:15 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

"Only in America can those who shouldn't even be in America, sue America"

DANBURY, Connecticut (Reuters) - Ten Hispanic immigrants filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against a Connecticut city, its mayor and police chief, and federal agents who led a crackdown on illegal immigration last year.

They have got to be joking, right?

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Satellites confirm reports of Myanmar violence | Top News | Reuters

Right on, Jan and Prissy.

Kitty, I asked about you about your news twice, You really should look in the mirror once in awhile. Once again, you assume.********************

Miss Jackie will be beaming with pride over the press conference. I thank you and the rest of the team for trying to right the wrongs.

PS. Best news conference I've seen if we are suppose to be grading on appearance and speaking. You should be proud.

Alan Keyes?? LOL!

7:58 AM  
Blogger PrissyPatriot said...

A must watch- sorry no link, no time!

gotta run

medium well hehe

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Fitzgerald, you did very very well! Well, I think they may have done another op on me- my cat is missing. If she comes back in 24 hours I won't leave Corydon. If she comes back dead, then I have to leave. I wish they would make you President or Vice President so I could talk to you straight up.
"Big brother" please stay safe, I have solutions for you, but I'm too weak and deprived of medication I need to get it to you. People don't understand that because of global warming we have to guard the oil while I (if I can) get the spec gas project together. Saddam was rightfully tried and scentenced for genocide of the Kurds. Mr. Fitzgerald is doing so good, and I promise not to do any psychological or psychic ops or stings if I'm allowed my medication. See, I have to go to Chicago for it and ALOT of people want to kill me there. Mom will come with though- I forgot to tell you- my mom was the poster girl for the army at Westpoint in the 1960's! Too funny- you know Marvin's twin sister.
I wish the others could understand why Mr. McCain and others couldn't go to that one debate- and why did Edwards and the others say they were ashamed of it? Don't they know what is happenning?

I think Obama may have sold out. I'm not sure. It's up to the higher ups to figure it out.

Give big hugs to everyone and I'm trying my best to stay alive.
Please do the same.

If Hilary wins- you understand that .. well I'm about to cry.

Hugs to Fitzgerald, hugs to Mr. Mccain, love to the opressed of all colors and nations that want freedom, but right now, America has to protect the good people and find the bad. Including securing our borders even if just temporarily.

Love to all, Sarah Jean
"little girl"

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, the guy that assaulted me and I wanted to press charges against is back. Mr. Fitzgerald, I'm going to be murdered down here because of the corruption in Corydon. I know noone can help me- so death or jail are becoming my choices. My father who molested me wants me to go back into prostitution. He used to be a Teamster. I wish you could have helped me sooner.
Sarah Jean

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Claremont Neocon Iran Plays Tiddlywinks with “al-Qaeda”

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say that Jan is having an identity crisis.

Is she a baby or an old man?

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was once a physician in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, 1970's. The socialites in town attended his party, and the physician was found in a back room of his home during the party, his head blown away with a shot-gun. He'd been seated in a white chair.

The physician's parents were upset, and instead of accepting the "suicided" story, suspected foul play, and decided to investigate. Soon the pair was found burned to death in their own home, furniture stacked against the doors preventing any escape. Cause of fire: "mai-tai cocktail."

The blood stained "suicide" chair was found later in a barn in an adjacent county (Boyle.) Soon the barn owner's wife died in a car accident. ("Cerebral hemorage.") And six months later, her husband, the barn owner, was found hanging in his barn. ("Suicide")

No criminals and/or murderers were ever convicted. The area continued to flourish in marijuana production, and drugs; and remaining physicians became generous with prescriptions, progressing to the era which prompted the book, "The Bluegrass Conspiracy" by Sally Denton.

Many in the state maintain the contents of the book are fiction, and that it is a "novel."

Regarding a criminal complaint, and thirty years later a sheriff's deputy would say regarding crime in the area: "Things are just like we like 'em 'round here." (Crops are good, weather's fine, college kid market.)

Moral to the story:
In the USA, there aren't enough Fitz's to go around.

How did YOUR town fathers make their fortunes?

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NEWSWEEK Poll: Sept. 29, 2007

Among all Iowa Democratic voters, Clinton draws 31 percent, followed by Obama (25 percent) and Edwards (21 percent). But among likely caucus-goers, Obama enjoys a slim lead, polling 28 percent to best Clinton (24 percent) and Edwards (22 percent). Bill Richardson is the only other Democratic candidate to score in the double digits (10 percent).

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Claremont Institute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

far right, far left---same damn thing.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

Well I've done it.

That Muslim website that I got from this blog. She's upset with me.

Called me a moron she did.

Hissssssss ... Problem is unlike here she monitors my comments. But she put my last one up. Ill give her that.

Why do people hate direct questions? Or better still, observations that lead to direct questions ?

I think it was anon that said it was a dark place.

Your right, its a dark place.

That bird and her ilk are a worry.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

"far right, far left---same damn thing."

but anon. who has the ideology that suits the USA better ?

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think Progress » Matthews probes Thompson’s smell, “sex appeal.”



6:37 PM  
Blogger airJackie said...

The Little Angel looked real good and was truly GQ. Fitz explained this case really good even a 6 year old could follow. I'm glad he didn't have the DC reporter sharks. I know the reporters are glad they had Fitz because Randall would cut them at the knees with the famous NO COMMENT. This case is really going to be big one as it involves law enforcement. Cops don't do well as jail birds to many enemies in the Big House.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your ever in Denver, look me up!

7:02 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

self inflicted honey. self inflicted.

7:38 PM  
Blogger SP Biloxi said...

The Rugby man for the carpetbagger Alan Keyes? LMAO!

What I want to know is who in the hell invited him to that debate at Morehouse College?? The moron hasn't thrown his name in the ring yet for Prez.

By the way, Rockette Rudy/Rudia skipped out on the minority debate for a fundraiser in Santa Barbara for Bo Derek! No wonder Rudy's wifie has him on a leash and calling him constantly so that she can keep an eye on the rolling eye of Rudy for the hotties!!!

7:46 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

"No wonder Rudy's wifie has him on a leash and calling him constantly so that she can keep an eye on the rolling eye of Rudy for the hotties!!!"

What you wouldnt give to be in his shoes ... mmm

Frightened of life I was once told ... shame but predictable considering your circumstances

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn kitty, do you have one friend in the world? Or do you turn on them on a dime too?

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If someone stated that Kitty was only litter in the cat box of life - I would have to disagree.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Damn kitty, do you have one friend in the world? Or do you turn on them on a dime too?"

Kitties act like that when they haven't been spade.


The blogger has no where to crawl under but to be negative to others. I feel pity for her.

12:38 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

yep, they are men friends who comprise of a rich man, a ex drug addict (but he is irking me off), a gay man and now thanks 2 u my gangster friend in the south of Chicago.

"Damn kitty, do you have one friend in the world? Or do you turn on them on a dime too?"

I only turn on people when they do the wrong thing by me. And well if they say sorry so be it, but if they dont they can fucken suffer the consequences for all I care.

It's simple. I'm sorry.

"Frightened of life I was once told ... "

Hard hearing your own words isn't it?

I wanted to be your friend and look what you did.

And I have some exciting news to share with you all. But you dont care. Your too wrapped up in your own make believe problems anyway.

1:02 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

I used to wonder often what you were really afraid off.

But as time went on with more and more exchanges I don't really think about it anymore - I already know.

And if you won't help you then nobody else can really can they?

You are a lost cause.

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kitty, you need a friend like the rest of us need a bloody scratch.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

purrrrrr sugar

Like u I dont need anyone really.

My acquaintances know their place.

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I only turn on people when they do the wrong thing by me."

Make an appointment with me. You need help.

1:46 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

Now, now dont turn stuff on me.

I know your game ..

Cant wait for that coffee.

1:56 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

Kitties act like that when they haven't been spade.

its spayed and we call it desexing.

1:58 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...


Now I know how 2 scare you

Nighty night America ... meooooow

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nighty night America ... meooooow"

Nite, nutcase!

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Image of the Day : Delta Dawn, What's That Power You Have--Ion?

Somebody was up late. 1:46am's comment was funny. Sorry, Kitty. Why do you feel like you have to scare people?

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lawrence Wright

That is who I mixed Peter Lance up with--Lawrence Wright is from Texas, I think. I have read none of these books, anyone know if Wright got it correct?

He was just on "Face the Nation". There has been so much false crap written, who knows? He had some good ideas what to do with bin Laden if he is caught though.

["Regan said she took a cue from a former CIA specialist friend, who told her that "when killers confess the way they often do, it is by creating a 'hypothetical' -- and then they spill their guts"] and the firm that published "Triple Cross" is owned by Rupert Murdoch, global DISinformation magnate."]

I'm presently reading my sister's copy of the OJ book, "I Did It". Regan and BW both are in the other Judy's category as far as I'm concerned.

Fwd: "Missing Link" between Bush Dynasty, 9/11, and 9/11 Commission Cove

"made the FBI/CIA look like heroes, with the only "bad guy" on OUR side singled out by Lance being Patrick Fitzgerald " --- asswipes.

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word by word.

Sentance by sentance.

Paragraph by paragraph.

Examine the lies,if 'Triplecross' is full of lies, Mr. Lance's finger-pointing has left 'three fingers pointing back' and there might be 'evidence' in the book.

Lies are a spider's web, THIN AND FRAGILE, easy to break/expose.

The truth, however, is hard to know.

Celeste Aida

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crooks and Liars » Rudy Giuliani: Took Phone Call From Wife…Because of 9/11

Mrs. Rudy should have waited till the speech was over and he could have called her on her cell while she was on the plane. *wink

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YouTube - Big Cat Rudy Giuliani

Rudy is freaking nuts.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Howard Krongard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Krongard was raised in Baltimore. He is the brother of former CIA Executive Director A. B. Krongard. [1]."

Try To Live Better by Self Education

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LoneStarBear: Bill Moyers’ Journal Looks At Fraud in Iraq


1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The crazed cat needs blocked. She only likes rich jerks, ex-druggies and gangsters. Guess nobody here fits the bill.

2:16 PM  
Blogger PrissyPatriot said...

Krongard threatening investigators doing their JOB? It's the loyal Bushie way...

Did you know that the VA, thanks to Bush was told in 2002 they weren't planning for casualties in Iraq?? I met the VA whistleblower regarding that and for the Walter Reed shame. Republicans can say what they want, but actions and legislation speak louder than words.

The actions are cutting vets benefits, obstructing earned benefits, giving them no rest from the war and sending them to wars of choice without proper equipment. But they love vets-just like green plastic soldiers-they break-repugs think they can just go out and buy new ones...

Ari Fleisher your money won't buy the truth-and its coming at you like a metro in the Pentagon tunnel...did you all know Mel Sembler was one of the benefactors of Ari's new "non-profit" Freedom First?
Yeah that's right- first your freedom, then mine!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

Gawd Prissy you're melodramatic.

You should start off for a bit part in Days of our Dreary's.

"She only likes rich jerks, ex-druggies and gangsters."

She is the cat's mother.

You forgot gay men. That's why I like you.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i need a gangsta in Chcagago

'yep, they are men friends who comprise of a rich man, a ex drug addict (but he is irking me off), a gay man and now thanks 2 u my gangster friend in the south of Chicago.'

how did yu find him?

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You forgot gay men. That's why I like you."

Call me, kitty, for an appointment. You have the number:


3:40 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

1/ u indirectly sent me there
2/ he drives cabs & drove me into the city everyday
3/ he makes me laugh and laugh

3:44 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

soon enuf dr bill ... soon enuf

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Stay out of trouble and harm, will you? How are your puppies?

Didn't Frist rip off Medicare or something?

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Cruise photo case man found dead

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple iPhone warning proves true

People need to stop doing the "Gimme, gimme" crap. Didn't certain employees get freebies? Wonder if they paid AT&T too?

4:23 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

Stay out of trouble and harm, will you? live is for living

How are your puppies? noisy love grandma kitty

Didn't Frist rip off Medicare or something?

the whole of medicare is ripped off by legal aliens

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Winter Patriot: VIDEO: The Washington DC Protest, September 29, 2007

Great job!

Legal Aliens??

4:59 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

why are you being nice to me all of a sudden?

dont panic, next trip will be the same as the last..

/\/\/\ ___________________

5:11 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

im a wake up ... see

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not again, let me go back to sleep

Celeste Aida

it's a cute video, so I linked

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Most people here have been nice to you.

You were the one who was locking-horns, being abrasive and evasive.

They put up with my kookiness...kinda...sorta.

Celeste Aida

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 5:49,

My friends at ASCAP [American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers] tell me the music isn't there, for the anti-war movement to gain momemtum.

No one is writing songs the way they did for the Viet Nam War.

No visceral response from the artists to end the war.

During Viet Nam the music was being cranked-out like op-ed pieces in a newspaper. Songs were social commentary.

4 Dead in Ohio

I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs

Celeste Aida

I make no apologies for being a Republican. I voted for Obama not Keyes. I met Keyes and didn't like him. I've invited other Republicans to this blog, and they'll chew me out for saying this. I agreed ith conservatives like Peter Fitzgerald, who won't run again.

I met Alan Keyes twice. He struck me as being Mussolini-esque. I could not vote for him, I thought he was like Bush, and would not listen to anyone.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


this particular kook, me, has to get back to the books, etc...

"'s late September and I really should be back in school..." Rod Stewart from 'Maggie May'

Celeste Aida

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is hullo kitty allowed to blog? Why haven't they done ops on that "human"?
I've been tipped off by a "hobbyist" that I am going to be murdered or jailed. Look at TER- you will find leads. For anyone that wants to save me -or kill me you know where I'm at, and at this point, with this huge mess, I'll appreciate it. I'm a brunette 5'8" 160 lb DD brown eyes and a marilyn monroe face. Pass on to Fitzgerald please. Otherwise, it's not how you die, it's how you lived. I lived my life doing the right thing by investigating independently the ones that hurt my Uncle, killed my cousin, and now I'm next. I am traumatized and in my room. Someone needs to come get me and finish this 16 year long nambla/mafia/chicago cop/politicians/clark street/escort legacy/bid rigging/ torture legacy.
I need a search and rescue: code red
No FBI will believe me, the CIA "problem" is sending the iceman, and it's up to God and the hearts of the people and Mr. Fitzgerald to decide. In truth.
I have been cut off from all email-someone hacked in and changed my password from insight broadband. I can't email anyone. Please help.
Or don't. Sarah Jean
ps hi Terry B.

7:47 PM  
Blogger PrissyPatriot said...

Good one kitty, your the first ever to call me a drama queen-but then you also think I'm a gay man. That's just way too funny...

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I have been cut off from all email-someone hacked in and changed my password from insight broadband. I can't email anyone. Please help."

Thank you and we will get Detective Gadget on your case.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Nepotism Tango - New York Times
Dowd says 40% of us have never lived anything but a Clinton or Bush.
And it's about damn time we for John E./Dennis K.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YouTube - Soldier Boy

For Fitz to bust a move to...

YouTube - soldier boy dance wit technique

YouTube - Soulja Boy - How to Crank That - INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO!


(my daughter made me..try) Sorry about the bad word at the end of the first video.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

"I have been cut off from all email-someone hacked in and changed my password from insight broadband. I can't email anyone. Please help."

god your delusional ...

10:46 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

"Good one kitty, your the first ever to call me a drama queen-but then you also think I'm a gay man. That's just way too funny..."

hey yeah ... just read that again

gay - queen hehehehhe

10:50 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Dectective Gadget at 9:57 PM,

Maybe all of you are right and I'm wrong.

I noticed that when I asked Sara Jean if 'Doisy' was her Nobel Prize winning relative, she said yes. Yet she then went on to say her relative was named 'Binkley'.

She never saw or acknowledged what I blogged to her attention.

She's under stress, real or just perceived. It might have been real once, but now, without any sane human contact, it's possible she's spinning out into the stratosphere.

You boys who run this blog, must know how much of what she's blogging is real and how much is in her head.

If she's just living in her head, she's still a danger, to herself and possibly others.

I don't feel responsible, or that you are responsible.

I just feel sad that she seems not to have a human soul to connect with.

Celeste Aida

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TeenScreen - Normal Kids Labeled Mentally Ill

CBS News Video - Top Stories and Video News Clips at

Big Pharma making money off kids by mis-labeling them bi-polar? 4 years old and taking 12 pills a day? But yet they warn about (with good reason) of cold medicine? The doctors and hospital ought to have their asses on trial along with the parents.

Doctors discourage use of cough syrup - Cold & Flu -

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...that way forever.' ~ Leonard Cohen

'I just feel sad that she seems not to have a human soul to connect with.'

Reads better as:

I feel sad. I wish she had some connection to another human soul.

Celeste Aida

12:11 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

"I just feel sad that she seems not to have a human soul to connect with."

You cannot connect with something that does not exist in the first place.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloggers' Roundtable With Gen. Douglas M. Stone -

"Our religious enlightenment courses are really up and running now."

Battle of the Minds: an interview with Major General Douglas Stone - MountainRunner

Iraqi Prison Tries to Un-Brainwash Radical Youth - Newsweek The War in Iraq -

Suicide or Murder p.2

Evil, evil and evil.

12:31 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

Iraqi Prison Tries to Un-Brainwash Radical Youth - Newsweek The War in Iraq -

How about the rest of the world from the Abrahamic religions?

12:37 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...


mitt romney for President

purr, purr, purrrrrrr, purrr in his ear ...


12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sara Jean,

You are afraid. I have been afraid too. I understand you.

I know from experience and education, that fear and stress cause 'tunnel vision' an inability to see...the big picture.

It's biochemical, fear causes the adrenal glands atop the kidneys to send out adrenaline/epinephrine and there are alot of biological and psychological changes that happen with fear and stress.

Fear, Anxiety and the Brain from Nature Magazine

Try to find some way to reduce your fear and diminish your stress. You will see things differently.

I believe that no one here will hurt you.

Whether or not they can help you, seems to be up to you.

It seems someone here was offering to help you. And you declined their help.

MY EXAMPLE from college, many lives, many masters ago:

I went to college after a brief stint as a 'cabbie' in Chicago.

I became a cabbie because;

My boyfriend said it was over and told me I was 'sitting on a goldmine'. He took me to a place on Rush Street, sold me, to some 'la cage aux folles' guys at a place called 'Pigalle' pronouced 'pig alley'.

I remembered from my 7th and 8th grade French classes, that it should have been pronounced, 'pea-GAHL-e-e-e' en francais. Stress on the second sylable.

Pigalle was a men's club on Rush where men bought expensive bottles of champagne, wine or drinks. I was expected to 'serve' these men alcohol and 'to pleasure' them.

Law Enforcement and the State's Attorney knew what was going on at Pigalle. They were among the men needing 'service'.

I didn't 'pleasure' the men. So the straight/queer-couple at Pigalle on Rush marked-me-down and resold me to a club at Burton and Wells on the south-east corner. The guy who owned it, had an apartment above the club. I was so 'tame' that he left me alone in the apartment.

I managed to run away and I got into a cab, crying, and the driver said, why don't you come to my garage and drive a cab?

At American-United Cab, I met the owner Don Anthony. He was Italian, married with two boys near my age. Don Anthony was a short man, who used a cane with a silver wolf's head handle and drove a Rolls Royce. He made me his girl, but left me alone. He was always a gentleman.

I got a free cab, never had to pay to rent it, 605, owned by a guy named 'Purple'. I never met Purple. Purple just wanted me to keep his cab on the street, keep it clean, and top off the gas tank. I was told Purple made his money elsewhere.

The cab company made sure that I had business. The boys and men driving introduced me to the dispatchers at O'Hare and everyone made sure I was busy and didn't have to wait in line for a trip and hang around with the guys at the O'Hare 'pool' where unsavory things like swearing and gambling and drug-dealing was going on.

All I had to do was, once in a while, pick up a small envelope or small package and deliver it. But that's another story.

I have cab stories, even though I only did it, for maybe, 2-3 months. But that's for another book.

Anyway, I witnessed a shooting at 63rd and Union. It was another cabbie, getting shot in the face/head. That's another story.

Then, I stumbled upon a college, near where I rented a studio apartment. I was signed up for classes, and I found myself in a Speech 101 class and the terms of my student loan were that I work 20 hours as a student aide.

As always, I 'went the head of the class', once again I became 'teacher's pet', and I was sent to the front office.

I was always a good and obedient child, looked nice and acted nice. My trouble with authority, arises when I've learned, grown-up, so-to-speak.

Anyway first I was sent to the President and then to the College Deans, who would choose be their aide.

The President wanted a naughty-hottie and gottie his hottie, a real hot tamale...but that's another story.

I'd always rather work, than have a glam-job that includes doing the boss. It's the Slovenian way. But that's another story.

In the Deans' offices, I got my own desk and typewriter and all the paraphenalia. [Aside: I had learned to type, during the time I learned playwriting, in 7th and 8th grade. It was mandatory, touch typing and drama lessons, play-writing.]

Shortly, after starting college, a reporter, Andy Shaw, did a story about me.

That's when the trouble began. I was on the news. And someone who was looking for me, saw me.

A couple of men came to the college looking for me. When they found me, in the executive suite-so-to-speak, they hung around so long and bothered me so much, so as to bring our altercation to the attention of both the secretaries and the campus security.

The secretaries and Dan-the-security-man didn't even know they were rescuing me from evil. The secretaries and Dan-the-security-man were professionals and asked the men who were bothering me, "Can we help you, do you have a question."

I was safe.

The heinous and evil guys had nothing to ask and were asked to leave.

I got to stay. I was safe.

Concurrent to this stuff going on, I was in Dr. Fiduccia's Speech class. I was expected to deliver a speech, 3 minutes, every week, to the class.

I couldn't.

Dr. John Fiduccia, speech professor, asked me what I SAW when I was at the podium.

I said, "nothing, there's nothing out there, just grey".

Dr. Fiduccia told me, next time I was at the podium speaking, to look for him in the audience. He said he'd be sitting all the way up back and to look to the far right.

To look only at him and to speak only to him.

I did that.

However, next time at the podium, all I saw were colors spinning and dancing. Every once in awhile, Dr. Fiduccia's face would appear-then-fade from amid the swirling colors.

Dr. Fiduccia said, 'good' and to always keep my eyes on him when I was at the podium.

Eventually, while I was speaking from the podium, I was able to see Dr. Fiduccia all the time and he encouraged me to EXPAND my vision to include my classmates as friendly faces to look at.

When I met with Dr. Fiduccia in his office, he never frightened me. His eyes were friendly and he always smiled at me. He never stared at me or gave me an unwanted gaze.

Dr. Fiduccia loved me with his eyes. Vertically. He changed my life. I didn't have to be afraid. Of him.

Other professors, well, that's another story.

Dear Sara Jean, I know this was a long and winding explanation of FEAR and its effect on VISION. It was my story.

I wish I could see you. Eye-to-eye. So you could see me. And you would understand, so much more. What I'm trying to say to you.

Celeste Aida

Smile FauxFitzie, it's a small world after all.

FauxFitzie, if you are one of handsome, stern, [I know I said 'scary' earlier, face it, prosecutors have to be scary] men standing behind Fitzie, I have ONE DEGREE of separation from Richard Devine, team member standing behind and to the right of Fitzie.

Jinx, one of the college secretaries I was a student aide to, became Mr. Devine's secretary when he became State's Attorney. Jinx is that 'one degree of separation'.

Jinx's son Dan, is the Democrat State Senator I've done volunteer work for.

I told you not to worry. You and all men are safe from my insanity.

I just want to feel good about myself, learn about, see and do everything I love. Just because I'm having a good day and feeling chatty does not mean I'm looking for a man.

I don't want to deal with men's sexuality. Or women's. I truly want to be left alone, when it comes to intimacy and sex.

That's the legacy of my being sexually abused as a child. But that's another story.

I really was a child, not a girl going through puberty. My sex hormones were years away from kicking in, so it's highly unlikely that I was testing my powers and trying to attract male attention.

This filly does not want to be fenced in.

Don't Fence Me In - The Andrews Sisters

12:51 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

Anyway, I witnessed a shooting at 63rd and Union.

and almost got me raped and probably murdered at 95 Dan Ryan, but thats another story. Thanks for that.

Have you been drinking?

1:31 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

what no answer

thought not ..

evil man, evil, evil man

goodnight america

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss Kitty,

You have a problem with the 'Abrahamic' tradition? I'm not surprised to hear that.

You are involved in 'natural' religions? Magic?

Those religions that can be understood by everyone, invoked and placated by everyone.

You are a pagan?

Follow an aboriginal or Maori traditional belief system?

Celeste Aida

During my tenure on the Editorial Board of the Jung Institute I helped work on a philosophical problem. And an analogous religios problem.

The religious problem.

My thesis was: The Greeks mode of worship was what led to slavery.

The slave market museum on the Greek island of Delos. With a temple ruins on the opposite side. The temple is believed to be to Priapus, the god of the penis, and has an avenue leading up from the sea. The avenue is littered with huge stone phalluses that have been toppled. Whether by nature/a tremor or by man, is not clear.

My thesis: Penis Worship is Slavery: The Greeks Mode of Worship, Avenue to Slavery.

And that's really another book.

The 'Abrahamic' tradition you find fault with, has tried to curb man's rougher and darker instincts.

At the Jung Institute, we looked at what will arise out of the ashes after Judaism, Christianity, Islam, compete and destroy as much as they can of each other.

My thesis about the temple to Priapus and the slave market, never had legs.

I did some work on Aidos, also my name on Kos.

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss Kitty,

I don't drink.

How do you explain your weird editing of my lengthy blog to Sara Jean?

If you are going to quote me, do so correctly. It's all there. Just COPY and PASTE, no editing, please.

I never blogged this.

"and almost got me raped and probably murdered at 95 Dan Ryan, but thats another story. Thanks for that."

Celeste Aida

I had to double check...sheesh Kitty, just COPY and PASTE, no editing, please. Once my comment has been saved, leave it alone.

1:53 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

dry up .... ill do what i want when i want if i want ....

jung et al has ruined your life.

correction: runs your life and will ruin your life. whats left of it.

1:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I can hear and taste your bitterness.

You've never met me, but if you did, you'd understand me and probably like me.

And that goes for the rest of you bloggers, too.

Celeste Aida

The usual visual cues one gets from eye-to-eye contact, aren't here. So who knows how I'm 'playing in Peoria'.

3:08 AM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

"I can hear and taste your bitterness."

I'm not bitter, just angry that you tried to take advantage of me and loved every cruel minute of it.
I watched you.

And what hurts even more in a blink of an eye you'd do it to me or anyone else all over again.

I wonder how "eye to eye" you'd try to explain that.

But here is the difference "eye to eye" I'd wouldn't mention it. I can't deliberately hurt people who just can't help themselves.

Theres a lot to be read "between the lines" for that last sentence.

mmmm ...

Don't worry I'll be out of your hair and give you a vacation for a week soon.

3:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Student "loans" don't have work requirements.

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People who have been abused, and there seem to be several on this blog, frequently become narcissistics.

And Fitz-real or faux- attracts these poor souls because they find him safe. But it'll never happen, folks. Move along.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 6:28 AM

You said:

"Student "loans" don't have work requirements."

I was required to work 20 hours per week. I had several loans/programs bundled. And the 20 hour/week work/study was in that 'bundle'.

It's a fact that is easily proven.

Celeste Aida

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is called, "Work Study" or something like that, is it not? You have the option whether to work that or not. You just pay more loans after school or work your butt off during summer.


Thanks for that info.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 6:30 AM

To make it 'happen' for me, PJF would get into the political arena.

And yes, I act goofy and silly and playful on this blog. Role play: 'letters between Mr. and Mrs. Osama in Afghanistan'.

My reason for wanting PJF to go into politics is serious.

The emerging global order condones 'intergeneratonal sex' 'sexual mentoring of children' and ground-zero is Illinois.

From the streets and bedrooms of Chicago, up to academia and jurisprudence (the philosophy of law)...this is where the battle began in the 1950's and continues to be fought, from here in Illinois.

Since the 50's when Alfred Kinsey lobbied the Illinois legislature for a change in the sex laws and the Model Penal Code was, in Illinois.

Two young men in the 1950's who are still alive, sat on Judge Austin's "Sex Crimes" committee. One of them was Abner Mikva, who later became a Federal judge and was counsel to Clinton in the White House.

The other one was a prominent Republican politician and legislator. James R. Thompson.

Children's Sexual Rights. The final sexual frontier. Here in Illinois, there's a battle raging.

Celeste Aida

In conversation I don't go on and on. With eye contact, there are subtle cues, when it's time to move on to another topic or simply to...move on.

Believe it or not, you're only seeing a tiny fraction of what I actually write on this blog.

I do self-edit, and most of my writing for the blog has ended up on the 'cutting room floor.'

I try to be amusing.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Kitty,

You told me what you wanted.

I said no.

Celeste Aida

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Celeste aida- I don't know Doisy I just know what my great uncle stephen did. It's in the library of congress. As my Uncle taught me in this situation, when you cry out for help, and they call you delusional, just walk away. That's what I'm going to do. I didn't see anything here offering me help. Now, I walk away. Because you are wrong, and I learned how to survive as an enemy of the state by my Uncle. I offered my help to Fitzgerald to find the female politician who started this. I had to do ops to find someone I trust.
They did ops back to me. So, I walk away. With my honour and dignity. Goodbye Sarah Jean

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I ever run out of patients, I can always come to this blog and get referrals. There is job security for me on this blog.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oprah & Obama: A Marriage Made in Marketing Heaven []

Oprah: The Holy Mother of Celebrity Consumer Culture []

It is all about the brand and money, money, money.


I seen on the news last night about the Red Mass and the Supremes all attending. War on terror, abortion, etc. -- think they have ever prayed and discussed cover-ups, voter fraud, pedophiles, crimes against humanity?

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 9:57 AM,

I can't remember what it was called. I worked 20 hours a week.

After that, while I was in the RN program, I worked 20 hours a week as a Nurse Technician and was allowed to do RN work under the supervision of an RN. It was a nebulous category of nursing.

Out of RN school, I went right into the ICU's without the usual 2 years of general nursing experience, because I had alot of clinical knowledge. And worked my way up the ladder...finally to being a part-time Administrator.

While working on other projects.

I tried the Nurse Scientist and the Nurse Entreprenuer paradigms on.

The Nurse Scientist in me, was a signatory to the first Space Nursing Conference at U of Alabama in Huntsville and the Marshall Space Center [also the home of Space Camp, I was there for business, so no fun for me]. We were bidding for a spot as the first civilian in space, for a flight called the "Challenger". I was really out-classed. Many in the group were EX-military, Air Force & Navy, and had been on the "Vomit Comet" a low-earth orbit craft that shot across the Gulf of Mexico and you experienced free-fall in micro-gravity.

NASA Houston Life Sciences decided that a teacher would the first civilian in space.

To inspire the young to pursue Science studies.

MISSION [to be the first civilian in space] ABORTED.

Nurse Entreprenuer me, with my colleagues, tried to get the IRS to give the ICU nurses, Independent Contractor status, so we could directly bill and not be owned by an agency.

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED [with a thud, the IRS gave us grief for years]

Celeste Aida

I'm a Jill-of-all-trades, with portable marketable skills.

And a so-called union card, my RN.

I am a dreamer. Good ideas, but where's the money in it, is the common problem with my ideas.

How to make money at it.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Sarah Jean,

On this blog 'Gone Fishing', August 16, with a tender painting of a boy and his dog gone fishing off of a pier.

This was posted by you and you got an anonymous response.

SNIP... to laughing at a whore freak with premonitions and psychic gifts. Fitzgerald laughed, Cheney laughed. Lets go home like we are suppossed to Hiriam. My Christian Mason. Your naive child- Sarah
12:20 AM
Anonymous said...
Negotiate now. Sarah Jean Schleker
1:14 AM
Sarah said ... said...
3:19 AM

Celeste Aida

Someone offered to help you.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah Jean Schleker + bizarre comments + lack of meds = shrink.

If this person says she is in hiding, why is she giving out her name and description of herself on this blog?

3:36 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

"And Fitz-real or faux- attracts these poor souls because they find him safe. But it'll never happen, folks. Move along."

Self inflicted ticky tape parade as per usual.

Don't flatter yourself ... I may be in the Pacific North West, but you'll never know.

Go flog your log.

People like you keep and keep you will.

When interpleader comes at the first opportunity you'll certainly know about it.

You double x'd the wrong person.

What is it you used to say:

boo hoo it all comes back to you.


4:34 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

"To Kitty,

You told me what you wanted.

I said no.

Celeste Aida "

We shall see, we shall see,
Being a smart arse could lead to misereeeeee ...


4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blackwater usually fired first in Iraq - lawmaker | Reuters

Apparently Waxman never seen the video on youtube featuring the Elvis music. Firing at cars on the highway at random would be ?

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NBC reporting deaths are down in Iraq...Blackwater finally stopped? Banana Death Squads stopped yet?

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old Hippie's Monsanto site

Bingo. I knew I'd find it.

People write books lately when they got something to tell or are covering their asses.

"For starters, consider the fact that Bush Sr. appointed Clarence Thomas,
a Monsanto attorney, to the Supreme Court. Thomas cast a key vote
in the decision that handed the White House to George Jr."

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NJ's Obscene Invitation

"If we judge someone by the company he keeps, Esposito could do better - for at a CAIR gathering in Dallas, Esposito described Sami Al-Arian as "a very good friend of mine." Al-Arian is the Palestinian professor who pleaded guilty last year to conspiring to provide money to Palestinian Islamic Jihad - the group responsible for the 1995 bus-bombing murder of my daughter Alisa and seven others."

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Vindictiveness isn't very nice.

I'm Slovenian.

There is a adage in Slovenian that translates to:

You get 3 Serbians togther, they start a war.

You get 3 Croatians together, they start a fight.

You get 3 Slovenians together, they form a trio and sing, play music, dance, tell stories.

Celeste Aida

I'm a harmonious person.

This weekend was filled with music and song and dance and drama and art.

Saturday during the day I was at FARM, Folk Alliance Region Midwest, networking.

In the evening, it was opera.

I make friends, not enemies. I stay engaged and keep busy. I have no time for bitterness or revenge.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Lucretia - that will do for now said...

Thats because you have never been on the receiving end, silly ..

Wanna find out ?

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FBI to Probe Blackwater Role in Shootout - AOL News

It is past due. Blackwater operation evil-doers. U.S. TROOP/ INNOCENT IRAQI KILLERS.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... - Waxman questions State Dept. actions after drunken Blackwater contractor killed Iraqi VP's guard

"The staff of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has unearthed new information that raises questions about State Department actions with regard to contractor Blackwater USA, highlighting an incident in which a drunken contractor killed an Iraqi guard.

According to a document released Monday, the intoxicated Blackwater contractor shot and killed the guard of Iraqi Vice President Adil Abd al-Mahdi. Within two days of the incident, the department had allowed the contractor to leave the country and “recommended that Blackwater make a ‘sizeable payment’ and an ‘apology’ to ‘avoid this thing becoming even worse.’”

It has been WORSE for some time.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Dispute Over Brain Donations

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To "Image of the Day : Delta Dawn, What's That Power You Have--Ion?"

Thanks, I've sent this link to friends:)


11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

‘sizeable payment’ and an ‘apology’ to ‘avoid this thing becoming even worse.’”

apology will do Captain Neda ...

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raw Story | Man Bush chose to lead Pentagon contracting probes left under fire to become Blackwater COO

Joseph E. Schmitz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Child abuse, child abuse. Hair me?

Edwin Meese - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hey, Did you see Anita Baker on the news? Now I didn't know she took a polygraph when Clarence Thomas refused? She still stands by her testimony. That testimony sounds so familiar after all these years, doesn't it?

Clarence Thomas is an angry man. His wife should apologize to Anita Baker for her remarks.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How can you say apologies are enough when you don't even know all the crimes/damages yet?

Tim Spicer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blackwater contractor wrote government report on incident -

Write your own cover-up. How many innocent Iraqis and American sons and daughters have died because these hired guns played both sides?
Must keep the war on going, must keep the contracts rolling in, must create chaos. Wake up America, a cave man could figure it out.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9NEWS - Article - Parents to have money taken away from child support payments

I wonder if this is true?

Maybe when the Resident is 85, someone will finally indict him.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anita Hill ? Anita Hill ?

Didn't Anita invent the art of stalking and " playing victim " ?

Statements to the FBI that just didnt quite add up.

Following him from place to place.

Anyone can pass a lie detector test if they know what they are doing.

And you believe that silly, love sick woman ?

I would've thought at least you were smart enuf to thru her.

Then again, a black man that takes a conversative position in the highest court in your land.

And dissents from Roe vs Wade .. interesting that.

Must kill you left winged nuts to have such a great man in such a powerful position.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm talking about what he said on camera and what was said compared to what we now see TODAY by Republicans.
I don't recall she stalked him? Got a link or transcript?

Just your comments about wanting to "kill" says it all. Get some help.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, it seems to be about the porn.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How could I have missed this.

"#1 Fan said...
whisper sweet criminal justice musings in my ear dahling, you know what that does to me when you get the bad guys

11:46 PM

Comment deleted
This post has been removed by the author.

11:51 PM"

Cute, very cute.


4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" See Seinfeld's Bee Movie, Jerry's Buzzing Again & Honey Just Got Funny. See the Trailer. Nov 2nd " ~ PR blurb from studio.

Seinfeld's first feature film, animation, voice-overs by Chris Rock, Rene Zellweger, and Larry King among others.

'Bee Movie' Trailer:
Bee Movie - trailer
'Bee Movie' Official Web Site:
Bee Movie - official web-site
'Bee Movie' in Wikipedia:
Bee Movie - Wiki

In Chicago and Evanston we have a cereal restaurant, it's all about cereal...with toppings!
Cereality Cafe


4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was no sufficient evidence to support her claim/s of sexual harrasment.

She followed him from the Dept of Education to the Equal Opportunity thingo.

"a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty" what was that guys name again? he decided to change sides when he changed political parties.

Paved the way for woman and false claims of sexual harrassment.

She reminded me of a living, breathing guide book on how to set a man up and "nearly" get away with it.

Bat my eyelids and hope to die. She is a revolting creature.

"theres a pube in my coke" .. like get over it lady. Even if he did say it (which from him I do not believe he did ), it's a joke.

Boys will be boys and Men will be boys.

That is the way of things.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Just your comments about wanting to "kill" says it all. Get some help."

Take it out of context no brain, do you think I really care.

How about anon. just for ONCE instead of the bullshit and the delusional stories you try, just try to have an adult conversation.

Or would that upset you so much that we all go for another around of the "suicide sally attention seeking lines" again.

Like a breathing existing human being.

How Jack Black could stand talking in circles to you is beyond me.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lighten up...kiddies and kitties.

I'm having a bad time EMOTIONALLY with the news out of Nevada and the little girl being abused video.

I need some comedy tonight.


5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 4:08PM,

Your link to 'above the law' isn't working.


5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about you finally realize that I don't tell stories. I only make short comments. I am not CA, Sarah Jean, Hullo Kitty, or many faces of Eve.

Get your Anons. correct. FYI, Jack Black? I think I have watched maybe one of his movies. I'm wasn't that impressed.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And did Bush 1.0 really rush the swearing in of Clarence Thomas because the Washington Post was about to publish a story about his extensive porn habit? This and more from Jeff Toobin's dishy The Nine."

Clarence Thomas, Porn Addict? - New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer

"* The decision to rush the swearing-in of Justice Clarence Thomas spared the controversial nominee the publication of more embarrassing personal revelations than Anita Hill's notorious testimony. That same day, three Washington Post reporters were set to write a story about Thomas' extensive taste for pornography, including accounts from eyewitnesses such as the manager of his local video store. "But since Thomas had been sworn in, the Post decided not to pursue the issue and dropped the story." '

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shutup anon with your bullshit .. i know exactly who i am talking 2.

you cannot pull the wool over this girls eyes - ANYMORE ..

so just stop it.

i have some comedy though ..

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shutup with the gossip ...

you americans are so HIGH maintainance ..

anyway my comedy is coming

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell us all something we didnt know ...

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many faces of Eve....


Tell me about it. CA, Hullo Kitty, Sarah Jean sound like many of the sixteen personalities of Cybil.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have kept my life to myself.

Celeste Aida

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soooo Hillary wants to pay 5k per brat born in the USA .. cost = 20 billion per year.

Forgive me if I am not hearing this right but the $$ cannot be paid until the kid is 18 and graduated from High School.

Apart from buying votes and redistributing some wealth as all socialists want 2,Hillary has hit upon a gooden here.

In Australia after last election our Government (why I dont know) paid parents 3k per baby, when it was born.

It was used and abused it was found.

They have now had to part pay the $$ over time but I think its gone up to 4k.

But I do like the penalty idea.
Do this and we will give you that.
Sounds like God. Do this or no heaven it will be hell.

5k invested over 18 years could be a pretty good nest egg apart from the fact that the USA may implode on itself in the next 20 years and then nobody will get nothin

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And so should have I.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'the fact that the USA may implode on itself in the next 20 years and then nobody will get nothin'

Never bet against the USA. Too many bright and good people, to let this country go to ruins.

Celeste Aida

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"u ruined my faith in people 4ever said...
And so should have I."

Getting off this blog. Too much for me. Some people on this blog need professional help. And you won't find it here. Nite, nutcases.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your faith in your left winged friends will be your undoing young Skywalker.

I can feel a suicide bid coming on.

Anon should be the cat. This has to be 6 or 7 times now.

Then again, how can something do the hurry curry that doesn't exist.

I exist anon. I exist. Just remember that.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Osama,

A large crate arrived from Europe addressed to you and labeled Baxter with stickers all over "FRAGILE" & "Medidcal Supplies".

I think it's your dialysis equipment.

What cave do you want this forwarded to?

Love, Mrs. Osama


6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so who really does need help ?

you said it I didnt.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when has anyone or anything being "fragile" ever stopped u.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. Osama,

Those are my CAPD, Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis, supplies.

This cave has too much bat guano in it. Do you mind if I come home.

This cave has a really low ceiling. I don't mind crawling, but the peritoneal dialysis pole the fluid hangs on, has to be angled in order to get in the cave.

I have a ton of bat guano I've harvested and will bring it home.

Mr. O


6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Actually I am thinking about something ..

Everytime pre departure comes around I do this .. start trouble.

I must be sub consciously doing it.
Goading and hissing out.

mmm ... I must think about that behaviour or better still the reasons why I do it.

Know thyself.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Osama,

You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore-duet by Streisand&Diamond

Lovingly, your wife, Mrs. Osama


7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What kind of work do you do?

Maybe you don't love what you do.

Celeste Aida

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where would u find flowers in Tora Bora?

It's all rock ...

Maybe there r poppy caves ..

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore what I do.

It is now taking me all around the world ..

USA this month ... India next month. Little jobs like here and GE Money before hand to fill in time ..

Why on earth would I complain?

Choices I have India, Nicaragua, U.K. followed by other stuff.

I think I get sub consciously wound up before each trip.

I am now making a effort 2 stop it.

Not that I will cop any crap though.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. Osama,

I'll pick some poppies for you.

Poppy Harvest

I'll trade the bat guano for poppies!

Map of Tora Bora

'Trukin' by the Grateful Dead

Mr. O


7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Osama,


Last time you were in rehab in Riyadh, I cleaned out the closets and threw away all of poppy plants and grow-lites.

Have you forgotten?

I miss you, hurry home, the cave is cold without you.

Love, Mrs. Osama


7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you one of the people getting rich from this war?

Celeste Aida

"There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's own safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to. Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle."
"That's some catch, that catch-22," he observed.
"It's the best there is," Doc Daneeka agreed.
Chapter 5, pg. 55"

Catch-22 by Heller in Wiki

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

would u call that a juxtaposition?

the two are side by side.

dammed if you do, dammed if you don't.

i dont understand what the first bit means ..

making money from the war?

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh well no explanation

dont matter now

have fun amigo .. !!

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peace Day
Lennon's B-day October 9.

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The story of Paulette Cooper

Truth over evil.

Paulette Cooper: Harassment Diary. Introduction.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Legality of Eavesdropping Questioned | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 9:32 AM,

Sounds to me like he wants to tell, to 'legally' tell the truth.

Not as a snitch.

"There were certain aspects of the Terrorist Surveillance Program ``that I could not find the legal support for,'' Jack Goldsmith, the former head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, told the Senate Judiciary Committee."

Celeste Aida

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Check out what happened!

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think Progress » Perino: Bush Will Veto SCHIP ‘Quietly’ Without ‘Ceremony’

Stop funding Israel and take care of our own kids. Listen to the damn polls, Resident.


2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salon Travel | Trent Lott, wandering hero

Lott the slut.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Crimes of George H. W. Bush

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feds fly first class on tax dollars - Oct. 2, 2007

The ones taking advantage should have their names published. I read the State Dept. was the most corrupt, I believe it now.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 2:32 PM,

You said: "Stop funding Israel and take care of our own kids."

I see Ahmadinejad got to you. Ahmadinejad said, "Israel must be wiped off the map."

Must guys always butt heads, lock horns, fight, win at any cost?

The Jewish star, the Mogan David, the two triangles, mean...harmony.
"As above, so below".

The triangle pointing UP is masculine energy. The triangle pointing DOWN is feminine energy.

Like the Eastern yin/yang, Judaism valued balance and equality between the sexes.

I think anti-Semitism is misogyny and misogyny is misanthropic. Men and women need each other.

Celeste Aida

"Behold, Your Queen", the story of Esther was a novel for young and pre-teee girls. It was one of my 'romantic' favs. How Esther, wife of a king, admitted to being Jewish and saved the lives of her people.

I've always found comfort in good books and the arts.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction: "Mogan" should be 'Mogen'

Celeste Aida

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paradise Post - Columbia goofed by inviting Ahmadinejad

href="">Digg - 'Wiped off the Map' - The Rumor of the Century | U.S. funding gives Israel the fighting edge

The President of Iran isn't the only one trying to manipulate the masses, rewrite history, change reality and fears the truth coming out. I used to believe the news media, everything we were taught too. Never doubted or asked questions, or thought any different. How foolish.
Actions and reactions beg questions/answers truthfully. Why keep everything secret for so long?

Does Israel have health care/ education for all children, CA?

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Esther.. wasn't that the same name Madonna took?

And the barber shop where Britney went to shave her head?

Esther.. Easter.. East star..?

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

History of Easter thru historiolingüistics

ONE SUMMER BETWEEN 1906 and 1911, there was a remarkable encounter involving two couples

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 10:27 AM,

You said: "Does Israel have health care/ education for all children, CA?"

"All" needs to be defined.

There are guest workers and day laborers who cross a border into Israel. What's available to their children?

I don't know the government's rules and what secular social services exist in Israel.

I feel a 'thesis/paper' coming on.

All three faiths claiming the Holy Land have their own social services within Israel.

For example: The Red Cross is Chrstian. The Red Star is Jewish. And the Red Cresent is Islamic.

The "Red Star" of David' is not recognized internationally, it's used in Israel.

Emblems of the Red Cross

Celeste Aida

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 1:42 PM,

I enjoyed meandering through the links.

"historiolingüistics" is interesting to me. I'm an accidental polyglot and a good language mimic. I was born in a border village, in Slovenia-Austria-Hungary, at the crossroads of several languages/cultures.

I totally got the link's quiz on non-Indo-European languages.
Indo-Euro Tree and Quiz

Giggled at the Leonardo Da Vinci 'mirror writing' coding of the answers to the question posed on this page.

Wiki-DaVinci&mirror writing

Loved the guitar info, Segovia and how about our contemporary, Benise?
Segovia-the Gentleman

Benise-the gypsy

The Urantia story? An amusing and light-hearted parlor entertainment meant to be taken with tea and biscuits. The Urantia story can never withstand the rigor of scientific tests.

I've flown over the 'saucer fields' [enormous, said-to-be pre-Incan petroglyphs first noticed by Peruvian airline pilots] at Nazca, Peru.

In Peru I star-gazed the Southern Cross constellation. To get a good look at its brightest star, Alpha Centuri...believed to be our ancestral home. ;)

Follow the red arrow, to see 'home'.

Alpha Centuri-Southern Cross

Alpha Centuri-closer

Alpha Centuri-closest

Celeste Aida

Buenos noches y sueños que esas
dulce como la miel. Siempre.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't remember who Alan Keyes is............ Ambassador ?

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hullo kitty said...
"Only in America can those who shouldn't even be in America, sue America"

DANBURY, Connecticut (Reuters) - Ten Hispanic immigrants filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against a Connecticut city, its mayor and police chief, and federal agents who led a crackdown on illegal immigration last year.

They have got to be joking, right?

6:04 AM

PROBABLY NOT. however , should the illegal immigrants ( guests ) decide to return home ; their legal represetatives might have difficulty representing them in court. Hey ! It's not like they put 700 individuals ( and their employees out of work ). What would happen ? 6 mos suspension , a mere slap on the wrist ! Frequent flyer miles for TEN !!! Charity starts here and helps them to go home. They could take their lawyers with them..........

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PrissyPatriot said...

"Nice tie, Mr. Fitzgerald;)

12:05 AM "

I bought him a tie. It's in a box on top of a stack of phone books. I've never visited Chicago. He doesn't have to worry. I do imagine he has many women interested in him.

Nice video. Wish I had cable .

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't legilslate against Mother Nature said... "
There was no sufficient evidence to support her claim/s of sexual harrasment.

She followed him from the Dept of Education to the Equal Opportunity thingo.

"a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty" what was that guys name again? he decided to change sides when he changed political parties.

Paved the way for woman and false claims of sexual harrassment.

She reminded me of a living, breathing guide book on how to set a man up and "nearly" get away with it.

Bat my eyelids and hope to die. She is a revolting creature.

"theres a pube in my coke" .. like get over it lady. Even if he did say it (which from him I do not believe he did ), it's a joke.

Boys will be boys and Men will be boys.

That is the way of things."

4:40 PM


They were both young and my opinion after viewing him on 60 minutes last week ; she was much more eloquent 16 years ago than he is today.

I was embarrassed for him. Not nearly as much as I am for our country. There are plently of brilliant black persons eligible for the court appointments. Why him ?

So , perhaps they were both out of line way back when but he is now a Justice on the highest Court of the land.

Maybe , I'll add all to my certified mail list.

Does anyone have a yearly figure on income from court fees and confications ?

Thank you ever so much and yours very truly I am ,

still a citizen

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Peace Day
Lennon's B-day October 9.

12:04 AM

What anomnimity? Thank you for reminding me and who could teach me to spell and what's an oxymoron ?

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't recieve the papers until a few days ago......... DON'T WORRY .

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

regarding this murder for hire .......... is there anyone who figure this stuff out in other states besdies IL ? Don't depend on pyschics.

However, there is a profile for these types individuals or I should say several.

And speaking of other good news ....I did recieve a letter today from an AG . Not from this state of course. But I am making progress.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll read it later junior...... ty

11:08 PM  
Blogger Aileen said...

President Putin would not hve said that the US is creating a new world order if he did not have other countries backing him. I will help whichever country can burn ALL the people who tortured me to death.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Schlecker said...

Why when I search my name in a web browser the first thing that comes up is two slanderous web pages from PJF's blog? Take it down, and quit the slander, cause my family doesn't want to be outed like Plame. Sarah- X and Y
Does what?

5:27 PM  
Blogger Aileen said...

and don't forget to kill BOB P. BURNS AND ALL HIS FRIENDS.

---Aileen Aranzamendez-Large----by the way, BOB P. BURNS WORKED FOR HOMELAND SECURITY AS A DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL TECH, HE NOW WORKS FOR DARPA. If he or any of his friends cannot arrest me for writing this---what does that tell you about me? I AM NOT CRAZY. I AM ALLOWED TO WRITE THESE THINGS AND WHEN BOB P BURNS IS KIDAPPED, ALONG WITH HIS FRIENDS---that tells you that I am right all along.
So be smart and help me. I keep my promises.

DON'T FORGET MY NAME: AILEEN ARANZAMENDEZ-LARGE ALSO KNOWN AS AILEEN LARGE. if you googled and you read this---then be smart about it--the tech I am talking about is true and I will sue for billions of dollars with the others too.

4:24 PM  
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