Feb 13, 2007

FDL's Valentine Is In The Mail...


"If the defense is not calling Rove to the stand, it means one of two things: (1) this cover story told to the gullible reporters at Newsweek held water about as well as a rusty sieve, and because Rove already spilled his guts to Fitzgerald and the grand jury about exactly where and when he and Scooter and everyone else learned about Valerie Plame Wilson, and Team Libby now knows it, we won't see Rove on the stand; or (2) after Ted Wells' finger pointing at Rove during his opening statement in this case, Team Libby has decided a snake on the stand isn't worth any risk, whether or not this little fantastical saga planted in the pages of Newsweek has any validity whatsoever (which I doubt — see (1)). Either way, it looks like Rove and Scooter are about as tight as…(well, I shouldn't say it in an early morning posting, but you fill in the blank). <more>


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Turdblossom and Chompers Novak are two of the slimiest characters in Washington DC.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Quzi said...

Fetid. Enough said...

10:04 AM  
Blogger GEEZERPOWER said...

If I may fill in the blanks...Pork rind and Smurf are as tight as a bulls arse during fly season.

White House vow made by then-press secretary Scott McClellan in fall 2003 that any White House official involved in the leak would be booted out of the Bush administration? Hmmm. Didn't Dubya say that too?

11:10 AM  

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