Jun 8, 2006

Rep. Jerry Lewis - Slow Roast...

Just say "No, thank you!" to graft and re-election.


Anonymous the fitz squad said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was Jan's 12:48 comment form the 6/6 open thread removed? It did seem very pro GOP. What's going on?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biloxi, This one's for YOU!


Best wishes

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Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Anon at 11:47 am:

Thanks for passing the Vanity Fair article to me. I will read all 21 pages later and share my thoughts. Since the topic of Vanity Fair is about the lies of invading Iraq by the Gerbil, I csme across this article in 2004 about how the Gerbil didn't strike to kill Zarqawi back in 2004:

By Jim Miklaszewski
Pentagon Correspondent
NBC News
Updated: 4:14 p.m. PT March 2, 2004

"Here we had targets, we had opportunities, we had a country willing to support casualties, or risk casualties after 9/11 and we still didn’t do it,” said Michael O’Hanlon, military analyst with the Brookings Institution.
Four months later, intelligence showed Zarqawi was planning to use ricin in terrorist attacks in Europe."
"The Pentagon drew up a second strike plan, and the White House again killed it. By then the administration had set its course for war with Iraq."


And now we finally got Zarqawi all of the sudden by theG Gerbil. And where is the body to confirmed all this? And how ironic you now kill this terrorist when the Gerbil's approval rating has been dropping, the GOP scandals are surfacing, and the election is right around the corner?

This is all about the money and oil!

"At the same time as oil prices fell, the US dollar rose, currency dealers said.
"Clearly, this news added to the momentum of the dollar, which was already on an upturn on the improved outlook for US interest rates," said Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ forex analyst Masashi Hashimoto"

"Barham Salih, Iraq's deputy prime minister, said separately on Thursday that Iraq would produce 4.3 million barrels a day of crude oil by 2010, more than double its current levels, but analysts say those targets may be optimistic."

"Those curbs - coupled with the ongoing loss of a quarter of Nigeria's output and growing anxiety over Iran's supplies - have helped fuel a near 15% rise in oil prices since the start of the year, extending a rally that began after the US invasion of Iraq more than three years ago."


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Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

I wonder if the other Jerry Lewis, the comedian and actor wuld like Jeery Lewis the politican a joke! Another one caught with his pants down full of graft!

From TPM Muckraker:

"A curious detail: Tom Casey hired Brent Wilkes (who is accused of bribing Duke Cunningham, throwing hooker parties at the Watergate, etc.) as a consultant in 1992. Wilkes reportedly pushed Casey to aggressively pursue earmarks. Wilkes is also known to have had close ties with Bill Lowery as far back as the early 1980s. It seems like Wilkes' name should be a part of Casey's story to NBC -- but somehow he isn't mentioned."

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Blogger Former Fed said...

I certainly hope that Zarqawi is dead and that this is not more political PR from the Bushies.

However, even if he is dead, I don't think it will have much impact on the overall situation in Iraq or the fight against terrorism.

But the MSM will be all a dither about how much it means. Remember the euphoria when we caught Saddam? In retrospect, it doesn't seem to have amounted to much.

The pictures of Lewis show another politician too full of himself. Power does go to people's heads!

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Blogger Former Fed said...

At least some sensible action from the Senate on the estate tax issue. Maybe the old chestnut about the family farm and the little businessman is finally losing its appeal.

When you look at the people that would be affected by the permanent repeal of the estate tax, it is not the small businessman nor the family farmer that is impacted, but the Waltons of the US.

Boy, lots of trouble getting things posted today - are the trolls out again?

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Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

In other news:

Father of Beheaded Man Blames Bush, Not Zarqawi
By Jon Hurdle
Thursday 08 June 2006
Philadelphia - Michael Berg, whose son Nick was beheaded in Iraq in 2004, said on Thursday he felt no sense of relief at the killing of the al Qaeda leader in Iraq and blamed President Bush for his son's death.
Asked what would give him satisfaction, Berg, an anti-war activist and candidate for U.S. Congress, said, "The end of the war and getting rid of George Bush."

"I don't think that Zarqawi is himself responsible for the killings of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq," Berg said in a combative television interview with the U.S. Fox News network. "I think George Bush is.
"George Bush is the one that invaded this country, George Bush is the one that destabilized it so that Zarqawi could get in, so that Zarqawi had a need to get in, to defend his region of the country from American invaders."

Zarqawi's organization took responsibility for the execution of Nick Berg in May 2004. The video was published with a caption saying: "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi slaughtering an American."
When an Islamist Web site showed the video of a man severing Berg's head, the CIA said Zarqawi was probably the one wielding the knife. The father said he was not convinced.
"I have been lied to by my own government," he told Reuters on Thursday.

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Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Two more postings:

1. From Raw Story:

Halliburton sees earnings doubling in coming years

NEW YORK - Energy services company Halliburton Co. expects net income and earnings per share to double over the next three to five years, Chief Financial Officer Cris Gaut said on Thursday.
In a presentation to investors, Gaut also forecast revenue growth for the energy services group of the company of 20 percent per year or more over the next three to five years.
Once it spins off an interest in its engineering and construction arm KBR, Halliburton will be more of a pure-play energy services company."

2. MSNBC Rick Kaplan leaves MSNBC. This is the same gut that defended Tweety Matthews in being paid money to promote GOP agendas.

Rick Kaplan Resigns: Effective Immediately, President Of MSNBC Steps Down

Rick Kaplan's goodbye to MSNBC staffers:

"I want to let you all know that today I'm leaving MSNBC. It is not often in professional life that someone has the opportunity to end his tenure on such a high note. I couldn't be more proud of the progress we've made together over the last 2 and a half years."

3. From Thinkprogress:

Specter angry about getting snubbed by Cheney.
In a three-page letter to Cheney, Specter complained about the Vice President’s unwillingness to cooperate on NSA eavesdropping oversight. “I was surprised, to say the least, that you sought to influence, really determine, the action of the Committee without calling me first. … This was especially perplexing since we both attended the Republican Senators caucus lunch yesterday and I walked directly in front of you on at least two occasions en route from the buffet to my table.”

You get what you dish out, Specter!

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Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Well, well, well:

Salon: George Bush Sr. asked retired general to replace Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld

"Former President George H.W. Bush waged a secret campaign over several months early this year to remove Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld," writes Sidney Blumenthal for Salon.com.
Excerpts from the article:
...The elder Bush went so far as to recruit Rumsfeld's potential replacement, personally asking a retired four-star general if he would accept the position, a reliable source close to the general told me. But the former president's effort failed, apparently rebuffed by the current president. When seven retired generals who had been commanders in Iraq demanded Rumsfeld's resignation in April, the younger Bush leapt to his defense. "I'm the decider and I decide what's best. And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain," he said. His endorsement of Rumsfeld was a rebuke not only to the generals but also to his father."

"The elder Bush's intervention was an extraordinary attempt to rescue simultaneously his son, the family legacy and the country."


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Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

tkilsmuyWho removes the posts on this blog and why? Can I remove my own post? Will someone please address this matter - why was Jan's post removed?

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Anonymous just want to know said...

I'm intrigued. What did Jan write anyway?
Why is everybody so curious?
And is she really in cohoots with Al?
And why is it so hard posting anything today?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Thursday, take a troll to lunch today, give him or her a hug. Trolls are people too. Kind words make a troll weep. This is your big chance to make a troll cry like a baby. Be kind, take a troll home to meet the family.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Jan is a troll in sheep's clothing. Just one man's opinion. She slips up sometimes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jan has the hots for Al and Al has the hots for Jan. Romance is in the air.

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Anonymous Discouraged said...

I'm caught up at last on the sealed vs. sealed matter:

It does appear to be between Time Mag and Libby and not relevant to Rove's case.

I read some of the right wing blogs, as well and see that they are gloating over Judge Walton's pronouncement that Cooper's notes will make him and impeachable witness, since he has contradictions in the written versions of his story.

Has Fitz come so far, only to come up a cropper on all accounts?

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Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

What Ashcroft Was Told
By Murray Waas, National Journal
© National Journal Group Inc.
Thursday, June 8, 2006

"Then-Attorney General John Ashcroft continued to oversee the Valerie Plame-CIA leak probe for more than two months in late 2003 after he learned in extensive briefings that FBI agents suspected White House aides Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby of trying to mislead the FBI to conceal their roles in the leak, according to government records and interviews. Despite these briefings, which took place between October and December 2003, and despite the fact that senior White House aides might become central to the leak case, Ashcroft did not recuse himself from the matter until December 30, when he allowed the appointment of a special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, to take over the investigation."

"According to people with firsthand knowledge of the briefings, senior Justice Department officials told Ashcroft that the FBI had uncovered evidence that Libby, then chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, had misled the bureau about his role in the leaking of Plame's identity to the press."

"Officials also told Ashcroft that investigators did not believe Libby's account, according to sources knowledgeable about the briefings, and that Libby might have lied to the FBI to defend other -- more senior -- administration officials.
Ashcroft was told no later than November 2003 that investigators also doubted the accounts that Rove, President George W. Bush's chief political adviser, had given the FBI as to how he, too, learned that Plame was a CIA officer and how he came to disclose that information to columnist Robert Novak."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Just Want to Know...
the posting was removed but it was pretty pro GOP

Why won't anybody tell me who REMOVES the posts? Is it Rosemary?

If it is why remove Jan's post? I am also intrigued and would like to get to the bottom of this

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Blogger S-Q said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:21

The post was removed by Jan.
I still think she is in cohoots with the wicked Troll.
Very strange happenings on this blog.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

More disappointment ahead for the "red meat" Fitzgerad bloggers. No target letters, no new indictments and no press conferences. All they have is a bad memory case against Libby that won't even be tried until January. Oh how painful it must be for those frothing at the mouth for blood in the water.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jan & Al, like two peas in a pod. They sure have gotten really chummy.

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Blogger S-Q said...

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A group of stranded illegal immigrants facing death in the parched Arizona desert saved themselves by using a cell phone to call rescue services, the U.S. Border Patrol said.

The group of eight Mexicans got lost in the desert southeast of Tacna, Arizona, and called for help early on Wednesday after their guides abandoned them during a two-day trek across the border from Mexico.

Disoriented and without food or water, they used a cell phone to dial 911. Rescuers dispatched helicopters and located the group shortly before dawn, the Yuma Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol said in a statement.


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Blogger S-Q said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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Blogger S-Q said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

S-Q, alright already. We get the point.

Despite a blizzard of negative press coverage, Ann Coulter's new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" has surged all the way to No. 1 on Amazon.com's list of bestsellers -- just two days after its official publication.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a bad boy wit alotta hos.

8:48 PM  
Blogger elees said...

click on my name and go see the most amaing thing in nature ..yhe birth of a Humming Bird

Muckraker has some interesting stuffon Jerry

8:49 PM  
Anonymous kiswrite said...

RE: Coulter's Book #1 (Amazon)

Karl Marx was right. Religion is the Opiate of the Puritannical American masses...

I'd choose a fat Cuban Chronic Blunt any day over JESUS....

8:53 PM  
Blogger elees said...


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Blogger teak said...

Thanks elees for sharing those cool pictures. We forget sometimes there are such beautiful creatures in our world.

9:05 PM  
Blogger jan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delete, Delete, Delete ...

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Blogger jan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for some time and have never believed it is pjf's blog, but I like to read it anyway.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delete, Delete, Delete

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It used to be better until it was overrun by paranoid attention seeking nutjobs. No to mention some blow hard and his knitting circle.

Now they just drove Jan off again.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delete, Delete, Delete

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Blogger jan said...

Anon, 11:10,
I'm here for you. I'm alawys around - no worry. I'm here for Fitz.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that's good Jan. This is not notorious "anon al" here either.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon at 11:10, I think Jan is a troll. In the last thred, one of the anons typed the word quite instead of quiet. I noticed Jan mispelled that word in a lot of her comments. But I could be wrong.


10:34 PM  
Blogger jan said...

Anon 11:32,

:) What city are you from?

10:35 PM  
Blogger jan said...

Well, Al, you know I'm from Oklahoma and that I can't spell :) Some people like me anyway.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oz Jan.

Let them without typo caste the first stone.

10:39 PM  
Blogger jan said...

Anon 11:39,

That be what I be talk'en bout ;D

10:47 PM  
Blogger jan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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Anonymous fran said...

Zarqawi was a strict muslim and tatoos were forbidden yet heres the pentagon telling us thee guy was identified by his tattoos. Wayne Madsen is right, this is fishy

11:19 PM  
Anonymous fran said...

add me to the can't spell list for sure Jan. lol

11:23 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

And this on Wayne Madsen Report-

"Also, the U.S. military made no mention of Zarqawi's prosthesis device. It has been reported that Zarqawi lost his leg during a battle in Afghanistan."

11:30 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Interesting -A Leading Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar June 17, 2005 "All Evidence Proves that Al-Zarqawi Works for America"

"All the evidence proves that Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi is working for America, because his victims are Iraqis and not [members of] the coalition forces under the command of the American occupation forces in Iraq. Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi's official title is 'leader of Al-Qa'ida's faction in Iraq.' Osama bin Laden is the commander of the Al-Qa'ida organization, and this proves that [Al-Zarqawi's commander,] bin Laden, has [also] been an American agent ever since he operated against the USSR forces in Afghanistan in favor of the Americans!

"Let's read the statement issued two days ago on behalf of Al-Zarqawi in Iraq after he killed and wounded dozens of people from among the Interior Ministry and Iraqi army forces, by means of booby-trapped cars in a number of cities in Iraq!

"Raising a few questions is unavoidable in order to clarify the situation and [to understand] who this Al-Zarqawi with Jordanian nationality is.
And more: MSNBC Flashback March 4, 2004: Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in the Sulaimaniyah mountains of northern Iraq “during the American bombing there,” according to a statement circulated in Fallujah this week and signed by the “Leadership of the Allahu Akbar Mujahedeen.”
And..Reuters June 8, 2006 Disbelief in Iraqi hamlet where Zarqawi was killed

"The Americans have a habit of bombing places and then claiming Zarqawi or others were there."

Happy belated Birthday SPB ;-) The VF article is great, looking forward to your analysis. I would be happy to publish for you, as well as Waterflake.

The Jordanian-born militant blamed for some of the most spectacular bombings in Iraq was killed in an American air raid that was announced on Thursday.

Police escorted reporters to the house they said was destroyed in the U.S. air raid. But residents were skeptical.

"Zarqawi. Zarqawi. Zarqawi. That's all we hear about. Zarqawi was not here. This home belonged to displaced people," said a village resident, holding up a teddy bear and a child's knapsack buried in the destruction.

11:32 PM  
Anonymous t said...

PS- The second article was from the Reuters above- publishing moved some text-blogger has had problems off and on today

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is going on with all these "Removed" posts?!

I'm one of the good guys here but this blog has become so repetitive...some bloggers really have great info but the rest is just back-patting...for what?

I used to say who I was but now I don't feel like it. The old guard is gone and the new guard is just a lot of bickering. Goodbye.

1:00 AM  
Blogger jan said...

Good night all. Keep up the good fight :)


1:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you Jan!

Best Regards,


3:49 AM  
Blogger elees said...

Top of the mornin' everyone...

5:50 AM  
Blogger elees said...

thanks teak ..will try to keep focus on the beauty around us..
that includes PJF and Staff..
to all ..this blog is diverse as
well it should be in this great nation...
try posting your stuff without demeaning others on the blog..
see if that works..
the POTUS has nicknames why can't the bloggers have them too...
me, I'm just amazed to get up every morning and touch History up close and personal with all of you..have a nice day today...
Top of the mornin'
Top of the world to all..
and Jackie " little angel" must be very busy...

6:14 AM  
Blogger the tin man said...

Look close at that photo!

That's not Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!

It's Luciano Pavarotti!

6:21 AM  
Blogger jan said...

Great. I haven't had my first cup of coofee yet and the local news is telling me the United States may pay for the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi by being hit by some massive, trigered attack.

6:42 AM  
Blogger jan said...

All the war stuff just keeps giving and giving.

6:43 AM  
Blogger jan said...

Top of the morning to you too, elees!


6:52 AM  
Anonymous cjt said...

With an estimated number of Islamo-Fascists running similar to the U.S. population that news is a distinct possibiliy Jan.

7:06 AM  
Blogger jan said...

I know cjt... Just wish things were different...

7:14 AM  
Anonymous terminator 2 said...

It's in your nature to destroy yourselves.

7:38 AM  
Blogger elees said...

thanks jan..
saw you are an Okie..my hubby was born there and we have family in Tulsa and OK City..
promised to publish my hubby's college poem when i found it..he is Choctaw and Cherokee heritage..

Trail of Tears

In the moon when the deer paw the earth
Proud Tribes perished,for
what it was worth.
A Trail of Tears lay to the West
Cherokee Nations were among the best.

Fields of grass cried with sorrow
Stripped of life, with no tomorrow
A Proud Nation had lost all face
Through White Man's law, shown disgrace.

In the moon of the lillies so red
A faint fawns cry now is dead
Gone are the Braves, who loved this land
With their Great White Father,now they stand.

In this day, White Man feel your shame
Hide your head, you bear the blame
Your Proud People ,perish, for what it is worth
Poluted Air, You've tainted Mother Earth.


Babies cried for their Mother's breast
Cheif's hearts bled for all the rest
The Trail of Tears, westward bound
Perished tribes, can still be found.
So look back now, and hide your head
Feel your shame for tears they shed.
The Metal Lady cries out to Mother Earth
Help me save them, for what they are worth.

published in his Literary Magazine in '75. professor said it sounded bitter..but I guess that's the way truth taste even now with what our Fitz and Staff does.
sure seems to apply now ..
when this nation resolves to serve ALL the American People..with Truth< Justice and a New and Better American Way that serve All
then and only then will this nation truly prosper

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has this blog become Jan's personal blog?
Sorry but you're just not that interesting!
What happened?

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good gog, I have a sister and her son living in Tulsa, even though we all grew up in northeast.
She's a paranoid schizophrenic and he's a bible thumper.
Any news from PJF?

7:48 AM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

Top o' the mornin' all! Jackie, e, teak, cjt, SPB and the rest of the loyal Fitmasbloggers! Do love that moniker.

The bad guys will NOT destroy this blog. Every day that they continue
to blather on endlessly simply proves they are only here to throw a monkey wrench into the whole blog. The pox on them.

Here's to a great Friday in the merry month of June.

Hopefully, the Hydra of Al Z's death will not be anything more than symbolic.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 8:45 AM, Jan posts good links many times imo. If people here stating quick opinions and hellos to each doesn't do it for you just ignore it.

Ok, now wow us with something very interesting.

7:52 AM  
Blogger jan said...


Thank you for posting the poem :)

7:56 AM  
Blogger jan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:07 AM  
Blogger jan said...

Thanks Anon 8:52

Here some news:

For the women of Iraq, the war is just beginning
By Terri Judd in Basra
Published: 08 June 2006

The women of Basra have disappeared. Three years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, women's secular freedoms - once the envy of women across the Middle East - have been snatched away because militant Islam is rising across the country.

Across Iraq, a bloody and relentless oppression of women has taken hold. Many women had their heads shaved for refusing to wear a scarf or have been stoned in the street for wearing make-up. Others have been kidnapped and murdered for crimes that are being labelled simply as "inappropriate behaviour". The insurrection against the fragile and barely functioning state has left the country prey to extremists whose notion of freedom does not extend to women.


8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please release the Rove indictments so Truthout and Jason Leopold can get their lives back? They are starting to look like reckless press.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous cjt said...

True that Jan and this behavior is going on again in Afghanistan too. Women who reports rapes and beatings to the police are often put through the same by the very police they report to.

Giving equality for women under the Soviet backed Socialist government there in the 80's was the main cause that gave rise to to the Taliban and its U.S. backed revolution.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous they're watching said...

FEMA is on now! Hi FEMA.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous adios sucker said...

Sleazy Tom DeLay's last day in Congress.
So long Slime, you will not be missed!

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Not so discouraged anymoe said...

anon at 5:35...

There may be a good reason to hold back on unsealing any existing indictments, but just a couple of tiny leaks would certainly be welcome!

I was encouraged to read Murray Waas's article yesterday. Looks like
the FBI had evidence early on about the cooked up cover story between Rove and Novak.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting article about a sitting US District Court Judge in Nevada is at this link. There was also a related story about Nevada state court judges yesterday.


10:02 AM  
Anonymous Jason Leopold said...

For God's sake, release the indictments. My career is in the toilet! I can't get any work and Marc Ash at Truthout will not return my phone calls.

Why had Fitzgerald betrayed me this way? Where is he lately?

10:07 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

According to The Note, the CIA Leak Grand Jury is meeting this morning.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

S-Q: Link?

I couldn't find any information about it on The Washington Note page, but I am under the impression that this is a generic announcement, based on the fact that there is always a room reserved for the GJ on Wednesdays and Fridays. The room is not necessarily always used.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous juliet said...

Where art thou Fitzgerald?

11:10 AM  
Blogger bluewild said...

Good morning to all.

Elees - Saw the Hummingbird photos - beautiful and thank you. Amazing photos

Can anybody explain why this Zarqawi thug had tatoos? They keep saying they identified him by tattoos but I thought that tattos were strctly forbidden for Muslims.

Anybody here into the World Cup which just began minutes ago?

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't find it, either, on ABC's page entitled "The Note", but they do often make this announcment, although under the secrecy rules, they can't really know whether the GJ is meeting or not.

Perhaps Wayne Masden has the courthouse staked out again and will report something later.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Top of the morning/afternoon/evening Fitzmasbloggers!

Happy Friday!

I can see that this posting has been busy with comments. And now there is a love connection between Al and Jan on this blog?? I didn't know that Patrick Fitzgerald's blog would going to turn into the love connection.. All I say to Al and Jan is may God bless you.. I'm staying completely out of that drama!
Tin Man, read your comments about Zarqawi. I felt that same way man.. Makes you wonder about that photo of Zarqawi.

I look forward to a wonderful day as the DOJ fights those evil doers!

Oh, welcome aboard Jason on the blog! Keep your chin up buddy. This is just temporary. All good things happen for those who wait!

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Here is is: said...

Looks like the generic Note announcement:

"The grand jury investigating the CIA leak case is expected to meet at 9:30 am ET."

11:20 AM  
Blogger bluewild said...

Fitzmasbloggers, Fitzniks, Fitzonians, Fitzters, - we are family.

11:22 AM  
Blogger bluewild said...

Plame panel on C-Span From Firedoglake:

A little bird told me…well, actually it was Siun…that C-Span will be broadcasting our Plame panel live this morning on the main C-Span channel. So those of you at home or at work with a TV or streaming internet capabilities are going to be able to watch it right along with the folks in Vegas. Yay!

The "Plame Panel" will start at 9:30 am PT, just FYI.

11:38 AM  
Blogger teak said...

Turn on C-span 2 now.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous C-SPAN Nut said...

Jane Hamsher from FDL is speaking now on C-SPAN2.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Quzi Formerly CC said...

Good morning Fitzmas Bloggers! Just checking in while on the road...Good luck to Team Fitzie today with GJ...and may we see Unsealed vs. Unsealed coming to a theatre near us soon...I hope to be back here next week...I miss my Fitzie time...

11:47 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Thanks for the info!

In other news:

1. Ney has issues:

Under pressure, Ney lashes out at press coverage
By GEORGE E. CONDON JR., Copley Washington Bureau Chief

WASHINGTON – Rep. Bob Ney, under enormous political and legal pressure for more than a year, has lashed out against press coverage of his plight, voicing great displeasure over stories focusing on the controversial golfing trip to Scotland that threatens his grip on the congressional seat he has held for six terms.
In two rambling e-mails sent from his Blackberry device to Copley News Service reporter Paul Krawzak, the Republican congressman from Ohio ridiculed the veteran reporter, challenging his ethics and mocking the 5-foot-7-inch Krawzak as “big man.”

That acknowledgment was not enough for Ney, who four days later – on June 3 – had his thumbs flying over the tiny keyboard of his Blackberry, with punctuation and spelling often yielding to his evident anger.
“Let me tell you paul-last week you did not call us for comment ‘you were under deadline,’” began Ney, who then reflected his belief that his critics just keep recycling the same story about the golf trip. “Print the same story-change it to reprint the same story-people in new philly – d’s and r’s call it ‘elk’s politics.’”


2. Very disappointed about hearing what the GOP is doing to the PBS!
From Thinkprogress:

Public broadcasting under attack.
“House Republicans yesterday revived their efforts to slash funding for public broadcasting, as a key committee approved a $115 million reduction in the budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting that could force the elimination of some popular PBS and NPR programs,” the Boston Globe reports.

3. More on Abramoff's ties to the Florida murder case:

Abramoff Business Partner Tells Law He Knew of Killing

Down in Florida, Jack Abramoff's business partner Adam Kidan has finally come out with his version of what happened to Gus Boulis. Boulis, who sold his SunCruz, his casino boat company, to Abramoff and Kidan, was gunned down in a mob style hit in 2001.


4. Off Beat news: Even lawyers and prosecutors are human beings too. Prosecutors have to obey the same rules of law as well as ordinary citizens: say 'no thanks' to graft!:

From Talkleft:

Special Prosecutor to Investigate Misconduct of Former Prosecutors
by TChris

"North Carolina District Attorney Michael Parker will ask a special prosecutor to decide whether two former prosecutors should be charged with obstruction of justice or subordination of perjury. As TalkLeft reported here the North Carolina Bar concluded that the former prosecutors withheld evidence and encouraged a witness to commit perjury during the murder trial of Jonathan Hoffman. Parker was urged to hand the investigation to a neutral party given his relationship with the former prosecutors, one of whom is now a judge."

11:49 AM  
Anonymous cjt said...

Last night I saw some terror expert on TV that claimed Zarqawi's right hand man, also killed, was his "spiritual advsor" an Imam of sorts that kept Zarqawi on the straight and narrow fundamentalist track, especially in his public statements.

It is believed he was not always necessarily the "pure" adherant and had to be kept in check.

Remember, 2 maybe 3 of the 911 hijackers spent an evening of lap dances in Daytona Beach the night of 9-10.

Just extrapolating here but it's possible that Zarqawi had these tatoos done before he may have converted into that fold.

Western modernism and styles of dress and so forth enchroaching on their youth is one of the big complaints of the Islamic fundamentalists. This was the only reason for nightclub bombing of Australian youth in Bali.

Many honestly think we are all a Jerry Springer show...literally as this is shown world wide now

As of now I am accepting that they got their man but chicanery isn't above todays machinations.

Suppossed to be DNA test coming out.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous cjt said...

wow thanks PCTV card fire up to c-span!

11:50 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Top of the morning everyone. I think Al Zarqawi will become a martyr to others. It would have been better to deal with one person then 1 million. Our troops watched this man die, I hope they don't get use to not relating to human life.
What's this about Al and Jan? Dr. Evil does have a heart.
I don't have C-Span so you guys will have to keep me up dated on what's happen with the CIA leak case. Thanks.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous c-span nut said...

Joe Wilson speaking now on C-SPAN 2

11:53 AM  
Blogger teak said...


I'm watching on my computer.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Quzi Formerly CC said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous zonkers said...

Military sets up online, anonymous mental health test.
From Raw Story.

Oh, happy day.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Ida Spaulding said...

The coverage right now on the telly by c-span2 is terrific. I am getting to see all my favorite bloggers and put faces to these intelligent heroes of mine.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

I am currently listening to C-span2 and working at the same time. Simply muti-tasking.. Mr. Wilson's speech was excellent. I like when he said why he wrote his article. It was his "civic" duty. Right now, I am lisitng to Murray Waas from National Journal. It is nice to see the face behind the blogger/journalist of an article!

12:20 PM  
Anonymous juliet said...

Where art thou Fitzgerald?
A Fresh Posting Please.

12:31 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

I'm watching Larry Johnson. I've heard of him but does he have his own blog and if so, what is it?

12:32 PM  
Blogger bluewild said...


Thanks for the insight - makes sense. Can't see all the C-Span show due to work, but what I have seen has been really inspirational.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous c-span nut said...

Christy Hardin Smith is talking now about the case and she is talking about Rove and Fitz!

12:47 PM  
Blogger teak said...

Christy rocks!

12:50 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

She is one smart cookie! :)

12:51 PM  
Blogger teak said...


Larry Johnson. Enjoy.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous cjt said...

C-SPAN will re-show later and more than once. Should be a written transcript out too.

Johnson was powerful...catch that Al?

Ida. Yes!

12:56 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Thanks Teak! Joe Wilson should be President! He was praising Fitz for being a great SP!

12:56 PM  
Blogger teak said...

Larry Johnson takes a lot of crap for standing up, too. I am so glad to see these speakers today. Larry is indeed a powerful speaker and watch him get attacked.

York is probably not a happy man today, eh?

1:02 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

I just listened to Christy Hardin Smith's talk in the panel. As S-Q, said that she rocks! And I like fact that she explained what the GJ is used for, how many people are involved in this case, and why this case is in secrecy. As an attorney, Christy can share light through her experiences this case through law. And I am glad that she finally said something about The Note.. I really don't follow The Note but that staff really need to read Christy's blog on Firedoglake for pointers. I don't think that public understands how small of a staff that Fitz has on this leak case. And it was great for Christy to point out about how many attorneys were involved in the Ken Starr case against Clinton.

Finally, Christy clears up the matter about the grand jury. Fitz only uses a "regular" jury (and not a jury that only selected for the leak case) and that same jury is used by other prosecutors in other cases. So, the GJ meets Wednesdays and Fridays but not necessarily for the leak case. I like that she cleared up that matter.. The Note seriously need to talk with Christy big time! She did a very good job. I am hoping that a transcript from C-Span is available... PS. Larry Johnson's speech rocks too!

1:04 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Wow! How much fun would it be to be there next year!
I guess this goes through tomorrow.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous not a york fan said...

I think that Byron York is just miserable. Period.
What a hack!

1:17 PM  
Anonymous t said...

SPB, The note did report the leak GJ was supposed to meet today. Thanks for that update.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Yes, the Note did report by the GJ meet. But, I am not a follower on The Note. They need to contact Christy for pointers. The Note were the same site that printed the negative WSJ Op-Ed column about Fitzgerald but didn't get two sides of the story of the case.
One side note: Christy from firedoglalke did say that the reporters need to stake out at the courthouse (of course looking for Fitz) on Wednesdays and Fridays because that is when the GJ meets but not necessary for the leak case.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

He was praising Fitz for being a great SP!" Both Wilson and Fitz has a civic duty that they have to do. Wilson is no diffrent that any of us on this blog.. Not only Wilson and Fitz are the heroes in life but it is the everyday and fellow bloggers that make a difference in life, stand up to their priniciples, have a civic duty (as Wilson says), and hold the Gerbil and company and politicans accountable! Wilson is simply edifying Fitz. And I wish more people in everyday life would edify one another. That is what is missing in America!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous just want to know said...

I wonder where Wayne Madsen was today?

1:44 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


I caught this article on the lawblog from WSJ:

Irve Libby Trial Update: That’s What Friends Are For
Posted by Peter Lattman

"Mary Matalin, a former Cheney aide herself, is hosting a $500-a-head June 20 reception for Scooter Libby’s legal defense fund, reports the WSJ’s Washington Wire. A flier for the event says $5,000 co-hosts include former Commerce Secretary Don Evans, former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, and Bush political ad-man Mark McKinnon."
"Libby is accused of lying to the FBI and to the grand jury about his role in disclosing a CIA operative’s identity to reporters and then obstructing the investigation."

"The Law Blog wants to make sure you’ve seen www.scooterlibby.com, the Web site for the Libby Legal Defense Trust. Here’s the site’s welcome message, from Florida real estate developer and former ambassador to Italy Mel Sembler:"

'Since September 11, 2001, Lewis “Scooter” Libby has been one of the unsung heroes in fighting the war on terror, working diligently and making countless contributions on some of the most critical life and death issues that our country has faced. For the past five years, Scooter Libby served selflessly as an Assistant to President Bush and as the Chief of Staff and National Security Adviser to Vice President Cheney. But Scooter”s great service to our country has now been cut short, and his good name attacked. A distinguished group of friends, business leaders and former government officials have joined The Libby Legal Defense Trust to help Scooter defray his legal costs from the recent charges. We hope you will join us in supporting this effort.'"

Bring out the violins from Sebler's speech about the little soldier. Smurf Libby needs dinero folks. A lot of dinero.. I think the smurf may look at alternatives like a bake sale or a car wash? Which one? You have to tune in for the next episode of the smurf Libby

Sick em Fitz! The smurf may be applying for welfare real soon...

1:46 PM  
Blogger teak said...

Fitz is a coffeeholic? (sp?)
As someone who wears coffee makers out, I can relate. Nothing better than a good cup of joe.

I am glad that those bloggers pointed out that Mr. Fitzgerald is trying to keep his costs down unlike Starr. It is unbelievable they even question his expenses compared to Starr's. How much is being spent on propaganda in this country so Americans don't find out the truth?

1:51 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

The Gerbil is going to learn to ride a bicycle at Camp David this weekend. The Danish Prime Minister is going to teach the Gerbil! Man, does the Prime Minister have his work cut out for him this weekend! Maybe he brought "training wheels" ? LOL

1:52 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


It is better Fitz is a coffeeholic than an alcoholic. With some of the smurf's nanny boo boo defense cries to Fitz, Libby would cause anyone to yearn for the bottle quick! Ken Starr's case of Whitewater and Clinton's scandal cost over 70 million. And Fitz's case? The cost is over $700,000 (a note that the leak case has been 3 years). Fitz's case is apples to oranges compared to the amount of cost for a war on false pretenses!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Training wheels, S-Q? With all of the falls that the Gerbil had on his bike, training wheels will do.. And what is funny and yet sad is that my training wheels were taken off my bike when I was 5 years old. LOL!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out
regarding "Project for Accountable Congress", among other things.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous cjt said...

Correct. Mrs. James Carville was on Imus this morning ridiculing the whole Libby trial and CIA outing case.

All the typical disinfo and spin from the paid shills of the Right.

Matalin is one of Cheneys advisors we all know.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Anon at 3:08 pm,

Well, good for that site to go after and expose The Hammer's buddies.. Right now, our current dispictable Congress are doing a lousy job. As Joe Wilson said from his speech on C-Span, we have a civic duty to demand accountability from the people that we put in office. Personally, I had a magic wand, I would use the wand for many of the people in Congress that have been sitting on their butts, picking their noses, and waiting on their paychecks twice a month to make them disappear because they certainly been taking up too much space too long on Capitol Hill!

2:19 PM  
Blogger teak said...


Drunken emails from Ney to reporter?

In two rambling e-mails sent from his Blackberry device to Copley News Service reporter Paul Krawzak, the Republican congressman from Ohio ridiculed the veteran reporter, challenging his ethics and mocking the 5-foot-7-inch Krawzak as “big man.”

Ney should look at the "short man complex" taking place in the WH and say no to booze. (and graft)

2:38 PM  
Anonymous nosy nancy said...

Wondering why you haven't heard from Jan?
She and Al are shacked up at the LaQuinta!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

The Gerbil in the WH can't say 'no' to booze when he has a longtime and unforbidden love affair with the bottle that he yearns so much for.. And graft? The Gerbil wouldn't know what graft meant intoxiciated or not if it bit him in the butt!

2:51 PM  
Anonymous no privacy said...

Appeals Court sides with Bush on Wiretap issue.
A divided Federal Appeals Court Friday sided with the Bush Administration over rules that make it easier for Police and FBI to wiretap Internet phone calls.
From Raw Story.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"She and Al are shacked up at the LaQuinta!

I am sure I'll let Fitz know that it is because of this blog that brought Al and Jan together...

3:00 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Yeah. I just read about the court in favor of the Gerbil on wiretapping Internet phone calls. Again, a 21th century "1984!"

For those who missed this morning's panel on C-Span about the leak investigation from bloggers and journalists in a panel in Vegas, Firedoglake had a video on the website for you to view the panel as see some of the faces behind the people who write the articles that we read...

3:14 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


I had to post this.

First posting: Tony Snowjob now in the spotlight and his Gilligan's defense:

From TPM Muckraker:

Tony Snow, Jack Abramoff, and The Affair That Wasn't
By Justin Rood - June 9, 2006, 3:30 PM
The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog reports:
While [the] White House has distanced itself from [Jack] Abramoff, a March 2003 invitation lists press secretary Tony Snow as “Master of Ceremonies” at [a] fund-raiser for the lobbyist’s Capital Athletic Foundation. Snow has “no recollection” of the event but did charity appearances while at Fox News. “I don’t think I’ve even met” Abramoff, Snow says.
Snow can't recall the event because it never took place. The tony affair -- an elaborate "Spy Game Gala" to have been held at the International Spy Museum -- was cancelled because of the Iraq invasion.
But oh, what the night would have been -- a sham fundraiser to beat all sham fundraisers: Fox's Brit Hume was coming, and so was Hardballer Chris Matthews. Then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) was planning on attending, as well as Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA).
It was even organized by a sham fundraiser: Julie Doolittle. That's right, Abramoff paid the so-called "fundraising consultant" wife of Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA) to put the whole thing together. (John gives Julie a cut of his campaign donations as "payment" for having "raised" them.)
It would have been a night to remember. Or, come to think of it, a night most would try hard to forget.

No wonder Tony Snow job got the gig as the WH press secretary to succeed the little buckeroo, McFelon!

3:48 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Second posting:

I had posted the Jerry Lewis drama where his aide's husband has ties to Lewis and made big bucks as a lobbyist. There is more news of more ties with Lewis.

From TPM Muchkraker:

Another Spouse Cashes In On Ties to Lewis
By Justin Rood - June 9, 2006, 1:27 PM

"Paul reported yesterday on Richard White, the husband of aide-turned-lobbyist Letitia White, who's getting a piece of the action through his wife's connections to House Appropriations Chair Jerry Lewis (R-CA)."

"But Richard isn't the only spouse getting cut in because of ties to the world of Jerry Lewis. Alexandra Shockey, the wife of another Lewis aide-turned-lobbyist, Jeffrey Shockey, is also doing well for herself as a lobbyist with extraordinary connections to Lewis.
After several years as a Lewis aide, Alexandra dropped out of her political career to raise a family, returning only when her husband gave up his million-dollar-plus lobbying gig to work for Lewis again. She scooped up his clients -- and a lobbyist's income -- to push their interests in front of Lewis, while her husband, now a senior aide on Lewis' committee, helps her old boss dole out $900 billion in federal money every year."


3:51 PM  
Blogger Night Owl said...

$500 for dinner to get money for Libby? I think he should stand outside the Metro station with a cup. . . .


The Dixie Chicks debuted their latest at the top of the country charts. Considering the last CD from them got burned, etc., the Number 1 rating at Amazon for Coulter may not be `all that`.

P.S. You all made Jan paranoid about spelling. That was a smooth move . . . We will need a Fristian distance psychological diagnosis when she gets a complex. ;-)

4:46 PM  
Blogger waterflake said...

Good eve folks,

Just to let you know, the first step to muzzle the freedom of the internet has passed the House.


The House voted on legislation yesterday that could determine the future of the internet and public access television in this country.

This controversial telecommunications legislation would permit phone and cable companies to operate Internet and other digital communications service as private networks, free of policy safeguards or governmental oversight.

The bill would effectively end what is known as “net neutrality” which is the concept that that everyone, everywhere, should have free, universal and non-discriminatory access to the Internet.

The bill would also cut back the obligation of cable TV companies to devote channels to public access and fund the facilities to run them.

Democracy is going to hell in a handbasket...soon there will be no more research over the internet...no more free blogs or video bloggers...

Think that's to far fetched? Well think again, Google made a deal with China blocking certain keywords. People will still have blogs but they and other information wont be found by the users.

We will be fed with the information the controllers of the internet want us to see and we all know who that is...

Maybe this world is another once Hell Aldous Huxley

4:49 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Night Owl says:

"I think he should stand outside the Metro station with a cup." Nope! The smurf should withdraw cash advances on his Hooters mastercard before he gets convicted! And could you see the smurf stand outside the Metro station? He's so short that the people at the Metro station may mistaken him as a child and want to know where is his mommy! Forget the cup!


As you can see that the Getbil has turned this country into the 21th century of "1984" or "Brave New World (probably Ann Coulter was taking soma when she made her hateful comments)." Yes, there has been long times about the government trying to control the internet. The internet has become the biggest communicators and use for alternative news and information by the public. Yes, the Gerbil wants to take away our freedoms on the internet. It is sad and unfair.. And the quote by Aldous Huxley is point well taken.

5:01 PM  
Blogger waterflake said...

Hi Biloxi,

You're right "84" is soon and I'm scared. I love the internet and the information one can find when digging hard enough.

I love to communicate and meet people to share ideas but that all could be history very soon.

The internet has become to powerful a tool for concerned citizens and activist. The MSM is loosing their grip on the readers because they're to chickenshit to take a stance.

And that is what this is all about to clamp down on information!

Huxley knew what he was talking about

5:10 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Jan if anyone doesn't like your spelling just tell them to correct it and move on. This blog is not a spelling bee and as for myself spelling is not on the top of my list. I've worked with Doctor/Judges who can't spell or choose not to. If a person is rich he/she gets someone to proof read. Maybe those who are so concerned about spelling could apply for a job as a proof reader. I paid one during my years of employment it works. Just take a minute to think E always corrects my spelling and I love her for it.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous kiswrite said...

If the government takes our Internet freedoms of speech, etc...We the People owe them a Bloody 21st Century French Revolution.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous lk said...

So, what can we do to stop this insane, corrupted and evil Congress from trashing net neutrality and allowing privatization of the internet to put it in the service of corporate profit-driven interests? How the hell do we get out of this machine? What is wrong with us that we just sit and let this crap happen? Maybe the human race needs to disappear off the face of the Earth. We are destroying it. We are an abomination on the face of the Earth. We can't even look out for our own best interests.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous lk said...

and for God's sake, people, (if there is a God, it it even matters) STOP responding to the negative posts that keep appearing here. The only intent of those damned things is to disrupt, incite, plant doubt, and create negativity. The people who post the garbage may be paid to do so or they may be negative people who like to anonymously disrupt things. Whatever, this entire blog has been infected with negativity today. Please ignore them. Please stop taking the bait. Thank you.

5:36 PM  
Blogger teak said...


When word of the missing money first surfaced in 2004, Congress passed legislation creating an office of Special Inspector General, assuming that this new agency would root out the problem and figure why all that taxpayer money had disappeared, and why only minimal reconstruction was going on in destroyed Iraq, instead of a massive rebuilding program as intended.

The new inspector general, an affable attorney named Stuart Bowen, went to work and came up with a report in early 2006 that sounded scathing enough. Bowen found cases of double billing by contractors, of payments for work that was never done, and other scandals. But he never came up with more than $1 billion or so worth of problems.

Now we know why.

It turns out that Bowen was never really looking very hard.
Don't know if this has been posted but the article is worth a full look...just disgusting.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raw got taken in by the Note's announcment, too. You would think they would know better.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous I agree, LK said...

The one thing that trolls hate most of all is to be TOTALLY ignored. I know it's hard to resist, but let's TRY not to give them the satisfaction they so desire.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous t said...

RAW and the rest of us are grasping hope where ever it may be.

This isn't looking good at all. It is taking too long and I am concerned -not that Fitz was bought-get real, but these people are not respectful of authority-far worse than the common criminal.

I can't listen to W lie one more time.
A response to his lies at the West Point graduation last week-from a West Point graduate class of '62.

Google West Point Graduates Against the War for the rest.

We pay attention to everything up here at West Point, Mister Bush. Even the fact that you told the same joke about giving cadets amnesty that you told four years ago. You should be more respectful of West Point, Mister Bush. That seems to be a pattern in your behavior, smackhead. Telling the same stories over and over. And you throw around the names of old grads like Eisenhower and Bradley, using them to somehow justify what you and your big buddies in DC have done to the world. What do you know about Eisenhower or Bradley? You might get away with that stuff in the oval office, but not up here. Not at West Point. You got that, wack? You got that loud and clear, beansmack? Good. Retain same. Fop

The Long Gray Line spans the generations, mister. Its spirit fills the geographic, intellectual, and moral space that is West Point. The old grads are always there. Mister Bush, you want to buy this place? No? Well stop gawking! Keep those slimy eyeballs straight ahead. Pick a spot on the opposite wall and examine it! You never said anything about what those old grads said. You just got the cadets' attention by saying the words, Eisenhower and Bradley, but then that was the idea, wasn't it? Then you launched into how President Truman did this, that, and the other thing. You even pulled a Winston Churchill with your "never back down . . . never give in . . . never accept anything less than a complete victory" routine. It reminded many of us of that "mission accomplished" crud that you blabbed off the coast of San Diego a few years ago. Just who are you, Mister Bush? Makes cadets wonder whether there's anything inside that fine civilian suit of yours? You read me, Mister Bush?

Do you remember what you said here at the Academy four years ago? About pre-emptive action? Do you know what Dwight Eisenhower said about that much earlier? Don't hem and haw, Mister Bush. Here at West Point there are only three answers for smacks like you: Yes sir. No sir. No excuse sir. Remember that! And remember this! And his fellow classmate from the class of 1915, the class the stars fell on, Omar Bradley was even clearer. "Wars can be prevented just as surely as they can be provoked," he said, "and we who fail to prevent them must share the guilt for the dead."

7:21 PM  
Anonymous jodi said...

Lk at 6:36

I have been on this blog since December and today was one of the better days in the last few weeks.
But I was wondering what you found negative about today.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Jodi I've been on this blog since it started and it is the best and most interesting web site. The people are wonderful and make everyday better. We all get to speak our minds and enjoy the postings. So I see nothing wrong and I consider the bloggers the best. We are open to everyones opinion and comments so I think things are going great on this blog. Enjoy everyone.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jodi, I think someone has been deleting the worst of the negative comments.

T...Don't you wish you could say all that to his smirking face?

re: grasping at straws

Yes, aren't we all??? and now that Jason Leopold is lying low we aren't likely to be reading any more leaks from him. darn it!

If he has anything to add, maybe he'll publish it on his personal blog, although it hasn't been updated since late April.


7:47 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Email to Brown claims Bush was happy former FEMA head was taking heat for Katrina response

Published: Friday June 9, 2006

An "embarrasing email" leaked by former FEMA head Michael Brown to CNN quotes President Bush as saying at a Cabinet meeting held shortly after Katrina that he was pleased that Brown was taking most of the heat for the federal government's roundly criticized response to the hurricane.

8:25 PM  
Blogger elees said...

nite nite all
nite nite Fitz

9:03 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Folks, there is more coming out from Jerry Lewis:

Has anybody gotten a 2 million dollar serverance package for quitting a job?

From TPMmuckraker:

Senior Lewis Aide Took $2 Million From Lobby Firm
By Justin Rood - June 9, 2006, 4:39 PM

"Guess who picked up nearly $2 million last year from his old lobbying firm? Jeffrey Shockey, the senior committee aide to House Approps Chair Jerry Lewis (R-CA) who left the Hill to lobby his old boss, then returned to work for him again.

Shockey's career been held up as one of the most egregious examples of the "revolving door" phenomenon, where folks leave government service and immediately cash in from lucrative posts in the private sector. Shockey has now shown one doesn't actually need to leave the Capitol to take money from private interests."

"Now it's clear that Shockey's set up more of a "drive-thru window" arrangement."

"Update: My colleague Paul asks a salient question: who's ever gotten a $2 million severance package -- for quitting?"

9:21 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Final Posting:

Trade deficit rose in the U.S.:

"U.S. April Trade Deficit Widened 2.5% to $63.4 Bln From March
June 9 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. trade deficit widened in April as the cost of imported oil rose and purchases of industrial machinery and automobiles increased, a government report showed today.
The gap in goods and services trade widened to $63.4 billion from March's $61.9 billion, the Commerce Department said in Washington. Exports were little changed and imports rose, while the deficit with China widened.
Crude prices approaching a record lifted the nation's energy- import bill, while economic growth that's faster in the U.S. than in the European Union and Japan propelled demand for manufactured goods made overseas. Further increases in the trade deficit may be limited by weakness in the dollar and a slowdown in consumer spending caused by rising interest rates."


Have a safe and wonderful weekend folks! Good Night! Signing off!

9:56 PM  
Anonymous t said...

anon 8:47,

Oh yeah, you know it. I promise the smirk would get wiped off his face fast.

I'd never raise my voice. It's a talent;-)
His mother should have done it long ago...

10:33 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...

Yep its just as I figured it would be, Biloxi...

Jerry Lewis is in real deep on graft and corruption charges.

Whens the suit up? ;)

While we are all waiting to see Rove, remember the amount of congress members soaked in the Abramoff-AIPAC bribery that are being taken down....

We have seen all the actors and play come exposed

Hey ha ha ha, where is she? ha ha ha has some of the most witty things lately

I hope you're still around ha ha ha, I always get a kick out of what you say! You and Biloxi should go into business and embarrass the neocons

Not that they need anymore embarrassment given their tyraides here, and Al Rogers annoying incessant garbage.


11:28 PM  
Blogger elees said...

Top of thr mornin' this Saturday ...

5:06 AM  
Blogger GrandmaNuk said...

melees, Jackie, et al....and the rest of the day to yourself! Well,
we're still wondering what "sealed vs sealed" is all about. PJF and staff have been very quiet this last week. Hopefully, it is the lull before the storm.

Andrew Lourie and his staff must be
very busy as well. My fond hope is that all these jokers in congress that are being investigated for wrong-doing will be elected in the primaries so that
they will all be scrambling around come November.

Every time I think about November 7th, I am very troubled by the fact
that the Diebold machinations might
rear their ugly head again, robbing
the people of their Constitutional
rights. The only way we will find out is to bring in folks that will investigate and have some oversight
of this criminal bunch!

Have a great day all!

7:17 AM  
Anonymous cjt said...

"Shockey's career been held up as one of the most egregious examples of the "revolving door" phenomenon, where folks leave government service and immediately cash in from lucrative posts in the private sector."

Most all of the Defense contractors I have worked for were headed by retired Pentagon brass.

I'm not criticizing this just stating a fact. They bring experience and contacts and usually run an efficient, fair and tight ship. Usually.

That's the point here, sometimes it goes wrong, the fraud, overbilling, favoritism, nepotism etc. lt's too easy to get away with.

"The Revolving Door" is wide open for corruption. I have seen it too many times personally and finally whistle blew myself out of my last venture years ago.

Seriously, in verbatim, our mantra was "don't worry about it, it's a government contract".

7:26 AM  
Anonymous PJF in Court Monday said...

Judge Walton, as he has done in previous hearings, is likely to ponder whether Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation is actually nearing conclusion. Because Fitzgerald has indicated that the investigation is ongoing, the judge has allowed the Special Counsel to withhold certain documents dealing with President George W. Bush’s deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove, which Libby's attorneys contend are crucial to their preparing a defense."


8:44 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Top of the morning everyone
I hope PJF is right and that Judge Walton does give a ruling. Libby is still stalling for time but I think the Judge sees right through that. What ever legal thing Libby and Rove can do it has to be done before the Nov. election. When the houses change most likely we'll be getting a Special Proscutor for the impeachment of the President.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

pazfI just read MS-NBC's article about the Monday hearing. I know Grandmanuk will remember this but for the rest of you this case and criminal acts were done before with the old play book of Richard Milhouse Nixon as I said most were students of Nixon's. To some up Libby's case I've copied an historian's conclusion.

The legal journal reached back in scandal history to find that, "during the Watergate scandal, President Richard Nixon advised aides to say "I don't remember" when they testified before the Senate Watergate Committee. Subsequently, John Mitchell, Nixon's attorney general, H.R. Haldeman, his chief of staff, and John Erlichman, a policy adviser, all were convicted of perjury."

Case closed.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous kinda bored said...

Could we have a new posting please?
Thank you.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2006-06-09 | They got him - the big, bad, beheading berserker in Iraq. But, something's gone unreported in all the glee over getting Zarqawi … who invited him into Iraq in the first place?

If you prefer your fairy tales unsoiled by facts, read no further. If you want the uncomfortable truth, begin with this: A phone call to Baghdad to Saddam's Palace on the night of April 21, 2003. It was Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on a secure line from Washington to General Jay Garner.

The General had arrived in Baghdad just hours before to take charge of the newly occupied nation. The message from Rumsfeld was not a heartwarming welcome. Rummy told Garner, Don't unpack, Jack - you're fired.

What had Garner done? The many-starred general had been sent by the President himself to take charge of a deeply dangerous mission. Iraq was tense but relatively peaceful. Garner's job was to keep the peace and bring democracy.

Unfortunately for the general, he took the President at his word. But the general was wrong. "Peace" and "Democracy" were the slogans.

"My preference," Garner told me in his understated manner, "was to put the Iraqis in charge as soon as we can and do it in some form of elections."

But elections were not in The Plan. (more)



Andrew Grove's "Here It Is"---


But here’s what you probably don’t know- L. Paul Bremer’s last gig before capitalizing on the Iraq War was at Marsh & McLennan, where “Jerry” was the CEO of Marsh’s Risk Management collective. It’s interesting that nobody else has noticed that Marsh was at the heart of 9-11, and despite being woven into almost every aspect of the events- few question Marsh’s role in any of it. (from the recent audio/video released and interview)


11:50 AM  
Blogger S-Q said...

I meant to tell you yesterday, thank you for posting your husband's poem. I know you had posted part of it some time ago and I loved it but the entire poem is so awesome! Being part Cherokee and since some of my ancestors died on the 'Trail of Tears"...it has significant meaning to me. Please tell your husband it is now my favorite poem. :)

12:16 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

There are no new posts! :(((


lol. keep it up!

12:25 PM  
Blogger teak said...

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 9 -- A man who bought a gambling-boat operation with lobbyist Jack Abramoff in 2000 says he knows who gunned down the company's founder the following year, authorities said.

Adam Kidan told authorities last month that SunCruz Casinos founder Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis was killed by John Gurino, a man with mob connections who was later shot to death by a business partner, said Art Carbo, an investigator with the Broward County State Attorney's office.

Carbo said Gurino -- a supporter of late mob boss John Gotti -- had not been part of the investigation before Kidan's May 1 interview. "He came up with all of this information," Carbo said Friday.


1:19 PM  
Blogger waterflake said...

Iraq's Attorneys Practicing in a State of Fear


Iraq was hardly an example of blind justice before the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, ...

..."It was an impressive overall legal system, as long as we did not get into the political sphere," said Khaled Abou El Fadl, a law professor at UCLA and a scholar of Islamic law. "What we have consistently forgotten is how well-educated Iraqi academics are...

"We were waiting for the day when Saddam was gone," said one lawyer, Ali Gatie al-Jubouri, who spent nine years studying engineering in Michigan,..."But now we feel sorry that Saddam's days are over. It's a tragedy."...

...The occupation adopted the law of power and not the power of law," Hamdoun said. "The lawyer's job is that of civilization."...

..."When the U.S. military came in, they basically destroyed the entire infrastructure of the state," Bassiouni said. "Not willingly. But by allowing the looting of all the public buildings, by firing everyone who was a member of the Baath Party, basically the state was destroyed."...

..."The whole system has collapsed," Bassiouni said. "This has become a lawless country...

...The lawyers, along with American legal scholars, almost unanimously blame the United States

1:34 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

This is an interesting map showing Bush's approval ratings from 2004 to current.


1:42 PM  
Blogger teak said...


U.S.: 3 Guantanamo Inmates Commit Suicide
By JENNIFER LOVEN (Associated Press Writer)
From Associated Press
June 10, 2006 1:44 PM EDT
WASHINGTON - Three detainees at Guantanamo Bay committed suicide in what apparently was a joint pact to protest the U.S. military prison that holds suspected terrorists, a senior administration official said Saturday.

They are the first deaths reported at the detention center in Cuba, where the United States is holding about 460 men on suspicion of links to al-Qaida and the Taliban.

It was not immediately clear when the inmates died.

It also was not clear whether the suicides were connected to a violent clash last month between detainees and military guards at Guantanamo.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kinda bored...

I keep checking here for something new, too.

Perhaps Monday's court appearance is requiring a lot of preparation.

The good news is that the court proceedings may tell us a bit more about where the ongoing investigation(s) stand.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The French love Jerry Lewis. They show his movies on TV there all the time.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Rami said...

Go Patrick J. Fitzgerald!

Keep up the Good Work! Remember to get some sleep also ;)

Have a great weekend you all!

4:16 PM  
Anonymous crispycremes said...

anon said....12:50 pm

a who's who...


...and payback for:

..." MMC suffers profound personal loss when 295 members of its corporate family perish in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center on September 11."


They will hire anyone, as long as it's lucrative.

Thanks for the heads up.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Had to share before I am off to save the world (on a local level;-)

NSA funny flash

Nice crispy creme, I'll save those for later.

5:11 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

Good Morning/Afternoon.Evening:

Happy Saturday Fitzbloggers:

Well, I just read the lastest of the Fitz and smurf legal drama on MSNBC. As Jackie pasted the comments from the legal expert, the smurf and his lawyers still haven't learned. They are playing the same playbook from the Nixon era. The smurf defense is the definition of insanity. Libby is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Nixon's plans failed and so will the smurf. I am glad that Judge Walton is getting all of the cards out of table from the prosecution and defense so that they all can move forward to the trial next year. This dog and pony act and tic for tac from the defense have really nauseated Judge Walton. And the smurf baby bottle tantrum speeches and motions are about to end. Just as the players in the Nixon era played the Gilligan's defense and were all convicted for perjury, Libby has sealed the same fate in the leak case. History does repeat itself.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

I wanted to commented on the Vanity Fair article in which Anon at 11:47 am, passed along to me for reading. I read the entire article last night. All I say is that it sheds light the actual planning bythe Gerbil and company is orchestrating the war in Iraq and the fake Niger documents. It also angered me from reading this because the Administration had used the American people like props. the Gerbil and company planned the blueprint of invaded Iraq as early as August 2002. The propaganda began a few days before the anniversary of the terrorist attack September 11, 2001. Best believe thatthere will certainly be a special prosecutor on the investigation into a conspiracy to invade Iraq on false pretenses. There are some many people from the WH, buddies of the Gerbil, and countries such as Britain and Italy involved this scandal. Lots of hush money especially to Blair. The more information that comes out about this WH conspiracy the more the Gerbil's legacy as the President will be disgraced and shamed. The Gerbil lied to the Amercian people the minute that he stole the election and crawled into the WH as President Gerbil.

6:10 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The U.S. military flew in two forensic specialists Saturday to examine the remains of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi "to see how he actually died" and to reconstruct the last minutes of his life, a spokesman said.

The examination comes after U.S. authorities altered their initial account of the al-Qaida leader's death, first saying he died outright in a U.S. airstrike, then saying he survived but died soon after.

Also, an Iraqi man raised fresh questions, telling Associated Press Television News that he saw U.S. soldiers beating an injured man resembling al-Zarqawi until blood flowed from his nose.


6:14 PM  
Blogger c said...

SPB, you are exactly right. This administration is based on lies.
Also, since there is a scheduled hearing Monday on the Libby case, I was wondering, I don't know if you can answer this or not, but how would a hearing for Sealed v. Sealed be handled?

6:22 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


All the parties involved know exactly what is in those sealed documents! That's why they call it a closed hearing.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

From TPMmuckraker:

Inside the Little House of Scandal
By Justin Rood - June 10, 2006, 11:31 AM

Curious to see more of the Little House of Scandal -- the million-dollar Capitol Hill home purchased by lobbyist and former "earmark queen" Letitia White and a defense contractor, which is the listed address of a defense-related PAC run by Rep. Jerry Lewis' (R-CA) stepdaughter?

Reader WD sends a link to an online "virtual tour" of the home, probably circa 2003 when White and her co-owner, Trident Systems CEO Nick Karangelen, bought it for $50,000 over asking. Take a peek.

Here are the photos of the home:


Check out the price of the home today!

6:47 PM  
Blogger c said...

SPB, thanks for the reply. I understand everyone involved knows and it would be a closed hearing, really wanted to know how a closed hearing would (or would not)appear on the court's docket. Will anyone know about a hearing on Sealed v. Sealed except the parties involved?

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SPB @ 7:30
"The Gerbil lied to the Amercian people the minute that he stole the election and crawled into the WH as President Gerbil."

lol, love that! May it become his epitaph.

6:56 PM  
Blogger elees said...

S-Q thank you
My hubby said wow that so wonderful you love his poem that much...

nite nite everyone
tuckered out

7:08 PM  
Anonymous texas politicans suck said...

The Gerbil will end up in the compost heap with the rest of the Texas Trash.
This includes Tom DeLay, Karl Rove
among others.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

"May it become his epitaph." And certainly will be King Gerbil. And the only thing that will be in his casket is the bottle! The bottle was the only thing that the lame duck Gerbil President really gave a damn about! I did say from prior posting that the Gerbil should be outsourced to another planet. With so much shit that the Gerbil has done to the American people, I don't think a single planet would welcome or want him! The only thing left for him is to be outsourced to "The Outer Limits!"

8:44 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

"The only thing left for him is to be outsourced to "The Outer Limits!"


The aliens would take the Gerbil and do all their testing, however, once they determined there wasn't any intelligence in that creature's head, they would throw him back to earth! In fact, the aliens would never take another creature from earth because they would be convinced that the earthlings were so stupid, it would be a waste of their time! LOL

9:10 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

And, I wonder how the bicycle training is going with the training wheels this weekend? That Prime Minister is probably praying for the moment that he can leave Camp David... :P~

9:13 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

If the aliens ever did testing on the Gerbil, they would find out that his brain size is of a BB and they shipped him back to Earth, give him the boot from their ship, and ask themselves: "Are all the earth people are that stupid like the Gerbil? Do we really want to invade a planet of imbeciles like the Gerbil?" And are all the earth people yearning the bottle because we found signs of Jack Daniels in the Gerbil's system!"

9:24 PM  
Blogger S-Q said...

Is that what you call an "alien sobriety test" ?? Good thing they don't ask the Gerbil to ride a bicycle to prove if he is drunk or sober...

9:45 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


Sorry I missed your comments.

"it would be a closed hearing, really wanted to know how a closed hearing would (or would not)appear on the court's docket." The answer is the court docket will show "closed hearing." It the protection against the media and the public.

FYI! regarding closed hearing? It is up to the judge whether the court should be closed or not. In the case of AT&T, they were denied a closed hearing.

"Will anyone know about a hearing on Sealed v. Sealed except the parties involved?"

The answer is no!

10:10 PM  
Anonymous kiswrite said...

Would like to comment on the 500 Dollar / Plate dinners for Scooter's defense.....

Anyone who could sit down and consume a $500 dollar plate, while so many people get by on much less, deserves at least 90 days in JAIL.....

10:21 PM  
Blogger c said...

SPB, thanks for the info, that answered my question. Have a good weekend and I enjoy your posts and your remarks.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

There has to be more than chicken and gravy for me to pay $500.00. They have to throw in a cruise for that amount of money! I certainly would ask the 50 attorneys at the DOJ office to chip in 10 bucks each so that we can all share the chicken, biscuit, and gravy plate! And if the chicken is dried or from KFC, I certainly will be pissed!

10:59 PM  
Blogger Roger Rancourt said...


The Gerbil is catergorically finished for sure!

Gerbil has nowhere to go!!!

And the outsourcing!

Election fraud exposed, bring on the prosecutions and tear out the machines!

Can it be any doubt that the Gerbil's handlers are all running for the hills, given the amount of neocons at this blog??

Its like a free-for-all suicide getters nightmare out here.....

out beyond the wild blue yonder should be required course..

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to pray for P E A C E !
Have a great weekend!

12:23 AM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


The same lame duck Gerbil President stole the election, crawled into the WH, lie to American people and cheat the American people of their rights of freedom and democracy is going to same lame duck Gerbil President that will crawl back from the sewage that he came from.

Hi lies are being more exposed now and than ever especially reading the Vanity Fair. and the election fraud that has been you main concern on this blog will be exposed. The Gerbil will exposed for the murderer that he has been since he sat his Gerbil ass on his throne from the get go. You reap what you sow. And his base is falling apart like a cheap suit! And the Gerbil's handlers are running for the hills, Roger? The Gerbil's handlers have the "every man for himself" mentality.

And I will leave with a positive note as Anon says: "I'm going to pray for P E A C E !"

Amen to that.. We all need to do that!

Good night and signing off!

12:38 AM  
Blogger elees said...

Top of the mornin' to ya...
Top of the world to Fitz and staff..
No news is good news
it means the wheels of justice are turning as they should..
to all a happy day..thanks to SPB for splainin' so well
Jackie hope all is well with Peaches...
Splain on SPB
looking forward to the day..
love to all..

6:05 AM  
Anonymous slingblade said...

Tew hunnert!

8:25 AM  

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