Feb 11, 2006

Quick! Refer Them To Customer Service...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic, but interesting.

From a piece on the Illinois Governor's race and the GOP hopefuls:

"Asked about their political role models, Gidwitz named Teddy Roosevelt, and Oberweis mentioned both Ronald Reagan and corruption-fighting prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I KNOW Verizon does, through a company called Avenue A otherwise known as Razorfish and who knows how many other alias's. I had a go round with them in 2004 and told them I would take legal action if they didn't back off

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS: If it is of any use Fitz, I kept all records pertaining to the incident and put duplicates in a safe place. At the time I was researching on The Carlyle Group and their ties to Verizon and other Telecommunications. I was also checking into NSA and Promis software. Everything I wa researching was public domain web stuff.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Firedoglake (another real Fitz fan):

have a new plan: to write Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the Special Prosecutor, poems. Once a day, I will compose a work of verse—such as this one, based on the rhythm-and-blues song “Let the Good Times Roll”:

“Let The Indictments Flow”

...Come on baby, yes, we’re in a crisis
This is something we just can’t miss
Come on baby, let the indictments flow
Flow all night long

Come on baby, I know this is zany
This is the moment to stop Dick Cheney
Come on baby, let the indictments flow
Flow all night long

Maybe I'm just punchy from finally getting a decent night's sleep, but this idea cracks me up.

Don't actually send them to Fitz, though, because he's very busy and inundating the poor man with poetry seems...well...wrong, frankly, given the amount of hours he already puts in working through legal memoranda and all. I'd hate to be the reason for even more late night pizza orders, all in the cause of verse.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Back on Topic said...

After clicking to the comments on the Reddhedd post on Firedoglake and reading several other good song parodies (and a great takeoff on an EBB poem), here's the pertinent news story for this topic:

Attention in N.S.A. Debate Turns to Telecom Industry


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Anonymous Back on Topic. said...

oops, sorry, I see that the link is in the post.

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Anonymous cjt said...

NORTH CANTON, Ohio (AP) - Diebold Inc.'s new chief executive, determined to cut $100 million in costs over three years, said he is reviewing whether the company should continue investing in its embattled electronic voting business.
"There's pieces and aspects of each of our businesses that I'm going to be looking at with a very critical eye in terms of what the future holds for us," Swidarski said in his first media interview since taking over in December the company best known for its automatic teller machines and security systems.

Risk within any of Diebold's businesses will be weighed against profit potential, Swidarski said. "If any of the pieces don't fit or any of the pieces don't add the value we think is associated with that risk, then we'll make appropriate decisions at that point," he said.

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Anonymous Jules said...

Another off topic comment:

Bush's domestic policy advisor, Claude Allen, resigned this week. Wonder why, and wonder why we've heard next to nothing about it?

1:12 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

I just wonder if we can get the truth. If a company admitted to spying on customers without them knowing it don't you think that company would lose customers. Maybe they will be allow not to take the oath and just testify like Gonzo. That way they can legally lie and not get caught in a trap. Well I'm thinking like our King George does. It is going to be interesting to see how after thirdty years of spying on Americans being illegal to now its ok. Maybe all those convicted of illegally spying can have their cases reopen.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...


A month ago, on Michael Moore's website, he posted a message to the readers to notify their long distance carrier or carrier of their cell phone to ask if they have been giving personal information to the government. Now, I have emailed and called my carrier of my cell phone, Nextel-Sprint (you made fun my carrier). after speaking with the manager and receiving email from him, He iformaed me that Nextel's policy is that they don't give any perosnal imformation to the goverment and that my information is strictly confidential. So, I have it in writing (in case, they are lying. I have proof). I don't know about the other carriers. But, I encourage people on the blog to notify their carriers. In case, Nextel-Sprint sell out the goverment, I already have a voice mail system that emails, fax, provide conferences, calls internationally and locally. And that voicemail system has a firewall in which the government cannot tap through!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

want some swampland real cheap?

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Anonymous Jules said...

Resolutions up for vote before the ABA tomorrow:

" * Call on the President to abide by our constitutional system of checks and balances and respect the roles of Congress and the judiciary in protecting national security consistent with the Constitution.
* Oppose any further electronic surveillance in U.S. for foreign intelligence purposes that does not comply with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and urge the President, if he believes FISA is inadequate, to seek amendment or new legislation.
* Urge Congress to affirm that the Authorization for Use of Military Force adopted by Congress in September 2001 did not provide an exception to FISA, saying such an exception must be explicit.
* Urge Congress to conduct a comprehensive, thorough investigation of the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program.
* Urge Congress to assure proceedings of that investigation are open to public.
* Urge Congress to review and make recommendations regarding intelligence oversight process."


oh, please vote to affirm! I promise to stop telling Lawyer jokes for a year if you only will!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Customer Service won't be able to help them, believe me...

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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